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  1. travis843

    Congrats for this new POS version

    The game crashes while in mid tame with no error and will not log back on. Had a giraffe 90 percent tame and this happens.
  2. travis843

    4k stutter

    The stutter was present in 100.5 but not in 100.6. Now the stutter is back in 100.7 and only switching to 2K resolution seems to resolve this. It's not my Hardware because every other game including Ark doesn't stutter at a solid 60fps. Maybe this bug is known or maybe it's not because I'm one of the few who play in 4k resolutions.
  3. travis843

    Giraffe taming

    Yet here's another bug that pops up with the update. While taming a giraffe and feeding it, it is able to turn its body while it is trapped by a Bola and glitches you into its attack path. Dev's please repair these old and new bugs before adding anything to the game. I would be happy with the game as is if these really old bugs and the new ones that was created are fixed.
  4. travis843

    Double weekends/days

    I thought the harvest rates were trash as well but as i play i think they are just. I cant say about the rates tames have bc i havent tamed any yet.
  5. travis843

    Crew Vanishes and Floats into Air - EU/PVE

    This is a bug that has plagued this game since day one. Instead of fixing basic bugs they would rather add material and wipe the servers. But just like when you're on the toilet you shouldn't wipe until you're finished LOL. I just hope with this new version of Atlas it makes this bug easier to squash. The only way I found to counter this bug is to make sure they're following you when you drop anchor that way when they float off they will usually fall back to the ground or have them in a covered cabin. But even after you do that, if you log out then log back on they're going to be sweeping the ocean floor because they fall through the deck.
  6. travis843

    Bookshelf bug

    Yes just like the ladder bug I'm sure it's still in the game.
  7. travis843

    Respawning under bed

    Yes i second it. This is an old glitch and should have been fixed with falling through ships and tames flying away.
  8. travis843

    Bookshelf bug

    The bookshelf cannot be placed on the interior of my schooner. Yes the clearances are fine, there is room for it but its only blue on the exterior and where the floor is missing for my stairway.
  9. Since there is no fog of War there is no way to tell what island you have discovered or have not discovered. Can we get a way to tell what islands we have visited? Or is there currently a way to tell and I'm missing it?
  10. travis843


    I was playing on day 2 of release. When the wife was announced I did not play much after that. So no I didn't get used to the 6 x rates and I have a life on weekend so I missed most 2X weekends. The Harvest rate is almost half of what it used to be. They tried to make this game not as much as a grind is the pre wipe days but I guess that's just out the window. The reviews speak for them self in this game and no matter if it's a dollar with all the negative reviews I doubt it will sell any more. But let's face it the new claim system is more of a game killer than the Harvest rates and most anything else.
  11. travis843

    I was told there would be a hat?

    Dont get me wrong, im in here to help new players and see the direction the game takes by feedback. I built a schooner after 10 hrs of harvest and knew i was done. I can imagine the tame rates are worse. It just my opinion and it is shared by 60% who have purchased this game. Im actually happy that most will only lose 15 buck when they realize it is a reskinned, worse version of Ark. I respect everyones opinion though and if you like the game, i feel no different towards you as someone who agrees with me. But the devs on the other hand are really starting to annoy and alienate those small company and solo players they promised to make revisions in the game for. Instead they only made the game even better for big companies. But one company shouldnt have control of a whole island, it should be divided into claimable regions atleast or if not use the old flag system with x amount of flags per person, per company. Not everyone can live on this game like some.
  12. travis843

    What happens to your buildings when...?

    Now that i think would count as post claim and demolishable by the owner but i havent confirmed it. As i read it after 10 or 12 hrs it is only demolishable by you, unless it changed. Its all in the patch notes.
  13. travis843

    What happens to your buildings when...?

    I can confirm it stays your building/ship bc i was on a unclaimed island and my building is still mine and was built 32 hours before it was claimed
  14. travis843

    I was told there would be a hat?

    Nope just someone with enough brains not to play this POS lol
  15. travis843

    False positive reviews

    Guys just go ahead and get over it, the new system will stay. You can complain all you want but the fact is this game caters to the big companies and they will give so many positive reviews and make fake accounts to give positive reviews. The devs lied when they said they would make this game better for solo players and small companies. The fact is this game is dead because they listen to too much feedback. If you dont like it dont play You waste your time to get on here and give any feedback because it will not be read. If this game makes it to release I will kiss every blue waffle infected muff in the country. That's how sure I am it will never make it. And by the way the company is ran it deserves to be in the trash pile with the Atari game ET.