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  1. Hexaron

    Increase sailing speed

    Lol why pick up so old post ? So if you are so lazy to test or ask then i tell you build mythical sails and you get bonuses like you get armor bonuses if you gonna craft better quality ones than common. so ok i have a galleon with 6 large speedsails with regular wind its 16 knots fast so it takes some minutes to go another grid. so how was that stupid ship must be ? 100 knots like 1 second for one grid lol
  2. Hexaron

    when is the Next update?

    More more more new stuff new stuff . So i want a lot money i want live on the planet mars i want Tesla i want that that i'm an snowflake !!!!!!! OK here's what i want to see next update 1. Less new stuff more bug fixes 2. better optimized graphics (i dont think i need Titan RTX to get 60 fps) 3. wild animals better balance (lions cant fly really) 4. wild animals placed in right areas like elephant u get at tropical area and wolf living more colder area also bear, at moment all is like one big BS 5. fix spawning times, its not fun if i kill one lion and almost instantly its back with alpha friend I can put here in list a lot stuff more what really needed to be fixed or rebalanced before adding new new stuff and new annoying bugs
  3. Hexaron

    Treasure Maps

    After wipe i tamed 2 cow and pig that was my map running team and worked well up to 7.5 quality
  4. Hexaron

    Island owners and island spam

    If u get new settler then u have a lot time to remove his shit! yes on PVE! i removed few beds today. When i found those beds was 16 hours left for landlord demolish so if u miss that time then grats you have annoying building or bed there for longer time. Im not sure but i think 24 hours is the time when u can remove unwanted buildings.
  5. Hexaron

    Large handling sail

    so i thik we need developer reply for that so @JATHEISH
  6. Hexaron

    Large handling sail

    Handling sails are just one big error cause if u look how they work and if u are sailor in real life then it makes u puke. And thats the reason i use always speed sails cause those works like in real.
  7. Hexaron

    Funny story

  8. Hexaron

    Honest feedback on solo pve

    I really enjoy my solo play I have my isle, ships and tames. I also have good alliance so all is great.
  9. Hexaron

    Company Logo on Map

  10. Hexaron

    handeling sails

    Here @8ball
  11. Hexaron

    handeling sails

    Hi. Handeling sails are good if u want turn fast and also handeling sails catching wind almost all time, but they are slow really slow. Im using largest speedsails for all ships cause speed and turning arround is not issue at all its just little slower. So thats what i think about those sails.
  12. Hexaron

    Connection issues company-wide

    its all servers
  13. Hexaron

    Connection issues company-wide

    i lose my ship cause that
  14. Its game issue not your GPU or mby your system is way too old So Some info about your PC components would be good help for us to understand where's real reason.
  15. Hexaron

    Make Bookshelves Useful

    Funny issue. I have 2 on ship 1 for maps 1 for blueprints at my base i have special room for 10 bookshelves so like mythical ship stuff,weapons bla bla. So i think bookshelves are totally fine