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  1. Because they devs are completely inept
  2. It is luck of the draw. Gotta restart. I knew a friend that had it happen on and off for a year. Never know when it stops and you never know when it will come back. devs are just idiots.
  3. Well sine you were lucky enough to never have it happen it simply just might be your turn lol. Sorry to say but it eventually happens to everyone. Consider yourself lucky this is the first time.
  4. Well the new team hasn’t gained any trust with what they have been doing. I don’t believe for one second another wipe isn’t coming. It will happen. That is what they have done the whole time. this might be a conspiracy theory but I actually think this “3rd” dev team is still the original. I still remember chismebeard who still acted a lot like jat and the girl acted a lot like dollie the originals but they acted like the second dev team. Cheap parlor trick really. I really wouldn’t be surprised if this whole time was the same dev team. remember, wildcard turned into grapeshot to get rid of their old stigma. Jeremy Stieglitz himself announced atlas as grapeshot studios even though we all know he was the creator of ark. more info incoming. Gotta go for now.
  5. With us very soon reaching the sub 1k player count and possibly another all time low, I noticed that atlas world now has dark side and radioactive as servers now. good idea for more than one reason. Before if someone looked at the steam charts for atlas they would see 1200 players and think that was a good number. First of all that is a very pathetic number to begin with. Next when you look at atlas world you can see the difference between official and unofficial servers. darkside has more than official pvp, official pve, and radioactive combined. don’t get me wrong I am not praising darkside because 600 isn’t good either but having said that only 100+ on pvp and 200+ on pve is just abysmally embarrassing lol. might take another month to reach the all time but I need to remind everyone that player numbers only go up after a wipe. That is the only time for the whole 3 plus years of this games development. Never any content or update has grown the player count. Only wipes. having said that, the new devs supposedly said they wouldn’t wipe. If they don’t player counts will never rise and only get smaller. If they do wipe that means they were liars and should not be trusted or respected. also, if they do wipe remember I told you they will change the map as an excuse for the wipe even though nobody asked or has ever asked this whole time for a map change.
  6. Developers don’t come here and there is no customer support. At this point you only have yourself to blame
  7. Tell your friends they are pretty stupid for logging in to keep everything from despawning. Typically after 3-4 months there is always a wipe so let them know once the wipe comes they spent all that time resetting timers for nothing. make sure to laugh at them as well. They will never get that time back and it will all be gone soon anyways lol
  8. They have abandoned the whole game lol. There fixes do nothing but create more bugs and they are finally realizing they are inept at their jobs. these guys really suck, like really suck and they finally know it themselves too.
  9. You are in for a rude awakening man lol good luck and hopefully you come to your senses before you to too disgruntled.
  10. You are pretty stupid if you thought you made a point with that lol
  11. Well it has been a couple weeks since I have been here but man, I just checked the steam charts and 1,100 average seems like it is just going right back down to the all time low of 874. they aren’t that far off so I am guessing either the new devs are doing just as bad of a job or they were just pretending to be new devs and they are still the same. if the latter is true that is pathetic on a whole new level lol.
  12. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. These devs are retarded
  13. I wouldn’t bother with their discord. They definitely have sjw style mods on their. Definitely authoritarian and power hungry. Pretty sad to see such little power be gripped onto so tight.
  14. I will give you the most reasonable answer you can ask for. historically, a wipe happens every 3 months. A new dev team came and said they didn’t want to change the map(the biggest excuse for the wipe). if they stick to that you might go longer than the usual 3 months. If they don’t in fact stick to it then it won’t be long at all. I would love to give you a more definitive answer but at least you know what to possibly look forward to now. I can guarantee you that at least another wipe will happen no matter what though. That will happen. The when is the tricky part with new devs. hopefully that helped you.
  15. I am actually happy for you. We tend to have to find our own work around. having said that, hopefully the new update whenever it happens doesn’t mess that up for you. It might.
  16. Well the fact that over 60% of the people are on unofficial which it shows in the remaining 750 or so on steam charts after the 500 on official already tells you something. plenty of suggestions. Offline raid protection. And not like the kind you are thinking that can be exploited by just not ever getting on. Specific raid times like Conan exiles would be sufficient. All 24 hours is pvp including players and ships at all times. Base raiding has a time window. Some might not like but but that really doesn’t matter. This is about getting more players in an not the appeasement of the tiny current player count. no more modular ships. That was by far the worst idea they ever had. It got rid of one of the fun aspects of the game and important as well. If they even build one more stupid modular ship we will find out exactly how stupid and worthless they are as devs. stop changing the map. Nobody asked for that and we all know that is just an excuse to have to wipe the game. They aren’t fooling anyone with their bullshit excuse. They can even lie correctly. of course fix bugs(even they even have the skill to do so). They need to at the very least spend 1 full month not adding ANYTHING and just simple spend every waking moment fixing bugs. Nothing else other than that. They won’t do this because they are stupid and can’t realize them adding something in just to break something else is a very bad idea. turn rates up like unofficial servers do. That is a big reason why people play unofficial. Once again we aren’t really caring about the 200-250 that still play official pvp. They really aren’t important at all. In fact it is safe to say they are also responsible for the game failing as well so they are of no importance. once time has been spent fixing bugs to a very responsible amount, content will be good to add in. Content needs to be pve and story focused. Why? Because pvp and pve will both benefit from it that is why. Finally give a story behind the game. Hell even ark was a sandbox as well but evolved into a very good story. pvp is already pvp. That part is done and has been done for awhile now. No pvp additions need to be made anymore. finally, fix every single bug there is and I mean every one. At this stage it should only be fine tuning of small bugs and then do an official release of the game with an announcement stating the measures took and the bugs being fixed. even if you are correct and there is only one person, as long as he dedicates his time to bugs and makes the correct decisions I outlined like no more modular ships/map changes/raid windows, he will be able to improve the game. the key is not making bad decisions. If they change the map they screwed up. If they add more modular ships they screwed up. They get no excuses for early access anymore. They are making bad decisions and that is why they are failing. Not because it’s alpha and not because is hard, they are making stupid decisions so they will get no respect or excuses until they make the right decisions.
  17. 1,250 people online and only 200 plus on each official grid. So 500 between the two. These numbers are getting pathetic. Not quite 875 pathetic like it was a few mo the ago, but nonetheless very bad. things were supposed to turn around but as usual, it has not. I would probably be ashamed if I did this horrible of a job at my work. It is mind boggling.
  18. Jat isn’t even part of the dev team anymore. Lol
  19. I think before you had rose tinted glasses. After the wonder was gone you get left with reality.
  20. Well they just did a patch so it is par for the course that they break something lmao
  21. Oh yeah it was a total shitshow. Most of those 40k got refunds while they could lol
  22. Damn, I feel for you man. Unfortunately the devs don’t come on here so they won’t see this, but they should see this and realize how bad they screwed up. sorry you got screwed over that bad man
  23. That is why they just keep changing the map. Little to no effort and we can say they abandoned it. The corruption is real.
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