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  1. Who the fuck would join your company? I don't see how this would ever be an issue.
  2. Crosshair turned red in season 1 and 2 for PC players aswell. It was removed in season 3 for some reason, no patch notes about it either. I guess a dev got clapped by a carbine and removed it.
  3. A couple of days ago we were attacked by another company. During the attack two of the attacker’s galleons gets stuck in our harbour, I don't know if they got stuck due to running a ground, bugs or whatever. The end result is that there are two galleons in our harbour and they can't move. So, what happens next is the developers join our grid and we get a message saying the server will restart in 15 minutes. While the devs are there watching, we see people from the attacking company running around firing fireworks. What is happening here? If I face planted my galleon into someone’s harbour, bug or not, my ticket would be marked as solved, my discord messages would be ignored and the devs wouldn't give two fucks about saving my ship. So why are these guys getting special treatment? I don't know if there’s a developer playing in the company or is a friend of someone in the company. There is obviously a link between this company and the devs. A few weeks back the developers joined the grid of another fight, because people were trying to crash the server with paintings and fireworks. Why are the people running around shooting fireworks in this fight suddenly ignored? Is there two sets of rulebooks now all of a sudden? How are we supposed to keep playing this game when there’s so obviously foul play at work?
  4. I said what is being suggested is turning the game into an arena game and Atlas is not going to work as an arena game for the reasons i outlined. Then you reply but this is how you turn the game into an arena game. If i say: "I don't like cookies" and you reply: "This is how we make cookies?" Do you think you have understood what i just said? Please let me know, because what you just wrote had nothing to do with my post... 1100 people? 700? I have said Pve is dead? What are you talking about? When have i said PvE is dead? This is a narrative you made up right now and the Random numbers with zero context. Posts like this leave me with a ton of questions. Did you actually read my post? Did you read it but not understand it? Are you just trolling? Is it all of the above? Should i just lump you in with chukkiki and not take your posts seriously?
  5. Because it will be abused into oblivion. Theres no way you can implement factions without turning Atlas into an arena game. For an Arena game to be good you need to have solid game mechanics and depth. Arena games like Overwatch or CS:Go you can spend 1000s of hours theory crafting, practicing mechanical skills, learning strategies and tactics. Atlas land pvp have one viable melee weapon, one viable loadout, one viable attribute setup, one viable skill setup (all the skills)... Theres no theory crafting, and with the current state of firearms a competent player can reach the skill ceiling in 10 minutes. So basically 10 minutes into playing an arena version of Atlas, you would have exhausted all the content it has to offer. The only thing that makes Atlas pvp fun is the sandbox experience. If there wasn't an external threat I would not see any point what so ever in farming materials, building defences, breeding pvp tames or stocking up on food and equipment. Theory crafting defensive structures and how to overcome them is actually one of the few things that have some depth in this game. Atlas without a sandbox is basically a CS:GO Kniferound hosted by the Mars Curiosity Rover.
  6. Everything is PvP focused? Really? You are saying the pvp players asked for a fucking Sea Horse or The squirt camel? Grand Tortugar? Dolpin? The eastern Biome? Xbox port? Yeti cave? Eastern Tundra Biome? cow saddle? Blackwood? Pirates NPC on single player? The cosmetics and all other shit i can't think of on the top of my head? Me saying they are not catering to PvP does not mean they are therefor catering to PvE. I have no reason to blame a group of players on the server for what the devs are doing and if thats your stance you are a clearly a sociopath.
  7. The fuck are you talking about? What exactly have been done our way?
  8. How have they made over half their money from the PvE players, when the pvp players have quit in droves and still have twice the population? Does the game cost more if you are a pve player? How do you know who stayed around and who didnt?
  9. The game was basically reviewed bombed 2 years ago at launch. Atlas's rank on that website is pretty much set in stone at this point, if the devs turned the game around tomorrow that website would still have Atlas on the bottom of the list. User reviews is an absolute terrible metric to gauge a game on. User reviews have more to do with a game meeting expectations or not, then how good or bad it is. I have never said the game isn't dying, I am just pointing out it its not as bad as the picture you are trying to paint. Its 314 on steamcharts now and after the wipe it will probably be 150-200.
  10. A third party website based on steam user reviews. Because review bombing is not a thing...
  11. Atlas is currently in 314th place on steam according to steamcharts... I am pretty sure theres more then 414 games on steam.
  12. Chukiki is a troll. He says crazy shit and thinks its funny when people react by flipping their shit...
  13. Or you can just turn it off in the settings. Pretty sure i told you before. In season 1 ChemB used the lighthouse to crash the server for their dupe exploit to work, season 2 the lighthouse was used to make the building underneath it indestructible and its been used to extend the range of barrel gliding in pretty much every season. I cant think of a single building piece that have caused more wipes, bugs or exploits. I have 3000 hours in this game, I have played 5 seasons and i still dont know WHAT THE FUCK THIS THING EVEN DO!!?
  14. Lol... Just to be clear this is what I agree on, you edited your post after i replied.
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