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  1. DannyUK

    Bankrupt game

    Waiting for New World while I leave the old world behind, Atlas.
  2. If everyone tagged @Dollie@Jatheish at the end of their post it might shown just how unhappy everyone is. I doubt they are bothered but they probably only glance for a second and they're back to Ark. As others have said, New World out in month or so can't wait to play that. If the community are not tagging or sending them to the devs then we only talk among ourselves on here.
  3. DannyUK

    Too much negativity

    The trouble is they were focused on one game, the devs on Atlas are focused on Ark, they are not focused on one project which is why I don't see the point in splitting the dev team, waste of time. No Man Sky is a fine example of how it should be done, i've got many hours in that game also and at launch was poor just like Atlas. They listened to the community and turned it around, I don't get that vibe with Atlas though, it's a lost cause, you either like it as it is or not at all. The worst part is they couldn't care less about the community, it costs nothing to come here and say something like "we are aware of the concerns within the community of Atlas, we can assure you we will be bringing some updates fairly soon, more new content is on the way" they haven't got a clue about development, I'm surprised they made Ark not that i've played it. Like a bunch of people thrown in the same room doing different things, no coordination. I've Tweeted many times to Jat and Dollie about how bad they are, take no notice, they're not bothered whether it goes under or not. Communication is not one of their strong points if they had any at all. I'd be over the moon if some other devs took it over.
  4. This game won't be released as in complete. I have the feeling it will end up like 7 days to die which came out in 2013 and to this day is still early access. Go and look at the devs Twitter feed, all Ark, couldn't care about Atlas at all. If it was a dev team away from Ark oh this game would probably have taken off big time but we'll never know. Good game to pass some time, had my fun with it but it won't be anything like we imagine in the videos they released before launch.
  5. DannyUK

    Too much negativity

    Stop speaking sense but yes you are right people use forums to vent their frustration, not gonna lie I do also. After playing since day 1 and see no real change, then pause Atlas to focus on another game is a reason to drive anyone crazy. I also know they couldn't care less whether we angry or not but you just never know it might strike a chord in them, if they had any sense that is.
  6. DannyUK

    Rethink the Road Map

    Yes it's like the homes in Elderscrolls Online I think, homes are already in the settlement and you goto a menu and buy which home you want. When you enter the home it has a loading screen and you are inside but nobody else can enter unless you are in group of course. The homes are always there but other people will have their own loading screen to get in to it. I'd much prefer to build my own home and structures though but I don't think it will happen in New World. Yes they changed the game and got alot of people angry about the PvP, think it is now PvE with opt in PvP. This video shows some recent changes on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqsLF0GWzUU
  7. DannyUK

    Too much negativity

    And so we should be negative of the game, most of us here have been playing since day 1 and the lack of updates is appalling. It might be an early access game but in 1 year you would expect alot more content than what is in the game now. What has been added? A new gun, a crossbow, nothing exciting is it. The thing that angers me the most is Dollie and Jat constantly posting on Twitter "how is everyone enjoying Ark?" "What would you like to see us do next in Ark?" why on earth are they focused on Ark? No idea why they split the dev team if all they can think about is Ark. They are one of the worst devs around who talks a load of **** They can't even stick to a roadmap, supposed to be January when we say some sort of update. Where is this monthly stream they are harping on about all the time? Been to focused counting the money to siphon off to Ark, that will soon run out and they will be crawling back to the community with some sort of apology very soon, you watch "we are sorry for the lack of updates, we have been so busy with other things but we will be more focused on Atlas now" something along those lines, not good enough for me. The community is not daft, they know what they are doing and can't pull the wool over their eyes. Many have left already, they won't be coming back in any hurry.
  8. DannyUK

    Rethink the Road Map

    I think New World is more along the lines of Elderscrolls Online if you have played that but yes SkyRim is siimilar also. As far as I know it has crafting and buying homes, I don't think you can actually build these homes yourself although I wish/hope you can, I think you buy set properties. You are right, it is nothing like Atlas, it is a totally different game but many players will no doubt leave to play it because of no content in Atlas anymore. The devs are backed by the richest man in the world, AKA Amazon. If I was to put money on which game will improve the most out of Atlas or New World you would have a safe bet in New World. Some people might not like the type of game though but as far as I can see they have changed things since testing with community feedback, Atlas wouldn't know where to start and hasn't listened to a word people have said. As long as the big PVP companies are liking it though eh? That's all they are worried about. They have misjudged the community and lost out on what could have been a great game.
  9. If they did the things you mention I'd be over the moon, unfortunately they do not listen to the community. They said they would be more active on these forums like Discord, where are they? All it shows is they can't keep to any sort of roadmap or keep promises. They have freeports just sitting there in the game doing nothing, empty, any intelligent person would catch on to do something in those and bring players in. Why can't there be NPC's in freeports where you can take stolen items or sell things. Why can't they add some sort of trade system in the freeport when you goto NPC? Many including myself have had enough of the same thing over and over without anything new. I will never understand why they added ghost ships or SOTD when they could have just used normal ships with NPC on them so we can loot. They have gone to mythical for me, the potential is there for the game but they don't seem to be engaged in it. It was an extra way of making some money to filter back to Ark, that's how I see it. You have the same templates, I don't think it was that hard to make but it should have been made standalone from scratch.
  10. DannyUK

    We don't need any more ship types.

    I've seen people play Naval Action but never played it myself I noticed in that game though you can send ships away on expeditions or to another point and you wait for it to get there in so many hours. I wish this was in Atlas, the NPC control the ship to go to a certain area while you do something else (for the smaller or solo companies of course and single player) I'd be happy with the current ships, if only they added more content to the game, I mean 1 year in and you'd expect abit more to be honest. The wind and weather has to change for me to be playing more again, I don't mind waiting while travelling but after awhile when the wind is against you all the time it's no fun and the boredom creeps in. What happened to the NPC camps? They should be in the game by now to give people something extra to do. The devs have tried to balance Ark and Atlas and it has severely backfired on them, why they split the dev team I will never know, all Dollie and Jat are posting about on Twitter is "how is everyone enjoying Ark" "what would you like to see more?" they have lost the plot. I had hope for the game but with the numbers dropping I don't see it being as good as it was supposed to be. New World out in a few months, another MMO and numbers will fade even more. They haven't listened to anything the community has said and that is their downfall. I've had my fun with it though don't get me wrong but argh it gets me angry at how good it could be and they watch it fade away.
  11. DannyUK

    Something has happened at Grapeshot

    Same applies a year later, still shit.
  12. DannyUK

    What to expect from Atlas?

    I expect nothing because they are incapable of improving the game any further than what it currently is. They hoodwinked alot of people, the money from Atlas has gone straight to Ark, Atlas is just a sideshow. I've never really played Ark but it's a poor dev team who are working on Atlas. When you've got them tweeting about Ark DLC when they should be focused on Atlas tells you everything you need to know. I stuck around longer than most people, majority left months ago but i've gave it up, boring and no new content. They haven't listened to a word the community has said. The only ones who get to know information on Atlas is the big companies in Discord (Dollie was caught out talking to them awhile ago.) We will keep everyone informed on our updates they said, we will do a live stream every month they said. Don't believe a word they say, wouldn't trust them to run a bath nevermind a game.
  13. Should never have been working on Ark in the first place but we all knew they never left it even though they kept saying "we are working on Atlas now" the whole dev team are thick as mince, haven't got a clue.
  14. DannyUK

    Where is the promised content?

    Xbox is out of the way nothing more to do, there never was more content. We were all fooled the moment they dropped the first video before release showing the carnival atmosphere and having a jolly good time. Dollie and Jat keep posting on Twitter about Ark, more content for Ark yet they work on "Atlas" if you have any hopes of this game being like it was portrayed at release then get it out of your head right now, it's not going to happen I'm afraid.
  15. DannyUK

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    You hear the same things from the majority of people and they are right, the game is on the road to nowhere and bringing in 1 extra dev won't change that I'm afraid. I've been playing a year also and gave it up recently, favoured towards the large companies and to hell with the rest of us. I've got back into No Mans Sky, they should take a leaf out of their book. Atlas is dead unfortunately, the majority left a long time ago, i've had my fun with it though but it's all over now for Atlas. At least New World is just a few months away, more numbers to abandon Atlas.