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    Playing on Blackwood on Xbox Nitrado server, does anyone else have issues with whales dealing way to much damage to ships? We always have whales hanging around ships of the damn, if they hit our ship they do ridiculous damage, pretty much two hits and we are in trouble lol. is there a way to make them deal less damage? Also do you have to kill a hydra for every stone? cheers
  2. Has anyone been able to tame a spider? I can get to the bola stage but not prompt to feed it, all I get is the un bola prompt, tried rotten meat, insect meat. thx in advance
  3. As much as I enjoy playing this game bugs and all, which so far we have found a work around for, even the 255 ping bug but today we ran into a bug where our beds and ships were removed from our company over night while no one was on my server (only two of us play on it). I googled the issue seems it’s been around for a couple of years. We did a rollback on the server to fix it, but now we are not sure if it’s even worth continuing as it’s pointless having to rollback all the time, too much progress gets lost. how this game breaking bug has not been fixed is beyond me unless someone has a know solution for this bug I think it’s the end of the road!
  4. I really enjoy this game even with some bugs, been playing on a Nitrado Xbox server with a friend, everything has been good other than a bug now and then, reached level 65. Now we have 255 ping issues, Myself and Nitrado ran tests and it’s nothing to do with my connection or the server. Something in the game is causing it. It’s just unplayable, did a rollback of 3 days so it was before the ping issue and all seemed fine again, 2 days later 255 ping again. bugs are one thing but not being able to play is another, sadly the game should not even be permitted on the Xbox store when they know there is a game breaking bug, I have noticed this issue has been around for years with no solution. Such a shame as it’s a fun game.
  5. I can’t set my tames to attack my target, I can set to passive, aggressive etc, my company can, any ideas on how to fix this? thx in advance
  6. Started playing on Blackwood and started a base on Freeport and along comes a lv 195 Alpha tiger, how the heck is someone meant to deal with Alphas when your just starting out lol, it was even at the traders docks at Freeport. And this is the default lv lol, eventually build a trap after getting killed A LOT and we killed it but dealing with alphas when your lv 8 is nuts lol, I thought Freeport around the merchants would be like a safe zone but was I wrong lol
  7. Started to play Blackwood PVE with one other person on a Nitrado server I purchased, my question is about the beds, if I die I can’t spawn onto a bed we placed in our base, I see it on the map but says it is no longer in a claimed area, I know how to place a flag but will that mean everywhere I wish to place a bed I have to claim the area? And on a ship? I played via Xbox and never had this issue, place a bed and then you could spawn to it. I seen old post saying the beds were broken but that was over a year ago.
  8. Pls fix shipyards on single player, they disappear when you log off, it’s ridiculous!
  9. Shipyard on single player is bugged, log out, log in it’s gone. For a game where ship building is a huge part of it, I would think it is something that would need to be fixed ASAP. I enjoy the game but when main features are broken and not fixed is just becomes ridiculous.
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