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  1. Atlas was, is and will always be nothing more than a scam. These criminal devs knew what they were doing. Its technically not illegal to call a game early access til the end of time. That way they don't need to fix anything ever. Just sell copies for full price and not offer a shred of customer support. This was a cash grab and we fell for it. Theres no other explanation left
  2. If they were vacant 2 weeks Longer... Doesn't that specifically mean you did in fact get 2 more weeks? But sure call other people a dumbass after saying something so stupid. .im guessing based on your childish attitude and bs excuse that you are one of the devs?
  3. Wow they made it 26 hours before the servers crashed en masse. Good job scam artist devs. You guys need to pull on your shoulders just hard enough to actually see the light of day. Don't add any new idiotic content until the game actually works
  4. They can't be bothered to patch a single Bug. Turns out this whole atlas thing was just a low effort scam. They aren't going to do the right thing
  5. I have an xbox one x brand new. Top of the line. Big black rectangle. Thanksi purchased a product. They took my money. The product should function Otherwise what did i pay for? This is unethical business If the game won't work on xbox.... don't take money from xbox players. Plain and simple
  6. 1 The announcement on the official xbox club was in February and labeled the 26th not the 24Th. Which should matter 2 a brand new xbox is not an old xbox the top of the line xbox is not a weak xbox. The game is sold on Xbox therefore it should run on xbox. They took my money and according to most posts on this forum i was lied to. The game doesn't play on xbox. So are you telling me fraud has occurred? Why was a post put on the official xbox page for Atlas claiming an update would occur "on the 26th", if no update ever took place
  7. 61 days ago you posted on xbox official club that the servers would be shut down "on the 26th". 3 different "26ths" have come and gone and still the maintenance has not taken place. This game is nearly unplayable on my brand new xbox one x. When exactly does "the 26th" refer to? Be specific.
  8. The same story happened with ark. 8 years later its still pre release. Calling a product pre release for its entire lifespan does not absolve the company profiting from any responsibility to the customers. At all. Nice try with the same lame tactic the devs have used to rip people off for years now I keep posting hee, because here is the official location to voice complaints when i feel i have been wronged. That's the appropriate way for adults to handle things. You however have decided to just advertise pvp servers on behalf of millionaires who aren't paying you or providing you with reasonable service. So that begs the question. Why are you here? Are you actually an employee pretending to be a customer?
  9. Just because you play pvp doesn't mean everyone does. The fact is, the advertised this game as having pvp. They advertise and sell it on xbox The ethical thing would be to have this game work as advertised. Even if it isn't specifically the thing that you like. They are taking money for the product. This is a business discussion
  10. Its just the standard around here. "Early Access" for the entire life of the product. That way theres no need to bother with customer service. Also. They break the game constantly and never address the actual root issues. This is par for the course
  11. They have never tried to fix anything they just add new "features" that are less refined every time. Compare a cog to a schooner. They don't belong in the same game
  12. Maybe they should do that job then. Since every product they have ever released had been held together by duct tape and prayers
  13. I tried these steps. Which is an absurd troubleshooting idea btw. It didn't help Just like 16 days ago, the problem is on the companies end. Not the players.
  14. I am having the same issue. Its been a whole 16 days since the last time they screwed up the xbox service completely. Hopefully we can make it all the way to 3 whole weeks before they fail again. Don't expect a response from devs they only respond on a secret discord apparently
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