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  1. DannyUK

    rhino taming troubles

    Had elephant taming trouble tonight, usually its on an angle near belly but it just wouldn't feed at all, no feed menu Done it many times, something has changed or was bugged, only tried 1 because no respawn but will try again tomorrow.
  2. DannyUK


    Lawless is where the real PvE is, all i've seen is people helping each other but yes you get the odd few who want to block off resources or whatever but I certainly wouldn't want to be living on a flag island. It's tailored to large companies, I would guess at it changing again in a couple of months to something else, maybe giving people want they wanted in certain number of flags to put down on land.
  3. I might have to check it out thanks. Shame they don't have some sort of box in this game where you can put in and not take out, like donation box.
  4. No the land owner said you have 24hrs that was at 1am, I logged in around 11.45am. A kind land owner would have said hello to begin with, I got nothing. As for not being able to log in the next day, he could have said so, he said 24hrs so I wouldn't have known any different, I thought it was safe. It's all done with anyway, I know not to go there and trust them, I just wanted to give people the heads up on here incase they did go to J5. I stick to lawless for taming from now on, same as living on lawless. This claim system won't last either, i'll give in 2 months if that. Yes they can, they can evict you as soon as you place it down. Large companies have taken over the islands and made it their own. I'm not saying all companies are like that but the majority looks like they have kept it for themselves. Stick to lawless for home and taming is my advice.
  5. DannyUK

    Another Wipe?

    No, I expect another wipe in another 4 - 6 months though, just a guess. I anticipated several of them before buying it, I have fun building and collecting stuff anyway, I don't mind wipes.
  6. I've encountered something similar unfortunately in J5. Sailed there to tame an elephant for myself, started place foundations for the pen and 2 people come running over from company Compagnie Des Indes. I first said hello, no response. I then said is it ok to place these down to tame? They said 24hrs only. It was 1am, I was tired and decided to build and do it in the morning. Logged in and everything was gone, the pen, the cupboard and items. I do not go to these islands now to tame, I don't trust people who want to play landlord and evict without notice. I now stick to Lawless for taming and also live on lawless. It's clear the current system still doesn't work, just my opinion. I don't get why people are nasty like that in game, you be nice to others you expect people to show kindness in return, oh well.
  7. DannyUK

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    Been an issue since day 1. I've lost bears, elephants and tigers mostly vanishing when porting to ship and 1 that bounced up and down floating into the distance. I remember Jat saying it is hard to fix but they were looking at it, I doubt they will fix it though anytime soon.
  8. DannyUK

    Too much to accept.

    My neighbour is having problems also, something weird going on with the game. I have encountered things vanishing on me also, not everything but the odd thing. Hopefully they sort these issues out, I didn't have much of a problem before the new update.
  9. DannyUK

    Elephant taming

    @Puppies4ever Are you still doing the business of taming and selling animals? If so can you tell me where you're at and how much. I know you used to have a list somewhere, not sure if you still do it or not.
  10. DannyUK


    I can see the claim system changing again slightly because it just doesn't work right now. Nobody is going to come off lawless and leave their homes to live on flag islands, they will have the fear of being evicted within 24hrs. Costs nothing to be nice to someone who comes to an island to tame for example, I'd be willing to give something in return but I don't take kindly to someone who just removes your taming pen when they've said you have 24hrs to tame, log in 8 hours later and it's all gone without warning. People like that are not nice people, I mean in our grid we have limited gems and I was lucky enough to build right next to a big high rock that has gems on it. I built ladders to the top with a cliff platform and left a sign with "access to gems, free for all" that's the sort of thing I like to see, help each other out. I've known people who have blocked all gems off which isn't nice to see but some people just don't like to help one another which is a shame.
  11. DannyUK


    Well all I can say is don't settle on J5 Mulwall Island, the company Compagnie Des Indes removed our taming pen before we got the chance to tame anything. So just giving people the heads up if you arrive there, go with caution.
  12. DannyUK

    Is it lawless or not?

    You can't claim a lawless, that's the reason I went there, peace and quite. Double check the map to make sure it's lawless, if it is then something wrong with that server, report it. I have no problems on my lawless island though.
  13. DannyUK


    I travelled to another island last night, mainly for taming elephants but I needed salt also so I thought i'd put a small hut down with bed in it and cupboard. 2 guys came running over, I said hello and he said nothing. I said can I place a small hut here please? He was the owner or part of the company who owns it. He said you have 24hrs only, in other words I wasn't allowed to stay outside of his demolish time. This is the exact reason I never settled on those islands in the first place, I went to lawless because some people, not all, they don't want you to build on "their" island, they want it "all" for themselves. So I take what I can and move on to the next island I suppose. Most of the flag islands now you won't be able to put a small hut down for resources or to store things, they will just remove the lot.
  14. DannyUK

    Elephant taming

    I tried last night to tame an elephant and I couldn't get anywhere near it either. I did used to wear the armour though to tame it but I don't have it at the moment so I'm stuck with nothing. I know the point where you tame them, at an angle near the belly but it still keeps knocking me back, I gave up last night but I might have another try today. When it sticks it's head out of the pen it's harder to get in near it's belly so it can be awkward at times.
  15. DannyUK

    what has this latest patch done

    Been loads of tigers around the otherside of my island, i've killed 4 and another 2 or 3 are turning up around the corner running after me, i would have thought the opposite, to many animals but maybe this is just on certain grids? Mine certainly has alot but where I am further around the island there is not 1 single tiger, I picked the right spot to build it seems haha.