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  1. If they reverted to Season 2 i'd be happy. Season 1 was shit.
  2. How much do you have on it? Have you gone over the hard limit? Is the galleon parked in a place with a lot of structures?
  3. George accuse me of white knighting for grapeshot, my response is read my history and you'll see I am in no way pro grapeshot. For some reason you quote my reply to George and talk about anything but the white knighting and when I ask you about it you are completely baffled. My post to George earlier you clearly think that is for the OP. Hence why I commented on your reading comprehension. Does this clear it up for you? Or is it going over your head again. Maybe you should reread the thread so I don't have to write a summary every 3 posts.
  4. No, i just don't like you. Anyone spending 5 minutes looking at my posting history can see you are full of shit.
  5. The initial developers where Ark Developers, they worked on the game until the Xbox release and then it was complete stop in patches and developers updates. Jateish and that first community manager i can't remember her name, suddenly stopped logging on the forums and answering us on Discord. We could see they had loads of activity on the Ark social media at this point. Then they hired some new Head developer, i think it was mid season 2. I can't remember exactly but could have been season 3. He wrote a blog or two and then he quit and joined Riot? Some other gaming company atleast. There was a rumor he quit because all of his staff was taken of Atlas to work on an Ark expansion. I dunno how true those rumors where. But after this nothing happened to the game for a long ass time. I don't know if the current developers are the returning Ark developers or if they hired some modders. But its pretty evident that they are pulling in all directions and have zero leadership or any vision of the bigger picture. Everything they have touched is in a more broken state then it was in season 2. They half ass a project, leave it in a broken state and move on the break another part of the game. My theory is that they have some sort of contract clause with Steam to keep the early access tag and they are doing the absolute minimum to keep it going.
  6. I don't think you get a damn thing. You are the most oblivious person on these boards bar none. We all know the game is a dumpsterfire, we have known the game is a dumpster fire since the first dev team fucked off and noone worked on the game for 6 months straight. But for some reason you think you are the only person on this board that can recognize the state of this game, when really all you have done is state the obvious 247 times. You are that guy in 1945 telling everyone Hitler is the bad guy.
  7. The only person you are making fun off is yourself. How about you get back under your rock and take your empty threats and captain obvious posts with you.
  8. Who the fuck would join your company? I don't see how this would ever be an issue.
  9. Crosshair turned red in season 1 and 2 for PC players aswell. It was removed in season 3 for some reason, no patch notes about it either. I guess a dev got clapped by a carbine and removed it.
  10. A couple of days ago we were attacked by another company. During the attack two of the attacker’s galleons gets stuck in our harbour, I don't know if they got stuck due to running a ground, bugs or whatever. The end result is that there are two galleons in our harbour and they can't move. So, what happens next is the developers join our grid and we get a message saying the server will restart in 15 minutes. While the devs are there watching, we see people from the attacking company running around firing fireworks. What is happening here? If I face planted my galleon into someone’s harbour, bug or not, my ticket would be marked as solved, my discord messages would be ignored and the devs wouldn't give two fucks about saving my ship. So why are these guys getting special treatment? I don't know if there’s a developer playing in the company or is a friend of someone in the company. There is obviously a link between this company and the devs. A few weeks back the developers joined the grid of another fight, because people were trying to crash the server with paintings and fireworks. Why are the people running around shooting fireworks in this fight suddenly ignored? Is there two sets of rulebooks now all of a sudden? How are we supposed to keep playing this game when there’s so obviously foul play at work?
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