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  1. Pant

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Should have called it an early access post AMIRITE? Is it clearly stated that this game is not going to be finished? There is a disclaimer from steam about how the game is not complete and may or may not change further. The developers don't mention anything but sunshine and rainbows. If they actually tried to make this a finished game by December 2020 as they also state during the purchase process I might have been more incline to accept that this is just another failed early access game. They have spent half or a third of the early access development time to dumb down the game for an early xbox release, then they cashed in on that and essentially abandon the project. Smells like foul play to me.
  2. Pant

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    YES! The Olfend rebalance i have been waiting for!
  3. Pant

    is this game officaly dead now?

    How long can a developer put their early access game on ice before we get to call it a fraud?
  4. Pant

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Do you realise you sound like you are calling yourself an idiot? I dunno why you are so invested in a game you don't own. One game haven't had an update in months the other had one 3 weeks ago, maybe you should google what active means.
  5. Pant

    is this game officaly dead now?

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/patch-notes https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2628-patch-notes/
  6. Pant

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Star citizen have active development, the money they get earn is being put into developing the game. Atlas on the other hand what kind of development have we had the last 6 months? Some QOL changes an intern could do over a weekend? Prior to that we got a pointless hydra pistol, 3 tames noone uses, roleplay skins and some island changes. You are litterly comparing apples to unicorns.
  7. Pant

    NA PVE E10 connection issues not Xbox

    Have you tried the Ark forum? xD
  8. Pant

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    The new loot tables are nice and all I guess. But it’s been 3 months since the last patch, I was hoping for something more substantial then some value changes. PvP is in such a shit state. Melee weapons are redundant when one guy with a shield can just chain stun you into a coma, all you can do is hope you have more hp then he’s got stamina and there’s no counter play outside using a shield yourself. Carbines and flintlocks are still plagued with hit detection issues, on a lot of grids the player model and the hit box of the player is in two separate locations. In season 2 we could somewhat tell were the hitbox was because your crosshair turned red when you were aiming at the hitbox, now it’s just complete guess work. PvP food vs guns is also just way to strong. I really don’t see the point in buffing tame damage vs players as long as the swivel horse with grape straight up delete any players on the ground floor. Two flame swivels facing each other is the pinnacle of shit gameplay, to flame you need to have rear facing swivel so essentially its like two ships with backwards facing cannons trying to fight each other. Basically just devolves down to two horses running around in circles next to each other. Many of the pvp companies and players have already left because the grenade nerf and swivel/puckle buff turned the entire east side of the map into a status quo for several months and the developers have just sat around like a bunch of clueless kids while its happened. I am really curious who is going to provide data for the pvp changes when or if you get to that phase on your roadmap. The fact that we have had this fucking shield stun bs in the game for over a year now just shows how long the pvp community have been ignored and neglected.
  9. You can't build a ramp up because you can only build 63 ceilings above the ground and you obviously can't build close to the pillar where the ground is higher because their structures are blocking you.... Thats the whole point of pillar bases you can't get a cannon bear up there.
  10. So many poorly thought out changes in this patch. A common deck swivel already take you down to like half hp so now its just gonna straight up murder you and they also decreased the grenade damage against swivels and puckles with 80%. This patch effectivly removes ship boarding from the game entirely. Also how are you supposed to raid a pillar base now? Funny enough they haven't done anything to the cannon bear so any base thats not on a pillar is just shit out of luck. Considering the devs have acknowledge pillar bases are a problem its fucking weird that they buff them.
  11. Pant

    Remove Target Soft Spots

    All thats happened is one bad mechanic have been swapped with another bad mechanic. We had bola/torpor pike, you took that away and gave us Bola/Stunlock Pike. The only thing you nerfed with the crafting changes was the carbines and they were already in a terrible place. The 300 HP cap did nothing because we would stop at 300 hp and put everything else in fortitude to survive the torpor bullshit. And now we are right back to 20 guys running around throwing bolas at each other until someone brings out a swivel horse and kills everyone. PvP mechanics with no counterplay = Braindead gameplay with little to no skill.
  12. Pant

    Remove Target Soft Spots

    It takes 20 levels in fortitude to survive one aditional soft point hit with a pike, at level 100 you can survive 5 extra torpor hits (this is with common, if you meet a legendary or mythic pike you are fucked). If you were to put every point in hp you could survive another 40 normal pike hits. I don't see how this is balanced at all. But if you nerf torpor and softpoints, you wouldn't be able to kill anything at all unless you have 300% weapons. A common pike does like 7 damage on common plate + grog, you can't out damage a medkit, even with the cool down. The whole attribute system is so fucking broken and the devs have not adressed this one single time. They mentioned it once in their stream at stage 3 or 4 or what ever on their roadmap, its pretty clear its not a priority at all.
  13. Pant

    Atlas and steam charts

    You are looking at player numbers at 5am in the morning. Why?
  14. Just fix land pvp already. We've been stuck in a bola torpor meta for months now. Pvp when everyone was around level 50 was actually fun, now that everyone have 400 hp and it takes 1 minute plus to kill anyone thats not naked is boring af. You can change what ever else in the game but as long as the core game mechanics are this poorly thought out pvp is gonna be slow, boring and purely based on how many hours you have spent digging up treasures. Fix the health attribute and bring skill back to pvp.
  15. Bola, Chain stunning and grappling hooks, Its all op in pvp right now, its mostly just luck based and it makes pvp boring af. The problem is that health scale with the players while damage does not and all the weapons are balanced around a player having 100 hp... So when people level up and start getting more hp the conventional weapons become less and less effective and these cheese strats become more efficient. If a carbine could kill a player in 1-2 headshots instead of 8 why would you bother grappling someone?