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  1. Maybe move your kittens away from the other suff? Dont forget about the crows and trutles
  2. How about just optimizing the game again? We had no major problems with amount of tames in season 2, but with each patch the performace goes down. And we had > 1000 tames in one grid back then as a single company. And it was temperate lawless many other big breeders were in that grid too.
  3. But it was asked for from the players, they wanted to know if it is even worth to go down. Who would have guessed that nobody does the shit job?
  4. New: crows to 85, Giraffes and wolfes Some of the offered razors
  5. Ib4 its the airships, that bring the contents of your warehouses to a new stucture once an ingame day (fuelled by skulls maybe?)
  6. wolf for look - its really bad elsewise, other then kera farm tiger for farm/fight lion for speed Tiger has most hp and highest weight. All meat eaters are equaly stam starved. People compare good bears to wild lowlevel tiger. If you ever used a beast tiger, there is no way back to a bear. You need to be creative with the low weight tho.
  7. Just quoted to say the days with this guy felt better then the current forum day. He never owned the game at that point, now most forum worriors have stopped playing the game and comment how to save it. I dont know what is worse tbh.
  8. Not in this game, noone would play that kind of game. There were very few seabattels, where two enemies went into a fight. Most would play to their strength, which is fleeing, if estimated loss in firepower. You have most of this types of (armed) ships in an attempt to catch the cargo/mail ships. They not build to battle a bigger battle ship. We only have a simple wind mechanic and max speed and turnability for ships. We have some effect of heavy waves, but not much tbh. No drift/leeway, nothing like that. You cant introduce (balance) mutiple classes of ships and such without adding that important mechanisms too. You need to dmg ships (depending on shiptype) more heavily in storms, if you want to be more realistic. It would became confusing, and in the end everyone goes for the best build anyway, all your implementation effort is just for newbies having fun until they get sunken and leave the game.
  9. since when 2^4 is 8?
  10. You need atleast a toaster to run this game, a potato isnt enought. You start in low memory mode, if not try that.
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