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  1. How is breeding a timesink? You mate, you wait, you feed for one hour, you harvest your crop plots from time to time. Then you imprint for 1 min every 8 hours. For x elephants per batch thats like 1-2 hour time investment in total, this is spread out ofc. Meat eaters require more time inverstment, most shoulder pets too. The worsed are cats, but thats it.
  2. The route is the middle circle, dont know if it works in single player tho.
  3. It is only crops and fireplaces, right? Smithy and such should work. And no, they dont care, it was reported multiple times allready.
  4. Not having 6 types can be plan of the steamlining, with no mythic crafting, the gap will be way closer
  5. What? How you need to go 11 grids now? All ways are shorter now, you should be able to to everywhere from anywhere with a travel distance of 7 (thats diagonal) grids now, befor it was about 10 diagonal.
  6. Is the whole crafting area in tame inventory gone, if it is, go to a smithy or such and toggle the crafting view there, it should be back in the tame too afterwards. @Belle
  7. Allways check the biome you are in with H. I assume you try on an overlapping water area (tundra on land). If thats the case, move more inland.
  8. So we get seasons and steamlined player progression. Next CL they might even go more Battle Royal style maybe, as we allready dropped the MMO tag with this change as it seems. Question is how they steamline, no more or less DP? Levelcap at 80?
  9. open console and type gamma 1 it helps, it also helps to do the sextant during sunshine and if you need to run into the GA cave, just use gamma 5
  10. We now sell from N6 only. Our current offerings for tames are like this, ofc we still sale precrafted good, including shipyards too:
  11. Greetings everyone! Happy Easter!!! We have started an Easter sale! It will run until next sunday ( april 19th)! All higher priced Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos are now 3k each (non breedable versions) LVL 119 bears (non breedable ) are 4k each All non breedable Tigers are 5k each & non breedable Lions are 2k Each All non breedable Razors are 30% off All Crows are 7k Also reduced price for maps in N6 Happy Easter and good health to you all!
  12. Still selling maps in N6! And new offering, the ..... Bulls.
  13. NEW RESTOCK OF TREASURE MAPS IN D6 AND N6 SHOPS Ranging from q6 to anbout q18, from 100g to 500g N6 at selling area (south of flag), D6 around flag
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