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    I pulled this stuff out, as it has no place in someone's ad.
  2. Jerryn


    I believe that is only true on PVE. 
  3. Jerryn

    From an island owner view

    Good point. So, maybe, it is based on 12 hours, less time already spent on the isle, from first structure placement(and still in place), protecting all of structures within a certain build radius/perimeter of that first structure. Reason I say from the first structure, is that if someone goes pillar/foundation spam happy, trying to take the who thing, they could lose those(even after the 12 hours is up). However, I think once someone has been on the island for a while, a claim owner, or change in ownership, shouldn't open the destruction window; except for the excessive building, which I why I was thinking of the limit use deed flag, but first structure could also act as such. Though, a deed flag, especially when place on an already owned island, can let the owner know someone wants to build, and person that wants to build can wait until their deed flag was passed the expiration time. And, when a claimer shows up, they can survey the island and make a choice if they want it, knowing who is already there.
  4. Jerryn

    Limit of 30 points

    I think what the other person is saying is that they built on an unclaimed island, someone claimed it, and was able to demolish their stuff right way.
  5. Jerryn

    From an island owner view

    Maybe someone should suggest a grandfather clause. That is, any structure(s) on an island that is claimed by someone else are automatically protected; no demolish allowed, only decay. And/or, a second type of claim, which is sort of the deed mentioned above. Limited to one, and only for single player/small companies; not allowed/auto removed for big companies and island owners, and anyone that joins a large company or one that owns an island. Works, sort of like the old claim system, but once setup and allowed to remain, you can build within those limits, no matter what, with full protection. I would also make it square, not round. And, maybe a second one that is for the water only; or else, the square one, if place close to the water (within 1/2 distance) automatically extends to provide a secondary water claim. Then to extend on the idea above, if someone wants to demolish your stuff, they go to the flag, or the flag boarder, and activate the delayed demolish.
  6. Jerryn

    New claim system vote

    You may want to consider closing this poll and starting again, if you are interested in collecting anything of any value. Your poll, as currently designed, is not going to provide any useful/meaningful results; if I was sent this for analysis I would send it back....no offense. Changing the answers and adding a new question mid-poll is already an issue, plus people can answer multiple question, and, some of those could be mutually exclusive answers; or you would have to assume some order of precedence, to deal with someone answering multiple questions, especially when the answers conflict (such as answering Yes to 2 or 3 of the questions). Problem is you have questions that have no direct link to each other; some don't even make sense depending on the answer to the previous question. Some surveys/polls are designed to branch poll/survey based on the answer to a question, so that you can ask questions the are relevant (and meaningful) to the result of the previous question; which you cannot do here, reliably. You should design a simpler poll, with one question, and a list of options. And you need to make it specific to type of server (PVP Colonies, PVP Empire, or PVE), as the survey cannot, be meaningful if it is for all 3. And, you should try to keep bias out of it, unless you are not interested in an honest result. You will still have an issue of people answering, even though they don't play that mode, or even play at all. So, for example(and this is just an example I ramboed up) Which claim system do you prefer for (server type): The Current Claim System The Current Claim System with some tweaks The Original Claim System, no tweaks The Original Claim System, with tweaks No Claim System; just structures with a radius to prevent others from other building I don't play that type of server Other (please specify in comments) Then, if you get a result that is heavily in favor of one option, you can do a poll on that, to refine the results. If you decide to do a new poll, please let me know, and I can close this one and lock the thread.
  7. Jerryn

    Seems a bit sleazy

  8. Jerryn

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

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    @DannyUK With that said, it does appear they are still targeting the 11th:
  10. Jerryn


    Sorry, I missed your post the other day. However, I don't truly know. From my experience over the years, the ETAs are fluid, because of the complexity of the game and the time it takes to cook a patch; if something goes wrong/comes up, you sort of have to step back a bit, fix it, and then cook again.
  11. Jerryn

    Thoughts on the PTR experience.

    Enough of the pointless fighting. Take it to PMs if you must. This was a reasonably constructive thread, and it will go back to that. Thanks
  12. Jerryn