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  1. DannyUK

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    Who mentioned anything about a giant fortress? Or a huge island for that matter? You have a little shack and it's gone. You either haven't played PvP or you are part of a large company. Your solo doesn't exist, not in this game. Good luck with sailing as a solo after spending the time to build your ship.
  2. DannyUK

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    You can't play PvP as a solo or even as 2 or 3 people, you must be in a large group to survive. This is why I only play PvE at the moment, if they change the way PvP works so it's not just suited towards large companies then I will give it ago until then it's a no. Waste of time building anything on PvP because you know a large group is just coming to wipe everything out, only a matter of time, you stand no chance. The game is poorly designed, should be changed towards factions and not companies so everyone in the faction can defend each other even if you are still playing solo.
  3. DannyUK

    Lost my Giraffe, 2 times in one trip.

    Something wrong with the server or you ship then because i've never lost any animals for a long time. I have a tame gallion with animals on bottom and they have been fine. I've also had the animals on schooner and Brig without a problem. I know this used to be a problem though but as far as I know it has been fixed. If I was you I would just buy your tames, do the maps and you will have money in no time. There is alot of animals to buy from people, some on my server have been selling for 300g not really high level animals but good enough to gather resources etc.
  4. DannyUK

    Lost my Giraffe, 2 times in one trip.

    I've never lost animals from the ship since they fixed the send to ship command. If I do see an animal jumping or feet off the deck I quickly jump on it to reset it then run back to the wheel as I'm usually solo these days when playing. This game is a real grind and I think it needs to change for the people who don't have alot of time on their hands. Fortunately I do have the time but it's not fun for people who don't and they lose their things like this. These days I only log in to reset timers and feed animals. The game has become to boring for me now, very little to do anymore, repetitive. The game needs a huge shakeup with new things added. The communication from the devs is appalling. They could easily share things with the community to keep people interested, the longer they stay silent the more people will leave. They should take notice because new games are just around the corner, couple of months including New World and possibly Skull and Bones. I know for one once these are released it is bye bye Atlas for me as it stands.
  5. DannyUK

    After 1 000 h of gameplay

    I agree also, I've stopped playing it and I only log in to reset my timers and feed the animals. I'm hoping the update this month is going to bring us new changes, I won't h old my breath though. Until they add more things into the game then I won't be playing it anymore. For me the development is far to slow, for 1 year you would probably expect to see alot more things implemented in the game by now. My opinion is I don't think they will end up with a good finished game, judging by how it's gone in 1 year tells me they are incapable of developing this game into what it should be like. I don't think bringing 1 new person onboard is going to change that. With Other games coming up such as New World and maybe Skull and Bones, I think they will lose many more players, people have just got fed up of it and I start to find it repetitive. There is nothing to keep players engaged in the game, especially trading wise. Freeports are just left in the game empty, I mean anyone with half a brain should know these zones could be used for many things and bring players together but nothing has been done with them for a year. The honeymoon period for this game was well and truly over months and months ago and until the devs wake up and take notice then it's downhill all the way.
  6. Funnily enough I had this in the Red Dead Redemption game, I thought it was just the game. I have rtx 2080 so knew it wasn't my card. Never had this happen in Atlas though. It is very strange when it happens but not happened for weeks for me. Usually when you moved around alot in game it vanishes and goes back to normal, at least for me.
  7. I remember near to release I lost mine in the freeport, so many lessons have been learned since then You think that was bad? You should have seen it when it was first released, a ship of the dammed decided to take it upon himself to come right into the shipyard and shoot at my ship, it wasn't even complete yet but that was the normal back then.
  8. DannyUK

    Future building options

    More furniture is not coming until the end of the games development, I heard that from the horses mouth so to speak (Jat) I would like more structures and building parts also but I know it's not going to happen anytime soon.
  9. DannyUK

    Christmas’s Event

    Knew they would be no new items though, a few bug fixes doesn't cut it I'm afraid. I said I might have believed the harvest rates etc but knew there would be no items or new gameplay. They are saying January, the least they could do is let people know what is coming up, you know that roadmap they talk about. Where are they at? What are they including? Communication with the community is still atrocious.
  10. DannyUK

    Ship (number) was removed from company!

    Well the game is down to around £3 right now, that should tell you everything. Even the Xbox crew won't save them, just a short sticking plaster.
  11. I've never played PvP because I think its more for large companies which I don't like, I like to own my own things and feel what I'm working for is myself and not someone sitting at the top of a big company. This is another reason to scrap companies and go with factions where everyone can watch each others backs but not tied into large company. I play PvE and its fun, you still have dangers from animals but yes you won't have danger from other players. I really hope they go down a faction route and maybe have PvE and PvP on 1 server splitting the big map for this.
  12. DannyUK

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    I wish you could put npc on ship wheel and have option to send it somewhere on the map while you do something else or take another ship yourself. The ship would not get to the destination straight away but will take an hour or so depending on distance. Never played Naval Action but think its similar. With there being not much to spend gold on how about using it to speed up travel? The npc need to change while sailing though, needs better AI.
  13. DannyUK

    Christmas’s Event

    You'll be lucky, we've hardly got anything in 1 year nevermind over Christmas. The x2 harvesting and taming I might believe but different items also? Nope. It's about time they come out and let people know what is going on with the roadmap, they were supposed to keep players up to date with progress. I bet when New World comes out in May people will abandon Atlas even more because of lack of updates and items.
  14. DannyUK

    Trench squids

    I've had times like that when i've killed a couple and seems like there is non left. You just have to hunt around for them and wait for a respawn. Other times i've gone there and there has been loads of them, enough to tame with. It certainly hasn't took an hour for them to re spawn though.
  15. DannyUK

    Looking for a company named TSR

    Have you also tried clicking follow and then go on to the ship to see if it goes on there? This is the reason I'm always careful when seeing traps all over the place, i've almost done it myself. Hope you find the company if the follow doesn't work, try putting a sign up near the trap hopefully they are good people and will destroy the front part for you.