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  1. To me it is yes, that's why I never bother with breeding. Sitting there for the first 4 hours is not my idea of fun, really don't know how people can do it, I'd rather watch paint dry lol. If people want to breed though that is upto them, if they get something out of it good on them but I will leave the breeding to others and just buy them, to me it's a waste of my time. I think they are slowly taking animals out of the game with the new resource gathering in farmhouse and whatever else is to come. I guess we will have to see though, I know many won't like it if they take them all out.
  2. If it works out this way I will be happy yes but more PvE content needs to be implemented if they are moving everything automated. I agree with using the gold to fund these things as there is little to spend it on right now. I'd be happy if they took the whole animals out altogether and use more NPC for different things, won't need the animals if it gets to the point of having resources gathered for you. Could have NPC to actually fight with you. Not seeing any information other than warehouse and farmhouse right now though.
  3. That is a good question, never thought about resources vanishing on land, just automatically thought it would go in farmhouse but stay on ground also. Not even sure how it works on bank because I've never lived on paying island. Could work same way just stores it every so often over time. What grid were you on? Was on this morning but only for 1 hour. If it was f8 i think then was me. Im tucked away in corner, bad people on that server with spam and covering gems.
  4. How well do you think it will go for PvE? I always thought gathering resources and building was the core of PvE now that it is automated for everyone, how do you think it will play out? Is everyone happy with it moving in this direction? Just wanted to get other peoples opinions on it. You will still have maps and SOTD to kill but I feel it is cutting down on PvE experience which is probably what they are after. If they add more PvE contents to do then maybe it will work but now you can have ships at the click of your fingers if you have the gold that is which isn't to hard to get. Then have a store full of resources for when you get back home. I'd much rather they concentrated on the wind speed lanes or whatever they were doing to speed up. I don't mind the resource gathering, if you make everything really easy the incentive goes down further, just my opinion though.
  5. As far as I know they consider doing Kraken over and over an exploit which gave you more levels or XP. Don't know how they can consider it an exploit, it's there for all to do. Don't think they have lowered the whole levels but have put everyone back to level 80 if they were above which has annoyed alot of people. They want us to have more combat at sea and you get penalised for doing Kraken, can't win.
  6. Oh well this really finish PvE off. The majority of PvE is farming resources and building. Now you have automatic farming and no need to build ships, what will be left for PvE to do?
  7. Yes it was fixed a long time ago but if the ship has just pulled in I think you can overload it before it turns green, might be wrong but think you can. You do have the option to kick off the ship though but no good if you're not on it. I've never had that problem since it was fixed.
  8. Not bad if you haven't got a full ship, you can dodge and weave but get close to full and you are hoping for the best. I had a galleon full to max once, I took the risk but cyclones struck couple of times. Just have to repair if you can, not easy if solo though running around all time.
  9. Be careful with the sperm whales as sometimes the damage bar does not show up. i found out the hard way when I only realised it was there when my brig was in the air and was smashed to pieces. I've killed lots of blue whales but the sperm whales no, you just don't know where they are until it's to late. You just have to search around for them until you see the indicator on your screen but as I say it might be to late when you see it so be careful.
  10. They hand picked the questions to answer in the Q & A and only answered 3, just when you think t hey couldn't stoop any lower they go and break the record. Here is a question about PvP server. I'm reading between the lines and could be completely wrong but with opt in conflict why would they need a PvE server when you can go about your business with opt out? With them saying "we are breaking PvE away into something else" I'm betting on them putting everyone on PvP server so you opt in/out of PvP. I say again, I could be completely wrong but they certainly don't give me the motivation to play with these stupid answers. I bet someone posted a question "are you removing PvE servers in the future?" and they said to themselves, na we won't answer that, next question. Question: I guess my main question would be about new PVP official servers. When you claim an island, is it safe for you or is it possible to be raided? I don't mind PVP at sea, but base raids suck. Just curious. Thanks. Answer: Atlas is intended to be a game about pirates, and while our land-based combat is deep and rich, the new energy behind Atlas is to bring that depth and richness to sea as well. More interesting interactions with the oceans and ships is where we are pointed and we'll be making a host of changes to drive more player energy in that direction. Look for our future development to lean towards creating opportunities for greater rewards and higher risks on the water with more opportunities for opt-in conflict.
  11. Simple answer is PvE. That's why most of us play PvE so we can keep our stuff. I play solo and wouldn't dream of playing PvP, it's for megas. If you really want to play PvP then I would join a mega that is the only way you survive but it's not foe me. Why should we be forced into megas.
  12. All I want is them to remove those stupid SOTD. i mean who came up with putting bright colours on ships in a pirate game? Why not just have ships that we currently build sailing out at sea with NPC crew on that fires canons, you can jump on it and fight the NPC's or capture them and sink ship. I really never got the whole idea with bright coloured ships, seems stupid to me but there you go. I think many of us have given ideas to them since the start but they either don't listen or unable to implement them because of their knowledge limitations.
  13. A wind up account surely? Why would you want to give them anymore money? You think they will use it on Atlas? Money goes straight to Ark. As for content, look back over the course of the game and see how much content there has been. You might get your hat sometime this year if you are lucky or they may try to push another hat on us and rub it in "here is a fancy hat for sticking with us AGAIN"
  14. Submit a ticket on here but don't get your hopes up on it being removed as they take no notice of tickets most of the time. This is the problem with this game, no Admins to oversee these things in game. Personally I'd like to see the Moderators who play the game be given privileges to actually look at reports and go in and remove whatever it is or if necessary ban the player and remove the whole lot. There is several people on the server I am on that has blocked gems, put walls under the water so you crash near shore, it's stupid. This is the result of doubling the players now with only having 1 PvE server but they never thought of that did they.
  15. Yes like the bugs from day 1. Minding my own business building a schooner which took me all day back then, finally finished it but was not released. Turn my back and a green light comes close, I shout what the hell is that, people running away as it got close to shore and it just so happened it had to come close to my shipyard. Then the cannon come raining in on my schooner which hasn't been released, nooo I'm shouting, goodbye schooner. Damn I was really mad that day. I have lost them after that though, lost a brig to the big whale, saw nothing and came up undernearth me, wow that threw me right into the air, that was the end of my brig. I think only ship I lost in freeport was schooner but yes I think we all lost 1 ship in a freeport
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