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  1. CyanicEmber

    Taming a joke?

    If you prepare well you can tame level 30 wilds in like 5 minutes. Just gotta know what you’re doing and take every advantage offered.
  2. CyanicEmber

    Sharks keep killing crew from SOTD

    Spear Gun shreds sharks.
  3. CyanicEmber

    did they wipe again

    They did.
  4. I'm looking to book passage from the freeport in M2 or C14 to hunt Blue Whale and Sperm Whale and receive the Discovery Point Bonuses and Quest Skills associated with the two of them. I'm on Gorgon's Gaze NA PvE, based around J9 and willing to travel up to three tiles in any direction to deliver payment. Anyone available, and if so, what are your terms?
  5. CyanicEmber

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Well, I like the sound of this. But I also really love my tames and creatures... I am having me a concern.
  6. For Shield-Horn and Razortooth to even have a viable population on Golden Age Ruins they would need to have some kind of biological anti-magic or adaptation for hunting/defending against Mythos creatures. But that isn’t present in any way... Quite disappointing. In ARK you could just say “the system is replenishing the population” in Atlas it require more logic, which isn’t present.
  7. This game is a seafaring high fantasy adventure with piracy elements. If you like it, welcome good sir, if you don’t, there are other pure pirate games both released and in development. The door is that way. *points*
  8. CyanicEmber

    Do NOT take the 20th off from work/school/etc

    We spend 80% of our lives working just so we can have the resources we need to survive during the other 19% and enjoy life during the 1% we actually get to do what we really want to do. You wanna take time off for a video game? Absolutely do. We have a finite amount of time on this Earth and should enjoy as much of it as possible.
  9. CyanicEmber

    Pirate game?

    This new system actually allows for the formation of true Empires which will rise and fall with the passage of time. That sounds pretty cool to be.
  10. CyanicEmber

    Don't feel like playing until wipe.

    Just take a break. It won’t hurt you.
  11. CyanicEmber

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    I think the idea that customers should be allowed to say whatever they want and employees need to be “professional” regardless of circumstance is BS top to bottom. If we as a society don’t expect and command maturity and respect from both consumers and producers (but mostly consumers) we will never get it.
  12. CyanicEmber

    Pirate game?

    Atlas can be far more accurately described as a Seafaring High-Fantasy Survival RPG than as a “Pirate” Game. Plenty of Pirate games already exist, but as with Ark, Wildcard/Grapeshot have opted for a much wider scope that provides a unique experience which most Game Studios don’t have the guts to attempt creating.
  13. That does makes sense, but on the other hand, you could argue that gating content gives players incentive to work through all of the PvE challenges and test // provide feedback on them as well.
  14. Actually, the Kraken itself is the only real obstacle to a smaller company unlocking the sub, and even then there are many opportunities and work arounds to get past that hurdle. So I don't see an issue.