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  1. So our stuff on other islands that we dont use is auto-decaying which is fine but it is overflowing our crew log and we are unable to see things like who attacked us which is really frustrating. Surely they could separate the decay notice out into another area instead of taking up the entire log! (sorry if already mentioned I did search for auto-decay but found nothing on this topic)
  2. thanks i will look into the 2nd vitamin growth
  3. yea i usually fill mine excessively but doesnt seem to matter once they are out it just expires and nothing grows
  4. Garden plots Recently I am having an issue where my garden plots will not remain fertilised for long enough for my plants to grow out of the seedling phase, even with the 3 shovel buff my seedlings will not grow and the fertiliser runs out while I am logged off overnight, where as it used to last 3/4 days. For some plots the fertiliser is still ok but I have noticed once it runs out once the plot then becomes completely useless and will not work properly anymore. Is anyone else having this issue? Food Currently there appears to be only two /three foods that actually give the double buff. Any foods that say they give the orange vitamin Bubble n Squeak fish n chips Pork Pie (celery soup - untested) and others DO NOT give the orange vitamin they only give 1. Same with alot of the others foods pudding etc It would be really good if these could be fixed as food could be a really fun part of the game if you could grow it properly and if it actually gave you the correct vitamin buffs!
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