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  1. Can we also get a crew tamehouse for storage of them? I do like the whole ship bottle thing. But that leaves me with a ton of crew standing around. Also can you attempt to make the size of the tame structures a bit smaller. They are terribly hard to place currently. I have to build more on flat land. Like ceilings/pillars just to get them to place. I mean instead of reducing things i need to load. Its adding more to it. Talk about adding in a barn. Thats a whole lot more structures i need to add just to be able to place a single structure. Also Swarm house. It would be nice if we could have the ability for spiders to produce silk.
  2. Thorny Dragon eggs =p Maybe megalania since they have the rabid bite.
  3. Well i'm not a fan of the modular ships. (I feel like you've dumbed down shipbuilding with them). That being said. I am actually enjoying the unintended speed on the carrack. The ladder issues of course are a PITA. But the bonus to this. I'm actually enjoying sailing to all corners of the world now. I've spent the last several days getting discos and not grumbling over it. Today i decided to go back to a brig and with no wind and traveling grid by grid. Well lets just say its horrible going backwards to no speed and taking what feels like forever to get across areas for treasure maps. I'm back to feeling like I should clean my house instead of playing a game. Thank you for the portal systems and the new map layout for shrinking down some travel time. Yes they are buggy too but the benefits are outweighing the animals/crew falling off. I do hope you guys consider giving all ships a speed boost.
  4. So why aren't all crops available to trade in the marketplace? Would love to trade wheat for turnips and greens since i can't grow them at my base location.
  5. Yeah im guessing copper is the same way. i've looked at a ton of high/low desert and haven't seen it anywhere. Unfortunately i dont have a spot to put down a market.
  6. Spent the last 12 hours looking through artic regions haven't come across this yet. Just tons of Wetwood. Does it not exist in game anymore or is it buy off a merchant in freeport only?
  7. First off they'd have to shrink the map drastically. Maybe do 1 grid for each biome instead of the tons of grids. People like to be social with other people. The current game rightnow feels like a ghost town or essentially single player. Mods won't exactly save the emptiness. Instead of going big they need to think smaller scale. Get your basic needed grids down. If they need to add more grids to accomodate people then do so at that point. Do some much needed tlc to the bugs in game. Once you have an active base population then can start adding in other stuff.
  8. Yeah im figuring out all the changes as I go along. Thanks for the heads up on the Manned stuff for crew etc. Need to get another level to get the large speed sails. Kinda forgot to get that part. Figure i'll work on that next. I went out and got some rhinos, giraffe, elephants yesterday. Was able to actually find a place to put a mine where i'm currently residing. It's nice but honestly not needed as you said. I have pretty much given up on the whole warehouse idea. I mean the only redeeming thing about the whole warehouse is storage/market/traderoutes-( wanted to experience that and so I don't have to make 50 billion chests). I mean the whole fix would be taking out the radius. Putting it in the company. Slap a limit of 1 per company and call it a day. I have noticed that huge amounts of claim towers are going down just for the farmhouses/warehouses etc. The amount of sotd groups has made me turn my focus to getting at least a brig made. I mean the schooner is great and all but it was ultimately just for finding land after I lost my second sloop. Thankfully I was at shore on a lawless island outside of a freeport so I could rescue the 5k gold I had on it. I mean still. I am not a fan of this gold cost for a ship skeleton. I could see gold cost on the newer specialty ships. But you basic bitches aka the original ships shouldn't have that tied to them. While the rates at 5x gold are fine. If it was 1x. No way in hell. Bit by bit im starting to understand why the player counts are as low as they are. If you just bought the game. Seen a treasure map for 100 gold and the 5k cost for a schooner. That is a giant deterrent. I mean it took me 3 hours to sail home from a freeport on a sloop- going from B8 to C2. I coulda gone the other way through polar-but naked in a sloop. OH helllllllll no.
  9. Ohhhh I just found Captain of Renown. Still a few levels off before i can get that! Or can i go to other peoples places and recruit crew from there? Todays mission is finish getting a base built.
  10. Wait what is this you speak of to recruit crew? No so umm I was over getting a rhino to get stone. Thought i bola'd it far away and ran with my bear back to my boat to pick up a few more bolas. Well lets just say the rhino hauled ass over to my ship. Crew wasn't on passive. They dived to defend my bear and well. I manually had to sail my schooner back to base to drop off animals then die to hit a freeport, find gold and sail back home in a sloop.
  11. When i logged in this morning there was only 500 people in game. I've been on all day and maybe seen 5 people enter my grid. Currently i've seen more SoTd groups then players through grids. Had to go pick up some more crew after an unfortunate taming accident wiped out my crew members...8 grids in a sloop later.
  12. The issue being ive traveled a ton of grids just to find one spot to put down 2 claim towers. People say there is open land...where? The settlements. Oh yeah majority say Not Accepting Settlers. I pretty much refuse to live on a settlement due to the fact i could lose everything if somone decides to be an asshole. So again. Where is this land. Sure I could sail around for another week and hope people dont log in. Sorry but if i dont make progress in a game within a week. That spells the end of the game for me. Living off a sloop isn't my idea of a good time considering two have already been sunk. The only place ive seen open land is in the tundra. Ok so lets go back to when you first started the game. Did you have enough stuff to survive the polar regions? In a few days did you have a schooner w/Ballistas to take down whales? Esp with the cost of the ships these days. Yep i've got the whole 2300 hours played. It was when the game first came out. I stopped when they brought in the owning an island or living on someone elses settlement. The only reason i came back was due to the claim towers going back to the original system. Yep i found 2 blueprints for a mine and lumberyard that i stupidly built thinking well. I could place them. Warehouse too. Yep buncha shit wasted. Unless i've missed something im guessing this teleporting you are speaking of is fast traveling to a bed. I mean sure its great if you find open spots without other peoples stuff. Im late to the dance and either waiting for server wipe, maybe find some claims not being updated or my only ship a schooner will get destroyed and i'll uninstall the game at that point because the rediculous gold cost for a ship skeleton is a bit steep. I hit level 56 before i actually found a place to call a kinda home. The main point is that the whole automated thing-They advertise it. Sure one or two people per island will get lucky enough to utilize them. But its honestly the biggest joke.
  13. I finally gave up ark after 20k+ hours played. Remembered that I did enjoy this back in 2018 and decided to give it another go. I was actually excited to see the land claim towers or going back to the original system somewhat. I stopped playing when they introduced the whole island claiming and if you didn't buy an island then you were subject to losing your stuff if the island owner decided they didn't want you there. Then seeing the whole automated systems that take some of the grunt work out. Boy was I surprised that only a chosen few will ever be able to put down any of the farmhouses/warehouses. Not a fan of this gold cost for ships. Had it not been a 4x Gold. I woulda uninstalled the game right away with the 5k cost for a schooner. I mean traveling grids on a sloop.......I've spent 5 days looking for land and countless hours farming the resources to make said farmhouses to be sorely disappointed. Maybe PVP is different but i'm a PVE player. I actually like hunting for the different resources etc. Finally find a little landing strip to make a newbie base. At least if I die I have a respawn point. I don't understand why the warehouses and stuff aren't tied to a company. Furthermore. Now that i've built and can't place. Its a ton of wasted resources. Everyone should be able to enjoy them not just 1 or 2 people per island. I see they still have some settlements but 98% of them say no settlers.. I mean what's the point. Might as well make the entire map claim tower/flag and limit how many a company can have. Lawless lands are the only active grids. I was actually at the point of completely uninstalling the game again and gave it till the end of the night to find a place to live. The only redeeming thing i've seen is that at least the discovery points are a little more manageable then trying to find needles in a haystack. So after some massive confusion about the whole shipyard thing. Ok so i built an advanced unknowningly and couldn't figure out why brig wasn't in the list... Why do we need 2 different large shipyards? Just more giant crap to clutter up the map. Then reading about how useless the new ships are....One would think after 3+ years the state of the game would be a bit better. But honestly i'm not sure i'll invest another 2300 hours in like I did when it first came out. Was hoping this would keep me entertained through my husbands deployment but looks like it'll be like my sloops...all at the bottom of the sea. /end rant from a returning player.
  14. Already planned to demo everything/claim towers etc. I mean most games. you build a house first. Not plan for harvesters and then build a house. I mean its been a lot of sailing over the last 2 days to just find one spot to actually put a shipyard/claim towers down and then the 5k gold just to build a schooner.
  15. Why aren't the mines/farmhouses/lumberyards etc tied to a company. Just came back to game and can't place any of the stuff because someone elses stuff is in the area. Kinda kills the excitement of finally finding land and well wasting time getting the mats to make one.
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