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  1. DannyUK

    The ship is gone

    I lost the last of my ships on PvE not that I play it now, I only log in to keep timer ticking for structures but there was a time I would have been angry at losing my ships, I just laughed when I didn't see them there lol. I get why people are throwing in the towel, I do have respect for the last ones standing putting up with all the faults though but after 1400hrs I just had enough, I couldn't do it anymore. When you leave Atlas you realise what you've missed in other games. If they improve it in the future and add more things I may come back again but as it is right now I have no desire to play official. Merging servers and having cross play is the way to go in my eyes if they want more players in 1 place. You look at the map and you barely get more than 2 or 3 on each server.
  2. DannyUK

    Livestream Q&A

    Can we expect a pirate game anytime soon? Or will it just be taming creatures like Ark?
  3. DannyUK

    The ship is gone

    Yes I feel this is true and down to bugs, I was sure there was something up with the timers in this game but can never prove it. I do have that feeling something isn't right about them though and wouldn't be surprised to find out it isn't as straight forward as Jat makes out. I don't blame you for moving on, most of us have.
  4. DannyUK

    The ship is gone

    Didn't notice this, should have been addressed weeks ago but I guess we all know for sure now.
  5. DannyUK

    When should we just pull the plug

    The days where you used to run around your own island looking for demolished buildings and grab the loot, they were the days
  6. DannyUK

    The ship is gone

    I had a sloop vanish on me also, I was on it within 3 weeks, I even moved it to the otherside of base within 3 weeks but it still vanished. I've come to realise that you must spawn on the beds on the ships for it to acknowledge you, I maybe wrong but that's how I see it so I always spawn on the beds on galleons just to be safe and then log off again as I'm not longer playing PvE. This issue has been around for a long time yet you don't see any of the devs addressing it, they can't give you a definite answer on how to stop it or prevent it happening, what does that tell you? If they know their own mechanics of the game why not just say you have to spawn on the boats or raise the anchors.
  7. DannyUK

    Mega update??

    Indeed, which is why many are waking up to how poor the game is being developed right now. Many have thrown in the towel, would take some very big changes to turn their heads and bring them back, I don't see it personally.
  8. DannyUK

    False rumors about wipe !

    I haven't heard anything of a wipe imminent but there will be another at some point and if I was to guess it would be another 2 months. Trouble is the damage is done, they are not addressing the issues of griefing and claimed land. They are going in the wrong direction with it. For a start I would get rid of 2 servers for PvE, no need for NA and EU, that just splits the low numbers that they already have. If they went down the route of merging PvP and PvE then they would have to put in some safe zones. How many times are people going to come back after a wipe though? Many have already thrown in the towel.
  9. DannyUK

    crossplay xbox

    They need all the player base they can get right now so cross play would be the way to go in my opinion. I hope they do go down that road, I'm not bothered what platform they are on as long as they are in the game so you can interact and play.
  10. DannyUK

    Ship demolished inside base 's dock .

    My sloop had vanished the other day also, I stepped foot on it within 3 weeks so I don't think stepping on them makes any difference, I think you have to spawn on the bed on the ship I may be wrong though but that's how I see it. There was also 2 galleons outside my base on PvE also, I waited for them to vanish so I could put ship yard down, 3 weeks came and they were still there, still couldn't put shipyard down. These ships never moved an inch yet they remained well over 4 weeks. They have since gone now but only explanation is someone spawning on beds or it's a bug with timers. It does not matter to me anymore though as i've left PvE.
  11. DannyUK

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    They need to get rid of companies and as people have said already include factions into the game so when people are in game they are apart of 1 side helping along with an objective or in PvP 1 side against another which is also helpful to play alone. Scrap the claim system and re work it, it's clearly not working I'm not saying I have all the answers but if they had any sense they would have been looking at how people are feeling about it and changing it or planning to change it. Each faction could have their own safe zone, and way apart on the server map. To me it doesn't feel like a pirate game right now, it's all well and good building a ship but you can't do much in the game, it lacks alot of content. Bringing people together is what they need to focus on, you keep pushing the smaller companies away or solo players they will just give up, keeping players engaged will keep the game going, right now I see the opposite.
  12. I have to say at the sale price of £7.85 67% off it is well worth the money for this game, even for single player mode alone. I certainly wouldn't pay full price for it though if I was a new player coming into the game. They aren't bringing out enough content to keep players engaged, to slow for my liking. I'm not even sure if they have a roadmap of where they actually want the game to go, I get the feeling some things are done on the fly and a quick look of Discord to see how people are feeling. They can't keep wiping the servers though and hoping players will keep coming back, there's only so many times that will happen. They need to get a grip and turn it around and fast.
  13. DannyUK

    When should we just pull the plug

    The days are gone where you could interact with other companies, might as well just play single player where you get the benefit of using mods also. Played PvE from the start, 1400hrs on EU server and i've seen servers go from double digits to a handful of people at best. The best part was interacting with others and trading etc but all the people I played with in other companies in alliances have left, I eventually followed suit. I don't think they are going to have much success with this game though, they've not stopped the rot and everyone has just left. I don't know what their budget is for the game but it must be eating some serious money to keep all the servers up with only a few on them. Not a chance they will get 40k players, even at full release but that's just my opinion.
  14. Happens alot in this game unfortunately. You should see the one in M5 on EU, the big island company called Grandfathers has blocked off the sunstone gems and would not let anyone in to get them, put a structure around it just like in your picture. Someone else came in called Kingdom I think and built a huge wall all the way around his structure to stop him getting it out. There is signs up all over the place "Take down you structure and I will take down these walls" I laughed at it at first, taste of his own medicine but sadly this goes on all the time and they call this PvE. With the devs not doing much about it people are just resorting to fight fire with fire, I mean if they aren't focused on these things who's to stop them? It's stupid when things like this happens, resources are there for everyone, why block them off?
  15. This is where they might have to do what people wanted and give people 1 claim flag or a couple to stick down on land so nobody can build on it, that takes away the fighting over the land part or squabbling with each other. I'm sure they could give everyone on the island abit of space around the shore for shipyards and a place on land. There is to much water in this game, if space is needed islands should be made bigger or more of them in certain grids, maybe they can have the odd few servers with water only for battles and such as you cross over into other servers. The current system does not work, people are not happy with it, they have voted with their feet and left. I left PvE myself already, I only log in to keep the timer ticking over just incase I do want to jump back on it. When I did log on EU server I checked the Atlas player tracker and wasn't surprised to see how many grids were empty, 0 in alot of them and a handful in the rest. There was a time you would see double digits in most grids, this is where the interaction was, you don't get that anymore. They have done nothing to stop the rot and it will only continue I'm afraid. I've seen these squabbles over space on the island I am on, player 1 has a base and buildings, is happy for the first couple of weeks. Player 2 comes in and blocks paths and spams foundations. Player 1 asks can you please remove your walls? It is blocking access and I can't build. Player 2 ignores request or to engage in friendly chat so what happens next? Player 1 resorts to fight fire with fire and puts up huge walls across player 2 path halting them in their path so nobody wins. personally I think they need to change the system again, even lawless. Until they give people enough space without griefing or fighting then to me it isn't PvE.