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  1. it can happen to every tame
  2. Kummba

    Suggestions for resource box change.

    This is ask for at least once per week. BUT it can not be done because BP crafting. I dont want to craft my common stuff with the wrong resource type. It would be way better to increase stacksize in smithy to lets say 5x (2.5k wood stacks for example).
  3. Kummba

    Lotus's Recommendations

    TbH, that is a case for a GM to just ban the whole tribe from (at least) official PVE. Was it reported or not, sorted or not?
  4. Kummba

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    For fixing bugs related to characters it can be necessary. Think about how it was technicaly not possible to do the 3x DP stuff. Think about all Bugs related to DP and even char loss, lost powerstone etc. Think about people got powerstones with "bugged" fragment. If they recode stuff to fix that it is only benefitial. Can you imagine the benefits off additional freatures like 3x DP weekends becoming available due to the char wipe? (speculation) It can be good, maybe it is unnecessary tho.
  5. Kummba

    People left the game ?

    THB, u try and try to make the system even more complicated and restrictive just to justify it. It would be great tho, if a landowner can whitelist build parts, so he/they give up his demolishing right (12-xx hours) for them.
  6. Kummba

    People left the game ?

    I guess that was for me. I did not say i am not willing to do that, if it is needed. I did that allready in the current system. I can live with taxes, i just dont prever to do so. BUT you get a reply in <2% of the cases when asking in chat / voice. Eighter people are not online or not responding for other reasons. As i play on EU PVE, there are also way more language barrier then on the NA server. My main concern is still that after i have setup an mainbase / outpost, i have to wait for x hours befor i will start using it. Other people may feel save after negotiation with the landowner tho.
  7. Kummba

    People left the game ?

    I dont cry, i just point out issues. I dont have to own land, what i need is a mainbase that is save from the start, and save for a known time (> 4 days) to store my progress (resources bps gear etc). Also i would like to have land to build outposts on (this can be lawless easy, no <4 days required). The new system will provide that, except for the "save from the start" (for the main base, only for claimer), this is my main concern. The Problem atm is, we dont really know anything about anything other then how a claim differ from PVP potentially. AND we will not get told befor PTR (see tweet). WHY u think someone has to do the hassle of an admin as a claimer?
  8. Kummba

    Launch it live or PTR?

    This will on the other hand go straight agains balancing the upkeep etc. It will promote playstyles that are invalid with normal rates, so maybe not the best to do.
  9. IDEA there you have it! So be carefull with using them as base of your argumentations.
  10. How buys a game (EA game) based on game description? I watched streams befor buying. When i go to the product description i will find several points that are not in yet or in anymore. For PVE for example: There is a separate PvE ATLAS for players who don't wish to play any PVP. -- from prolog game distriction. I could argue that dealing with a landlord is Versus PLAYER. Game discription is marketing anyway!
  11. Kummba

    People left the game ?

    He said he will not sail again when it will not work out for him! AND you hope that a sandbox (whatever) MMO will become an upkeep simulator? How far you have to stretch to justify such a system?
  12. Kummba

    People left the game ?

    Dont shoot the messanger!
  13. Kummba

    How you will do 1 flag per island system?

    How long are you planning to do the JOB?
  14. Kummba

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    I did a journey yesterday, It lags / desyncs everywhere! Playercount in grid doesnt matter! Interacting with AI is worsen, AI becomes a new threat (because desynced). Not enjoyable at all.
  15. Kummba

    20+ mins now to load in to my base

    The latest patch (21.36) with Improved Structure replication rate from servers, though this may increase client stalls slightly. Clients can reduce their "Client Network Bandwidth" Option value if they are experiencing too many stalls with this change (we do recommend the default, 60 KB/s). Made the game unenjoyable for me. I feel like i watch a movi now, instead of being an actor! It is laggy even when lonely player on a grid. I feel desynced all the time, get teleported. Lag starts FPS stay up, at some point FPS goes below 5. I dont even know. Tried to make a treasure map with mace (enclosed area), one warrior could not be damaged (most of the time). I see him start to swing his mace, 0,1sec later YOU DIED. There is a solid second missing. IT is unplayable! Also lost a bear (level 82) to an alfa lion (i dont care about the bear), i see the lion 20 meters away, want to press a feat. Allready grapped, also at least 1 second for reaction missing (desynced?). What to remout with e, opens INV of bear twice (just like an undermeshed Tame u can not mount anymore)! I went to O14 to get the FoY, THIS server (EU PVE) is shit af. I run in the cave, get the FoY, jump in the pit to die. I dont die imediatly, i see a stairway up towards the entrance of the cave, so fuck it, lets try to escape. I run out of the cave, hit by 2 bowmens only! HOW? All this nacked (ok underwear) in a tundra region. OH btw there was a texture at the cave entrance. It looked solid blocked, but i could run through.