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  1. Dude you will still not be able to place one if you are late. People have alts, they got them to be able to claim island in s2. If a company is on an island, it could still spam the whole island with alt companies (if its worth is another question). And even now other player move to positions to try to still place stuff. If you stay on the island you spawn on, you are out anyway. Humans are greedy, the grab what they can.
  2. Temperate a6 most left island (Twobeez). Its not the best resource wise, but has free space for settlers still.
  3. And no fix for the markets, it is painfully slow to get the gold for ships. I could really live with them not generating the money, but with 80% of bottles poofing, not yielding maps, getting gold is a shitshow Somehow i think the fixes to market were only on the patchnotes, i wonder if they will ever work in this wipe. How they passed QA in the first place?
  4. OMG I like the idea to be finally pirates and plunder traderoutes. But having the traderoutes playerdriven is hard to implement. You realised that resources only would never make this system worthwhile, so you added the whole gold thingy to it. But you may need to go the extra mile and reduce income elsewere to really make it the central point of the game. I see it failing hard. If this it the big picture we needed to see to understand the other QoL changes, i see no future for atlas esp. in PVE. If this is still a QoL for the big picture, it is also very worrisome. I was joking about the traderoutes would be the airship collecting the resources from the warehouses, tbh now that sounds better then what we will get. A system you will mostly use to earn your gold, eigther as initiator or attacker. How much old content you just deleted with this? What you need the resources for if everything gets autogenerated for you?
  5. New: seagulls Grand tortugars Monkeys 91+ 130 (levelt) crows Colorfull Parrots (5+ solid colors) Olfends ....
  6. Yes many people sell (or try to sell) like that. Some got emptied, at least last season.
  7. I wont tell how to do it, many people are using that method, and i dont want them to get robbed. I dont know what you can do against it.
  8. No its not! That note can be fully viewed very easy. Never sell anything valueable with this method.
  9. Maybe move your kittens away from the other suff? Dont forget about the crows and trutles
  10. How about just optimizing the game again? We had no major problems with amount of tames in season 2, but with each patch the performace goes down. And we had > 1000 tames in one grid back then as a single company. And it was temperate lawless many other big breeders were in that grid too.
  11. But it was asked for from the players, they wanted to know if it is even worth to go down. Who would have guessed that nobody does the shit job?
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