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  1. Actually I don't take issue with anything you said except where you dissed the Dolphins and Sea Horses and said they were a waste of time and effort.
  2. No, all I am saying is that you should let Atlas be Atlas, and if you want a game focused solely around PvP, go play one.
  3. I am delighted with Dolphins and Sea Horses because I don’t play this game to go “brr brr player dead I big manly man.” This game has a diverse audience and not all of them are invested in PvP. If I want really good PvP with primitive firearms and deep tactics I play Hunt: Showdown.
  4. Just give barrels a chance to misfire when used with catapults. That way even if people put them on ships it’s not necessarily a sure fire way to deal a decisive blow and could backfire in a big way.
  5. Without tames Atlas would just be Seas of Thieves.
  6. You're letting me have Dolphins? Okay, I might come back now.
  7. Taming is the best part of Atlas and I don’t want it to fall by the wayside in exchange for “pirate role play.” (Aka PvP) Plenty of games already do that.
  8. I was hoping for major continents in the four cardinal directions. *sigh* Guess I’ll just have to make this game myself when I get my studio going.
  9. I'm confused why everyone is interpreting one PvE server "for the time being" as, one PvE server which will eventually go away and not, one PvE server which will eventually be joined by more PvE servers...?
  10. You know, I am happy to finally have an update of some sort, and kind of excited to see where things go from here... But I’ve been a fan of this studio since Ark launched and I cannot help but feel hurt and frustrated by the lack of communication. I don’t understand why you’re so unwilling to even drop hints on what’s happening. I honestly thought you’d abandoned this project entirely. Does it really have to be this way?
  11. Perhaps they intended to fund further development with the cash from Genesis. Which may have sold a lot... But did not go over well. I suspect Wildcard is genuinely on their way out now. Unless they can really pull a 180 with Atlas...
  12. There's been barely any activity worth noting since you put that (apparently useless) roadmap out. If you're not planning on giving attention to the project, you can at least be forthright about it. Or did Ark: Genesis require you to reallocate too many team members to actually make significant progress?
  13. Personal opinion, take it or leave it, I think the game would benefit from having extremely rare materials in each category which can act as multiple types at the same time. Meaning if you had a blueprint which required 4 types of 4 different materials at 124 each, you could simply supply 496 of the Legendary Material of a given category to satisfy the requirements. Thought up some names for such materials. It would make treasure hunting more interesting and add a new and extremely lucrative resource to player markets. Particularly if it didn't "respawn" like normal nodes do. Heartwood - Wood Prismite - Stone Orichalcum - Metal Spiderweb - Fiber Cintamani - Gem Ichor - Oil Petrichor - Coal Lyngurium - Crystal Sparkstone - Flint Elderhide - Hide Ivory - Keratinoid Sap - Eitr Salt - Alkahest
  14. Um. No. They don't look familiar. Personally I don't think Atlas was ever intended to be a DLC, I think it was a new project from the ground up, which they used Ark as a framework to build-on because reusing code and assets is standard practice for game studios and has been probably since before either of us were born. It saves an amazing amount of time. If anything, you should be impressed with how dedicated they are to NOT reusing models from ARK. Every item or creature in Atlas that they could've borrowed from Ark they instead opted to make a brand new models and animations for, which, in my book, is a class act.
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