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  1. For Shield-Horn and Razortooth to even have a viable population on Golden Age Ruins they would need to have some kind of biological anti-magic or adaptation for hunting/defending against Mythos creatures. But that isn’t present in any way... Quite disappointing. In ARK you could just say “the system is replenishing the population” in Atlas it require more logic, which isn’t present.
  2. This game is a seafaring high fantasy adventure with piracy elements. If you like it, welcome good sir, if you don’t, there are other pure pirate games both released and in development. The door is that way. *points*
  3. CyanicEmber

    Do NOT take the 20th off from work/school/etc

    We spend 80% of our lives working just so we can have the resources we need to survive during the other 19% and enjoy life during the 1% we actually get to do what we really want to do. You wanna take time off for a video game? Absolutely do. We have a finite amount of time on this Earth and should enjoy as much of it as possible.
  4. CyanicEmber

    Pirate game?

    This new system actually allows for the formation of true Empires which will rise and fall with the passage of time. That sounds pretty cool to be.
  5. CyanicEmber

    Don't feel like playing until wipe.

    Just take a break. It won’t hurt you.
  6. CyanicEmber

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    I think the idea that customers should be allowed to say whatever they want and employees need to be “professional” regardless of circumstance is BS top to bottom. If we as a society don’t expect and command maturity and respect from both consumers and producers (but mostly consumers) we will never get it.
  7. CyanicEmber

    Pirate game?

    Atlas can be far more accurately described as a Seafaring High-Fantasy Survival RPG than as a “Pirate” Game. Plenty of Pirate games already exist, but as with Ark, Wildcard/Grapeshot have opted for a much wider scope that provides a unique experience which most Game Studios don’t have the guts to attempt creating.
  8. That does makes sense, but on the other hand, you could argue that gating content gives players incentive to work through all of the PvE challenges and test // provide feedback on them as well.
  9. Actually, the Kraken itself is the only real obstacle to a smaller company unlocking the sub, and even then there are many opportunities and work arounds to get past that hurdle. So I don't see an issue.
  10. As I’m sure most of us realize, probably the most important factor in a game like this is staying power. It must have depth and feel continuously rewarding to play or else eventually people will burn out and leave. To shore-up these elements of the game I believe it will be critically important to focus on fleshing out each individual Skill Tree with variety, careful thought, and a level of nuance that rewards dedicated effort over simple dabbling. In light of that, I’d like to present some ideas for the ongoing Development of the Beastmastery Skill Tree. No question, what we currently have certainly covers all the initial bases, it creates (mostly) sensible progression tiers, it provides some extra perks in particular areas, and its Skill Point costs are pretty well balanced. I like to think the return is adequate for the investment. That said, there is much room for growth and improvement. Here are my thoughts are on how to make Beastmastery rewarding and fun for long-term players who are willing to invest the time and effort. I. Multiple capture and restraining aids to help with the domestication of various types of animals. Lassos, Muzzles, Corrals, Bird Cages, Cage Carts, and On-Ship and Off-Ship holding pens for transporting wilds would all help to make the process more interesting and improve our range of capabilities, which in turn makes the role of Beastmaster more robust and worthwhile. II. Rare colors for each of the creatures to add cosmetic value to certain entities spawned through the RNG system. III. Creature Variants that only appear in certain biomes or under certain conditions (such as when the RNG system rolls a max-level for example). These variants could essentially be “copies” of the original, but with a different visual appearance, some stats tweaks, and maybe some new mechanics if you’re feeling generous. An example might be a Polar Variant of the Lion: Snow Leopard, which has a massively reduced aggro radius and a pounce attack, or a Max Lvl Variant of the Chicken: Mallard, which lays Eggs that provide a different Vitamin type, etc… IV. Creature Variants and Traits that can only be acquired through multi-generational breeding. My suggestion would be an A, B, C, D, E, allele system tied to each creature. The RNG system will roll a random letter for each creature it spawns, and you can breed those with certain letters in certain positions to bring out new traits, possibly sub-species, rare cosmetic patterns or colors, or a stat boost. Basically, you would want to line-up five matching letters to bring out a hidden trait in that species, five A’s might bring out a hidden color, five C’s might bring out a new color pattern, five E’s might bring out an entirely new sub-species, the only way to find out is to do it. And the best part is that Grapeshot can dynamically add new alleles to isolated populations or to the species globally as the game continues to develop. You could also add a Skill Tree that allows you to see what alleles are present up to a point, for example, Tier 1 lets you see one letter, Tier 2 lets you see three, and Tier 3 let’s you see five. If you really wanted to make in interesting, you could even add a sixth invisible allele that can never be seen, but if matched with the other five brings out the rarest and most powerful traits of that creature. Like a horse being born as a Unicorn or something… Basically this system would make Breeding a more fascinating undertaking that requires careful planning, time investment, and deduction to take to its ultimate limit. Being able to breed wolves into Wolf Hounds, or horses into Clydesdales, each with different statistics and abilities would add so much interest and staying power to this aspect of the game. V. Cross-Breeding between compatible Max Lvl specimens. Example Max Lvl Tiger/Lion to produce a Liger. This would be an extremely high Tier Beastmastery skill that would produce superior off-spring that are more difficult to raise to maturity. VI. Various expensive perks that reward you for heavily investing in Beastmastery such as Primogeniture: the ability for offspring to rarely inherent a leveled stat rather than a base stat, or Thoroughbreds, which allows you to raise offspring with a certain number of level-ups immediately available rather than having to be gained through experience, or perhaps Dominion, which allows you to temporarily tame a wild creature instantly, Wild Whisper, which causes predators to ignore you unless you provoke them, etc… There are a hundred things you could do. VII. Breeding Overhaul: I think everyone will agree that considering all that’s happened over the development of both Ark and Atlas and all the feedback you’ve gotten from us players it’s time for some serious adjustments here. It’s simply not right to have a system in place within a video game that requires well-meaning people to dedicate unhealthy amounts of time or make changes to their real-life schedules to accommodate it. It’s supposed to fun, we shouldn’t be losing sleep over it, or losing jobs, or getting divorces just because we care enough about your game to actually dedicate the time you’re asking of us. Wildcard and Grapeshot bear part of the responsibility for every negative outcome that has resulted from this system, and I think it deserves some serious consideration. My suggestions are sweeping, but simple; allow mother animals to nurse their young and provide for all of their needs without exception for the duration of their maturation time. In exchange, the mother receives a debuff that weakens it and prevents it from being ridden until the baby is matured or until it is manually brought out of “nursing mode” via radial menu (which also returns the baby into player care). There is a cooldown to enter nursing mode, and to leave it also requires a short wind-up. Imprinting takes place over the first two hours of the baby’s life, maximum. There is no reason to ask any player to dedicate more time than that. These changes would make breeding accessible to everyone, and it would completely eliminate any requirements for unhealthy dedication of time. Those are my main thoughts on Breeding and Taming for now, I may come back with more later. Let me know what you all think, and if you have any ideas for potential Variants, colors, patterns, or Sub-Species, please share!
  11. I suspect people are storing them there as a safety measure or if they are harvesters they are keeping them there for harvest trips to and from.
  12. CyanicEmber

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

  13. CyanicEmber

    Creature Designer

    I’ll definitely go into this in much more detail on a dedicated post, but for the long-term health and longevity of this game I think it’s imperative that all skills, (and in this specific case, Taming and Breeding) have significantly more depth and breadth to them so that they can continue to surprise and delight players who’ve been playing a long time and reward them for time invested, making them want to keep coming back. As general broad suggestions I would like to put forth: -Rare Variants that have a percentage chance to spawn in certain regions or when the system spawns in a max lvl wild -Rare Colorations tied to region or lvl -Rare Cosmetic Features -Crossbreeding -Speciation -A fourth and obscenely expensive Tier for the absolute best Taming and Breeding skills and their related creatures. As to the creatures you’re wanting feedback on… · Bear – In my opinion Bears are currently the best tame in the game, they have the widest breadth of skills and abilities and can be easily specced for Combat or Utility. They have a large health pool, natural resistance to headshots, high damage output, high stamina and travel speed, and they are found virtually everywhere. They are not particularly difficult to tame either. As such I think their statistics need some long hard thinking and some steep adjustments in certain areas, or they need to be moved up to Tier 3, they are simply too damn good for a Tier 2 Tame. -Suggestion: Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Polar Bear, larger and lankier with additional colors such as blues and pinks, no need for stat adjustments I don’t think. Chicken -Chickens are at a really good place, they provide a steady stream of eggs which is logically increased through mate boosts and they’re not too terribly difficult to tame. My main suggestion would be to add a stacking buff to Roosters up to a certain number of Hens that enables them to fight-off predators that may reach their Brood. Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Ducks, functions identically except lays green eggs that act as a third source of Vitamin D apart from Fish and Milk. Cow -Also in an excellent place, I don’t believe any adjustments are necessary. Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Yaks, provides a Vitamin A Milk and AoE Insulation Bull -This creature is horribly implemented right now, it serves no purpose once tamed as it does not even keep its Gore Debuff and its other stats leave much to be desired. I would suggest some sort of buff based on the number of female cows in its herd and some kind of utility such as Thatch farming. (Even if it’s not the best at it, just some functionality in that area.) Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Yaks, male version has much higher AoE Insulation and can be sheered like Sheep for Hair. Crow -I like the way Crows are now and I think their Intelligence Buff scaling is well balanced, however… I think Intelligence itself needs some adjustment, it is a little too unreliable. -Suggestion: Rare Max Lvl Variant: Owl, provides a higher Intelligence Buff and a slight natural Gamma adjustment buff. Razortooth -I have not personally tamed or used one, but I have seen them used. My thoughts are a modest health and stamina boost and a slight increase to attack rate. Also obviously elevating them to Tier 4 if that were implemented. Shieldhorn -Again, haven’t personally gotten to one of these yet, but based on what I’ve seen they need a crap ton more stamina and a bump to Tier 4. Bullet Reflect and Armor are cool touches. Elephant -Good place IMO, perhaps a bump to Tier 4 if it were implemented. -Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Mammoth, obviously fur and maybe four tusks… Giant Pig -Serves a logical and useful function, so no problems here. Giraffe -I do like these, as they have fantastic weight capacity, sprint speed, and hit like a truck with AoE to boot. I would suggest that the Fog of War Buff be more clearly explained or more practical… It’s not really something that will get a lot of use I don’t think. Horse -In an excellent place I think, adequately fast, long sprinter, and a handy torpor attack for taming utility. -Suggestion: Rare Mythical Variant: Unicorn, cures curses upon successful tame -Suggestion: Two potential Speciation Variants after 4th or 5th generation of breeding: - Clyde: A larger breed with much higher health and weight, but much less stamina. A Work Horse in every sense of the word. - Mule: A smaller breed that is incapable of sprinting but can move at normal walking pace even when over encumbered. Item Count would be its only limiter. Lion -I like Lions, but mostly for vanity reasons, they need to have higher base health to compete with Bears, and their grab needs some utility adjustments such as a way to hold things indefinitely under certain circumstances. P.S:: Their sprint sound effect is absolutely awful, please change. Suggestion: Rare Regional Variant: Snow Leopard, less health but greater stamina and a Pin attack for smaller animals. Suggestion: Crossbred Variant for Max Lvl Tames: Liger, requires a tiger of corresponding lvl and opposite gender. Larger, slower, less stamina and health, but hits like a boulder to the face. Suggestion: Red Coloration chance past lvl 25. Monkey -Fine as they are, I think. Ostrich -Also fine, though they could maybe have an escape kick that allows them to launch off of and out of groups of predators in case they get pinned. Parrot -Higher Insulation Buff would be my main suggestion, and perhaps a Music and Dance related utility. Penguin -As a Tier 2 region specific tame, I think we deserve both Hyper and Hypo Thermal Insulation from these guys. Rabbit -Allow its predator detection radius to be visible when ‘H’ key is held and provide some kind of luck buff for treasure or resource harvesting (perhaps a very low chance to yield an additional resource type per hit.) Rhino -Good place, IMO. Seagull -Seagull needs its buffs transferred to a new creature type without Oxygen such as a Giant Salamander or Otter, it’s fruitless and counter-intuitive to have a shoulder mount that gives bonus Swim Speed and Oxygen but drowns before you can make full use of it. Instead I would suggest a weather prediction buff or a treasure map quality detection function. Sheep -No problems here. Tiger -Only suggestion would be to beef it up a bit so it’s more on par with Bears and make its bleed tick faster without increasing its output. Tigers should be the premier carnivorous mount apart from the Razortooth. -Rare Regional/Cosmetic Variant: Saber-Tooth: Higher health and greater bleed damage but less stamina and base damage. Suggestion: Crossbred Variant for Max Lvl Tames: Liger, requires a tiger of corresponding lvl and opposite gender. Larger, slower, less stamina and health, but hits like a boulder to the face. Vulture -Does this even do anything? If it does, it is not clear… -Rare Max Lvl Variant: Hawk or Falcon, highlights nearby creatures and buffs ranged damage. Wolf -Only suggestion is to massively buff stamina, if they’re not tanky and not high in damage output they should at least have high endurance. -Suggestion: Two potential Speciation Variants after 4th or 5th generation of breeding: - Timber Wolf: A smaller breed that gains a pack buff when with others of its kind, no health or damage resistance buff, just damage output. - Shepherd Hound: A more domesticated breed that gains a stacking buff when it has livestock to protect nearby. Excels at chasing off wild predators even if it can’t overpower them. And that’s that. As I said I will be doing a much more comprehensive and detailed review/critique of the current Taming and Breeding system along with more nuanced suggestions and explanations. Happy Game Designing Grapeshot! -Cyanic
  14. CyanicEmber

    Firearms Skilltree Question

    It applies to all firearms