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  1. You are going to get your ass handed to you if you go pvp mid you just got lonely playing single player then either do private or official pve. you do pvp and you will work for a month and long on to everything being gone regardless of who you team up with.
  2. Nope. They already made rookie cove which was bad enough. If you play pvp and don’t like getting wiped then I will give the same advice to all worthless pvp players. if you cannot dedicate your whole life to the game? You do not belong in pvp. if you are not willing to be a mega companies bitch? You do not belong in pvp. you are done son. These devs can’t even fix bugs and you are asking for dumb stuff. Lmao. Time you got a reality check. That will not only never happen but you will be lucky if all the hugs gets fixed in the next couple years. another reality check is that this game wipes every few months because they keep changing the map. So even if you found a way to stay safe your progress will always be deleted within a few months, so you will never make it big. even if you don’t believe me, feel free to check out steam charts. Game always goes to an all time low. They wipe and you see an increase. Then you see a sharp decrease because for some reason these losers think “this time I will make it” lmao. Sure enough they don’t and them leave again. it’s pretty pathetic.
  3. Ooooo that is a horrible bug for officials then. Sad part is the devs don’t come here at all. They abandoned the forums. You might want to submit a ticket but at the same time I think the devs said they are also no longer fixing tickets either. sounds like a really bad bug though.
  4. It really doesn’t matter what you take or think to be honest. I gave you the truth. You just didn’t like it.
  5. First thing you need to know is that devs do not come here and they definitely do not answer anything on here. That is a very important lesson for you. next, the reason things are outdated is because the playerbase has dropped so low that nobody bothers taking the time to update and new info. third, they change the map every few months so any info out there will be wrong, which is also why nobody bothers to update info. lastly, things won’t change. It will be this way forever. The playerbase hasn’t stopped dropping since laugh 3 years ago.
  6. Just a quick reminder. Some douche streamer comes on and all of a sudden everything negative gets “hidden”. way to prove us right. That was pathetic, and you should feel shame very day for the entirety of your existence
  7. Pretty sure the devs paid him to do it. The devs won’t be showing up here. They have never really been good at hyping even since they announced atlas at the game showcase There is definitely not a clear direction, but I think people like me and you have already known that. This new stuff is just more reinforcement for what we know. you add in their bad design along with the pre built aspect and I am not happy at all.
  8. You are almost right. you are very wrong on how he used the word wiped. That is a very common term for when someone raids your base and takes everything. That term has been around since ark before the devs actually “wiped” anything. more common is the term “foundation wiped” meaning they actually took the time to not just take everything but destroy your whole base including even your foundations, and then put foundations down where your base was so you can’t even build back. just because atlas “wipes” all the time that isn’t where the term came from.
  9. Man, you are doing very well with your wording. I must say I have been impressed. to be honest I don’t think there would be any attacks on the devs if they actually frequented their own forums every once in a few years. Pretty damn pathetic. If they don’t bother reaching out then the attacks tend to happen in any situation. good response though
  10. Not really. Player counts just keep dropping. It isn’t a matter of failing. They have already failed and are already in the hall of shame bottom 100 steam games so it really doesn’t matter what a couple oeoooe think
  11. That should be a red flag for you buddy. You still have time for the refund. If you wait then you won’t be able to. That will be a reoccurring thing as well as many other bugs. There is a reason hardly anybody plays it anymore.
  12. Unfortunately no refunds. Don’t even let them have the early access excuse anymore. It’s been over 3 years. It is on them for not doing anything for the game the whole time. They just keep changing the map instead of fixing things. the map wasn’t broken so they literally continue to move backwards with no forward progress at all.
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