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  1. Not sure if I understand the last time you logged in, however, NA PVE has been shutdown for now; only EU PVE exists. Still both an NA and EU grid for PVP. And, all server grids were wiped and remapped. This was done late on July 3 or July 4(depending on your time zone).
  2. All servers were reset and the entire grid redone. Also, there is only one set of PVE servers right now, shared by all regions.
  3. Open for business. You can agree with OP, or disagree. You can disagree with someone that disagrees with the OP. I only ask that we not go quite so far off rails this time.
  4. I would submit a ticket here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ There is an option specifically for server outages (the one farthest to the right).
  5. I am locking this for now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there is no need for the name calling, threats, and telling people to shut up. I am leaving the original post as is and we may re-open it later, assuming that a lively discussion and debate can occur.
  6. They were planning on taking down NA PVE. You may want to check this announcement:
  7. Outages should be report here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/server-outage/&do=form&d=21 You can find this link in Support: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  8. You should submit a support ticket: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  9. It should be displayed in the character inventory screen, on the XP bar. Should show your total discovery points and your currently max level.
  10. How many discovery points do you have? I believe to get level 52, you needed 42, and then about 40 per level after that.
  11. You can still post PC Bug Reports here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-bug-reports/ The XBox part is a sub-forum that was added for the XBox launch.
  12. Because we do not allow Naming & Shaming / Witch Hunting on the forums. At best, it accomplishes nothing. At worst, it starts fights and flame wars based on the "they said" vs "they said" model; plus all of the people that like to pile on and throw in their insults. And, it is a rule that is put in place to protect everyone. It does not take much work or talent to fake a few pics and post them as proof that someone was violating the COC; or they could just skip that work and just make the claim in a post. In-game issues can only be handled through support tickets. And, I have no say over how support tickets are handled; I cannot even see them, except when people report their own ticket (which does nothing for your ticket).
  13. And apparently I have to pull the boat over and separate a few people. Please fight somewhere else, like PMs. You can fight there all you want.
  14. For in game support, you need to open a Support ticket: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ Please note, tickets are answered in the order they are received and may take some time depending on ticket volume. You may want to try putting all of your stuff on the bear and kill your character, so that you can respawn, return to the area with additional tools(including a way for your character to climb out if you go back down there), and see if you can build a way for your bear to get out, using pillars, ceilings, foundations, and/or ramps.
  15. Also, if you believe there is an issue, then I would suggest building in small phases. - If you put down pillars, foundations, or ceiling, do not put anything on them until they are permanent. - Any container you place, including stoves and such, leave nothing in them until they are permanent; only use them while you are online.
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