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  1. I suspect people are storing them there as a safety measure or if they are harvesters they are keeping them there for harvest trips to and from.
  2. CyanicEmber

    Creature Designer

    I’ll definitely go into this in much more detail on a dedicated post, but for the long-term health and longevity of this game I think it’s imperative that all skills, (and in this specific case, Taming and Breeding) have significantly more depth and breadth to them so that they can continue to surprise and delight players who’ve been playing a long time and reward them for time invested, making them want to keep coming back. As general broad suggestions I would like to put forth: -Rare Variants that have a percentage chance to spawn in certain regions or when the system spawns in a max lvl wild -Rare Colorations tied to region or lvl -Rare Cosmetic Features -Crossbreeding -Speciation -A fourth and obscenely expensive Tier for the absolute best Taming and Breeding skills and their related creatures. As to the creatures you’re wanting feedback on… · Bear – In my opinion Bears are currently the best tame in the game, they have the widest breadth of skills and abilities and can be easily specced for Combat or Utility. They have a large health pool, natural resistance to headshots, high damage output, high stamina and travel speed, and they are found virtually everywhere. They are not particularly difficult to tame either. As such I think their statistics need some long hard thinking and some steep adjustments in certain areas, or they need to be moved up to Tier 3, they are simply too damn good for a Tier 2 Tame. -Suggestion: Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Polar Bear, larger and lankier with additional colors such as blues and pinks, no need for stat adjustments I don’t think. Chicken -Chickens are at a really good place, they provide a steady stream of eggs which is logically increased through mate boosts and they’re not too terribly difficult to tame. My main suggestion would be to add a stacking buff to Roosters up to a certain number of Hens that enables them to fight-off predators that may reach their Brood. Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Ducks, functions identically except lays green eggs that act as a third source of Vitamin D apart from Fish and Milk. Cow -Also in an excellent place, I don’t believe any adjustments are necessary. Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Yaks, provides a Vitamin A Milk and AoE Insulation Bull -This creature is horribly implemented right now, it serves no purpose once tamed as it does not even keep its Gore Debuff and its other stats leave much to be desired. I would suggest some sort of buff based on the number of female cows in its herd and some kind of utility such as Thatch farming. (Even if it’s not the best at it, just some functionality in that area.) Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Yaks, male version has much higher AoE Insulation and can be sheered like Sheep for Hair. Crow -I like the way Crows are now and I think their Intelligence Buff scaling is well balanced, however… I think Intelligence itself needs some adjustment, it is a little too unreliable. -Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Owl, provides a higher Intelligence Buff and a slight natural Gamma adjustment buff. Razortooth -I have not personally tamed or used one, but I have seen them used. My thoughts are a modest health and stamina boost and a slight increase to attack rate. Also obviously elevating them to Tier 4 if that were implemented. Shieldhorn -Again, haven’t personally gotten to one of these yet, but based on what I’ve seen they need a crap ton more stamina and a bump to Tier 4. Bullet Reflect and Armor are cool touches. Elephant -Good place IMO, perhaps a bump to Tier 4 if it were implemented. -Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Mammoth, obviously fur and maybe four tusks… Giant Pig -Serves a logical and useful function, so no problems here. Giraffe -I do like these, as they have fantastic weight capacity, sprint speed, and hit like a truck with AoE to boot. I would suggest that the Fog of War Buff be more clearly explained or more practical… It’s not really something that will get a lot of use I don’t think. Horse -In an excellent place I think, adequately fast, long sprinter, and a handy torpor attack for taming utility. -Suggestion: Rare Mythical Variant: Unicorn, cures curses upon successful tame -Suggestion: Two potential Speciation Variants after 4th or 5th generation of breeding: - Clyde: A larger breed with much higher health and weight, but much less stamina. A Work Horse in every sense of the word. - Mule: A smaller breed that is incapable of sprinting but can move at normal walking pace even when over encumbered. Item Count would be its only limiter. Lion -I like Lions, but mostly for vanity reasons, they need to have higher base health to compete with Bears, and their grab needs some utility adjustments such as a way to hold things indefinitely under certain circumstances. P.S:: Their sprint sound effect is absolutely awful, please change. Suggestion: Rare Regional Variant: Snow Leopard, less health but greater stamina and a Pin attack for smaller animals. Suggestion: Crossbred Variant for Max Lvl Tames: Liger, requires a tiger of corresponding lvl and opposite gender. Larger, slower, less stamina and health, but hits like a boulder to the face. Suggestion: Red Coloration chance past lvl 25. Monkey -Fine as they are, I think. Ostrich -Also fine, though they could maybe have an escape kick that allows them to launch off of and out of groups of predators in case they get pinned. Parrot -Higher Insulation Buff would be my main suggestion, and perhaps a Music and Dance related utility. Penguin -As a Tier 2 region specific tame, I think we deserve both Hyper and Hypo Thermal Insulation from these guys. Rabbit -Allow its predator detection radius to be visible when ‘H’ key is held and provide some kind of luck buff for treasure or resource harvesting (perhaps a very low chance to yield an additional resource type per hit.) Rhino -Good place, IMO. Seagull -Seagull needs its buffs transferred to a new creature type without Oxygen such as a Giant Salamander or Otter, it’s fruitless and counter-intuitive to have a shoulder mount that gives bonus Swim Speed and Oxygen but drowns before you can make full use of it. Instead I would suggest a weather prediction buff or a treasure map quality detection function. Sheep -No problems here. Tiger -Only suggestion would be to beef it up a bit so it’s more on par with Bears and make its bleed tick faster without increasing its output. Tigers should be the premier carnivorous mount apart from the Razortooth. -Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Saber-Tooth: Higher health and greater bleed damage but less stamina and base damage. Suggestion: Crossbred Variant for Max Lvl Tames: Liger, requires a tiger of corresponding lvl and opposite gender. Larger, slower, less stamina and health, but hits like a boulder to the face. Vulture -Does this even do anything? If it does, it is not clear… -Rare Max Lvl Variant: Hawk or Falcon, highlights nearby creatures and buffs ranged damage. Wolf -Only suggestion is to massively buff stamina, if they’re not tanky and not high in damage output they should at least have high endurance. -Suggestion: Two potential Speciation Variants after 4th or 5th generation of breeding: - Timber Wolf: A smaller breed that gains a pack buff when with others of its kind, no health or damage resistance buff, just damage output. - Shepherd Hound: A more domesticated breed that gains a stacking buff when it has livestock to protect nearby. Excels at chasing off wild predators even if it can’t overpower them. And that’s that. As I said I will be doing a much more comprehensive and detailed review/critique of the current Taming and Breeding system along with more nuanced suggestions and explanations. Happy Game Designing Grapeshot! -Cyanic
  3. CyanicEmber

    Firearms Skilltree Question

    It applies to all firearms
  4. CyanicEmber

    stop the tame crap this isnt ark

    Yeah you can one shot rhinos and elephants with a modern high-powered rifle designed specifically to hunt game like that, but you walk up to them with a flintlock from the piracy era? The worst you’re going to do is give them a nasty welt.
  5. CyanicEmber

    stop the tame crap this isnt ark

    Ehh, you get higher quality items and you can compete on foot. Tames are definitely supplementary in this game and not the main focus
  6. These changes to the Stone Structure tier are unnecessary and unwanted, please consider reversing them. They are too expensive, too easy to break through, and are virtually impossible to access in certain regions...
  7. CyanicEmber

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    And frankly there is no realistic way to compensate for that time and effort. You can only ever paint in broad strokes in these kinds of situations.
  8. CyanicEmber

    Suggestions Vol I.

    Seafaring: Enable ships that have reached max level to become "Legendary" with a general server announcement, the ability to rechristen them once, and a large one time stat boost. This will allow for player created ships that become as infamous in-game as the Flying Dutchman, Black Pearl, or Queen Anne's Revenge are in other settings. Would be interesting if the maxed out Tarot-Tree could be used to "raise" them from the sea at high expense as well, even if only once or twice. Provide a means to forcibly de-aggro water predators using a heavy single-use harpoon that lodges inside their bodies, or else chum buckets to lure them to a different location. Ship of the Damned variants would do a lot to spice up encounters. Presumably these cursed soldiers should have access to multiple types of ammunition and shipwright techniques just as we do, so let's see them use those. Hull and Sail skins, would be cool to see shredded "ghost sails" that glow in the dark, or Asian-style "ribbed" sails. I really like the "dragon-scale" shingles that appear on the aft of the Brigantine, and would like to see those kinds of patterns else where as well. Iron-Sided ships at some point would make for an interesting, (but necessarily crazy expensive) feature. Creatures and Taming: I would suggest adding Mules as a tamable (or cross-breedable) creature which can move at standard walking pace even when encumbered, this way the only limiter on carrying good would be the inventory item cap and land-based caravans become more viable. (And while we're on the subject of cross-breeding, why not Ligers? It would be fun to have certain creatures only obtainable though advanced animal husbandry.) Hummingbird "shoulder" tame that flutters around you and provides a Movement Speed Buff. Owl shoulder tame that provides a fog AND shroud of war buff. Make Crocodiles tamable but add a "Saltwater Intolerance" debuff that builds up in saltwater and causes DoT at 100%. I'm fine with crossing grid-tiles and maybe going from one island to another or assisting with deep-water dives, but obviously they cannot be allowed to viably replace sailing ships. More variety in taming techniques and items, Muzzles, Halters, Lassos, Bird Feeders, Bird Traps, etc... All these things and more could spice up an diversify the process while giving us more options for how to approach the various tames. Tools and Utility: The ability to use filled water buckets and water jars in a hotbar to "douse" oneself and deactivated the "enflamed" debuff early. When climbing picks break, auto equip the next pair in your inventory just like with bolas. Adjust colored lantern lighting to be more useful and less like a blinding disco party, softer light would accomplish this better than the hard light it typically casts with most colors. Add small visual indicators as to what kinds of locations the shovel will be most effective at digging up potatoes or worms or whatever else. The ability to "entrench" torches in the ground or rocks in order to create a "standing-torch" esque stucture that provide some constant lighting cheaply for a short while. Theming: Even during the Golden Age of Piracy in the real world there were obviously hundreds of cultures surrounding and influence in the pirate aesthetic as well as many different types of pirates in different parts of the world. The romanticized aesthetic that the game currently uses is, I think, exactly what everyone really wanted out of a game like this. But with skins and such incoming and the reveal of the upcoming "Hydra Armor" that clearly has both Chinese and Japanese Samurai style influences in it's design, I am excited to bring more cultural influences and aesthetics to the world of Atlas as well. My main concern is how complete these "themes" will be. The armor is amazing, but to round it out it would be great to have a Naginata skin for the Pike, a Katana skin for the sword, and perhaps a Japanese or Chinese style bow skin as well, to say nothing of ship or structure skins. I know that's a lot of work, but since Atlas' lifeblood long-term will be cosmetic micro-transactions... I am optimistic. I have a lot more idea I'd like to put out these, and I will probably do a second post at some point, but ATM I've gotta go and get seven teeth extracted... Happy sailing all! I wish you fair winds and following seas! -CyanicEmber
  9. CyanicEmber

    So I don't get this game?

    If you were to put a large speed sail on a sloop and level weight you could easily out run SotDs
  10. CyanicEmber

    Captain's Log 17: Co-Captain Content Edition!

    I was just saying I wanted Samurai armor. Hell yes.
  11. CyanicEmber

    The real reason atlas is done

    Well there is always lawless, and it is possible to take territory if you truly prepare or find a low pop area. Plus in the long game I suspect there will be a lot more territory available to the most advanced companies, freeing it up for up and comers. That is to say, I suspect end game will see flying ships/floating islands.
  12. And more salvage...
  13. This feature needs to be implemented as quickly as possible in order to allow allied Companies to work together in an effective manner. As it stands having allies man your base defenses or come aboard your ships leaves them crippled as they cannot respawn, make use of emplacements like cannons or mortars, and cannot steer or work sails. This change would be highly beneficial to collaborative efforts.