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  1. DannyUK

    why limit map markers

    I've also wondered this, noticed since day 1 they don't work. Saved couple of markers, logged on next day and thay have gone. Before wipe i had loads of markers that saved but not anymore for me.
  2. DannyUK

    Brigantine H.M.S Snail

    Yeah I've used 3 large speed sails on brig also, speed is best i think, can still turn slightly. I've used 4 speed sails and 2 handling on galleon though, I've always went with that but i know people use all speed on that also but very hard to turn. I wish the blueprint speed sails would work, the best speed sails should cut you're journey in half at least.
  3. I don't know if it's the same for others on different servers but for us the amount of spider is unreal, ran through the centre of the island and about 8 come together at once, surely something wrong here with the spawn ins? Hopefully it gets reduced slightly, maybe a bug or something.
  4. DannyUK

    How did we get here?

    Well I was hoping to play tonight looks like it will be tomorrow now as it's getting late in the UK 10.13pm, there goes my headstart.
  5. DannyUK

    Do we have a price for Xbox yet?

    Well of course if you play in a large company you will most likely get things given to you on a plate like weapons and ships etc without the huge working for it. I like working for resources and building, it gives more of a satisfaction but that's just me personally. I never played Ark so I can't comment on what that game is like. I never play PvP in Atlas either, it's always PvE for me but if you start PvP on your own I don't think you will last long, i've heard you will be wiped out very quickly in Atlas also just like you say in Ark.
  6. DannyUK

    Do we have a price for Xbox yet?

    Well actually you'll be surprised at how much enjoyment you will actually get out of it even though it isn't finished yet. Not only have you got official servers and private servers but you also have the option to play single player. The game takes a long time to play, it is a grindy game but personally I love that even though I play alone or sometimes with a friend. You will never complete everything, there's always something else to do but hey that's just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own I guess, if you don't think it's worth buying then don't buy it.
  7. DannyUK

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    You know it's been that long I didn't even know they stopped tames from doing maps. I always use to take my bear with me when doing all the maps, I used to enjoy doing lots of them over the double gold weekend but I would not attempt them on my own, at least not the higher ones maybe a few lower ones you can get. So this mean we have to get used to killing them with guns or bows? I just hope they increase the damage much more then because if you're playing alone it isn't easy to do them all without your tame. Hopefully they allow the tames to return to do these maps. @Jatheish @Dollie
  8. DannyUK

    Is there a limit for recruiting NPC sailors ?

    Yes you are limited to 10 per day at least that's how I saw it. We got around this by doing what the poster above suggests, take someone with you and they can buy 10 also and then transfer them to yourself. I don't think levels come into it, I was high level and was still only able to buy 10 which is why I thought it was per day.
  9. DannyUK

    Drop time for the 8Th ?

    Well I was close, 1 hour out that will do fine for me though, will be on as soon as it's out. Looking forward to spending hours on end again grinding away.
  10. DannyUK

    Drop time for the 8Th ?

    I think last time it was in the evening around 6pm in UK I could be wrong though. I'm usually on as soon as it comes out, it didn't take long last time before you started seeing those foundation spams to map out your area, I think this has been fixed though. If it comes out after 11pm UK time then i'll be leaving it until morning, people can have a head start.
  11. I wish they would put more sound effect on ships when you have NPC on board and let the NPC run around your ship doing certain things rather than sit on the side. As well as this I can imagine an atmosphere with sound effect with them all talking in the background like you have sound effects for the sea and you hear alot of different things. They would shout certain phrases at you like what do you want us to do Captain or We're under attack, do you want us to raise sails to maximum? This is what a pirate game should be like, especially for solo or small groups. I really hope they improve the NPC in this game, it's very limited but I'd love for them to make it more immersive like I said above.
  12. DannyUK

    Ship Planks Thought

    I wish they would improve NPC's especially for solo players. I'd like them to be able to all have repair hammer and run around the ship to repair whilst at sea, not just while you are anchored. This would at least give it more of a level playing field with other people who actually play in groups. There is no doubt solo players are left behind in this game, focused more towards large companies and I don't like large companies, I prefer to be on my own or with a friend at certain times. Not sure how much they can improve the NPC but I really hope they do sometime soon.
  13. DannyUK

    Who is it?

    Best thing about this community was people used to organise fights for Kraken etc so for people like me who play alone or 2 people we can all do it together in a group. I've had fun playing the game, has been well worth the money so far but I do think they need a market place or some sort of trade in the game apart from the shop, never used that shop was useless.
  14. DannyUK

    Patch Notes - Thank you

    Have they sorted the blueprint sails out yet to go faster than normal speed sails? As far as I know blueprint sails don't make any difference than normal ones. Hopefully they do something with the wind and speed very soon before we all get sick of sailing for hours again.
  15. I have a PS4 also but I never use it, since they made everyone pay a subscription to play games I ditched it and bought myself a top end PC that would last for years and no subscription to pay on PC and you get cheaper games also. Don't get me wrong I love Playstation, infact I have been very loyal to them in stay from my very 1st console PS1 but after the subscription thing it turned my mind. I think crossplay on all consoles is a good thing, the more the better as it connects more people to give a better experience. I don't think it will come to PS4 also though, at least until it is a more finished game. I can't wait until they get some sort of auction house going or market place so we can trade like in other MMO's, that's what will keep players active also.