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Found 21 results

  1. WInslow

    Animal transport

    I would like to suggest a structure that can be added to boats, unique per vessel, that can vary based on the size of the ship. The structure can be an animal pen that has limited space, each tame will still be counted toward total ship crew but each tame type would count toward a specific amount of space in the secure structure. The structure would need to be on the top deck of the ship. Example, the structure on a brigantine would have 10 effective animal slots. An elephant, giraffe or rhino would cost 5 slots. You could safely store 2 large creatures. A bear would cost 3, so 3 bears. Horse, cat, cow, bull and sheep would cost 2, so 5. Shoulder pets and chickens would be 1, so 10. This would be a way to store creatures for either long voyages or for safety. Each creature gets a unique ID associated with it. The stored creature would drop inventory (except saddle) and would have food storage slots for animals. Their effective weight would still count toward total ship weight, and the structure couldn't be destroyed by the radial menu while it has animals in it. It could still be damaged from PVP and ships of the damned, upon destruction it would release the animals and they'd be relatively injured and/or panicked. We are losing tames while crossing over zone borders. Tames start to glitch, go through ceilings, fly off vessels or sink to the ocean floor and die. This would prevent a lot of vanishing tames, tames lost at borders or those that end up dying when you are trying to get them on board. Sure, you can build a platform and walk them on board now but if you are out harvesting or adventuring you risk losing them when sending to a ship, or whistling them on to a ship. It's just unreliable and glitchy. There could also be a variety of stables, barns or other structures for bases where we could store tames. Same damage rules would apply, similar limits. Other games have structures like this where you can store pets, tames, livestock etc, in a somewhat safe place. (Life is Feudal comes to mind)
  2. ~Taming & Trading Gallery~ Finest Tames since release! by Anne Beaglelove Since the release we have been taking care of the needs of the ATLAS players and providing them with the best games. We are in: -D9 Tranquil Island (53.53 / 9.57) (Discovery Point "Hushmans Pass") and all around and get new requests every day and we are always looking forward to meet new people At the moment we have all Tames (except Razorthooth and co.) in stock, we have worked through all pre-order lists and are now looking forward to new customers. FAQ What makes you different? All games have been tamed by myself or one of the trading partners and have 100% taming efficiency. We sell all tames unleveled, that means you can distribute the skill points freely, of course we will help you with any questions. We have a very fair consultation and take our time to clarify all questions. If you are satisfied with the name we are also How much do the Tames cost? We have been getting feedback from friends, partners and customers over and over again and have introduced a level based pricing system, where the level after Taming (Wild Level) is decisive. This can be found below, including examples. Do you also buy Tames? Only from partners and trusted companies/players. Which levels do your games have? We have tames in all levels, so everyone can afford one. Do you also deliver tames? On request we also deliver, but this is not a general service. The costs for this are (200G / per square, shortest possible way). For further questions please contact PM. PRICES (ALL TAMES INCL. SADDLE) Elephant 50G or 1000 Thatch / per Lev. Giraffe 100G or 2000 Thatch / per Lev. Bear 70G or 1.400 Thatch / per Lev. Horse 60G or 1.200 Thatch / per Lev. Lion M 80G or 1.600 Thatch / per Lev. Lion W 70G or 1.400 Thatch / per Lev. Tiger 60G or 1.200 Thatch / per Lev. Rhino 100g or 2.000 Thatch / per Lev. Wolf 60G or 1.200 Thatch / per Lev. Shoulder tames 30G or 600 Thatch / per Lev. Birds 40G or 800 Thatch / per Lev. Penguin 100G or 2.000 Thatch / per Lev. Example: Lev 23 Elephant -> 23*50G= 1.150G -OR- 23*1000 Thatch= 23.000 Thatch PARTNERS: - "Fairy Tails" D11 Milton Enclave (Discord: https://discord.gg/AHa5ejK) If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, please leave a mail or write to me via PM. Thank you very much for your attention! ~Taming & Trading Gallery~ Finest Tames since release! by Anne Beaglelove
  3. KayaBorealis

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Can you guys finally fix the animals and crewmembers and even players falling through boats and floors? Every serverrestart our tames, crew (and we sometimes as well) are dead because they fall either through two or three decks or two or three floors, animals as well as crew, and it's starting to get old. I know this isn't ark, but you're using a lot of the same code, and I've only seen this happen in ark once or twice in over 1300 hours. Please fix this!
  4. In my opinion and literally everyone else i have ever spoken too think the gorgon's stun is far far too long at 30 seconds and should be reduced and the fact tames can be stunned also is pretty dumb. ive made a poll for you all to vote on, whether its seen by the devs is another thing.
  5. Transporting a bear to the anchored ship via radial dial resulted in catapulting it into the ocean on the opposite side of the ship. Attempting a second transport launched the bear into limbo. It was not ON the ship. Not IN the ship. Not UNDER the ship. It could not be whistled. It was nowhere to be found. Finally giving up the search, weighing anchor and sailing away, we later came across the bear swimming aimlessly in the open ocean. Could we please keep the radial dial from launching tames into the open ocean? It might have some positive use for mutinous crew, however. Not to mention other Company members.
  6. So, right now I have a sheep, bear, horse and cow on my ship. They are all terrible crewmates. Even so, I still can't figure out how to direct them with the "comma" whistle, just to order them to a new position on the ship, or on a new island. This is especially helpful when it works, as they snap back to the ship deck and stop glitching out. Unfortunately, it has stopped working for all but one of my animals (sheep). I've tried moving them to a new tame group, changing active tame groups, unassigning and reassigning them to heed group whistles, and I get nothing. I've tried renaming, having no name on the group. Tried different numbers of groups. Tried cycling the active groups completely. Still can't figure it out. It's not a major thing, as I can always have them follow me and get them in a general area. Still, it would be a lot less headache if it just worked the way it should. Is anyone else having this issue, or know if this is an already known issue?
  7. PHaRTnONu

    bug Transfer (ANIMAL) to (BOAT) = DEAD

    So over the last few weeks a slight annoyance has turned into a HUGE issue for our company, we have lost about 10 Tamed bears in the last week due to transfer from water or land to a boat. On one occasion i was looking up enough and saw said BEAR Fly away into the air... now some people said they are falling to the bottom and drowning.. they are not, company log shows they were "KILLED" not drowned this is the same message for fall damage death give. I would say this happens around 5% to 10% of the time I don't know maybe have a tag area for when you transfer a animal to the boat so we can SAY this spot in the middle of the deck is where we want animals to transfer on. This would also prevent them transferring between the ship panel and a built on cabin or raised deck (which happens daily).
  8. Today we had 4 shieldhorns disappear at our base. We play on PVE, our pen is locked and secured. Things do not spawn there. After getting a few treasure maps we returned to our base and our shieldhorns were gone. Just them. All of our tigers/lions/bears/ etc. were still there within the pen. Tried whistling, no use. Tried holding H, they don't pop up. There was a full trough of food so they did not starve and there was no death notification in the logs. I have never personally had this bug but it seems like a major one, my company is pretty upset because we spent a whole day getting them. Is there a way to get them back somehow? If anyone has suggestions please let me know.
  9. Often times when moving an animal to a ship, three times in the last 24 hours, we have lost tames. When attempting to move the animal to the boat it will disappear from view. Sometimes you can whistle all follow or something and it will pop back up. Sadly in these cases it will not. Shortly after you receive a message it has died. My assumption is that its drowning but there is never a description in the death message or company log. I have even tried to rush to the wheel to raise and drop anchor or move a little to get it to reset but they are just gone. We have lost an elephant, bear and now a wolf. Is there any precautions we can do to prevent this? Have tried having them on follow, not follow, passive and neutral.
  10. Over 300 hrs and been playing since day 1. Oh Atlas I want to love you but you make it so damn hard. The learning curve for a small company is brutal. I'm playing PVE NA and I made through loosing a dozen ships to griefers and glitches in the beginning but I rebuilt, managed to find and grab land, acquired and leveled tames and bought some crew, it looked like things were finally getting better. I even made a successful naked run to the FOY. 3 days ago Galleon was sunk by a kited sotd crew was eaten by sharks, ok no big rebuild keep crew indoors until needed. I have learned to put tames in an elevated pen on passive, in the middle, not close to the walls, also double layer the walls with a foundation between. Yesterday I log on and kill an Alpha cobra had eaten all my company's tames though it is still a mystery how. And the icing on the cake? This morning I log in to find that the crew of 10 who were seated around the table in the middle of a stone castle have all been eaten by a lvl 3 lion. How in the actual ****?! Yes I'm whining an yes I'll probably still play cause I love the idea of this garbage game and wish I could fast forward 2 yrs to when its good. Alas for now it's back to square one.
  11. As title says. All tames were inside a full stone base with all stone floors and double walls 2 foundations apart. Snake spawned inside base and killed all tames. But, I'm glad snakes don't get stuck on bamboo anymore, or walls.
  12. Lady Autumnrose

    Breeding Changes

    So after our very first attempt at breeding and spending 12 hours (yes, 12 hours) trying to care for and raise our little foal and having it die to an extended heat wave I personally think there should be some changes to breeding or at least raising of the babies. it's hard enough spending 8 hours getting the baby from baby to juvenile I think once you get to that point the temperature part of the raising of the baby should go away so you don't have to spend the rest of the next couple days non-stop caring for the baby. Grapeshot stated that animals would not be the focus of the game so why not shorten baby raising times or at least remove the temperature mechanic so you aren't stuck for several days non-stop caring for baby. I mean gestation takes 13 hours for a horse then baby-juvenile is another 8 hours and lord knows how many more hours from juvenile to adolescent since Juvenile hits at 10%. taking away the temperature mechanic from breeding (at least for after babies are born) would make it much simpler while still making it take time to raise the baby. Please devs work on the breeding/temperature mechanic for babies, spending 12 hours of non-stop baby horse care just to watch it die to a super long/double heat wave was super heartbreaking RIP Lucifer, our first foal
  13. Sovereign Snow

    bug Send Tame To Ship - Vanishes

    Lost my Elephant just now. Got it close to the side of my Brig, then held E on it and "Send To Ship." It vanished. I looked up from the top of my masts, I swam down to the bottom of the sea. I looked around my base and even relogged. I even asked an alliance member if they could see it, and I could not. The Elephant is gone. cheat TP K7 148304 62731 549
  14. Endo Fett

    Remove Alphas!!

    Just lost another barn full of tames to a f**king alpha snake. Alphas do nothing positive for the experience. They are not a “fun challenge” they are a death sentence for tames and players. You force me to mine distant metal nodes for stone structures (seriously f**k you), take away my ability to zipline with it, and don’t give me any alternative to slowly marching home through the killing fields of alphas and predators. THIS IS TERRIBLE GAME DESIGN Please PLEASE try to play your own game for an hour, unlock stone, and try this shitty process for yourself. Many people have personally told me that between the changes to stone buildings and the alphas, they don’t even want to sign in anymore. But its ok, because you’re working on the really important stuff, like nerfing tamed dragons...what the actual f**k
  15. DashDangerous

    Bred tames changing gender and color

    We’re breeding horses and are running into issues with the offspring: - All babies are born male - Adult bred horses sometimes change color on server restart or in different biomes. For example, a buckskin horse born in Eastern Temperate changed to mid-brown in Western temperate, and a mid-brown horse changed to dark brown with the same biome changes. Another buckskin born in Western Temperate changed to black on server restart while being kept in the same biome. Wild tamed horses are unaffected. - Adult bred horses sometimes change gender on server restart. These horses can be bred as males when their UI says they’re male and can be bred as females when their UI says they’re female.
  16. Döschl

    bug pls unbug my elephant on my brig!

    i hate it!!!!!! it is very difficult for me to tame/get an elephant!!! i put the elephant on my brig and he stucks between the decks..... i lost a ship because i want to get my elephant. pls.....fix this ♥♥♥♥n BUG!!!!!!!!!!! he cant follow me....nothing....i wouldnt destroy my brig!!!!
  17. Do not. DO NOT build on ceilings. All tames and players offline fall through the floor. 39 tames lost to tigers. 39, including Giraffes, Elephants, Rhinos, Ostriches, Cows, Bulls, Sheep, Penguins to name a few. HOURS of work, just poof. I have included the tames that were killed. I don't know if theres anything an Admin could do, but the amount of hours lost is just baffling.
  18. Love the game, really do. It's been a roller coaster of a ride so far with a few memorable moments. The combat is very fun and having ship attack a shore base while you are on the shore is a thrilling experience, that's for sure. But enough of that, I need to get this off my chest.... (pun intended) Firstly, White and Red meat... Not animal and fish meat. Guys, there's such a thing. Chickens are white meat, as are fish. Humans, pigs... WHITE MEAT. The rest, red meat. This is a change that needs to be in the game and I cannot believe there's such a thing as 'animal meat' when it's pretty obvious that having white and red would be both more realistic and offer far more variety. Birds would also give white meat. This is a real life thing, it really is! Pork is white meat... I can't stress enough how much this actually bugs me. The crocostimpy cannot be hit by a tame head-on. It simply has no hit box on it's nose, so extending that sarco bounding box a little would be nice Refertilizer: PLEASE make it a thing in this game. Having a new tribe member run out and cut all my trees down around my base was heartbreaking, it really was. I'd love to be able to regrow them and turn my base into the beautiful paradise it once was because it's now this ugly grey box on a hill and I hate looking at it. So much so that I don't even want to log in any more. It's really that ugly and offers me no natural cover at all. The barrels are nice, so is the way they get water and I really love the piping system. I'd really enjoy seeing a Distillery in the game, so as to make a more potent grog and give the game a little more realism when it comes to crafting some items, rather than have a mortar and pestle. In all it's been a fantastic game so far and I really can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed it... RED and WHITE meat guys. Pigs are white meat, so are humans... Chickens are the same as fish in terms of meat.. (snakes too) so this would be a welcome addition and I'm really shocked this isn't in the game, I really am. I don't like the 'steering wheel' either because we all know it's a helm. We don't go calling a joystick a steering wheel for the sake of a few simple minded types, do we? I'd prefer to craft a helm and put that on the bridge... Alas matey, we can't all have it the way we like it but seriously, it needs to be called what it is for the sake of all the pirates out there who call for a bit of immersion. All in all, it's great despite the many masses saying otherwise. Having to go into the water for 'white meat' while chickens cluck around me is the only annoyance I have really.
  19. Tacti

    All farming tames dead again...

    And again all of our farming tames (elephant, rhino and bear) was killed over night... we had a big stone wall and 3 big stone gates around them, 3 etage stone floors under them, but still an alpha tiger could spawn inside and kills everything... This is so f***ing annoying... Fix the spawn of wild creatures that they can't spawn on structures!!!! PLEASE!!!
  20. Moon man

    tames damaging through walls

    Hey, so i'm being raided and the enemy players are using their tames to destroy my base from the inside, in the picture below this guy used his wolf to destroy my storage box. if i was sleeping he would've been able to kill me and steal my land.
  21. Hello Would it be a major problematic change to either greatly lessen or outright remove the collection of berries on some tames, they simply get in the way and end up tossed on the ground while farming on them I am just wanting our "Tool tames" to feel like they are meant to actually farm specific resources, as opposed to them all being "berry farmers" with a side ability to farm a resource The three major tames in question with this being an issue.... from my understanding are Rhino Giraffe Elephant You swing twice and end up encumbered and having to open inventory and drop stacks upon stacks of berries so this QOL change - remove their berry collecting - we have many other creatures that can farm those (bull to name one)