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  1. SIX HOURS after my original encounter, the Army of the Damned is still in the same spot, milling around. This must be a bug.
  2. I have Soldiers of the Damned chasing me although I'm naked and have no maps or anything else on me. I didn't spawn them, they were milling around in a group before they saw me and aggroed on me. I killed myself and respawned, then tested the aggro again. They were still milling around aboveground and chased me yet again. I mean, yeah, my character is kinda lovely but WTF? Is this a new Atlas mechanic where anyone can get targeted by AotD, when they have NO map, or is this an Atlas bug? I saw no other player in the area at the time. I let 5 minutes go by, then wander back in their direction and the little creepers are STILL THERE, milling around, waiting for me. Again, WTF? FOUR HOURS LATER...I log back in and they're still there! What the ever-livin' eff, y'all?!?!?
  3. Yes, that's the trick. In order to change a Tier 2 tame from, say, neutral to "Attack YOUR (or my) Target", you must have the Tier 2 command skill. I assume that's the way it would be with Tier 3 animals too. Try it, Martyn, and let us know how you fare.
  4. I finally figured this out, see below...
  5. You guys are doing really well with using real item names like thyme, parsley, basil, acai, etc. Thought you might like to know that acerolla is incorrect spelling. For the sake of internal consistency, it would be nice to see 'acerolla' changed to its correct name: acerola. Minor correction, easily accomplished and proliferated. By the way, have you guys ever read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande MD, a Harvard professor? It's a magnificent book on a protocol used by aviation designers and testers, corporations of all kinds, surgical units across the globe and more for dramatically enhancing performance and outcomes in nearly any field. Book is well written, interesting, and applicable to game development and testing as well. Just thought I'd mention it.
  6. Check your "Firearms Unlock" under Archery and Throwing Weapons. There's a typo. It says FireRarms,
  7. For whatever reason, it did not work for me right after the patch dropped last evening. Doing what I did last night which did NOT produce a result, using the same grill, berries and a full waterskin DID produce a result this morning. Regardless of the reason I got completely different results, the bottomline is: I'm grateful it works again. Thank you, Grapeshot. And thanks for re-checking, TrevorJD.
  8. Patch Notes v207.7 is wrong. Despite the statement that "- Fixed Grill not being able to use water containers as a crafting resource", I just tested it. It STILL doesn't work. The Grill will not craft paints as intended.
  9. I understand your point. However, there is no logic behind allowing the Cooking Pot to make paints with waterskins yet deliberately removing that functionality from the Grill - cistern or no cistern. And as you also point out, grills on ships have no access to any other water source than waterskins. I don't believe this situation was created intentionally; I think it was an oversight on the part of the coder together with a failure to adequately test the changes made to the functionality. The most logical resolution would be to re-enable waterskin use for the Grill. I'm crossing my fingers that 'Jat looking into it' = 'we'll fix it asap'.
  10. There is no "repair" option on the radial dials for doorways, at least for thatch or wood doorways. They can be damaged but they cannot be repaired. I suspect this may be true with stone doorways as well (esp on PvP) but I haven't tested this yet.
  11. I hope you're right, TrevorJD. Right now the Cooking Pot does a far more efficient job of making paints than the upscale grill does. It should be easier and faster to make paints in the grill than in the cooking pot but with this last update, it's actually reversed. If you want to make paints right now, the best way to do it is in a cooking pot.
  12. Did someone ever float 'irregardless' past her? To this day, I want to put people in a chokehold when I hear that double negative. I figure that sounds like a good parent, too.
  13. FURTHER UPDATE: Same thing happened when I logged in again. Unable to open inventory or interact with anything. Died. Had no respawn options. Then for the first time I got the message that BattlEye said my client was not responding. Now I cannot "Rejoin Atlas". What's causing this, and more importantly, is it fixable?
  14. Another friend of mine in a completely different grid had similar problems and ended up just logging out and quitting the game for the night, hoping tomorrow will be different.
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