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  1. Mate most of us have been saying it for years They won't do it though, I don't think they are capable of doing it. All they know is Ark coding because that's what it's based off which was the wrong move before they even started making the game. I do miss Atlas but I would never play it in it's current form, if they changed it I would be back like a shot just like the majority who has already left. It's either join a large company or suffer and play alone, no thank you.
  2. Many of us have been talking about it over the years, I can't believe they haven't even tried it yet. It's been the same pretty much since launch, personally I don't think they will do it because all they know is Ark code, they haven't got the capabilities to implement it but it would certainly make the game more interesting. Look at how New World have implemented it, you have 3 factions that can fight for an area with structures, a certain time is set to defend/attack the base which you can opt in or out to do. You lose it you must try to regain control and push back. Atlas could have done something similar have a big island with a fort of some kind with structures to take control of, 3 or 4 factions trying to take control of it. The faction in control has certain perk or benefits. We know it won't happen though, wishful thinking. I will certainly enjoy playing the New World beta from tomorrow though, I can see the numbers drop further it will be interesting to see just how many abandon ship again.
  3. They should just change the whole thing to faction system instead of companies, New World has it just right where you fight for a part of a settlement/island with an opt in or out pvp. Why they develop it towards large groups I will never know, they forget about the small groups and solo players. Having factions at least you can all fight for a common cause if you wanted to not be forced to "you are chopping trees today" no thank you. I will never return to the game as it stands and I hear the same sentiments among my friends and thousands of other players who started at launch. You will always get a few players though who want to keep it the way it is like chuckysteak, only because it caters towards large player base only and not the solo/small groups. I will be enjoying my time in New World where they actually think about PvE as well as PvP in faction systems. Unfortunately Atlas is a dead game and you will see the players drop even more when New World is released. They have never listened to the community, they were caught out over a year ago passing on information to the top companies of the game, they have ruined what could have been the best pirate game out there as well as a MMO. They should all be sacked or just move back to Ark altogether. Dollie last login August 1, 2020, tells you all you need to know.
  4. You'll have to do better than that to get the majority back that has already left. Just think what the game could have been if it kept updates and listened to the community, 40k players at launch down to what is it now? 1k at most? Do you know the saying "vote with your feet" walking away from something in protest, it will come back to haunt you for sure.
  5. Main income is Ark, Atlas comes second so they have no hurry or rush to change Atlas. The devs won't listen anyway, they only know the coding from Ark and not standalone coding for Atlas.
  6. Goes on all the time, putting in a ticket will not solve the problem because they don't read more than half of them. You ask them nicely and try and solve it amicably if they don't listen you press the nuclear button. I've always tried to solve things nicely when I was playing but when they don't listen I take the law into my own hands because there is no law in the game.
  7. The devs have always had favourites, it goes back years to when Jat and Dollie were caught out in Discord passing on information to a larger group at the time and everyone was unhappy about it. I've never trusted the ticket system either, they might cherry pick a couple to solve but the rest just go in the bin. The game is badly run we've all known that for a long time, I'm only here to keep up with news on the game in hope other than that it's uninstalled.
  8. How is factions theme park? Don't see your logic there. Majority of the players have already left the game including myself which lets you know people aren't happy with how the game is right now. As for large groups, of course it's being pushed that way. Companies are large groups, you can't solo in the game anymore. It probably won't change to factions but getting it out of my head? Not a chance because that's the way it should be different opinion I'm afraid. They have certainly pushed it towards large groups, the more people you have in group the more points you will have to take over an island, solo no chance. Sorry you are entitled to your opinion but in my view you're wrong.
  9. Get rid of companies and just have 3 or 4 factions for god sake, that way you can focus on PvP instead of having to do both. If you are going down the route of taking control of certain areas I don't see why it isn't faction based anyway. You are pushing it towards large groups, solo doesn't matter to them, they don't care. Having factions will let solo do their own thing and fight within a faction if they want without large companies saying "you go cut wood today" no thanks, I will play how I want to play but for now I won't be playing at all as it stands, still uninstalled like many other people.
  10. The people that have been here since the start will know very well all a claim tower is is the same as they used flags at launch to gain a circle. If you are going down this route they should have restricted how many you can have whether you have 1 person or 100. As for the automated structures like warehouse etc, what a waste they are restricting people in putting them down? That is not improving the game that is forcing people away. They are wanting more people at sea hence the automation and yet if someone has a structure down you can't place it, they are working backwards devs haven't got a clue. They have lost the majority of the player base, if I was them I'd be thinking of scrapping PvE altogther and just focus on PvP because they are not upto the job. The game will never be how it was portrayed at launch. At least I can say I was there at the 40k player mark, didn't last long though did it?
  11. I have a friend who still plays and enjoys it but I haven't got back into it still uninstalled. Sad to see it going in the wrong direction, it is still based on big groups and pushes the smaller companies out or solo. As I understand the more people you have the more claim towers you can put down? How is that good for solo? My friend was originally in a company with a few players, had 6 towers down but could not put any automation structures down at all, it is stupid. Why limit the automated structures like warehouse and mines etc? Someone slaps 1 down you are stuffed. If you are going down that route give everyone the option to place at least 1 of each down and let it feed from the other structures that other people have to share if that needs to be the case. Nope I won't be back anytime soon, I will never say never as they may change again in another year with a wipe but for now I'm out. Not sure what the numbers are now but I won't be surprised to hear it has reduced again already.
  12. Exactly, I played from day 1 as well uninstalled it weeks ago. I was tempted to come back with claim changes see what it's like but now for me it is dead in the water. I have no desire to play it anymore, getting further away from what the game should be like. From what I read it looks like they are moving towards a full PvP game mode and PvE is finished reading between the lines it is not a positive move at all. I'm lucky to have had some fun from it since day 1 though, worth what I paid but I feel sorry for anyone just coming into the game right now.
  13. Oh you know it's only a forum where you can express your views and talk about the game. Welcome to the forums and yes even you are welcome.
  14. I actually removed Atlas from my hard drive weeks ago, it is very clear it is not going to improve. It will end up being either single player or PvP. They underestimate the amount of PvE players who play the game or want to play and these people prop up the player base. Once PvE players have gone they will soon realise just what a bad mistake they have done and will be hit financially in the pocket. You might even see them putting purchasable items in the game for PvP players just to try and claw back the money and keep afloat, oh the ship is sinking alright big time.
  15. I'm not upto date with the current news on Atlas but if they get rid of PvE and only have PvP in it's current form then it will certainly be a dead game. You will have a few die hard fans playing it and the cost of running the servers will be pointless and players will most likely go private servers. They need to go down the faction route to bring PvE players into PvP. Trying to force people to play PvP is not going to work I'm afraid. They need to try and bring people back not drive what is left away. Just 1 of their quotes "Right now many things are hard-coded to work under certain conditions." Yes I wonder why that is? Might have something to do with Ark maybe, shot yourselves in the foot have you? They couldn't run a bath nevermind a game.
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