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  1. Finaly the ship started sailing again, will be a great journey.
  2. First off, ironwood is kinda the 7th type, so its not mendatory to own it. You can get it when you do trades with a market as event. You cat trade it in freeport. It is not harvestable atm on official.
  3. Yes it is a big joke. They gave claim towers, but technically dont have a working restiction on how many you can place. Everyone want to have all 4 gatherers, but most island only have space for that 4. So one lucky player clutters the island with his towers to place the gatherers. Other people an put down Warehouses but no gathers. But the gathers are only really needed for trading, for base/shipbuilding in the beginning they are to slow. So if you want to progress, get some harvesting tames and go ahead. There is no need to have the farms, they surely help with the gold, but thats also slow and steady. Nowadays with rates a schooner is 2-3 green maps, or like 5-10 comon maps on your neighbour island. Again, for PVE the whole system is just a joke, a buggy mess. Noone needs it, no newbee and no established player. Best to play PVE as if that stuff doesnt exist. ALSO: BPs for Gatherers are bugged as hell too, so dont wast mats to craft them, esp when they are conected to a warehouse.
  4. There are manned puckes/cannons to recuite crew Did you try to tame a drake or what? You did prove multiple times that you cant really handle data, maybe stop using them in your arguments. What is your mission here btw, since almost a year you bring up the same stuff from time to time. If atlas isnt yours anymore, just let it diefor you and move on.
  5. Thanks for the big summer update, apprechiate. Turns out the big plans for september was just another ship. I am so sick of all the variants of a longer schooner, they look so bad in my opinion.
  6. Did you learn the command tier 3 skill?
  7. Same! Thanks for your review, how can they release the fourth broken ship in a row?
  8. All stuff that you claimed (was placed before withhin a new claimed area) will have a shortent decay timer, its 2 days for floors and pillars. So when you dont reset daily it might vanish. You can rebuild after you claimed to prevent that. The devs came and said new claim system, better then the old (2019). Turned out they implemented a mess, super buggy and exploitable. Why everyone start to reinventing the wheel first tries a rock?
  9. Welcome back guys, i wanted to buy the large shipyards, but i could not find your base at the advertised place. Where are you located now? @Sturmberg World Bank
  10. Why would any pve player want to play on such server? Why would any pvp player want to play on such server?
  11. We are currently working on a fix for the recent character rollback issues, we plan on releasing a fix for this as soon as it is available. They will try to fix the issue, not your problem, dont expect to get your char fixed I see the problem more with the crashing servers, on pve we allways had some cases of strange chars (our severs arent crashed that much as PVP). But only with the more frequent crashing due to the maps, the problem became more visible. That stuff started when they introduced the level set back in Season 4 for my understanding. The changes to swimming are really annoying, but i think its same problem as the submarine sailing. THe weather (storms, wind strength) is calcualted based on time only, but with lag, or restarts, the time can change. So the client weather does not fix the server weather. You have two differnet waterlines then, resulting in giving you the bugged view, and makes it really hard to grab ladders.
  12. On PVe its in i3 see also https://discord.gg/JKCnTJx
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