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  1. I have no problem with the cost of a ship, gold OR resources. What I object to is working my ass of for 8 hours a day, 3 days in a row from game start to owning a Gallion and then losing the gallion, the 6 tigers, the 6 lions and all the loot I had collected and placed ON MY HOME... because i cross from one zone into another. Not sure if thats still happening or if they fixed that but I lost interest in finding out if they were fixing ANY bugs at all when they didnt fix ANY for... well lets just call it longer than I was prepared to wait.
  2. Solon


    its blatantly obvious to anyone with more than 2 gray cells to rub together that the developers of this game and of ark are utterly FUCKING clueless how to produce quality games. Not only did you push your original development team out the door you are now pushing players out the door. There is absolutely no point in playing any game where you spend the first 2 to 10 hours just trying to find a place to build a simple 4x4 hut (ark) because 99% of the available real-estate is consumed by BULLSHIT pillars that you can not build too close to. It is also utterly pointless to play a game like this one where the new dev team has done nothing but prove they are utterly incompetent in maintaining or developing this game. Asinine decisions being made left right and center and not ONE TIME have i seen any indication that you have any intention of fixing any of the REAL bugs or listening one iota to your dwindling user base. utterly fucking clueless PERIOD
  3. Noticed yesterday that every single treasure map i had on me suddenly reset to "at least 0 gold" and today when collecting new ones I am not getting any at all. This happened a few months ago too - im thinking it is something they turn on and off for what ever random reasons the dev team has on any given day. I am playing on single player only, no interest in the B$ thats going on with the servers right now, not till i know WTF the dev team are going a actually be doing with this game.
  4. Instead of dropping by every 3 or 4 months and informing everyone how you are going to rip the rug right out from under them and take away the VERY REASON they paid for the game in the first place, how about you hire some people to sit on the forums and to participate with YOUR CUSTOMERS and to let them how whats going on, when things are going to change, more info on how they are going to change etc etc. This way we can all know if we have any interest what so ever in this game from this point on and not be strung along like a bunch of donkeys.
  5. Solon

    New World Map!

    the instant you become a PVP only or PVP centric game is the day I lose ALL interest in this game. NOT EVERYONE LIKES PVP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that i think you give a damn about what your players want
  6. no fix on bola'd animals auto attacking constantly no fix on not being able to rez on a ship that has a bed no fix on bluetooth headphones not working in game no fix on a whole bunch of other bugs that dont come to mind because i uninstalled due to the lack of competence on the part of the development team and the obvious lack of caring from the management. You think posting a DO NOTHING update that does not address any of the REAL bugs in this game is going to appease a disgruntled user base think again. You should be posting bug fix progress in here every day. What bugs are being worked on, what bugs have been fixed and are to be released in the next patch. Confidence in your commitment to this game is not simply lacking, its utterly non existent.
  7. yes that was on single player
  8. bullshit first they pull all the devs off this game then the main dev rage quits because of managements incompetence then they come back and push a garbage update that FIXES NOTHING. If they were interested in creating a quality game they would be addressing the bugs not abandoning ship or reassigning devs to other games. Gave the game a second chance, not worth the heartache of constantly fighting a losing battle to make any progress in a game that keeps resetting you to the stone age every couple of days.
  9. After the devs abandoned this game and the main dev quit the job I didn not think there would be any further fixes to the countless bugs that plague this game but when this last update was posted I decided to reinstall and test to see if ANY of the major bugs have been fixed. Ok. so you live and learn, wont make this mistake three times in a row, this game is not worth the heart ache of constantly losing 100% of your stuff to BUGS. Created a new character, tamed a bear, bought a sloop and set sail for an island I know tigers are on. Sloop had a bed on it. Died on the trip and.... NO OPTION TO REZ ON THE SHIP!!!! no point in rezzing in the zone so rezzed back home and bought a raft and set sail for my sloop which is about a 3 hour journey no metter which direction you pick. Sloop was not there - it had been drawn on the map the entire time i was in transit but it was NOT drawn in the center of the cleared fog of war but maybe 20 minuts sailing south west of that location. As soon as I entered the map where I died the sloop disappeared from the map because it was NEVER THERE!! You die in a zone that is not your home zone and YOU LOSE 100% of your shit that you had with you. wont bother trying to see if you guys ever pull your head out of your asses or if management actually hire anyone who is actually a competent developer, I see no point in giving myself the grief of losing everything over and over and over and over. Every time you make headway in this game... BOOM! you just got screwed by the incompetence of both the developers and the management of this game.
  10. i did not spend very much getting this game or ark but i can promise you this, if you have abandoned all development on this game as it seems you have then I will never again spend a single penny on ANY GAME you produce. PERIOD. I vote with my $$$ and you just lost my vote till you have fixed 100% of the current known bugs.
  11. Solon

    ATLAS Roadmap

    my suggestion is that you start to give a damn about this game because its becoming increasingly apparent that you are not interested in fixing any of the bugs what so ever. pull 100% of your dev team off ark and put it HERE, not the other way round.
  12. Solon

    NO confidence

    no confidence what so ever in the devs actually fixing any of these bugs, there are countless bugs here that make playing the game a waste of time. Absolutely no point what so ever working damned hard to build a galleon when "shit happens" and you crash and everything you own is GONE because of developer incompetence.
  13. yea well i gave that a shot, still feels very wrong to just give myself everything, it defeats the purpose of working hard to progress, even if its done to replace that you are being fucked out of CONSTANTLY. But now, when i collect treasure maps i dont get a fucking thing. Im glad I didnt spend more than $5 on this garbage, I can chalk that up to experience. Great concept, Great game play, HORRENDOUSLY STUPID BUGS plaguing the game that NOBODY seems inclined to do anything about and now I hear the main game developer has bailed too? I would have a very difficult time recommending ANY game produced by this company to any of my friends and word of mouth is how they would get 99% of their user base. This game is dead on arrival.
  14. i would not have any idea how to do that and the fact that this game keeps screwing me over after all the hard work i put in makes it very difficult for me to give it any time what so ever. I would never recommend a game like this to anyone, the heartache of constantly losing EVERYTHING is not worth the pain. also, how do i cheat back a male and female tiger that took me 5 hours to capture and the bear that was also lost ?
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