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  1. Kummba

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    The encumbered moventspeed boost is so nice, right?
  2. Kummba

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    Why do you think so?
  3. Kummba

    Anchor ship bug

    Not new, try: Relog Die ingame Normaly it fixes it.
  4. Kummba

    BUG - Masterwork Pirate Map

    2,5k*0,8 = 2000, so u digged on a taxed (20%) island. You have to be near the digger to get loot.
  5. Kummba

    Someone blocking off a bay in M5 EU server

    ?, how are they blocking? I sail through them, am i special?
  6. Kummba

    Some changes i would like to see...

    FoY - The buff is highly valueable. Vit - The buff is highly valueable, manageing the buff is benefitial. SotD - Just bad, much redesign/rebalance needed. Breeding - They just made it accessable for everyone last week. I fear every grid will be lagfest in 3 weeks bc of so many tames.
  7. Kummba

    And it starts

    Dont even put effort in designing a system. We get the PVP crap. They implemented not even half of what they said, upkeep is a joke! 10 days everywhere is a game changer tho.
  8. Kummba

    Stupid boss and content wall...

    Oh man mabye i will do the same next weekend, when i go for treasure hunt. Just bring all the leecher to the center at once.
  9. Kummba

    pve EU A11, Bears (38-46 Wild lvls) for sale

    +1 for the table from me
  10. Kummba

    pve EU PVE - WTB Legendary Torch Blueprints

    u still looking? @Wolff
  11. Nice read, strong arm is working tho, dmg of bow is just inconsistend. BOW is glitchy af anyway. To carry on with your list of skills rendered useless: - shoveler (pirates loves to dig up earthworms or what?) - able mapmaker
  12. Kummba

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Level Look there, i made a table (the picture) to level 150. Also the numbers for the three major patches are given.
  13. No notes, like for many other changes with Patch 100.
  14. Kummba


    I had some render issues with cave entrace before, it look like a solid wall blocking. Just run through it next time @Mercenary
  15. Kummba

    Sextant Minmap Fps drop

    All have this issue, but the Buf (thats what people call the HUD) is so good that it offsets the loss (30fps loss at 70 is different then 40->10 tho).