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  1. Kummba

    Invisible whales?

    Old bug, rare at least.
  2. Kummba

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    1) Desync: Oh men, my tiger gets ported all over the place, first i need to pass the checks on my client, just to fail the same check on the server bc i am 10 meters desynced. 2) Calcutating spoilage in server stasis. JUST stupid. 3) Render distances, fuck performance, it is to smal when on ship. 4a) New SotD groups: Can they please not spawn in a line which is angled 90°, it is so boring to see and hard to judge were to sail trough. 4b) Maps on mountains spikes: With more players there isnt even space to build up to sometimes, or it is grieft on top with foundations. Just unlucky right? 5) All gates: They close/open when i dont want to, when i want them to, i dismount or whatever. I unlock my resource chest behind the gate rather then closing the gate ?? Last season it was; Bear fullstopped by a turtle. Now i just dont use bears that much anymore
  3. Kummba

    Game getting unplayable on Xbox

    They reduced everything, renderrange, tamelimits, structure limits. But the game lags like (more then) before. So it became even worse for PC player also. I need avoid any land when passing by with my transport galleon. A shipyard renders in when i hit it (it feels like). At least there is no chance to avoid a collusion. I just can not see it from far away enough. Finding the home port, and an empty slot there, takes 2-5 more minutes. Ships renders in 100 meter infront now. It was like 500 at some point.
  4. Kummba

    Why are we being ignored?

    Once i parked to get repair resources while i had a leak, could not harvest anything at that island, need to move one further. This is triggering.
  5. Adding Breedable Ostichs level 60 today. First shieldhorns will hit the shop too. We are still looking to buy Razortooth (pref high level). If want to buy a crow, you can ask, we dont upload all of them. Currently we sell up to level 86. We are working on breeding well balanced breedable unmutated Elephants ~ level 60 Giraffes ~ level 60 Bears ~ Level 65 (high Hp and 200% dmg imprinted) Ostrich Level 60 This will be good to start your own breeding line.
  6. Kummba

    Please allow lion animal pick up pve

    at least to have fun with your mates
  7. OK, first off i posted this in discord but it was first cut and then deleted. Kudos tho for recovering the pictures. Here i start with the conclusion, then with the facts. When a server wakes up from statis, it first spoiles all meat/food for the time in stasis, then spoiles the spoiled meat, then let the baby eat from the remaining food. I had this happen: I left them with 6 stacks for 50 raw meat, they had 3h45min to the first imprint, so less then 1h45m to go to become juvenile. I went to sleep for 6 hours. this was the server time about 10 min after logging in. The tigers therefore got killed when I woke up the server. Tow of the tigers (one 78 and the 79) left a bag (cache), here is the containing of one So i do some math here: A super young tiger eats on raw meat every 33 seconds, i allways calcuate with 30 seconds. So in 10 min 20 meat are consumed. In this 10 min one meat spoiles per stack. So 26 meat are consumed at max every 10 min. 300/ 26 ~ 11,5. So the meat was about to last nearly 2 hours. Tigers should have been fine, and would have been fine when the server hadnt gone into stasis. But waking up from stasis, the server does this: (here with meat, it is the same with veggies and berries, but bc of longer spoil time /stacksize, it doesnt matter to much there) It spoiles meat for 6 hours, so 36 meat per stack. then it spoiles the spoiled meat 8 times 6 stacks (48) spoiled. so it leaves 216-48 = 168 spoiled meat. Ofc the logic is not fully, but near enough and in the end it checks out. Then the server let the baby eat from the remaining food. 14 times 6 is food for about 42 minutes, so the baby died about half way. Here a picute showing the bags plus the FT they would have eaten from: Now the mods in discord think this is not valuable information for the QA team. Here i go overboard and make a suggestion with the bug report: How about doing the same method in 10 min increments (for babies, and FT), so in intervals of the shortes spoilt time. If it kills performance to much, just increase spoil time (in babies maybe), the crabs and vulture tamer will be fine
  8. Uploaded like 50 new tames yesterday. Level 82 (unleveled) crows now available. Elephants 65+ Tigers 65+ New givaway and auctions this weekend?
  9. Kummba

    pve The Flying Salesman

    Haha, Mighty Panda used to do that, he took all the shitties that were unsold in discord for ages and sailed to the lawless regions. GL inari, i know you dont need it. And it is a good service for people that dont sail
  10. roundup((Level-51)*40.27) 3987/4 = 996.8 you need 998 points for the 25% quest. So it is kinda accurate.
  11. Kummba

    Entire Company Kicked

    You can leave the house, foot ahead
  12. haha, i see what you claimed there, have a nice day
  13. Ahoy EU PVE maties, We are looking for breedable male/female(preferably) Razortooth's, preferably higher level, without mutations, contact me please <3. We are looking for colors and stats alike We are also interested in Shieldhorn colors and stats! Black colors: Also looking for Rhino color region BLACK scales unmutated, either male/female any level. And BLACK giraffe horn tip color region unmutated, male/female any level. Oh and BLACK ostrich chest, back and crest color unmutated, any level male/female ! See you in the breeding base , KuKumba
  14. Hello, this is the only female elephant we have in N6 atm. It is 2k spayed and 5k breedable: I reserved it for you for like 3 days, if you give notice during that time, it can be reserved longer. We have many female giraffes, it would be best to take a look for yourself, the start at 1250 gold (spayed).