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  1. Pretty sure WildGrapeCardShot was the Atlas killler. The best any other game or developer can do is pee on the corpse.
  2. That would require then to log in to see the tags. Gotta love a game that died so hard they didn't even leave anybody to turn the servers off. Guessing they'll keep going until they crash
  3. Now now. They do log in to the forum once a week so nobody can say they haven't logged in for more than a week (except right when genesis was launching they slipped up).
  4. The fact that Jat and Dollie are posting 5 times more for this ark dlc than they EVER did for atlas (even right at launch) supports that they just lost interest, or never had much to begin with. My twitter is getting practically spammed by all the shit they're posting, atlas never got that much attention I'll probably have to unfollow them as I have no real interest in ark. I imagine they'll quietly remove atlas from their bios and continue pretending it never existed
  5. Now that Jat and Dolly are doing Ark, will Atlas be receiving new CMs? My Twitter feed is now flooded with stuff for a game I dont play. It's fine if they want to go work for the other company, but that means there's no Atlas CMs.
  6. They've been told about it in discord. Since then, they announced that they're desperately working on a fix for puckle ammo boxes needing to be replaced before the guns pull from them. So it's either intentional or not really a priority compared to a minor inconvenience
  7. Surprised im not hearing more buzz for last oasis too. They stated their design philosophy was "focus on fixing the shitty parts of ark"
  8. Its feedback on changes. This is far from the first time they've touched these systems and they get worse every time. I dont need to see if needing more time pointlessly sailing around to level might, this time, make it better. You cant roll over a boring task to be more boring and now its somehow fun. It's how the discovery to cap system works, and they've published no changes to the number of discoveries. It's a linear division of potential explores to potential levels
  9. My biggest concern is that by lowering the level cap by 20%, they've increased the number of explores needed to raise your cap by 20%. Xp boost doesnt matter when by far the long pole is needing so many explore points to raise cap. Every time they touch the leveling system, they make the explores needed to level higher. Afraid I disagree. Nerf to handling sails and an increase in explores to level vastly outweigh some minor loot table tweaks.
  10. ... unless you re normalize the explorers per level.. this is going to just mean we need 20% more explores per level, doesn't it?
  11. The hand gathering skill affects gathering with tools. It was changed to that about 6 months ago
  12. We always pull with a carbine. 2-5 shots, and it will aggro the whale. Once the whale is in combat, then the ship weaponry can hit.
  13. essentially, if your tame came out of stasis before the reverted the "drain hunger" change, it died
  14. The ships. The pictures on discord are hilarious. Half a dozen galleons launched into the air etc.
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