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  1. I wouldn’t listen to anyone else if I were you. Doesn’t matter how easy it is to get gold. It should either cost gold or resources. Not both. Very idiotic idea the devs had but then again they have have plenty of idiotic ideas.
  2. Yeah I mean that is basically it. Once the in game content is done the game is basically done. The same Megas always win so unless you are a mega you are not even in the game so to speak as far as what you are saying lol. there is no pvp. There are Megas and people that get killed by Megas so there really isn’t an end game there at all.
  3. How to kill a game without telling you huh? Start a gaming company with grapeshot as your inspiration and Electronic arts as your financial advisor.
  4. Yeah call me crazy but I was hoping for something else lmao. Silly me.
  5. That just shows the lack of content. Even with ark you still have to breed the rexes to do the boss battles and do multiple bosses to obtain the engrams for everything. They have really done a bad job at this game. they just keep remaking the claim system and remaking the map. Doesn’t matter if someone thinks it is progress or not because it is definitely not progress. It is just running in place. next time they want to make a map they need to make a different map but keep the old one at the very least. Actually add something instead of trying to fix something that isn’t broke. There is a reason this is a failed game and others like it are not. they really need to realize that they simply haven’t done a good job at all and they need to do the exact opposite of what they have been doing.
  6. And pvp already has 100 people in golden age. The Megas are going to have those platform crabs with cannons in a few more hours probably. I bet the first thing they do is go to the 8 true lawless and start wiping everyone lol
  7. Pretty sure you won’t see any communication at any point.
  8. Rust is also a game where you lose everything every month anyway. Completely different game. Atlas is a failure and almost considered the worst game in all of steam. funny how both games you can lose everything offline yet one is on of the top games and one is one of the worst games. Hmmmm
  9. I wouldn’t bother with it without offline raid protection though. I like player vs play not player vs base. That alone is enough reason this game is 71 on the bottom 100 list of steam charts. no game is worth playing when you can lose everything when you aren’t even playing. all the other stuff sounds good though.
  10. Hell since there are way more people on Unofficials I might actually do that. Player counts on official servers are pathetic.
  11. No, they will not be working on blueprint at anytime in the near future. Well luckily there aren’t that many people playing anymore but you probably will have at least 100 people racing you for the two little spots. Good luck. If you are pvp a platform crab will go there soon and destroy everything on the island though They can’t even get the update out. Maybe next year or something
  12. Wow that really shows how dead official severs are. So even with 1000 people that really only means about 400 is on official(including PTR) and the other 600 are on unofficial. and there are more players on pve than both pvp servers combined. thabks for the website. This will definitely help on showing where resources are exactly and not just total player counts
  13. The really sad part is the patch notes are already done and they said they weren’t releasing those till later either
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