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  1. DannyUK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Flying tames or airships would be nice in this game, it could help solve time taken to travel. Never tried the dragon thing but something like that to have all the time I'd like, it reminds me of Game Of Thrones. They have submarines in a pirate game so don't know why no airships.
  2. Yes that bug has been fixed, has been fixed for months now. You can teleport them on ships no problem, they don't vanish. I've not had 1 problem seen they fixed it.
  3. I have said from the very beginning I don't think the game is in the right hands meaning devs, they don't even seem to be organised with showing road maps or streaming. Yes I think they tried to make some quick money with the xbox, they have admitted on stream themselves it hasn't gone as good as they'd expected, what a surprise. I've been playing since it was released, last December I believe and by now I would have expected to see more things in the game including items, not the odd few cosmetics. If this game was released by a big dev team like Blizzard or ZeniMax then I'd have more confidence in it. I'd happily pay a subscription every month if it went down those lines but only if there was a whole lot of stuff in the game like other MMO's quests, items, trading etc. This dev team will not finish this game anywhere near what is in my mind at least and probably many others.
  4. Pens are bugged but you can still tame in them, its all I tame in. Can't be bothered riding on a bear to tame, should cut that out of the game altogether. Never tried using the signs but sick of seeing them spammed everywhere. I make a pen and as it turns in the pen just move around. This bug has been in the game for months, I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed. A good dev team would have ironed these issues out already so its no secret they are not the best at making games.
  5. DannyUK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I'm also in the camp of wanting sailing speeds increased. I've been playing for 1800hrs and I'm getting tired of just sailing hours on end. If they added more things at sea like real pirate ships to board along with the real NPC then I might not mind so much. I will be glad when they add more things at sea, its badly needed. Why didn't they have real pirate ships from beginning instead of having SOTD? I'm sure it isn't that hard to do just like you spawn in ships that we currently make already. They could have even just fixed the BP sails where the very best can make 2 hour journey cut down to 30 mins and have a sliding scale on how good the BP is. Going out at sea almost begins to feel like a chore, the wind idea needs to change if the BP sails don't. In your mind you just know this game could be a real good pirate game, its just a shame the devs don't think along the same lines.
  6. DannyUK

    Pve lawless regions

    Direct PvP? No but blocking and griefing yes that goes on all the time unfortunately so you could class it as PvP.
  7. DannyUK

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    People like to build though I wouldn't say it's their fault, if it's in the game then why not? It's on the devs to sort it out and have a work around, it's their game and they should have thought about this problem. I'm no expert at making games or sure what they can do but as others say they should limit what you can build for now but don't think it should stay that way, people like the building aspect of it. With them changing the direction of the game making you spend more time at sea than on land then we might not see many huge buildings anymore. Time will tell on that one.
  8. DannyUK

    New Way to Grief

    I noticed this as soon as they changed the way foundations worked, I noticed foundations said demolish even with just a bed or box and you could not demolish it, been around for awhile. I didn't say anything incase people cottoned on to the idea you mention for griefing. As for the tickets, I don't think they even bother half of the time, I know a few people have said they have had issues fixed but I think that is just relating to getting locked out of accounts or being stuck somewhere. If I remember correctly, Jat had said on stream that "we won't be looking into tickets regarding griefing, we have other more important things to be doing at this time but maybe sometime in the future we will get around to this." Not word for word but along those lines. It can be frustrating when you come up against these griefers, I like to solve things amicably but failing that as a last resort I'm not going to lie but it comes down to fighting fire with fire hoping they get fed up but can be time consuming at the same time.
  9. DannyUK

    Disappearing walls

    Oh so it's happening for you also, so it's not just me then. It's happening on EU Officials for me, I know this happened with some ceilings where you don't place enough posts underneath but i've never seen missing walls before. Not sure what is happening to be honest, seems to have gotten worse over time not better. I really hope they fix this, should not be having walls vanishing for no reason at all really.
  10. DannyUK

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    Always been lagging for me ever since release but only when large structures are around. Even with a rtx 2080 I still get lag when on epic settings so I had to knock it down to medium, it's abit better but still lags at times. It's on their end, they need to sort this out because bringing the ships in at times can be difficult, jumping all over the place. You have to fully stop to let things render in otherwise your ship could be sunk.
  11. DannyUK

    Disappearing walls

    I've built my stone walls 3 high around my base but for some reason some are vanishing, 3 have vanished leaving a gap open for others to come in. I have them placed on stone foundations so I don't see why they won't stay, any way to stop them from vanishing? Surely don't need stone pillars under the foundations? It seems the more walls you build the more they vanish, strange.
  12. DannyUK

    Entire Company Kicked

    Yes i think the leader left also, its happened to me when i first started playing few weeks after release. I learned my lesson and always play in my own company unless you know people really well because arguments and squabbles happen and when that leader clicks the button then its goodnight everyone. I play 1 man company but in alliance with many others, best way.
  13. DannyUK

    Neighbours and walls

    It has always been like this, before the wipe a company called gradfathers blocked off all the available gems on the island, he built a structure around them. The whole island got angry, leaving signs up asking nicely to take it down, no effect. We all submitted a ticket and weeks/months later nothing was done. People took it into their own hands, 1 day I went to look and another company built a bigger structure all way around his, blocking his access to his own private stash of gems. I don't like going down this route personally, i prefer to solve it amicably but with tickets not getting answered as a last resort yes I would also fight fire with fire knowing war is to come.
  14. DannyUK

    Looking To Charter a Ship To Go Whale Hunting

    Just done it last night solo although I had someone along with me to receive quest also. Quite easy really, just put 3 ballisters on the back of a brig, stick npc on there and away you go. Didn't take long to kill it, you receive gold and blubber.
  15. DannyUK

    Tame galleon

    Yes that help alot, I can now see which floors are placed where. Think I can manage the ceilings and ramps now. Much appreciated.