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  1. Ameesa

    Water barrels not working

    Desert biome?
  2. Ameesa

    Show'n Tell Number #9: Deadline 8th July

    We haven't had time for colours yet ... The castle's still in the works. A lot of details are still missing ... but we are in no hurry. It wouldn't fit to the game, if you would reach everything immediately Kind regards Ameesa PS: Please let me know via PM if there are any problems loading the pictures. I've compressed them as much as possible and integrated url via google drive.
  3. Ameesa

    Ice dungeon EU pve

    Hey @Ost3fabrikk3n! I'll ask my buddies and get back to you.
  4. Ameesa

    Food and plots issues

    Actually, it's not a solution, but it works. Tear down the plot and then build a new one. Please feel free nvm
  5. Ameesa

    Kraken EU pve

    Oh no ... so sad .... We feel with you .... And you didn't record our killshot .... Also sad
  6. Ameesa

    Kraken EU pve

    We have taken our galleone with cannons and are on our way. (Crewname "Moers Evolved").
  7. Ameesa

    Kraken EU pve

    Hey! We'd like to join in and take one ship. If you want, you can decide: Galleon with a massive number of cannons Or Briggantine with ballists What more is needed? And where is the meeting point? So that we can sail there Thanks and see you Friday! Ameesa
  8. Ameesa

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    Switch between PvP and PvP .... And you'll bei finde
  9. Ameesa

    How to submit a ticket

    Already tried to switch ober to PvP or pve ? Just Join new without creating a new char. Then switch back
  10. Ameesa

    Host Pending Connection Error

    Try to switch between pvp and pve. Join new (without creating new char!) Other hint: Windows 8 compatibilty mode without fullscreen improvement (Same option Tab)
  11. Ameesa

    Treasure Maps not paying correctly

    If I take it with me, does the reduced rate of seven percent apply?
  12. Ameesa


    Too easy with a bear at passive ...
  13. Ameesa

    103.11 Crash to Desktop - Random. Code.

    Try compatibility mode Windows 8 and uncheck improved full screen mode (apply to both exe or shortcut)
  14. I really like the dynamics that develop here. In my mind, there are chaotic pirate nests with wild construction in lawless areas and more ordered structures on the claims. It's great and I hope the game will evolve as well. Thanks to the game developers! Keep it up!
  15. Ameesa

    Wind and Sailing

    I completely disagree. If you don't want to spend so much time on the water, maybe you shouldn't choose a pirate game.