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  1. Make some climbimg picks and a glider. Then climb the highest peak or top near the shoreline and glide around from top to top on the lookout. That's my advice
  2. Then i would go for the sub. I reckon you are playing SP or private server. Wich meens you either need to use a unlock sub mod or do the solo kraken fight to unlock it.
  3. I usally do billbord trap. And as you say have to be on the inside. I use feed and then step back out of attack range. An rinse and repeat works well. And also wear armor to so i can take a few more hits
  4. You can craft it when you take the skill.
  5. yeah it's true the game needs more work, but then again we are testers of the game since it's EA game. and if you expected that it would be flawless when it came to xbox i think you have set to high expectations. and the price 30$ is not to bad i think. i have played since day one on pc and we had alot of rubberbanding and bugs and what not. but the community in this game has been really good and supportive if you get to know the people. so i would say the price is worth it. but recommend all to do the trial to see if the game is something you would like see improve and be a game you see yourself playing.
  6. Yeah i am on a private server at the moment. But might get back at the official aswell yeah.
  7. So best way would get some lvls and get Basic taming and tier 2 riding then tame a bear and make saddle and do it. Or bring lots people With melee weapons.
  8. Because they made so it's only tame and melee weapons that works on them.
  9. Yeah it's friday the 5th. Yeah the time seems right.
  10. 5.july is friday here. So that should mean it's saturday for you, if im not mistaken
  11. Ahoy captains there been a sighting of a huge monster in the north. The rumors has it that the monster holds up in a dungeon Guarding a treasure. So we send out a mustering call to all the captains and pirates out there to join in the Hunt for this monster. The Hunt Will be at sunday the 5.july at 8:30 pm Cest. If you think you have what it takes to Huntdown and kill this monster. ready your Guns and grenades and join the hunting party. https://discord.gg/sWqWDCA
  12. I can move it to friday. But saturday already have a kraken event v1 so that won't work. If that works for you?
  13. Will set up one next weekend if you like tagging along.
  14. Ahoy captain's and pirate it still possible to join in the Hunt for monster that are rumored to hold up in the polar areas. The Hunt Will be at 4 pm and 8:30 pm cest
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