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  1. We asking for that for so long now. If u want only one source, you need to go to discord, forums are outdated it seems.
  2. Kummba

    All company anchored ships gone

    For us it was: Day 2591, 18:33:13: Your Pink Fluff Unicorn (Galleon) was destroyed at E11 - Lawless Region [Long: -40.35 / Lat: -42.79]! Day 2591, 18:33:20: Bed -372079532 was removed from the Company! Day 2591, 18:33:20: Bed -1736590113 was removed from the Company! Day 2591, 18:33:20: Bed -1043833901 was removed from the Company! It had kinda bugged hangars for the sub before. Also the hangars could not be demolished in sunken state. @Dollie @JakeM
  3. Kummba

    pve Price Check

    AND we are all EU PVE, we have a supplier for max level cappable shipyards (>224% durability after craft). He is calling 25k for large and 10k for small if i remember right. No ideas about NA prices, but @Puppies4ever is right that it will not be much requested. You may need to find a noob to sell it to. 540 int is about 22% crafting bonus max. You need 1,3k int to be capable to reach the 60% crafting bonus cap. More int makes u getting 60% more often.
  4. Kummba

    pve Price Check

    Wrong wrong wrong
  5. Kummba

    Safe havens and companies.

    AND i still stand by this, i lost alot of faith due to GSs recent moves.
  6. You know, strawberries growing through the floor, there is nothing better then this! THERE WAS ANOTHER OPTION. Sandbox is shrinking!
  7. Think harder this time! It was save until the change (24h role beside), now you dont build/live on other peoples claimes anymore, same as unclaimed land. If i figure the claim will run out, other people will do too. I may not be able to claim the land, but now i kinda have to, before it was whatever!
  8. Its not about owner, its about NOT owner. It is claim or lawless now. Devs made build everywhere, which is now taken away silently! It is only about PVE.
  9. This is an old commit of mine, but your picture is missleading, therefore (https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Food Most cultivated veggies are 5/5, maize and wheat not. Reduce stamina by shouting.
  10. Kummba

    Worth it?

    THIS so much, the other boss is the shovel for the first map of a day
  11. Doesnt matter if it is a single occurence if it hits you, isnt it?
  12. HOW is 25k much? You have no idea how much gold other people have. I know a guy which plays mostly solo, he has above 2 milion gold. Just because u like to bitch other people more then progressing, doesnt mean other people do too. Also you play NA, there never was population on NA PVE. All the more dedicated NA player stayed on EU. Come EU and claim an island! Maybe u did, dont get an island and started over at NA?
  13. Kummba

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    I had to deal with one group of four bears this weekend. It wasnt even a meat farming setup. I lure them away multiple times by make them aggro on an animal i had aggroed. Also i tryed this with a bear, but the bear was to slow, the horse setup i will test later. ITS A BAIT! I defnitly see the griefing potential of the AW groups. I would like to have an anchor for this group setup. So that you can assure they dont go to far off of its position.
  14. @Jatheish, people in forum what to know. USE this channel too please! @lewy, in short "they fucked up the client", it is not decayed on the server, enjoy several more days with it.