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    This forum is not associated with the Discord, and is supposed to be about the game; bug reports, suggestions, criticisms(constructive or otherwise), trading, helping players with in game issues (how to and such), etc. As such, I am locking this thread and have brought it to the attention of the Community Managers. @Winter Thorne has pointed out the Code of Conduct. Additionally, for in game related issues, such as violations of the Code of Conduct, a user can open a Support Ticket: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/ Finally, for the forum, there is an Articles of Agreement:
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    New Players

    Let's not take this thread off-topic with a personal fight. You can discuss the matter in PMs.
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    About losing your ship

    I have removed an off-topic/derailing conversation. Let's stick to the topic the OP started.