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  1. Sadie Blackhawk

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    I can somewhat sympathize for him. But then I think about my husband who deploys and has no comp for months and months. He's never bitched/moaned about missing events. It's called life. Then I drink my coffee and go nah. These events start Friday night and run through Monday. Even when he has duty. He still gets sleep and was able to partake in events when he is home.
  2. Sadie Blackhawk

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    It would be nice to get the auroras with the 2x althroughout the map. Or some kinda weather anomaly specific to regions like a locust swarm or something in the desert for 2x. Monsoon for tropical/equatorial. Temperate could have umm not sure. shooting stars or something? The northern lights or auroras are so killer when you can see them in polar.
  3. Patch love. It was at least posted on NA PVE
  4. Sadie Blackhawk

    Better Loot.

    I suggested this way back in the beginning. What I envisioned was a black market broker/broker like they did on everquest. You had a designated area and an npc that you went to that you listed your goods with. Then a billboard at your house to see what you had for sale.
  5. Sadie Blackhawk

    And it starts

    And if you change the flags to those parameters. Nearly ever land owner will put it to company only or allies. Shortage of land yet again if population picks up. I honestly feel the current claim system has hurt the population. Huge drop in numbers after the wipe. When people seen the claim system they implemented in the patch notes for PTR. Most people hung up the game at that point. Now I made the choice to live in lawless after testing the system in PTR. However I often wonder on settlements-Can anyone demo abandoned stuff or just the claim owner like it was when we had flags everywhere? If just the claim owner can demo items on the settlement after the 10 days. That I see as a huge problem. I've seen too many lazy landowners even before the wipe. I also feel as a pirate game. You should be able to "raid" peoples abandoned stuff. I think if they added that in. People would be more inclined to clean the map up instead of just leaving crap everywhere. I'd also like to see some auto decay/vanishing items. I see signs, newbie huts, and peoples locked animal traps everywhere. Settlements/lawless/golden age ruins. They put the system in where flags require upkeep to stay functional. I get how the colonies system works great for PVP. I'm not sure its the best fit for PVE. I also understand how running 2 different systems would be a huge headache for the devs/programmers. Really i'd love to see them do the single claim flag per person with upkeep involved or go to the original system they thought of -upkeep on structures. Anything more then one flag per person I think they'll run into problems like they did before. Get rid of the lawless islands altogether. It's honestly kinda sad sailing through a lot of grids and being the only person in there. Yes there is land to go around but also seen foundation spam in mass quantity on all types of islands. Hell ive even seen settlement owners spam their own islands to keep people from living there. Gold isn't hard to come by. Hell I made a ton with a lvl 8 bear or even flotsam crates. They already essentially did away with the resource taxes and turned the whole map into lawless. I mean really there isn't much difference between settlement/lawless anymore. One person has to babysit. The other just lives on an island.
  6. Sadie Blackhawk

    Server Loading

    Yeah I just tried exiting steam and restarting. Just rerolling primategamedata_bp. Seems they broke something. Like a bad game day. Lost my big giraffe this morning and I think my Ostrich-Mrs Fluffy is on passive out in the middle of the water. Sure it'll be gator bait by the time it gets fixed.
  7. Sadie Blackhawk

    Server Loading

    Yep I've been stuck on it since I lost connection/timeout. Just got the patch not to long ago.
  8. Sadie Blackhawk

    Animals not attacking back in water.

    I noticed it first when I was running the shoreline, lion dismounted me and bear on follow. I'd end up dead. If bear was a little offshore in water they won't fight back. Now I've lost 2 animals-giraffe and rhino. Really a lvl 60+ animals dying to a lvl 1 or lvl 5 crocodile? Almost lost another rhino this morning due to it. When I logged in it was at 1/4th health. They just sit there and get eaten in water that's not even all that deep. Yes my animals were on neutral. I had to round the rest up. Also I had 2 parrots and 2 seagulls in cages. They are awol. I put them in there so they wouldn't fly off. Could we please get a perch or something for birds to sit on so they don't fly away.
  9. Sadie Blackhawk

    Shieldhorns and L3

    Yeah I know they are immune to bullets and arrows. It's just well. Meh. Even on pvp server I couldn't see using it. So damn slow. Was gonna grab a razortooth this weekend. But after the shieldhorns. Think im gonna pass till they do something with them. Heard they too are kinda a vanity tame.
  10. Sadie Blackhawk

    Shieldhorns and L3

    Gotta say im a bit disappointed with the amount of work that went into getting these tames. Finally took one out for a test ride. Yep i'll stick with bears, elephants and rhinos. Was expecting a bit more for something that came out of the golden age ruins. Stamina is horrid on them. Ok so its only a lvl 20 pretame but even the charge attack-well id rather be on my bear. They should be able to carry more also. Little bit more damage would be nice. Harder tames should be worth the effort. Oh and it seems that L3 is going through almost double the spawns. It's insane. I lagged out running into the cave trying to turn in the artifact. Was all the skellies, several spiders, bears, and lions. Ya'll need to take a look at the spawners in that grid. If that's a 60% reduction in spawns id hate to see it before.
  11. Sadie Blackhawk

    Shoulder Mount Birds and Penguins

    If they are on a ship-non shoulder mounted-move or you die. I keep losing my birds. So far 2 parrots, penguins and just now a crow has gone awol. They just vanish without a trace and no death message or anything in the logs.
  12. Sadie Blackhawk

    Discovery Points for leveling.

    Also make the discoveries similar to ark as in chest or urn that you need to open. Would be better to know what your looking for not just take a stab in the dark when you might get lucky to run across a point. The excitement of finding an urn in ark is awesome. Base xp plus 2x for so many seconds of finding one. Harder the area the more xp you get.
  13. Sadie Blackhawk

    Discovery Points for leveling.

    Upping the points per discovery has helped a ton. My thoughts over morning coffee. Dump the idea of forcing discoveries for leveling just make it xp based. People are going to do treasure maps regardless which will force exploration on its own. Also you need several different resources for bps-which will make for exploration. Proposed idea- Questline much like veteran explorer. Have increments. So many discoveries you can unlock lets say a new ship. Ex-Viking Longboat-faster speed for traveling the map after so many discoveries. Little larger then a schooner but smaller then a brig. Steampunk like ship for the more fantasy based players. Lets say this can carry more weight, some defences but ultimately a harvesting ship. Kinda like a smaller galleon. I'm sure you get the gist of where im going with this. I know you have skins coming out. Would love to see some sails skins to give the ships different looks. The questlines that do give discovery points ie-whales/powerstones. Use those to unlock extra levels. Lets say xp cap at 90- The whales/powerstones used to unlock 91 etc.
  14. LFG/LFR option would be great. I can't say anything about WoW was an EQ1/2 player myself. I do miss the chaos of EQ1's raids. I can't go back to hardcore raiding of EQ2 with the avatars. On NA PVE im a solo player. Yep I die a lot but most things I seem to be able to accomplish on my own. At times I do miss the whole grouping thing. Hopefully they will bring in a grouping option for dungeon crawls so i'm not forced into joining a company etc. I can't say im opposed to companies-I just have a different play style. Most people want to go out and defeat everything the first week. Myself I like to meander around, explore, build and then kill.