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  1. Yep.. based on the info for Season 12, I see you are right on the money... still 6X6 map but now lands will be claimable.. so.. no room unless you are dropping flags the minute they relaunch.. awesome Cant say Im surprised... been playing since launch and seems the devs just love stepping on their own feet.
  2. Since the latest patch that rolled out 2/1, the SINGLE PvE server yall have running is completely unplayable. Buildings and ships dont load in, movement is sketchy, if you get in at all. This was NOT an issue prior to the Small Company and Xbox PvP servers being launched. Decay timers are running down... I already see buildings at the "Destructable" stage and many more buildings will be there soon. Tame claim time is also continuing to accumulate while this issue is going on. If you arent gonna roll things back to 1/30, you may as well wipe the Whales Solitude server, as whenever you do fix it.. the first people in will claim any buildings/resources and tames that others have accumulated... not to mention the ones that will just die in tame racks. How can you screw up the ONE server you left for PvE when the patch was supposed to consolidate PvP servers??? I have tried for the last year an a half to be an ambassador for this game on You Tube and Discord. If yall dont want PvE as part of the game.. well.. bravo ... cuz youre about to lose a lot of players AGAIN.
  3. Sounds encouraging! Keep up the push devs, so happy to see work being done here again and a real path forward. Would be great to see something done on the PVE side as well... at least for addressing pillar spamming islands to the point they they are useless to land or spawn on.
  4. I usually play PvE, with Ark, there was no point unless you had a private server or a friend who had one, as the officials were full and lag was terrible. Been playing PvE on EU (even though Im in the US) to avoid quibbling over resources (most of the times I was on, others were not) but even then, most of the land was claimed so I started and ended living on lawless islands. Currently giving Colonies a chance, not sure PvP will be my thing, but at least it shouldnt be full of mega tribes zerging the map every night. Still going lawless for now, not sure my little group is ready to own an island and stay up with the upkeep, and not really interested in paying a 50% tax to someone else unless it affords some bit of security. Likely that wont settle in until everyone has had their fill of being dictators and we end up with Settlement owners who want people to help them keep a claim vs just being a resource farm. I know there are good people out there on this game, watch the forums for folks interested in welcoming settlers, or go PvE EU, or wait until they launch PvE in NA (and just use this time to get used to the game mechanics and dont be concerned of what you will leave behind when you move). Yuli
  5. Woooooooooooooooooot and Huzzah.. walking a way DID work.. well I'll be damned! Your welcome everyone
  6. I think I'll step a way for a few, the suspense is killing me! Maybe if I walk away, it will happen.. like a watched pot never boiling.. although.. thats kinda dumb, cuz evenutually a heated pot will boil at the right temp, watchers or no... this however......
  7. Um, Nanet, that proverbial ship has sailed. They have been advertising for a month that the new version of atlas would have us all starting over from scratch. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but all your stuff is lost in the ether. Welcome to all new Atlas 1.5!
  8. I finished off a schooner on NA-PvP on a lawless sector and mine was still here this morning, but i had not launched it yet. Ive had the same thing happen though before the PTR on EU PvE normal mode, parked a fully stocked brig overnight prepping to go whale hunting the next day but when I logged on, my ship was gone along with all my supplies... only thing left was all my NPC crew and tames were treading water and I had to go swim out and pull them ashore, cuz I had to pay them all before they would answer my whistles. Fun times.
  9. Hope this is something yall are already working, but Im on NA PvP PTR and the game crashes with a fatal error each time I go to pull up my inventory. 10:51 Eastern time US
  10. Another big patch tonight?? REALLY? Or is this THE patch.. is 1.5 here?? Are they actually gonna launch a day early? Oh be still my throbbing heart!
  11. We gotta get you a more exciting life it that was the scariest hhehehehehe
  12. Yuli1961


    I like to tundra region too, like you said, quiet up there.... for now K9 on PVP is quiet but once the full release comes out... Im sure my neighbors wont be so neighborly, so will likely go back to PvE. Hearing the whale song at night is kinda awesome.. looking forward to seeing the aurora borealas effect that was promised. Will likely hang in K9 PvP til the full release just to play around.. the new island there is a bit frustrating, EVERYTHING you need EXCEPT Elephants, sap, crystal and gems (ok.. so they just have HALF of everything). The sap thing is REALLY buggin me.. looked all over the new land mass Im on and havent found a bit.. plenty of copper, no sap for paste or alloy. Heading over to see if I can figure out where they moved TorDown Key, which is where my original home was before I moved to M3. If I cant find sap, I think I'm gonna pull the pin and switch over to PvE... well... depending on when the actual full launch happens... isnt that supposed to be tomorrow? AH HAHAHAHAHAH, ok.. I can dream right? If youre on PVE and need a compadre, look me up on global.. Yuli Surferdood... Im an old fart with insomnia, who is on most every night from 8p-2a Eastern (so my son calls me a no-lifer too). You seem like good people. I run with a small group: a long time gamer friend, my 30 something son and son in law. They whine a lot.. but are not too obnoxious :). Most nights they wimp out by around 10pm so its just me, my Monkey Mr. Sniffles and my bear Beverly (or whatever their names will be once the update comes thru).
  13. Yuli1961


    Would love to know how things go for you Sadie. Ive been mostly a PVE player, but tried out the PVP on PTR, and sitting on a decent spot for now on a lawless island, so will likely ride out the PTR here with some short forays to different locations once I get my SoTD killer ship built. I dont get the decay thing in PVE claims... just makes it seem like a lawless island where I would now have to pay taxes for my hard work... where's the fun in that? Still have to deal with decay if I go off on business or god help me, take a vacation. I hope the devs are reading these posts and thinking about the risk/reward proposition of the new set up. PVP Empires is just gonna be the same as before, no-lifers or hard core gamers looking to wipe out small groups or solo players. The idea that they stated in the capt log around the Colonies version being more "small company and solo player friendly" is kind of idealistic when they have set things up not for mechantilism but feudalism. I love this kind of game, I loved Ark and have enjoyed being part of the Atlas launch, and I'll likely keep playing with my small band of friends even after the new stuff comes out and "settles out" as someone stated above, but Grapeshot needs to decide what it wants this game to be... maybe once they do that, the players can decide if they still want to play it. Dont peddle a story that you want a world with trade and merchant shipping... with a smattering of pirateering going on in Colonies when you set up a world that still keeps all the land in the ownership of a small percentage of people who then dictate how the world works... its like little kids burning ants on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass... its not right... but kids will be doing it as long as they can find a magnifying glass. Im very afraid for PvE under the current system, basically it will be a "pay to play" process, with the pay being virtual, but still limiting the fun and experience of everyone but land owners. If I get no benefit for my taxes (increased decay time, ability to build shops, increased XP as a collective for example) then why got to a settlement at all, just go lawless and ride the tide. At least before I could ally with another company and find a home spot to build a "permanent home" but I wont be able to do that anymore. I get the comment above about sending a msg in Global to find a safe haven.. but I got forced into doing that in Ark... not interested in posting "who's the Alpha" everytime I narrowly escape a SoTD with my boat full of holes, looking for a place to repair it and just finding a greedy 12 year old troll profitting off my misfortune by taking half of everything I farm to get going again. Thats what drove me and my clan to get a private server just to be able to play. Maybe thats Grapeshots goal in the end... drive revenue by partnering with G-portal or others once people get fed up with the lack of ability to just play the game. I'm rooting for ya Grapeshot, I really am, but I hope you are taking into consideration who you want to play your game. If its the "little guy" well, based on feedback so far, Id say you have your work cut out for you.
  14. Seems like there should be some incentive for settling, and so far I haven't seen one. So hopefully the devs will start to see that. As for pillar/foundation spamming... not sure how to fix it.. "unattached" structures decay faster would be a way, but isn't foolproof, then you just have 2X2 foundations set up all over.
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