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  1. Welcome back guys, i wanted to buy the large shipyards, but i could not find your base at the advertised place. Where are you located now? @Sturmberg World Bank
  2. Why would any pve player want to play on such server? Why would any pvp player want to play on such server?
  3. We are currently working on a fix for the recent character rollback issues, we plan on releasing a fix for this as soon as it is available. They will try to fix the issue, not your problem, dont expect to get your char fixed I see the problem more with the crashing servers, on pve we allways had some cases of strange chars (our severs arent crashed that much as PVP). But only with the more frequent crashing due to the maps, the problem became more visible. That stuff started when they introduced the level set back in Season 4 for my understanding. The changes to swimming are really annoying, but i think its same problem as the submarine sailing. THe weather (storms, wind strength) is calcualted based on time only, but with lag, or restarts, the time can change. So the client weather does not fix the server weather. You have two differnet waterlines then, resulting in giving you the bugged view, and makes it really hard to grab ladders.
  4. On PVe its in i3 see also https://discord.gg/JKCnTJx
  5. This team started with promising weekly patches, now whe have bi monthy patches. And some super cheap bullshit to fill the space in between. Memewhile: New player still crashing bc of the new tool.
  6. He should refund. The devs dont even care to fix bugs that make newbees not able to play the game. The tool crash bug is well known for some time now
  7. Somehow it feels like they have this system just to be able to mention something when they get asked, it cant be in such a bad stage since its introduction elsewise. Somehow it feels like only the guy doing the map is left. Or that map is also taken from external modders, who knows.
  8. If bug or cheat, this only proves that this game is no way near pvp ready
  9. WOW the devs are even worse then i thought. This system has have to be implemented to create points of interest/conflicts, but the main parts dont work, and the working stuff is overpowered. #DeleteMarketsAlltogether
  10. Its a bit offtopic, but pricing is so hard now with all that gold around. People can get >7k a day per market, litteraly doing nothing for it. So 5k might still be a fortune for some, others are despawning it bc of weight issues People that steal bc this is a pirate game can fuck off. There is not threat for a pirate in this game, so its pretty onesided view. All pirate like pirates should do that pirate life in PVP tbh.
  11. Thanks alot for this report/review This is what we got in one years work from the devs. Something noone wants to speak about, bc it will hunt you in your dreams. Let it go back to concept limbo, right next to the physical trade ships And guys this is the path to their vision of the game.
  12. In generall, server goes into stasis when its not rendered. Meaning it saves it current state and continue from there when someone is around again. Doing calculations from when it went to sleep up until current date. Everything happened while offline, will occur now when its rendered again. Tames that died in stasis will get reported to died current date too. So now you logged in again and rendered the server (part), the server will caculate the water coming into your ship from a leak, and if it would have sunk like 20 min ago, it will let it sink in the moment you render it. Thats also how the server let you jump to a decayed bed, but when you arrive your whole base is there, bc it decayed only when you rendered it. In your case there are some possibilities as to why your ship sunk. All will most likely happen while someone passed your ship and rendered the server for some time. Also when you DC, your char is still online for 3 minutes, and the server is active therefore. So maybe your char was triggering following events. - Storm ->cyclones ->leak - Sotd ->leak - normal decay ->leak - sailing over a whale -> leak This whole mechanic can be a pain for breeders, bc - meat get spoild first, babies are only allowed to eat afterwards. - tames / babies dont heal in stasis - stuff that dies in stasis dont get propperly reported (no course given) PS: Use tames for farming. A Rhino gets your flint way more easy, but i have to agree that the changes to hand farming are a pain. Eles and giraffes are actually usefull. Plus points for pink tools tho
  13. I super rarely lose my tames from my ship, but i also check the number of crew on the ship constantly. Some days ago i had servertransfere that took 5+ minutes to complete, 3 tamed did not got transfered.
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