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  1. Get your Sail and Tame skins without the hassle of building them yourself. AtlasGame.skin
  2. Stock Sails and Skins
  3. What's the issues with xbox custom sails? There's issues with PC too.
  4. Pathfinders - Get your READY TO LOAD Sail and Flag graphics now! If you've ever tried to get a good looking sail drawn or uploaded, you KNOW it's not as easy as it should be. That's why I created ATLAS GRAPHICS. I LOVE seeing well done sails in-game! Don't you? How about when you're sailing? Isn't it way better to see a beautiful sail design instead of just a single color or worst an UNPAINTED sail? And how about those flags? Are you using them? FLY YOUR COLORS! Get your Country flag too. CUSTOM SAIL DESIGN SERVICE available now!
  5. Add an option to the map that turns on players shops? It's fun just running into them, but it would be more fun to know where to go when you need something in a hurry. Love the game!
  6. Use the med-kit. Over and over and over. Having one other person is also very helpful, but solo is absolutely doable.
  7. After building many traps that did not work I finally figured out the best way to get a herd built up. I will call it, Block & Build. First it's best to already have a horse. I know, this is not what you wanted to hear. Buy one, borrow one or try this technique with a wolf or a bear or whatever you have. Build 6 thatch foundations and about 10 thatch walls and put them on your hotbar. Then run around with the wild horses, when one stops near you, walk you and your animal in front of it for the block. The horse will rear up and try to run, but it usually only runs forward. You will need to back up a tad and then move forward a tad very quickly to get the horse stuck inside your mount. At this point throw down your foundations and walls around the wild horse and you, as fast as you can. Start at the left and right of the wild horse to stop it from turning, then cover the back. The foundations do not need to connect, in fact it's better if they don't. Leave gaps for taming, if possible. After that, figure out how to partition off the wild horse, get your mount out of the mix, grab your sugarcane and bolas, the rest is super easy. Or, come on over to G8 (PVE) and buy a horse from us. Happy Herding
  8. On the elephants and horses, when I try to upload a painting that has more than a couple colors or is fully covering the animal (like I do with sails), the game crashes.
  9. AGREED! The time it takes to tame a wolf vs the time it takes to rot your meat is insane.
  10. I would love to be able to offer up my sail painting skills for profit. Perhaps a shop where Pathfinders can bring in their sails and have them professionally painted? And maybe an option to trade labor as well as gold and resources for painting services. And if this were a thing, it would need an automatic 'save' for the design on the Pathfinder's side so they can re-use it. Also: Claiming Flags, Flags and Animals.
  11. For the third time in three days, I have to re-spec in order to use my upgraded tools.
  12. Twice after logging out over night I have had to fully re-spec my character in order to get the Masterwork and Journeyman tools to work again. They were on my hotbar at logout and then when I came back the next day, they were in my inventory and un-usable.
  13. Garden base at the B7 fresh water pool. Going to sell it soon!
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