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  1. Can we get a jerboa/fox that will go out and find shineys? Bring home stuff such as treasure maps. tiny amounts of gold. etc.
  2. Will it upkeep non ship crew also like elevator, puckle, cannons etc?
  3. Can we get a bit longer spoil time on these things please. Or just remove the spoil timer/make them go in a preserving bag/fridge. Something. We made them 6 hours prior. They said they had 12 hours on them. Lost 40 med kits when we logged off to deal with real life stuff.
  4. Nah auto decay is needed. Lets say you find an area that you wanna build. You do clean it up. But yet one hidden pillar in a rock you can't find makes it unbuildable. Auto Decay solves that problem. As for the people whining about it filling their logs. Demolish your taming traps and crap you leave behind. Problem solved. Foundation spamming. People quit. Problem solved.
  5. Did you make sure to download the patch?
  6. Hey i'm still trying to figure out how you get a cyclone, heatwave and fog all at the same time. I mean I've lived in plenty of tropical/subtropical places. Never seen that happen.
  7. To me when people do that to another person. That should be a bannable offense. However im not sure the game developers will see it that way. They more or less want to push everyone on to settlement islands so there is someone to babysit. If you don't have a lazy landlowner. I mean a simple fix would be to put in no build radius of 10 foundations or even 20. I think it used to be that way. Before the wipe. Never lived on lawless till now. Even my lawless base has been moved to a huge settlement island that the chances of anyone ever claiming is pretty slim and next to none.
  8. Thanks darlin. i'll have to check A8.
  9. I got stuck in the host timeout loop in M8. I just changed from rejoin to join a new server. hit my home server and it put me back on my boat. But yeah im on an old school harddrive. I know im upgrading to a 1tb ssd for my birthday. It's time.
  10. Ok is it just me. Has anyone found pure metal nodes on the new islands. One island has berries. The other doesn't.
  11. I will agree they need to add content to make it worth sailing to grids. I find myself hitting the same grids for resources cause I know where they are. They aren't all that far from home cept ironwood/twigs. I personally find the whole discovery system very cumbersome. Not a fan of searching for a needle in the haystack. I'm at the point now if I run across one great. But i'm not actively seeking them out. Treasure chest, urn or something to say HEY i'm here. I've stated before I would love to see beams like treasure maps or sparkly stuff around discovery areas. The spyglass helps for some but some are still pretty invisible for me. Able Mapmaker imho-is useless. They could change that into discovery beams. I can't say I mind sailing. I get tons of housework done during those voyages. But Salty and I are definitely in the minority here. Half my company doesn't play long or a lot because they don't like to sail. IE takes to long to get to grids etc. Not much to see once you are there. I wouldn't mind a speed increase on sailing again. They did it once and it was a great improvement. Spelling or Grammar not included. Lol Boomer.
  12. I just let them pull me in and spam e when I get close. Works for me every time. Never met an unfriendly one. Then again maybe they just laugh as they watch the sharks chase me down. The kiss is really a kiss your ass goodbye.
  13. Oh thanks Myth. I always get sucked into the water like now as I sail through H6. I think the merpeople are trying to claim me for one of their own. Great time to respond. I mean literally as I was reading the circle/notes came up.
  14. I found a few in L3. Ironwood the first time. Mineral Oil the second time. Third time. Don't remember I was eaten by a shark hehehe. Maybe the merwenches just like me.
  15. Yes the new islands in the 8 grids are their spawn points. Camels I guess are rare spawns in desert biomes. Haven't went and looked for either yet. Being the happy hoarder with the cargo racks rightnow
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