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  1. Kummba


    Ok current. And i am PVE, but if there is a eye of a needle you can not avoid, it will be a hotspot of saltyness. Still people are willing to have an additional system on top, which requires third party tools? Maybe start understanding the simple wind system in this game first?
  2. Kummba

    Problem with Razortooth-Taming

    Some other company tried to tame them, they failed, the razor is locked to them. If you dont see tames info box, just kill it, or ask if the someone still tries to tame it.
  3. Kummba


    I dont know about dimentions, but i dont see what you see. And as a pirate you just wait at hotspots where people have to go through to get into a fight. Also i see alot of areas where the wind will confuse the sailer alot. Also a full map of low wind
  4. Kummba

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    breed chicken, problem fixed
  5. Kummba


  6. Kummba


    Nice illustration and good observing, but also completly wrong. The strongest wind is north or south wind, east and west is slow. The better route would be trough polar also And bc of your otherwise valid observations, it make no sence to go that slow. you should try to make this trip in one strong wind cycle, which means about 1h30m, so dont load that heavy
  7. Kummba

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    Why people complaining about imprinting thinking you need to imprint to 100%? With doing two imprints per day (which is easy doable) you get to about 66%. We as seller do this for teh tames we only breed for selling. Imprint in the morning and afternoon evening. Yes you boot the pc before going to work or whatever, but it should only take 5 minutes anyway. Then argumenting with razor, i think even now with the greater meat stacks, the imprinting is still one of the easyer things for razors. How is going away from exact 8 hours helping, it screws everything. With lower or longer then 8 hours you cant keep a rythem, you will need to wake up during the night at some point etc. A possible solution would be that only 2 of 3 imprints are needed to get to 100%.
  8. Kummba

    Help with shieldhorn breeding

    Mating is very buggy with laggy server atm. Sometime i need to move the male, for a razor breeding the male needed to be move further away. One time the mating process was on and off. So mating timer got interrupted and resettet. You just get no indicator at all, as you said. Mount the male and move it to another position, pray. I had problems with razors, and bears. In equatorial and temperate.
  9. Kummba

    The end game

    Hello sir. You know everything in the game, you prepared for the ultra rates, and made good use of it. After that normal playing feels unrewarding ofc. We are kinda at the same place now, we used the christmas rates for leveling to 130+. So without any boost it is hard to even go for the 25+ maps for the bps. Yes they removed every carrot they had on the stick. BPS are useless esp. with the laughable crafting bonus. We / I still have fun breeding and getting smal upgrades, but other endgame is just null. Also breeding, i dont even breed muation that much, i could solo every map with a 210% bear, not even imprinted on me. My tigers do q29 maps with ease, only i can die. We did a legendary map with a 140% dmg crab only. So what content you need even high level tames for? Waiting for updates myself, over half the playerbase did stop now after no news from devs (fmu).
  10. New: Breedable level 65 rhinos Level 100 crows Harvester refilled
  11. 3 times 5k gold giveaway this weekend? LF razor, wolf and lion stats, offer us everything
  12. New Gold giveaway started. New razors uploaded White level 96 crows soon And 220% melee tigers in several colors soon too
  13. it goes clockwise And sure if the PVP guyes dont help you, there are some nice PVE guys
  14. We upgraded our bear line with 185/221 melee (level 95) . prices will stay the same at 4k5 neutered /65k breedable. We also did get some nice color combines for razors, like this bad boy, full black including belly with both feather regions in red / And here some more we are currently working on: