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  1. The time to kill with carbine headshots on someone with 300 hp, grogged up and in plate was almost one minute! And you guys thought thats to fast lets nerf it further? With this its 10 carbine headshots to kill someone... While the bullshit cheese mechanics thats plaguing the pvp servers is no where to be seen in the patch notes.
  2. Depends how you want to play; I assume this is on the pvp server since you ask if your stuff is safe? Learning the game by trial and error you will have to expect to start over several times. There is a lot of cheese tactics that is not immediately apparent and if you do not know how to deal with it its most likely going to cause a reset on your part and how many resets depends on how many lessons you take away from it each time. Starting fresh in the middle of the season will be harsh. Right now, I think the best way would be to go on the recruitment section on discord, leave a message there, join a company that is willing to show you the ropes and just try to pick up on as much as possible before the next wipe and then decide what you want to do. This game is best played with other people. If you try to play solo, you will miss out on a lot of content. Next wipe will probably be with the new claim system, I don’t think anyone including the devs know when that will be. My guess is this month or February. If you own an island your stuff is safe during peace time (15 hours per day and only for claimed islands). In theory that is the only time your stuff is safe, but in practice there’s cheese ways around it, like putting your stuff in a tame / shop on the freeport or leaving it in a high resistance boat on the freeport and repairing it etc.
  3. In the original system you had to stay up 24/7 so ppl wouldn't take your shit overnight, I dont miss it at all. Eastern islands werent in the game in season 1 either. I very much doubt a mortar can reach a pillar base on an eastern island. If you build right on an eastern island pillar in the current system there's nothing a mega can do to you.
  4. Theres almost more contradictions in that post then there are words.
  5. What McDngles is asking for is basically an arena game like Sea of thieves with set teams, fixed spawns etc. For a game like that to be good you need to have really good game mechanics, balance, high skill ceiling and diverse playstyles so you can have an evolving meta. This game have awefull game mechanics, a meta that have been stagnant for over a year, 2 viable weapons and a skill ceiling you can be reach in 15 fucking minutes. PvP in this game is basically the equivelant of playing CS GO with nothing but Kniferounds or Overwatch with 12 Reinhardts. Risk vs reward is the only thing this game have going for it, If you remove it its like playing poker without money.
  6. Vitamins drop over time, food and water drops to refill your stamina bar. If you are not using stamina and you have 60 points in fortitude your food bar will barely move. I am guessing you are out sailing or something? If you need your food bar to drop fast just go into combat mode and dodge until your stamina is gone
  7. Pillars have no collision with boats. The other day we had a brig in lawless doing a treasure map, we were off the boat for 5 minutes and when we came back some chinese guy was trying to build shipyards around the boat. I would not spend 5 seconds but i know of more then one lawless lowlife that would...
  8. I would not mind testing out season 1 claim system with peace timers. I never got to test season 1 claim system out properly because I was stuck in some retarded offline grief war with a spanish company most of season 1. I don't know if the new trade system is just some rushed mechanic to see if the buildings work or not but generating money from moving resources is such a bad system. There should be a buyer and a seller. You should not be able to magically generate gold just be sending the same potato back and forth between two companies. I have no problem with the gold cost of schooners, we made 7k gold from a 2 hour map run doing green maps yesterday, it really is no worse then building a ship with the gather rates in season 1 and once you get trades up and running you have gold for days.
  9. You can just run a tracert on the NA PvP server to see where it is. I doubt eeeceee can face facts though, so probably a pointless conversation ;).
  10. Punch air until you die or log out and have someone carry your body.
  11. I imagine the new changes they are making will give a lot more gold and the prices won't be that bad. But with these devs who knows.
  12. Theres 3 grids per server, each grid have allocated a certain amount of server resources. If the grid above and below are lagging its probably the server, if the only grid on the server thats lagging is your grid then theres to much shit on the grid and the server doesn't have enough resources to run the grid.
  13. The base is on a pillar so high up you can't reach it with cannon towers and the puckles kill you before you get footing to throw grenades. After the puckle buff in season 3 and being able to place puckles with npcs in season 4, making invulnerable pillar bases is way to easy. The irony of it all was that the puckle buffs was meant to help the smaller companies, but the result is that the large companies spam their grid out so bad its imposible to fight on and then they turn on the little guy because thats the only place they can get content without the server shutting down on them. I think the devs should man the fuck up and push through the flag height patch they pussied out of a year ago, start working on a claim system that negates fence spam and stop making it so fucking easy to shit buildings and puckles all over the islands.
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