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  1. NEW RESTOCK OF TREASURE MAPS IN D6 AND N6 SHOPS Ranging from q6 to anbout q18, from 100g to 500g N6 at selling area (south of flag), D6 around flag
  2. New breedable wolfes, restock of beasty tigers (94) and reduced prices for razortooth. Also visit N6 for precrafted (from BP): Armor weapons tools Planks and Decks Sails Higher quality ships
  3. Restocked. And wolfes >level 70 soon New high level crow color available now
  4. We put many maps in playshops at our N6 and D6 islands, Pricing: 150 gold for Fine maps - 10.0 - 12.5, 300 gold for Journeyman maps 12.5 to 15.0 and 500 gold for Journeyman maps 15.0 to 17.5
  5. Kummba

    Next Taming Bonus

    The bear is fine after 1hour.
  6. New: Level 99 elephants (100% imprint) More crow colors to come Level 119 bears
  7. Kummba

    recent patch notes---

    First, reread, never said they could not with 3. Then its about dmg output (Burst). Please post the stats of your crab, i might find a similar one and test crab myself. I talked to different people, including tamer and seller of crabs, telling me they dont work/ do the job now. My company did a q36 map with a single 140% melee crab before the buff, it was very close tho. From that i would assume that it is hard to impossible to do level 90+ worriors with them now. But i will bring one to test when i do maps next time. And again, you can kill them with an good elephant if you are able to pin them on a mountain. But it will be impossible to kill them on the other cases, due to the knockback. So one good case is not generall viability for me.
  8. Kummba

    Next Taming Bonus

    You talking about breeding bonus not taming. We had 3 in total in the last year, iirc. So yeah they are ultra rare. And breeding is easy doable with 9-5. Not elephants or razors, but bears and such, easy.
  9. Kummba

    recent patch notes---

    So, for maps, ofc you can do them with a pack of tames, no doubt about that. But, it is inconvinient at least, it starts with them following to the map. Climbing hills, hf Someone prebuild a ramp, hf Map an the edge of a mountain, hf .... You can do maps with crows too (i assume) , its just a matter of numbers ... So the question is what tame you need to clear every map solo (one tame one rider). I dont think a crab can do it anymore, it was hard before buff. Now i hear from expirienced players that they can not do it anymore, even hard with 3 of them (all mounted). Good enough bear and tiger still can. But the player needs to adapt. There is more chances to get you and your tame killed.
  10. Kummba


    So you got way more XP at the weekend? The problem is: Xx gold is also Xx XP for maps. So 2xXP and 3xGold is kinda 6x Xp from maps. Thats also why ghostship and goldsongs are good for earning XP. Your 22 map is like 10k Xp without any rates. Also EQ and Island buffs are big for earning XP. From ships and passive tames, you can tell that 2x XP is working.
  11. Kummba

    recent patch notes---

    My selfimprinted tiger with 230 melee does hit for 90 normally. AotD get hit by 40. I think that is pretty much inline with a bear, maybe swipe is abit more dmg. But the tiger is way more agile, so you can way more easy avoid getting hit. Whatever tame you use, now you will not be able to kill all warrior before they borrow at some point. Some will, and that means you receive more dmg, before the changes the worriors were dead without even attacing often. Doing maps is about beiing able to do them consistently, not only a few prefered ones on the plain, but also the ones in tricky terrain. For them you need some kind of savety in dmg and hp. Without the healing (despawning and respawning), you could use an elephant, knock them back all the time and deal tickle dmg in between. In general it would mean, HP > dmg. It is not an good approach, as you could just kite them for 10 min, and then complain about lazy game mechanics afterwards There have always been abondend spawns of AotD, you just killed them without beeing annoyed. But yeah the changes to not despawn them, were citisised back then too.
  12. Uploaded new razors Neutered up to Wild level 75 Breedable 55+ Also black bears and other goodies
  13. Kummba

    recent patch notes---

    Not that easy anymore, not with tamed bear anymore. Breed tigers and monkey and you are able to do them, if you avoid getting hit to much.
  14. Kummba

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    "," is evil, if you miss. Dont have barn nearby There are many bugged map locations in the game, it is again a valid complain. And as you can take the berries out of the silo, and they stack in one stack. How imbalanced would it be to make a huge stack of meat.