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  1. Sturmberg ATLAS Gaming Trailer(with subtitles) Contact Discord: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn
  2. 24th april 8pm cest berlin time ice dungeon raid on the new atlas world, check our discord for more informations!
  3. ATLAS is moving in the right direction, community feedback seem to reach the developers and they do listen. Turning speed of ships has been something we ask for a long time now, good to see that nami or the developers checked our old posts and feedback, same as sailing speed increasing which we hope to get a little more boost or atleast more boost from sail blueprints in the future. The Ramming Ship is a funny ship and with the improvements it finally gets more of its own character and a good reason to use it, if it is faster than other normal ships. The repairing of the ramming ship felt complicated and we hope to get a improvement there in the future, maybe repairing it on the common way like every other ship would be nice or atleast a easier way to repair the full ship and have some support by the npcs, if its anchored. Bears are getting hats, this is awesome and a nice feature, thanks for that apreciate the personal touch we can give our beloved bears! We are really excited about the trade system and its future, its a awesome idear and we are happy we may inspired the developers with our world economy system?! We already can see in which direction the developers want to go with the lumbermill, yap its the right way keep going! Merry Christmas to all of you and you did a great job in this short time and really brought back fun and positivity to ATLAS!
  4. this saturday kraken captains! dont forget to register for the bounty! See ya in the belly of the beast ARRRGGGHH!
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