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  1. Maybe if you learned to make a factual argument you could sway the devs
  2. What are you on about? The patch isn't live. You have no idea if people will return or not until after the wipe.
  3. The numbers been dropping for months, long before the devs announced any changes to offline raiding.....
  4. Pant

    Grapeshot game supporting hackers

    Internet speed is not increasing, what is increasing is the bandwidth or how many packets you can transfer in a period of time. The time it takes for the packets to travel from A to B ie the ping / latency have been capped at the speed of light for some time, i don't see that changing anytime soon. Latency is the biggest issue for a company like shadow, from what i understand they will try to counter latency by spreading out over many locations and there for lowering the distance and latency to their clients. I can see this work for rpgs, racing and maybe strategy games. But i don't see this being a thing for the fps marked. Your aim is gonna be so much worse when you have some random input lag based on your ping to the server and your ping to the server is not constant so you can never compensate for it, basically flick aiming and timing shots, reacting to people peeking ect will be complete rng. The people living closer to the streaming server will always have an advantage over the ones living further away, because they will have less input lag to compensate for, which in my mind completly invalidates the argument about it removing hackers and making games more fair.
  5. I don't think realism equals good gameplay. If you are gonna change game mechanics it should be based on what makes the game better, more balanced or more fun.
  6. I think you are confused, at least to me it seems like the author of this thread wants raid protection not anti-raid protection. And I disagree about lawless I think lawless is a ghetto that’s killing any influx of new players. The most fun I have had in this game is fights between smaller companies with maybe 20-30 players. Imo this game needs to encourage players to fight more frequent and smaller skirmish fights instead of decisive offline raids.
  7. If the rider is naked you can kill him in one headshot, if he’s wearing a helmet and is using an hp spec it will take a few more shots, in my experience it’s generally 2-3 headshots for the average player and 5-6 if you face someone that is pvp specced with proper gear. I agree the damage reduction and lack of headshot hit box on a bear is pretty ridiculous, I think it’s something in the vicinity of 60 shots to kill a maxed out bear with good hp stats. I am totally with you that the netcode in this game is absolute trash, hit detection is just so random, some fights 80% of your shots register and in the next it’s like 10%. Had a situations where one enemy is not even moving and there’s several of us shooting at him and nothing registers at all. Honestly I am kind of surprised no one is addressing this or I guess it’s just drowned out in other complaints.
  8. Irellevant defensive statement followed by a non factual personal attack and then topping it off with some 4 year old "i can't hear you lalala". Yea you really showed him who the adult is...
  9. Pant

    Server Wipe

    When i got home from work yesterday my company was gearing up to raid some lawless island and there was some shady person on TS giving us planks, cannons and weapons. I didn't really understand what was going on and just went along with it, until i noticed 26 legendary planks in one of the storage boxes on our galleon. All crafted by a company that was recently dev wiped for cheating and duping. My point is theres so many duplicated items in circulation and to many people willing to use them. I tried to explain to my company that these items where duped, but noone would listen so i logged off in disgust and went to play apex legends instead. I don't understand how this game is gonna get any new players, when the first thing they run into coming out of the freeport is some random company fucking their whole island into a coma with disposable legendary gear. My company was allied to an ally of said dev wiped company, we had no contact with them and they still gifted us all this stuff on a whim so you can imagine how much of this crap they have laying around. None of them seem to have the willpower or wisdom to refuse to use this shit, for me beating any other company with those items would be a hollow win at best and this whole situation just showed me how broken this game is, i doubt i'll log in again until the server is wiped and the dupe bug is gone.
  10. It doesn't have to be the same system? It could be a siege mechanic where you have to set a time and date for when to attack, it could be a grace period, it could be a million different systems. Trying to put the discussion dead certainly isn't going to help anyone regardless of your view on ORP.
  11. Offline raiding protection not offline raiding immunity. And how can you say ORP is being abused when theres no ORP in the game, how can you possibly know this?
  12. See now i am confused af, because you have been saying the whole time you don't want ORP and then you say this which basically is ORP. And the whole time you come across like you want the whole discussion dead because you like thing the way they are.
  13. No its not the only reason but you are basically going in the other extreme and saying it isn't an issue at all.
  14. I am not disputing people sharing your vision, i am disputing your claim that they are the large majority of the players and you that the people being offline raided aren't the ones leaving the game. I find this to be highly unlikely. And as for ORP in one shape or form, i don't see it as bad for the game at all. Forcing people to actually pvp to take someones base out might just encourage more pvp. And they don't have to balance the game around offline raiding which is always gonna come as a compromise to online raiding.
  15. People of the same opinion tend to group together... Now you are just taking your opinion + your friends and stating it as facts. You are just fabricating facts to fit with your previous arguments. This is a proper pointless discussion.