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  1. DannyUK

    Claiming ships

    I agree, that's what I thought also, what a waste. I've been on the galleon here looking at all the storage boxes on board thinking all this is just going to vanish when someone could actually claim it. Unfortunately I have to wait 3 weeks before I can build because it is right in the way of where I want to place a shipyard, I tried to place it but I can't "to close to enemy" I don't know why we have to wait for them to vanish but once the timer goes down I agree it should be able to be taken over to do as you wish. I looked at the patch notes and it says 4 weeks for PvP, I know it was 3 weeks to wait in PvE but looks like it had been increased?
  2. DannyUK

    Stolen animals and crew

    I'd rather have the floating people back on ships where you can't board them. I have also lost animals in this way, on my tame/cargo ship. Log in to feed them every day only for someone to steal the elephant and rhino. We shouldn't have to jump on each animal to reset the timer. They know about this problem I hope they fix it soon otherwise I won't be playing for much longer either. I haven't spent time taming for someone to come along in a few seconds and get free animals, outrageous. The game supposed to be getting better over time not going backwards, I have not seen these problems before so I don't know what is going on. The game has potential but even with 1300hrs on the clock even I think "do I really want to do this?"
  3. DannyUK

    So you can board anyone's boat again?

    I would advise anyone with animals to get them off the ships ASAP. As stated in the other thread I lost a rhino and an elephant, the guy managed to get the rhino but I managed to put walls around the elephant to stop it, he then ran off. No doubt the elephant will glitch though and escape, he set it on follow so it is trying to run through wall. Do not put animals on ships and leave them there, I was feeding mine everyday. I have since brought them all indoors. I have just this minute gone on to other peoples ships and found many animals claimable including giraffe, rhino, elephants all high levels as well. People need to realise now to take them off the ships.
  4. I mentioned it on Discord and Dollie replied saying she has flagged this up and looking into it. Something to do with rendering in or something she said, or possibly. At least they know about it and hopefully will be fixed soon because I don't like the idea of all my tames being claimed even though I brought them all indoors.
  5. Well i've been on my tame ship feeding them every day, they have been parked right next to my base in range. How am I or anyone else supposed to know their own timers? To me timer resets as soon as I am near them, or so I thought. I have now took all my animals inside in lock down. Not impressed to be honest, I now see why people leave this game, I have 1300hrs almost and if this is happening more and more that is me done also.
  6. I have just checked on my tame ship this morning and someone has claimed my elephant and rhino, both gone. Checked the log and company ???? claimed both. This needs to change, I mean how can someone come on your ship and claim these in PvE when you log in every single day? I've been putting food in the trough everyday, I might not jump on each animal but why should I? Shouldn't have to. This is a complete joke, this needs addressing and putting top of the list @Jatheish
  7. DannyUK

    Claiming ships

    That wouldn't work for me I am on lawless so don't know if this still works or not. The ship has been there 10 days now and it still remains, I suppose I have to wait a further 11 days for it to vanish. I don't see why they can't change it to include the timer like structures, if a company does not come to the ship with a 10 day timer then do they actually care about it? Probably not so let us either claim it ourselves or make it vanish within 10 days.
  8. DannyUK

    Claiming ships

    Does anyone know if we can claim ships now with them putting in unclaim? I have a ship that has been next to me 9 days, is there a timer like structures to claim ships now? I haven't seen any timer when looking at it. I believe we have to wait 3 weeks for it to vanish? Is there an easier way to remove a ship parked right on top of your base? I wouldn't mind if it was there for a few days but nobody seems to want to take it away, big galleon as well. I just thought with the changes there might have been a claim feature if they no longer come online, if not I think it should be implemented so people can claim after a certain time (10 days) then do what they want with it. Maybe a feature to add? @Jatheish
  9. DannyUK

    speculations Mega Update 3

    You can blame Dollie for that cat implementation
  10. DannyUK

    icebox feedback

    Never even tried it, seems a waste of time as it currently is. You would think they would come up with better ideas than this ice box.
  11. DannyUK

    Game crashing or freezing constantly

    Yes I get the same problem I was about to post the same thing. Not a day goes by for me where I don't have either "shooter game error" crash or just randomly closes the game, i've had it freeze also. I have an I7 4790K and RTX 2080, maybe it is problem with only RTX 2080's? If others are experiencing this then probably not. I'm getting abit fed up of it to be honest, it happens regular and with 1200hrs in the game even I am thinking of leaving it until a later date because of these crashes. I never got these crashes until they started messing about with the game after the big update.
  12. This is why I live on lawless, you could pay me the gold of upkeep cost and I'd still refuse to move to 1 of these islands, no thanks. There was a company called capaigne de indes on J5 mullwal island they are exactly like you, selfish and no thought for others.
  13. DannyUK

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    Same problem here, Dollie has said she is looking into it on Discord so hopefully not to long before servers are back up.
  14. DannyUK

    Fix taming, fix glitching and fix crashes

    I get these shooter game error crashes daily, literally not a day goes by where I don't have game crash. I usually have around 3 a day depending how long I play but it never used to be like this, not sure what they changed but hope they fix it. I also get alot of lag in game, tried deleting lights and everything else, I assume it is to many big structures on the island but can be very bad.
  15. DannyUK

    Kraken EU PVE

    Good luck everyone, I did this last Friday with the person organising it, he can be trusted and I hope you all beat the Kraken for the sub