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  1. There was a video going around a long time ago over a year I think where it showed a Twitch streamer came up against a hacker that had spawned in planes and tanks, I found it funny to watch and just goes to show the shambles of this game. Getting paid to sit on their ass all day long doing nothing at all, must be nice eh. It wouldn't surprise me if they all played other games in their office.
  2. See for yourselves, notice December on release 40k players which they wanted on a regular basis. Then they go and shoot themselves in the foot and leave Atlas to go back to Ark, look at the numbers they don't lie, the game is finished. Steam chart for Atlas
  3. Stopped playing weeks ago now, only log in to reset timer incase something unexpected comes along. When I first started this season it was 28 players on the server I am on, I log in this morning and it is 5 was 8 a few days ago. If they really wanted Atlas to succeed they could easily take devs from Ark and stick them onto Atlas and focus on that until it is at a decent level then go back to splitting team. I gave the new devs a chance but knew it wouldn't turn out very well. They can't even be bothered to come onto the forums, their OFFICIAL forums. Think they are just going through the motions and know the game is dead which is why they won't do much with it.
  4. He is a troll on here trying to get a rise out of people, wouldn't give him the time of day to be honest.
  5. It was supposed to be an MMO, they anticipated 40k players playing on it but even on day 1 everyone knew that was unachievable with the way the servers were back then. I forgave them for bugs because it was early days, the first week everywhere you looked players were running around but there is nowhere to hide for them 2 years later. It should not be classed as MMO today though, they should drop that tag and just concentrate on improving what they have but we know they won't. It won't turn out to what I thought it would be in my head with lots of exciting things to do and economy etc, just not going to happen at any time. They only hope is some company out there is working on a game like it for the future but that is anyones guess.
  6. Day 1 was fun but hell of alot more bugs than there is now, the wolves and lions used to go crazy jumping all over the place, worse than it is today. When I thought about it on day 1 I was excited thinking in time they will add alot more things and will have loads of people to interact with, never thought it would come to this. Really don't get why they just don't change to faction system and throw everyone on PvP server, many would like that. I'm not a PvP person but given you are in a faction at least you have some sort of protection. I've never seen 1 dev come here to post on these forums or even acknowledge anything yet they have the bare face cheek to slip in under the radar to post patch notes then slam the door on the way out, appalling from them.
  7. I don't play it anymore but I do log in every few days to reset timers so when I saw the update of changing the range of warehouse I took the opportunity to try and place it again. I still could not place it down, saying another warehouse in close range and the distance from me and that warehouse is large distance. I gave up with it and put it back in the box. Personally I think they should do away with warehouse and just use farmhouse, increase the amount it stores, it would be so much easier. They don't think about these things, just come up with an idea and say lets throw it in there, to hell with how it works.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me to be honest, not that they would tell us. The funny thing is they could turn all this around and make a great game or even move it to a new engine for better updates but it comes down to either they have no money or incapable of understanding code or both. I haven't played it for a couple of weeks now, don't plan to play it. I noticed on the server I am on when I used to log on in the morning there used to be around 28 players, log in to reset timer on a morning and now I see 6. The game has been dying slowly for a long time, I'm actually surprised I pumped 1800hrs into it, i've had my fun with it but the fun has gone now.
  9. So @CaptBlackSparrow only here to troll, who would have guessed
  10. You would think some of them actually play the game and get a feel for it themselves, I know I would if I was working on the game. I'd want to know first hand what these problems are. The guy next to me must have stayed up until the minute the server went live again because he is the only one who has a warehouse on my island, quick I will give him that.
  11. They've already quit in droves When it was first released there was huge numbers in the game, it slowly died down though. Some of us still remain god knows why but we do in the hope something will change but it hasn't. They have said they are making PvE into something else, whatever that means though is anyones guess? They are driving PvE players away so maybe this is their intentions? I don't know but they aren't doing a good job so far. If they changed it to factions I would love to play PvP, you would have other fellow faction members to come to your aid if need be for a common purpose but there is no way I'm playing PvP to be ganked by huge companies when I'm solo. Most of the companies just get you to farm resources all day, it's not my idea of fun, I like to do my own thing also.
  12. Yeah it's stupid isn't it, that's what i've done from the beginning just put a resource box down and manually transfer it across. I've got loads of resources in the chest, more than I know what to do with. I've never had the chance to test the warehouse because it won't let me place it, saying 1/1 already there. I went looking around the island and I saw 1 which was nowhere near me and I'm thinking why is it not letting me put it down then? So must be a massive radius. Could they not just have let us use resource boxes like we are but they automatically go in there? Link them to the farmhouse, would have been easier and save space. I've gave it a break for awhile, I did last time until the wipe but I just can't get into it like I once did. I will log in to keep timer going just incase they pull something out of the hat unexpectedly but I very much doubt it.
  13. Yeah same with me, I know nothing will change to improve it in the short term just from what they have done so far so I am taking the break also. Hopefully next season it has turned around but I won't hold my breath.
  14. The farmhouse could have just stacked more just like the warehouse and you wouldn't need to put both down. I don't get why they need both, warehouse just takes more space on island. Hopefully they remove them.
  15. It is the large radius of the warehouse, you will be lucky to get more than 1 person per island. On lawless you can't place 1 if someone else has one down because of large area. This is penalising other people who live on the island, what is the point in them if only a few people can have them and others not? That is not balanced gameplay at all.
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