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  1. Wow! This might be the best/politically correct comment on the devs I have ever seen. Kudos for you man. true, doesn’t matter if you like her or not. She isn’t good for you regardless.
  2. Well the game isn’t that good to begin with so...
  3. Yeah player numbers are so far down. They shit the bed too many times. It just sucks now
  4. Nope that will never happen. In case you are new they map the map smaller not larger. Used to be 15x15 grid but the player numbers were abysmal so they made the map smaller. sorry to burst your bubble but they will never make the map larger. There is a good possibility they will make it smaller again though. Since the game has failed there will likely be more changes to save money. an average of 1000 players makes it to where still half the servers on the official grids are completely empty with only a few players in other servers on the grid. It is pathetic to say the least.
  5. I remember you from back in the day. You used to defend atlas so hard it was kind of pathetic. I have never been one to say I told you so but....
  6. Are you new? Yeah they kick you a lot. plus this wasn’t an update it was a very poorly made patch. You will know when the update comes because they have literally wiped every single time an update has hit. If you still have your stuff they didn’t update. but yeah, they are completely incompetent
  7. You know they already killed the game right? Did you miss that memo? Lmao, remember when they said they want players to spend more time on water than land? hellllllloooooo 8 knots lmfao complete joke of a dev company
  8. Pretty sure you are going to have to wipe. Since you are unofficial just do admin commands. People might say “but that will take a long time” well those people are just lazy because it is a lot faster to rebuild with admin commands. Hopefully the people on your server aren’t that lazy because that would just be sad at that point.
  9. Very good description, but it is still devs bad though because that is unprofessional behavior on their part.
  10. Oh these guys are way past salvation of this game. They have proven their incompetence time and time again. One would have to be a fool to believe otherwise. and as far as ark goes atlas never had a chance at being a success, let alone an ark sized success. From the day atlas was realizes the playerbase started dropping and it hasn’t stopped. Even when the wipe brings in new people they leave again just as fast as they came. This would go in the record books of one of the biggest failures in gaming history.
  11. Well I am sure he appreciates all the help you just gave him as well. Didn’t even have anything to do with the thread. Smh and lmao
  12. Good job as always man and very informative. so it is the slowest ship with the highest maintenance cost? Smh so are they just making prebuilt ships now? Lol they just keep shitting the bed.
  13. Well the time has come and atlas has reached the 1000 club. Just now they hit 999.6 average. A very big milestone of the future. For a long time there it seemed like it would never go below 1400 because the same people usually joined back in each update. Last update went to 1108 so it was pretty close but with no date for the release of the next update we can be sure we will see even lower than 999.6 welcome to the 1000 club guys. This is your new home.
  14. A wipe always happens with the update. As far as when nobody knows and they are usually late anyways. But yes a restart will happen. You can be sure of that.
  15. It is the “sneek peek” they have in the main area. Literally showed a hanging plant, spikes on the floor and a dude on a spider. oh it’s called the teaser on here. It was a sneek peek on Twitter lol wither way it was pretty pathetic
  16. Yeah they are pretty much done. The summer update is now going to be a spring update and it is going to be a bad one. Some decorations, spikes and riding a spider. theu will also probably change the map and do another wipe so I wouldn’t bother playing right now because it will be gone soon anyways. player counts are at an all time low and every wipe, even though it brings people back that number keeps getting smaller and the decrease keeps getting bigger. so yeah, even though they aren’t technically done , they are done.
  17. Yeah they aren’t going to change it. They will probably be abandoning this pile pretty soon.
  18. Typical grapeshot. They are truly failures.
  19. No. They will announce when the update is coming and what time you can download the update. You won’t be able to join until you are finished downloading which is usually a pretty big file. The fastest internet wins. that is also if they don’t crash the game with the new update and people have to wait a couple days to play which has happened. If that happens they will give you multiple times about when the servers will be back up but they usually get that wrong as well. Plus once it is finally up you will be fast asleep. Happens to people all the time. make sure not to take vacation for it because that is always the most stupid thing anyone can do with these guys. Lots of wasted vacation have happened for some people. I wouldn’t bother trying to be first on because it almost never happens
  20. Wow. Lol. Decorations, spider riding and spikes. Hmmmm. I definitely won’t say it is the worst update but..... pretty lame. nothing on the map changing which I am sure they will because that is all they can do, as well as the incoming wipe. Even though people don’t like wipes they also don’t like barely over 1000 people either lmao. we can still see the sails sticking out of the water but the hull is fully submerged
  21. 1029 average. Wow there is only 47 people on na pvp. think we might have to start a raid to 1000 thread since that is a true milestone for gaming. A lot of people in the past said it would never reach 1000 but with no update in sight I believe it is going to happen. And new world got pushed back which means grapeshot has to wait to do an update as well. They will truly be the worst once they hit 1000.
  22. Another wipe is coming within a month of two.
  23. Well the game is fatally flawed as it is so the improvement might not be that noticeable. They really didn’t do a good job making this game.
  24. There are some SJW’s over there lol I have known many people to get kicked from their discord. The rules he or more relaxed as well as Reddit. Careful on Twitter as well.
  25. White knighting does contribute one bit. They do however need to know they are doing a crappy job which they are. Also, if they continue on the path they are going they will continue to fail. They don’t need to hear “good job” because they haven’t ever done one. This isn’t elementary school where they pass out participation trophies. This is the real world. hey devs, best advice you can get. Anytime you ever have any idea no matter how big or how small, automatically do the opposite and then and only then will you do a good job. Don’t even think about making a new map again. Nobody asked for it and that is the only thing you have done. How about surprise everyone and have an update that fixes all the bugs. Like all of them. You wouldn’t even have to add anything and people would be happy. but no, I am sure we will just get another shitty map nobody asked for. Smh.
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