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  1. Archsenex

    Harvest bonus?

    The hand gathering skill affects gathering with tools. It was changed to that about 6 months ago
  2. Archsenex

    Can not agro or kill Whales

    We always pull with a carbine. 2-5 shots, and it will aggro the whale. Once the whale is in combat, then the ship weaponry can hit.
  3. Archsenex

    animals dead

    essentially, if your tame came out of stasis before the reverted the "drain hunger" change, it died
  4. Archsenex

    Bolas broken?

    The ships. The pictures on discord are hilarious. Half a dozen galleons launched into the air etc.
  5. Archsenex

    Bolas broken?

    Too late for that. Anybody with a bear cart near their ship has had them more or less explode, and tames are starving from full food.
  6. Archsenex

    Bolas broken?

    Its apparently everybody. As usual they're only confirming stuff on discord, but bolas, ships, and food are hosed right now.
  7. Archsenex

    Has anyone enabled WPE on Blackwood server

    Pirates ONLY work on non dedicated modes. They said they planned for non official dedicated, but it hasn't happened yet. So if you use a server you can't use pirate camps. I'm waiting for it myself, non dedicated multiplayer isnt really a good option
  8. Archsenex

    Captain's Log #38: Plans, Extra Life & More

    Any update on when pirate encampments will be making it to non official dedicated? And they got rid of the 20ish hour instapoof in Freeports? Huh.
  9. Archsenex

    Sharks keep killing crew from SOTD

    Use a grappling hook and pull them onto the side of your ship (or halfway up the side for galleon) and then recruit them, then whistle onto your ship. Open your gun ports it helps with the pathing.
  10. Archsenex

    how much does a 57 island cost?

    It's a legitimate question, as frankly it's usually less than 1 foot. Just like the new 1-2 ounce light pint glasses etc.
  11. Archsenex

    Xbox and PC Crossplay is now Live!

    Pirate encampments needs to be on non official dedicated. Having an entire group be held to one person's playtime is a bit silly.
  12. Archsenex

    All company anchored ships gone

    Building decay timer is 10 days, not 14/15.
  13. Something they have to stop doing is adding more big islands. Ultimately, if the goal is to get more people on islands, adding islands that only a smaller subset of players can afford isn't going to help. Granted, with the increase in points, that helps, but that also just made other problems worse, since they gave all companies more points. Ultimately, all it did was put more pressure on the smaller island ownership and we still have unowned large islands. You cannot give a solo player enough points to hold two entire islands alone (or is it 3 or 4 now after the bump?). Having a second island, regardless of company size, should be a high bar. You have systems in place to encourage outposts (especially without the nuke) on other people's / Allies territory. Larger companies should be incentivized to hold larger islands, but right now that isn't the case. The biggest islands just aren't worth the trouble. If they offered More diverse resources (say the 100+ point islands had 2 or even 3 variants of resources), allowed a higher tax rate (30, 40%), had a higher chance of maps spawning, or better map quality (to give more passive gold generation), really anything. But right now, holding 2 smaller islands, to get resource variety, drastically outweighs the value of holding one bigger one.
  14. The quickest exploit here is that you only need to destroy one square to demolish the resource box a group has been using. Then you can loot it.
  15. Thank you for taking us seriously. Spam is a problem that exists, but it's smaller now than ever before. Drastic solutions will do more harm than good. Anybody here, now, is patient enough to wait as long as they won't lose anything.