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  1. Archsenex

    Higher XP for sailing

    Or just make sailing xp based on time and not distance. Faster ships shouldn't level faster .
  2. Archsenex

    Plz get upgraded speed sails working!!!

    They might also just not have everything in place to handle ships going twice as fast. People ALREADY complain about hitting stuff that hasnt loaded yet. Unless render distance can be increased you'll be slamming into galleons of the dead left and right, and player docks at every island.
  3. Archsenex

    speculations Mega Update 3

    All I care is that Tarot contains a spread for "summon unnatural wind"
  4. Archsenex

    wieght sails

    I wouldn't recommend putting all weight sails on any craft, but there are breakpoints where you'll be going faster with them. Assume that a Large weight sail produces 100 thrust. A speed sail is +40%, so 140 Thrust 6 Speed sails therefore makes 840 Thrust (140*6). 5 Speed sails + 1 weight sail is 800 Thrust(140*5+100) A Galleon at 15000/30000 weight: With the speed sails, this ship will go 70.7% Max Speed, or 592.9 Thrust (840*.707) With the Speed + Weight, it will go 74.7% Max Speed, or 598.0 Thrust (800 * .747) Now, that's not exactly a LOT more, but then again replacing 1 sail on a 6 sail configuration shouldn't cause a huge shift. The main thing is that you need to not increase your load weight to over-negate the load benefit. You'll also get more benefit from upgraded weight sails (since they work while upgraded speed sails dont)
  5. Archsenex

    wieght sails

    Neither do I, which is why I won't be using all 6 racks on a galleon.
  6. Archsenex

    wieght sails

    "That speed level" is faster than you were going before
  7. Archsenex

    wieght sails

    Rough math is showing that it is worth replacing a speed sail with a weight sail at a much lower percentage than before, close to 50%. Remember that the weight sail actually helps the speed sails by reducing the amount they're affected by weight. 2 Weight Sails on cargo galleons, possibly 3, could stand up well in practical usage and still leave you at practical speeds (> 50%). And do not use all rack slots, that's suicide. Consider 3-4 on a galleon, 1-2 on a brig, and only 1 on a schooner. At those levels the Speed penalty is smaller than the speed penalty for the weight they give you.
  8. Archsenex

    Public Test Realm

    They can hold a maximum of 2000 "True" weight. Then, whatever is inside is reduced by 90%. So each one gives you 1800 Free weight. It has a display that tells you the real weight so you can keep track.
  9. Archsenex

    PTR bugs I’ve encountered so far.

    Same, I was able to apply level ups without needing to come off the wheel (which I assume was the intention) Note - while it's the "inventory menu" it's not like the ship has a real inventory. Also - How much sweet talking to get the cargo racks bumped from 2000 to 3000 or 4000? Make them really juicy targets...
  10. Archsenex

    PTR bugs I’ve encountered so far.

    It also looks like the old school claim system is back on. I can't build without a claim
  11. Archsenex

    3x Weekend Hosing Taming/Imprinting

    I'd like it if they rotated the bonuses. Gather one, xp another, breeding a third. Let's us focus the herd a bit better.
  12. Archsenex

    3x Weekend Hosing Taming/Imprinting

    imprinting re-normalizes to the speed of maturation, so it should be ok, EXCEPT if the animal was already in flight when the bonus was rolled out. then, since the timers don't update, it can leave you unable to finish imprints.
  13. Archsenex

    PTR Update and Magic Mythos 3x

    Please add code to finish any currently in flight imprints when a bonus is enabled. It kills in flight imprints since the baby matures before the imprint timer is up.
  14. Archsenex

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    Any chance the ranges on boxes, troughs, and larders could get put onto the H overlay similar to old claim flag ranges? I hate playing the "is this close enough?" game sometimes
  15. Archsenex

    May mega update, when??

    Just sneak out the cargo racks and you can take an entire extra month if you need!