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  1. No I totally agree with you, report the every single one in that company. I was posting on this comment so one of those cheaters knew it wasn’t me who posted this.
  2. This is me moron, just to show you it wasn’t us who reported you. Iron chase from RID is crying we are cheating. Un glitch your ships and then talk smack.
  3. So I haven’t been able to log in more than a minute at a time since the update! I have lost all my crew and my ship, bc when I was able to get in for a millisecond. My guy was drowning and I could see my ship below me. So wtf are you devs gonna do to get Xbox users shît back? Prolly fucking nothing bc your garbage, I’ve sent bug reports everyday and received nothing in return. Y’all need to shoot yourselves and end the misery for all of us!
  4. Anyone having this issue? Log in for a min then it Home Screens me!
  5. Mine is updated but the servers are down.
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