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  1. After one of the recent updates, I can no longer retract or extend all ladders from the mast on any ship. This kinda sucks. Please fix it. On another note, a couple of my tames are glitching to the point where they are unusable, but that I can deal with. They basically pop out and in over and over.
  2. As far as my situation goes, the only real workaround when this happens is to join new atlas, choose the freeport closest to you. Then it will tell you you timed out. Don't click anything and just wait. Doing that, I've been able to spawn in and play. I don't know why this works for me, or if it will work for anyone else. I do know that it works for another friend of mine, though, so it's definitely recurring.
  3. So, right now I have a sheep, bear, horse and cow on my ship. They are all terrible crewmates. Even so, I still can't figure out how to direct them with the "comma" whistle, just to order them to a new position on the ship, or on a new island. This is especially helpful when it works, as they snap back to the ship deck and stop glitching out. Unfortunately, it has stopped working for all but one of my animals (sheep). I've tried moving them to a new tame group, changing active tame groups, unassigning and reassigning them to heed group whistles, and I get nothing. I've tried renaming, having no name on the group. Tried different numbers of groups. Tried cycling the active groups completely. Still can't figure it out. It's not a major thing, as I can always have them follow me and get them in a general area. Still, it would be a lot less headache if it just worked the way it should. Is anyone else having this issue, or know if this is an already known issue?
  4. Stalling out on this loading screen with Primal GameData_BP, and am unable to play on my character at all.
  5. This has happened before. I just played yesterday with no issue, updated everything and now get stuck on the load-in screen again. Is anyone else having this issue again? I'm on Siren EU PVE.
  6. Getting stuck on login with PrimalData BP on the screen. When we do get past that, we can't interact with anything or do anything. HALP.
  7. I haven't seen anyone from the Wildcard/Grapeshot team confirm or deny this last patch was intended to kill resources on lawless islands. Right now, nothing is respawning like it has been, which seems to match the tone of a lot of other previous glitches. It would be greatly appreciated if someone from the team could at least confirm or deny that lawless is now behaving differently on purpose or not. If the respawn kills are intended to depopulate the islands, fine, but it would help if we knew that so we could start migrating. Either that, or admit it's a bug. If it's a bug, it seems like a pretty pressing one. For reference, I'm on PvE on the Siren server, square L5. EDIT: This was fixed by the devs not too long after.
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