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  1. Man, I should have called it the 900 club lol ship is sinking boys.
  2. Man, down to 948 average. That is getting pretty low. Wonder how long it takes to get to 900 average.
  3. Yeah they were definitely drunk. I bet after they wrote this crap there was a few drunk texts to exes as well lol. it has as much creativity as the modular ships they have been making. Nah, in game it sucks. This is basically a spin job because drunken words can sound good, but we already know these guys suck at coding lol. one more fail for the history books.
  4. Bad devs bad! With a rolled up newspaper
  5. Oh my data is flawless. Yours however kind of leads me to believe you were merely projecting. I joined exactly 6 months ago. That isn’t “almost a year” as you said. Far from it actually. I would have to double my time here just to get to a year. kind of like how the devs would have to double the player count just to get to an average of 1 person per server lmao. don’t tell me you are mad because you are playing a game that is a total failure are you. I mean remember, it is number 67 on the bottom 100 list on steam. They call it the hall of shame. playing the game because you want to is one thing but defending it is just pathetic.
  6. Man, they are down to an average of 968 players. That is one of the worst numbers I have ever seen in gaming. That small number is also spread throughout 3 big clusters and Unofficials. I gotta make sure to ask the guys on official servers what it is like to play an online single player game lmao we are close to averaging only .5 player per server. Like not even I full person. Just a half a person lol
  7. They were supposed to come out with another skill tree called tarot. It will never happen since they have pretty much abandoned the game. They were supposed to make more “ships” as well. Instead we get modular ships smh. these devs probably realize they completely suck at their jobs and just gave up. Very inept
  8. I fully agree with you. Less than 2 days for far cry 6 and I am very excited. Woohoo!!!
  9. Yeah I have been hearing a lot of good things about new world. Might have to try it. I am excited about far cry 6 though. Plenty of game play in that game.
  10. Except they didn’t intend to wipe. What happens is anytime they update they are so inept that they can’t implement the update without wiping. These devs actually suck harder than any other dev company. They never follow through with what they say and they could fix a bug if their life depended on it. Plus every update comes with more bugs. Yeah they already abandoned the game. They won’t be investing any more money into this dumpster fire. Player counts are the lowest they have ever been and even the 1k people left are mainly just getting on to reset decay timers. It’s pretty pathetic to say the least lmao Nah, they game is a dumpster fire. These developers are worthless at doing their job. This game is actually in the bottom 100 steam games out of the 22k games that are on steam. They call it the hall of shame lmao. player counts are abysmal
  11. Nah, the game has been broken for a long time. It is number 67 on the bottom 100 steam games. Mind you that steam has over 22,000 games and it is on the bottom 100 lmao. it is pathetic to say the least and the player count is dismal. the devs are the worst in the industry and they are not only corrupt, liars, and inept, but they have no programming skill whatsoever, hence the modular ships. Completely pathetic bottom 100 is called the “wall of shame” btw.
  12. Do me a favor man, don’t do you review of this new BS ship. You do a very good job at it but every time I see you do it I get so pissed I wish stuff on the devs because they won’t bother. so just this time do me that favor and don’t bother. Total waste of your time. Nope. It wasn’t good on the beginning either. Like you said the people made it fun. It was never a good game. never has been and never will be. The devs are literally the worst devs in the entire gaming industry(don’t bother trying to think of others, I’ll just disagree and end it). there is a reason this game is at the bottom 100 steam games on the “wall of shame” that is a simple fact.
  13. Yeah they don’t need to wipe, they need to give up completely lmao. These guys suck at every aspect of their jobs. I mean, these devs are pathetic lol
  14. Nah, the game is just one of the worst made in gaming history. These devs are probably the most one not in history is well. They have never done a good job on anything and never will. a ship sinking really doesn’t matter. This game has already sunk. 1,300 peak players is pathetic to say the least. It is also rated 67 in the bottom 100 games of all time on steam. They call it the hall of shame. I actually pity anyone that still plays it
  15. Wow! This might be the best/politically correct comment on the devs I have ever seen. Kudos for you man. true, doesn’t matter if you like her or not. She isn’t good for you regardless.
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