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  1. Most annoying voices in game.
  2. Totally agree with you. yes at start this game is really fun and always you gonna have an hope that ahh its EA at moment and soon all fixed but then time will pass like that was for me in official 1980 hours in private networks almost same more. So why we are here in forums and talking about how bad how broken ? that's why we have forums or im wrong ? And if we all gonna be like ahh its a game lets chill. Then developer sees only green light for going BS what they doing at moment. Again yes i'm agree game can be broken and full of bugs and if you have many friends to play that broken thing then it's fun But now think about what developer says if you read patch notes?!. There's like thons of fixes what you really never gonna see and mostly new season aka wipe is for money grabbing and alot more broken content. and that's why we so called bad people Black Knight's are here to cry and tell that something is wrong in this picture dear developer.
  3. Hello First heres 3 type of shipyards now. so if you want build schooner or sloop you need small shipyard Galleon and briga Large shipyard and modular ships have basic shipyard and advanced shipyard. Carrack have to be in shipyard to add diving rack. I tested carrack and wow its so bugged crap like other modular ones, but with 3 large speed sails it can get so fast, better than schooner lol but turning speed is so slow and wow i can forget animals cause its bugged i can't move tames on board normal way.
  4. Only sloop is weird. No issue with other ships.
  5. Long time ago i was defending this game as well, but years passed and I lost my patience. Developer proved that they have no idea what they doing or what they want. Is it pirate game or farmville ? For me this game is just for sailing and building also taming, i dont care about PVP kraken or all that voodoo BS just spending time with my tames and friends. But now im thinking everyday why i waste my time another wipe will coming soon and all is gone again. Truth is i like this game cause ships and sailing and that is the only point what holds me here. Yes im so mad cause so many idiotic bugs from start but still my love is sailing.
  6. My list of horrible PVP games 1. The Atlas! (all what can be wrong is worng here) 2. Dark and Light (Really bad Ark copy) 3. Ark (only way to play are private servers or singleplayer) 4. Ark II (im sure it will be bad as Ark 1, only visual side can be little better cause unreal engine 5) And my list of good PVP games 1. WOW 2. Lineage II (this old game had karma based system, so more friendly you killed more karma you got so in end sity guards and all turned against you.) 3. ArcheAge (So this is game atlas must learn how to manage PVP so that all would be happy) 4. Runescape 5. No man sky (i guess i'm only one who liked pvp there :D) Atlas, Ark & Dark and Light are like same and looks like that Dark and light company is also wildcard's failed miracle project. So my good pvp list is really long, but i added games what are little bit similars with atlas. So cause PVP is BS in this game i like PVE and PVE can be really good if they add more NPC's, mission's on land and sea but as we see they only add useless broken content here.
  7. cause new broken content is more important for developer than fixing bugs from start
  8. You can trade with server squares arround your market. All routes u see in market are server squares arround ur market.
  9. ship will start sail if you offer materials that other needs, and that other offering material you want. So you make ur offer like softwood for iron then other person must ask iron for softwood and ofc you must have that material in warehouse so if you want trade 2000 softwood for 2000 iron then you both must have that ammount of materials or more and now ship will start sailing. Best way how to learn how markets working build urself 2 markets and start testing with urself. I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD
  10. I really dont get wtf is this, i traveled to artic there was J10 and I10 where was flag claiming and ofc all was claimed but all other servers just lawless cant use towers. im really disapointed. in end i found nice place to set my base and after 6 hours building lvling one noob arrived and just build mines and warehouses near at me.... so yess so great game now awesome update... I liked that tower stuff at least no one spammed near at my buildings.
  11. that next wipe will be my last time in this forever EA game. All they do they do totally wrong!!! they must go back at day one version of game and just fix bugs and let game stay like this. But making pointless content cause few streamers wanting it is totally stupid and thats why this game is doomed and boring.
  12. I'm really sure persons like Chukukikaka Atlas is so messed up. Endless cry about everything.
  13. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5krsx1susghjXmSv6 i hate that stupid word in year 2021 too large file
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