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  1. I'm having the same problem on EU PVE K5 all day today. If I log in to PVP, then back, then kill myself and come back somewhere else, it works for a while (between 10 minutes and 2 hours), but then it comes back again. Please fix it.
  2. And then the island owner stops playing for whatever reason, and the claim is taken over by someone else who isn't so nice, so the poor regional flag holders have to just suck it up, after hours and hours of work on their base? Hmmm...
  3. Arih

    From an island owner view

    I'm in lawless, and all the resources are available to me... so I don't see the benefit of a "good" landlord, who will arbitrarily demolish stuff they don't like. You're sick of hearing that they should revert the claim system BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CLAIM! You're in the minority. What was envisioned by the developers was for PVP where it can work. People can contest claims, and a landlord/tenant system can work for both parties, where one gets the rent and the other gets the security. In PVE it just doesn't work! Your perceived benefits aren't really worth anything. And even if it doesn't come out of my share, still working for you for no return really grinds my gears. As other people have said, I would like to claim a bit of land just for the sake of saying "this is mine". With the current system, that's very unlikely to happen.
  4. Arih

    From an island owner view

    Nice benefits for the island owner, but what are the benefits for the settler? This is the problem in PVE. It's a one sided arrangement - all the benefits are for the island owner. It might work in PVP, I don't know, but maybe security in return for the tax might work.... mutual benefit. In PVE, however, all the benefits are for the island owner. Even if the 20% tax doesn't come out of my share, it's going to annoy me working away for the benefit of someone else without getting anything in return. They need to revert to the old claim system, and give every individual player 3 claim flags, in or out of a company.
  5. Arih

    From an island owner view

    Place to build without paying upkeep cost... so like Lawless? Keeping settlement clear of enemy structures... PVE so no enemies, and you will be demolishing structures? So you might demolish mine? Co-op while defending... in PVE? The problem with this claim system in PVE is there is ZERO benefit to anyone other than the claim owner. They have designed the game for PVP and PVE players can lump it. People want to own their own land. It really grates to be asked to gather resources for someone else with zero return benefit for yourself. Isn't it even true that the decay time is less in claimed territory than in lawless? They should have stuck with the original claim system for PVE but with limited flags of 3 per person, in or out of a company.
  6. Arih

    From an island owner view

    It's nice that you recognise the pros of having others live on your land. Can you explain the pros to those settling on your land, though?
  7. Arih

    The new claiming system .

    They should make it that any company can only own one island. Also, have slightly more points for additional company members. Also, have much more low points islands. As it is now, it doesn't work.
  8. Arih

    Moving animal to galleon at side bug

    This has happened to me twice as well, moving a bear and a giraffe onto a galleon.
  9. Arih

    Claims and Taxes in PvE need work.

    100% this needs to be changed. I've been playing since just before Christmas on EU PVE and I can't find land to claim. I have a small space on lawless, but when I go off for a few days, I'll lose everything. I think they should severely limit the claims that a person can make. I think also, people should only be able to claim land in one square.
  10. Arih

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    I hope that the new changes will let solo or small comany players take a few days off (even a two-week holiday) and come back to find their base and ships still there (on PVE). Please say it will be so?
  11. Just after crossing from B12 to B11 (or could have been from B11 to B10, I can't quite remember) I was kicked by battleeye for client not responding. After that, I didn't have the option to rejoin. I can join a new server, and select EU PVE (Which I was on), and I will log on on my ship, but I can't interact with anything. My ship will be taking damage. I can't do anything. What can I do??