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  1. For me, switched to PVE because, my ships were either sunk while I was offline, my base and and supplies destroyed, or similar actions would take place on a regular basis. Finally joined a larger company for protection, and they would have strict rules, take over the base I had built, or take my ship out when I was offline and get it sunk. There is no fun in a game where after logging in, you find you are starting over again. It is PVE or single player from here on out.
  2. Mine has been crashing today, but while at sea, unnerving to do that. I had this issue before, in inventory screens, and a uninstall of my video card drivers and reinstall, fixed the problem. This time, it has not.
  3. Me and a friend just switched to PVE and when we drink from water barrels with water, it makes the drinking sound but does not hydrate us at all. Anyone know what is going on there?
  4. For me, the solution was to uninstall my video card drivers and reinstall them. Works fine now. Hmmmm
  5. Same here, it got really bad for me after the last update I received yesterday, 207 I believe. It is most likely to crash for me when I am in an inventory screen of one kind or another. I updated my drivers after it happened and it still crashes.
  6. I am getting this error ever since the update today. I have gotten it more often in inventory screens than anywhere else, but it does happen in other situations. The game has become unplayable for me, try to play not using your inventory screens. I updated my drivers today after the problems started and it did not help.
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