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  1. Its game issue not your GPU or mby your system is way too old So Some info about your PC components would be good help for us to understand where's real reason.
  2. Hexaron

    Make Bookshelves Useful

    Funny issue. I have 2 on ship 1 for maps 1 for blueprints at my base i have special room for 10 bookshelves so like mythical ship stuff,weapons bla bla. So i think bookshelves are totally fine
  3. Hexaron

    What happened to the player Market?

    In my mind player shop upkeep cost is really stupid idea those must be free, so i can put it up near my base or on the ship and hope that someone will buy something. 390 players in EU PVE ^^
  4. Hexaron

    About losing your ship

    One big NO! If your ship is gone then build new one. We don't need bs like this in game.
  5. Hexaron

    Fishing Net

    I have bow for fishing cause atlas fishing system is joke
  6. Only troll here is you snowflake:) im so happy to tell that for you please teleport now in court to acuse me moron
  7. those new islands have been here long and in map we saw those as red isles so looks like u cry more than u play
  8. all who thinking sailing is boring are snowflakes aka (Morons)
  9. Take ship sail discover ahh i forget you hate sailing cause its boring snowflake ^^
  10. Hexaron

    What's the point of small ships?

    i think sloop is too big for that but why not add option for little sail for Dinghy
  11. Hexaron

    What's the point of small ships?

    If you start game then sloop i best cause that's the one u can buy at free port. Schooner is really fast and i still use it for traveling, i also use sloops as well for little traveling. For fight and cargo i use brigantine about galleon its good for some big company i'm personally don't like sail with Galleon. Here's video so tell more that small ships are useless or something
  12. Atlas sailing is good as it is and i love it no need anything to change here Why u guys playing ship games if u hate sailing ? That game is not for you then...
  13. I found one Mythical Large Shipyard at A15, map quality was 18.5 I,m been hunting a lot maps and mostly legendary stuff dropping with 10+ quality maps Killing SoD high lvls u will get ship parts U just need luck