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  1. NPCs on ship behave strange, i do Whistle "All Move To" near a mast or on the mast, they allways move then. But be carefully, everything eles in range will move there too. I never had the dismounting NPC issue, that sounds horrible. I mean i had but only on tighly placed cannons, never on sails.
  2. There are two goals for trading, making gold and getting rare resources. Both are kinda exclusive. You will have a rare metal and iron. Just trade your rare metal vs. iron and iron vs. your rare metal. Your neighbour can do the same. You can set up same for some woods. In generall you need to have resources, but your parner too.
  3. I have 5 farms conected, but i farmed like 30k woood into the warehouse in the beginning. We trade the stuff from the events too at some point, like the ingots and gems. We also dont really took stuff out yet, except for metal (iron). You can only have 5 active routes, aim for constantly shipping ones, with like 1-3 ships depending on distance. As the gold gain is limited by ships depature (which is a fixed frequency) its best to only use the longest distance, hence earning more per ship.
  4. You going by patchnotes, thats a problem, i dont think the weight is doubled. You can fully utilise your gold gain with market without any autofarmer attached, you need to fill/refill it manually tho. Later you can trade the event ressources too. Also the math for the new income is (100-20) /2 . Still we make like ~5k per day with one market, not even running at full potential.
  5. I dont know if you realised they started to fix this allready, they reduced runs on BPS. To my knowlage better connons still comes in crafts of 1-3. Shipyards still come in crafts of one etc. Planks and gunports and decks? Ergo, it will be way harder to craft a better ship. But you are right it gives you motivation to play the game, getting everything together instead of killing some rhinos/squids. 250 BP with 17% bonus isnt near 300. its (250-100)*1.17 +100. And thats your max bonus, most will still be <260 saddly. You also will have ~14.4% max bonus as level 90, so crafing a 270% will be lucky allready. You find, kite, kill and harvest the hydra in one minute? There is no twigs monopoly, there are on like 6 other islands as ground leafs. People have farms there gathering millions, you can gether with bear etc. For PVE: Apart from my correction here, i also think you are right, you want to have progression, this game needs progression from my pov. But it looks like they aim for faster setting up and then hope that fighting neighbours is the motivation to keep going. I really disliked the maintaining of the farms/warhouse/markets. I didnt even needed all the stuff that got gathered. If i wanted to build someting, everything was just there.
  6. Hey, one of the better Q&A. I still dont get it fully, but its nice to finally see where you want to move. As PVE player i would totaly like the official PVE network with disabled farms/warhouses/markets and no claim towers. All that stuff felt more like anticontent, reducing player interaction and player storries. So concider to just disable this mechanisms for PVE. Regarding claim towers in PVE, i dont see how new players will have a space to live on afger a while, everything will be claimed in lawless. So without a good balance in points it will be bad for everyone most likely, and that balance would mostly be neccessary for PVE, so i dont see it done right. Anyway, you talk for almost a year now about tradewinds, can you please tell us what they do?
  7. My early feedback: You cant see circles other then on map. You see a keepout area when oyu try to place on tho. The patchnotes ware wrong with the speedup its, 1% every ~30 seconds You dont get any notification other then someone place a tower in generall. Nothing when someone is claiming stuctures of you or is kinda contesting your tower. I got one of my 5 rafts that was parket in the tiny shipyard claimed, i could not do any other interaction then unanchor and scuttle, which i did as the structures on it belonged to the new owner. I havent seen any timer on the towers, are they static or loose hp over time? The point system seems completely out of protion, the radius is not big, but the amount of flags to place seems high. So they were thinking about a new claim system since november, what we got now is a bare minimum of something. And then they say, next will be wipe? What is with working markets, tradewinds, the lag and everything else. Did they finally found an propper angle to approach math?
  8. With 2 missing planks, even the PC cant launch it
  9. I pick them up when to hot, and all fires are off allready. Or if i know it will only be for a short time, i let them lose hp You can go golder biome and heat them more to avoid overheating too
  10. The buyer can t it, or use right click to buy the whole stack, in case of 1g its eighter 1g for one or the whole stack, its on the buyer to not waste his gold
  11. There are some, rare buggs with shoulderpets on ships, esp. when shouldered while sailing.
  12. Some people like how it is, they play for the taming / breeding part. So you might just straigth lose them with your proposed changes.
  13. If its to hard, maybe learn how its done, or skip that content. People will gladly sell you tames.
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