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  1. I have a friend who still plays and enjoys it but I haven't got back into it still uninstalled. Sad to see it going in the wrong direction, it is still based on big groups and pushes the smaller companies out or solo. As I understand the more people you have the more claim towers you can put down? How is that good for solo? My friend was originally in a company with a few players, had 6 towers down but could not put any automation structures down at all, it is stupid. Why limit the automated structures like warehouse and mines etc? Someone slaps 1 down you are stuffed. If you are going down that route give everyone the option to place at least 1 of each down and let it feed from the other structures that other people have to share if that needs to be the case. Nope I won't be back anytime soon, I will never say never as they may change again in another year with a wipe but for now I'm out. Not sure what the numbers are now but I won't be surprised to hear it has reduced again already.
  2. Exactly, I played from day 1 as well uninstalled it weeks ago. I was tempted to come back with claim changes see what it's like but now for me it is dead in the water. I have no desire to play it anymore, getting further away from what the game should be like. From what I read it looks like they are moving towards a full PvP game mode and PvE is finished reading between the lines it is not a positive move at all. I'm lucky to have had some fun from it since day 1 though, worth what I paid but I feel sorry for anyone just coming into the game right now.
  3. Oh you know it's only a forum where you can express your views and talk about the game. Welcome to the forums and yes even you are welcome.
  4. I actually removed Atlas from my hard drive weeks ago, it is very clear it is not going to improve. It will end up being either single player or PvP. They underestimate the amount of PvE players who play the game or want to play and these people prop up the player base. Once PvE players have gone they will soon realise just what a bad mistake they have done and will be hit financially in the pocket. You might even see them putting purchasable items in the game for PvP players just to try and claw back the money and keep afloat, oh the ship is sinking alright big time.
  5. I'm not upto date with the current news on Atlas but if they get rid of PvE and only have PvP in it's current form then it will certainly be a dead game. You will have a few die hard fans playing it and the cost of running the servers will be pointless and players will most likely go private servers. They need to go down the faction route to bring PvE players into PvP. Trying to force people to play PvP is not going to work I'm afraid. They need to try and bring people back not drive what is left away. Just 1 of their quotes "Right now many things are hard-coded to work under certain conditions." Yes I wonder why that is? Might have something to do with Ark maybe, shot yourselves in the foot have you? They couldn't run a bath nevermind a game.
  6. DannyUK


    Won't be back even after the wipe, I'm heavily invested in Wurm Online now which is an old building crafting game along with trading with others. I check back now and again to see what the updates are but they would have to improve it substantially to get me back playing it. I think most of the people who have played since day 1 have got bored of it, I know alot of people who gave it up also. It was worth the money, I enjoyed my time playing but when the fun has stopped it's time to move on. I've never believed the game will get where it should be, still believe that. Had the game been a stand alone away from Ark I think things would have been much different, same coding, same layout it is only heading 1 way.
  7. You will be very lucky to get a dev to help you in game even through ticket system. The odd few get seen but the majority seem to get discarded. With the game being so cheap to buy, especially on sale people will grief more and more because a ban does nothing, buy another account for few pounds. Personally if someone blocks me or harasses me I won't be heading for the ticket system, I will be heading for the smithy to build huge walls and surround them in. You will then see them cry "please remove your walls" taste of the old medicine. I am past the point of caring when it comes to these griefers and if it means I will be banned I will accept that and walk away. Thankfully I haven't had much trouble like this but if I do I will be doing as I said above regardless.
  8. You can't take any notice of any road maps, learned that a very long time ago. What they say will happen will most likely be the opposite. I'm still waiting for these monthly streams they promised well over a year ago. If they worked with the big boys of developing games they would have been shot a long time ago.
  9. Well yes it is a problem right now like I have said makes no difference but it should have changed a long time ago. What they could do is have personal claims or if someone builds within a radius or across you ships you would have the option to remove it. I see many issues, just like I see many issues as it currently stands I am not saying there won't be. What I am saying is it would be better towards a faction system than it is now. Nobody is saying it will be a theme park either that is just your view of it, it is still a sandbox game. The Atlas that is advertised is dead, it dies a long long time ago now. I started day 1 and left many months ago, it died within the first year. As it stands people won't be back I guarantee it.
  10. That can actually happen on lawless btw, I can put a wall down around anyones shipyard if I wanted to. Ships are not safe either, I see someones ship I can slap a wall down around it. You will always get griefing in 1 way or another, that goes for all games. They would have to delegate time to ticketing system. We are not saying we have all the answers to these problems. Its not for us to come up with them, that's why they are devs. Even if we did come up with solutions they still wouldn't listen. The faction system would probably have quadrants, certain parts are for different factions. You would start off in a safe zone. This enables what they want all along pvp as you go through these other faction areas. Maybe certain resources you need are in another faction area so you would have to engage at times, likelihood is other same faction is also there for same to come to your aid. They will not test these things out though, its wishful thinking but it can be done. This is why game is not fully released as in complete and I don't expect it to be.
  11. If you have factions there would be no companies, they need doing away with because it's mega group game at moment and heavily tilted that way. Nobody is saying it would be easy to change to factions but this is what they should be coming up with and designing around it. At least in a faction everyone is in the same situation and defends each other, if they don't they lose something and that island/fort which gives more motivation to work together. This game right now casts solo players aside, you either join mega and get told to chop wood all day or goodbye. There is no piracy in game, not like it should be, the whole system needs to change. New devs have come in but what a surprise still thinking the old Ark way of things, nothing new about new puppets. The ones pulling the Ark strings are still there and game will never be successful as long as that happens.
  12. Could have all been solved by moving to a 3 or 4 faction system. They want more action at sea? Let different factions set sail and take over another. I remember the original claim system and all you saw was spamming flags as far as the eye can see, if that comes back I won't be back. All the water on the server is wasted, they could just increase the islands to give more people a chance to build. People are running around islands while the sea is empty, doesn't make sense. If they had more things on the sea I probably could understand but sailing across water just to get to a small island, pointless.
  13. I had a similar problem with the warehouse a long time ago and gave up with it. They now have it a race against others to place their structures first, how is that a good experience for players? They should have it where you share resources from other structures if you can't place them. You would not think it is PvE when it's a fight for survival placing structures. I dread to think what the new claim system will be like, I will give it another go providing their is a wipe but they've tried everything already with claims. You will still get people abusing it 1 way or another. They could have added Pirates coming into islands on ships and you have to defend against them, something along those lines but I think that would be way over the heads of the current devs.
  14. I had a little go of Atlas again recently but didn't last long when I heard there will be a new claim system. I know all to well there will be a wipe when they put that in again like the last time, not worth playing right now. Once they wipe it and put the claim system in I might give it another go from scratch again (must be mad) does anyone know what the claim system is going to be like? We've had a few haven't we? Started off planting flags everywhere then changed to 1 flag per island, what will it be now?
  15. Easiest way was by doing shipwrecks, as soon as you can make the diving attachment put it on a ship, it will fit on the sloop. You can have a few thousand by the end of the day.
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