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  1. looks nice ghost, well done arkitectured. Perfect size for small and big animals. Did you hit the structure limit?
  2. Thanks much apreciation, for you and all brave captains from every parts of the world fighting together to keep the oceans secured. Next kraken on 7 november 2020, it returned and is threatening our oceans, we need to stop the deepsea demon againe! SWB - Sturmberg World Bank - Event Mission: Join the United Navy Force and defeat the Kraken! Bounty for that mission: 10Units
  3. Nice patch, fighting the frst fort was funny. Looks like a lot of fun, with the upcoming and trading system Much apreciate the new farmhouse/warehouse fuel burning costs and the fuel slot. Removing the shut of function of the farmhouses in Pve would be awesome. Kind regards SWB - Sturmberg World Bank
  4. Hello Fatalcrazy, atlas is changing at the moment and moving in the right direction and we should support and apreciate that. I know there have been a long time without any informations, due to the change of the developers team. The upcoming content pushes and patches will bring atlas a huge step towards release. Nami gave a lot informations about the developing and the difficult challenge the developing team is having to deal with like clean up the old code, which is a huge project optimizing a complete game code, old developer teams worked for 2 years on. kind regards SWB - Sturmberg World Bank
  5. I got ya. For some of the atlas players its about beeing a pirate and behaving like a pirate, but we arent targeting mainly those players with our services. We are trading and playing since release this experience gave our organization a good feeling for the community and our customers. 90% of our customers and friends are just people wanna experience a open world they can be a knight, trader or a farmer. Those people follow rules for good behavior, apreciate and enjoying them in the spirit of PvE. In a changing world with different people there always will be politics and a way of enforcement needed, thats how civilization has evolved. kind regards Sturmberg World Bank
  6. Good news, we are looking forward to the new trade system and apreciate the fuel slot and the new burning intervals of the fuel, it was a bit too short before. Having to pay gold for ships is legit, even if the price would be increased by 1000% this would still be ok, a good reason to hunt for wracks, chests and maps. The Sea Forts are a great idear, adding a lot new content and things to do to the game, especialy in combination with the trade system! We would welcome a removal of the minigames, taking away the fun of the weapons and using them, the community did already several votings about that and it was clear that the majority dont like it. kind regards Sturmberg World Bank
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