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  1. I understand about the cobra attacking the base 100 percent, my house had 2 stores the bottom part had 3 bear and 1 elephant for protection and the top part had a 2 elephant and 1 rhino and a giraffe so i was well cover for enemy's attacking my base. I start play Atlas since day one I had the same problem, went to hunt for wales for couple days when the old map was a massive map, when i come back all gone the same way . This game is not getting any better sorry but the bug is beyond joke, I lost my ship and my guy for 2 says after crossing from k 5 to M 8 because the portal is to closed to the lines, same thing happen with my bear I had one got stacked beside my house on the ground for 1 week after he could get out, I lost bear going for one side to another crossing over and never find the bear again, also lost 10 crew member crossing over areas to many bug in this game. Try to talk to atlas GM they never replay to any problem they don't care any more. Like I said I like to have a game were i can have 1 or 2 weeks of and come back still have all there, not waist all my time build and hunting and 21 week later lost all
  2. Hi, I di have plenty of tower maybe 10 in the water and out of water and I lost half of my stuff so i decided to get my ship move away at the middle of the ocean and leave there to rotten. I not going to play this game any more, is a good game but to STUPID when you have to be like a slave of the game, you can't have 2 weeks of holiday all all you done go to S...., what is the point in waist all the time for nothing, this is for solo people and this game still have all the bug had 3 years ago they haven't fix anything just add more crap. GOOD LUCK TO ALL PEOPLE GOING TO WAIST TIME IN A DEAD END GAME WITH NO FUTURE IN BE A GOOD GAME SORRY ABOUT THET.
  3. No My base wasn't at the top of pillar was right on the ground, the half which survive was at the top of pillar, this is not the first time happened when the game come fill years ago I done the same build a base stay around for some time but one day I went to hunt for whales and i was away from my area around 3 days but still login everyday, when i come back all my base disappear the same way. To be honest this game is a waist of time, so many bug still going on since day one and they don't fix it but still put content on this game .
  4. Hi, After I lost all at the beginning of atlas I thought to give a go again, Started a new game and travelled for long time to find a island were i can build my base in PVE, i start build my base in the Desert area was going very well I had plenty of resources and 5 ship and got some tames animal to help, all was going really well, until i decide to go to south America to get some extra bear, so on Monday I went after a looooong run I got there Look around couldn't find nothing so I docked my ship didn't want to waist another 1 hours travelling back, next day log in again and found a bear i tame him the i thought to get another one couldn't find so I docked again, so I sent a message to ask if was ok to stay away for couple of day's from my area and someone say to me I have 10 day for my base to and 7 day for my tame, so I thought to stay in south America one more day, got another tame and went home when i dock my boat i noticed 3/4 of my base disappeared and all my boxes with the resources gone this is a crap game after 1200 hours playing this game i lost all in a matter of 3 days and i did connect every day. WHY THIS GAME IS SO F.... DUMB MAKING PEOPLE WAIST TIME AND MONEY .
  5. Thank you for your reply so far I got my guy back to my zone and I wouldn't ever think in go to K5 anymore and thanx for the info about the server good to know is something else to help in fix the problem people been getting. Thank you.
  6. I did done local files verify integrity of the game and found 40 error in this scan, not sure if this was the problem but after i done that I try to connect and keep kicking me out fill time then start to load the game again. Hope this help someone but i don't recommend anyone go to k5 is a death trap.
  7. I'm in pve and playing solo
  8. The only thing I done was keep try to connect on the 2 day i got in, I was outside of the ship floating in the water, I did swiming back to my boat and had a look around and saw lots of ships and tames floating in the water, I turn my ship and went straight out as fast I could go lol. I NEVER GOING BACK TO K5 ANYMORE LOL.
  9. I got out finally, just see my land now ,went from were i was M8 to k3 to k5 and back home. The area had lots of ship galeons and tames look like lots of people get stuffed there and the portal is a pain in the B... take ages to cross to the next place GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
  10. Ok today I try to connect again after fill try I did manager to get inside and get my boat back, inside there had fill boat and tame or stoped there this place is a dead end, luck i got back out and going back home.
  11. The developer should make our character available for us to continue the game, is B.... crap have to loose all we done and have to start again and this is my 2 time, they should give our money back if they can 't have a working game then.
  12. I was crossing over from I8 to K5 soon I crossed to k 5 I started to read something quickly and noticed my ship was crossing M8 after that my game dropped and now I can't connect again, anyone knows was is going on please
  13. Hi One day ago I was walking with my bear and he and I just got stuck on the ground, i managed to get out but my bear still stuck, I have he on follow also try attack target and used my elephant to kick him but not a chance, some times look like he going to scape he run toward me for a distance and he get pull back like he have a rubber band on him lol. I turn of the game start and we had a new patch yesterday I thought he maybe get out but no he still stuck can anyone knows how to release him Thank you.
  14. Thanx for the reply but was only 1 week not 10 days
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