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  1. Yay, another map change nobody wanted that will come with more bugs and they won’t even fix the other bugs. Smh worst dev company ever. By far
  2. Well just like with ark they have a go big or go home kind of mentality. Their fatal flaw was that ark was such a success they figured they could get away with it again but with half the effort. with ark they did go big. With atlas they did go home and once they got home they shit the bed, and then they sold that bed to us for 30 dollars. Maybe they are masterminds and we are the idiots after all.
  3. Hello ranger, this is technically the first post I liked that you have done. It is not your fault because as you said you joined later on in the game(even if it was the second wipe). I found you very annoying coming in as a new player and being naive as to think everything was an easy change without realizing the company you were taking to. your posts were informative and heart felt, so I did have respect for them but they were annoying nonetheless. Now that I see you have taken the red pill, I have a new found respect for you. the one piece of advice I could give is next time you join a new game and do the same thing you do, do some research into the company first because you were way off base and that is why you got some unwelcoming introductions. you are a good talker as well as informative in your opinions but you really have to know what you are walking into before you start. Just a piece of advice. this company has done more than you can even imagine if you look into it(you also need to look into ark history) the leadership is the exact same and the team is half the same.
  4. Yeah, they made their mechanics so bad that even online you are basically playing single player because you can go days without seeing another player lol player counts are showing that online is a single player game.
  5. Dude nothing is bringing back players. The game has been dead for awhile now. It is in the bottom 100 steam games and has some of the lowest numbers compare to most games. Add in all the bugs and unethical business practices and this could very well be the worst game of all time. people have been putting up with the gold for ships for a long time now. But I think it is very important to repeat that the player numbers will never go up. The game will never be a success and it has already failed. if I were you I would be embarrassed to even tell anyone you are playing atlas.
  6. The game is broke man. There is a reason you don’t see people and and that is because they are close to their all time low player numbers. Especially after aug 31st you will see even less. just pretend you are playing single player because pretty soon you won’t have to pretend.
  7. Well a little insight for you is that jeremy(the head or wildcard and the maker of ark) came over to start grapeshot and used all of arks programming for atlas. He also brought over a good chunk of wildcards employees as well as hiring other new people so about 20 of them total. they also had a very high budget since the huge amount of money ark made definitely supplemented atlas’ beginning. They were working on atlas as a ark dlc but decided they could screw people out of money by making it its own game. Atlas was supposed to be the “waterworld” dlc ark players had been asking for for years. wildcard already had a problem with communication as well as fixing code the whole time ark was being developed. They simply brought over the same unethical business practices they had. so yeah definitely a big budget and a pretty good sized dev company as well. They have even been known to borrow grapeshot employees to help with an ark update as well as borrow wildcard employees for an atlas update. they don’t have an excuse for their behavior.
  8. So basically they are nothing like grapeshot in any way, shape, or form then? Well that is really good news because these guys are completely incompetent. I mean it is amazing how inept they are. counting down the days till release then for me. Can’t wait.
  9. Dude, they don’t even fix the game. They sure as hell are not going to warn you that a server is down. They don’t communicate period. Time to get used to that if you are new lol
  10. Yep. Couldn’t have said it better myself. so how awesome is new world? I didn’t do the beta so I have just been watching gameplay. Seems awesome but I want to hear from the horses mouth
  11. I don’t think these guys have half the talent or potential to pull this off. Nowhere near enough players now anyways. my bet is they get rid of another whole cluster of servers by the next season/wipe lol
  12. I just saw the new world intro and game play for the first time. Pretty excited to say the least. now at only a little over 100 from their all time low. Still dropping as always. These numbers are just bad. Pure failure
  13. Even though you might not want to cheat on single player. This game sucks and is so broken you have to cheat if you want to play it right. Don’t let pride get in the way or nobody will feel bad, plus you will just waste your time fighting bugs the whole time instead of actually playing.
  14. It is a true shame that very minor bugs are still happening. I get if they can’t fix huge ones, but damn. Once again, could have been a great game but they definitely chose the wrong devs for it smh.
  15. Doesn’t matter. Pvp people have no business advising pve as well as the other way around.
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