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  1. Archsenex

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    it's based on kill rate. My local golden server is empty of SOTDs. Less popular servers they build up
  2. Archsenex

    this is not ark

    Because it's the only PVP anybody can find! More serious, it's because so many people drive to extreme, opposite end of the spectrum stances that everybody just assumes it gets there. There's only a few clear extremists who hijack threads, and then people feel the need to respond at the same intensity level. Posts like "X seems a bit powerful, maybe dial it down 10% and see what happens" get drowned out in the "People are quitting because of this one thing despite the fact that the game is complicated"
  3. Archsenex

    Bear Mating not working?

    Have you tried putting on some Beary Manilow?
  4. The latest patch was supposed to make it so that SOTD do 0 damage to anchored ships that haven't hit them. They'll still fire but it should cause no effect. The Anchored 300% structure bonus strikes me more as a PVP thing, to at least slow down offlining.
  5. Archsenex

    this is not ark

    Pretty sure Hyperbole is what's killing this game... I do want crew buffed, doesn't require tames to be nerfed. Give me a crew boss skill tree etc. Also, if they let crew do stuff completely autonomously (gathering etc.) at a lower rate than tames, it provides a complimentary option. Go crew if you want slow reliable progress without much hassle, go Tames if you want bursty gathering where you get a lot very quickly but you have to be involved.
  6. Jat has confirmed they are looking into it (on twitter) but it's apparently flummoxing them on why it's happening
  7. Archsenex

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    My only comment is that bears should be t3, they merit it based on their current power. Also, the tame that needs the MOST help is the crewmember.
  8. Archsenex

    Lawless foundations and pillars

    Yeah, they made it work like other islands... that encouraged it more. So no, turning off resources on all lawless islands is not the answer
  9. Archsenex


    Freeports eat ships in about 10 hours. It's way more aggressive than it needs to be and wouldn't be an option for golden isles. Also, not a bug. They want it that aggressive but its going to mean nobody will use the new shops (5k wood in repairs just to bring stuff to sell? No thanks)
  10. Archsenex

    Bear HP nerf feels closer to 33%

    Bears arent needed for treasure. More than half the maps bears cant get to anyway. We just bring grenades, it's way less hassle.
  11. Archsenex

    Not bones weekend but horror weekend

    Also, your ship cant be level 43, 41 is the max
  12. Archsenex

    Too many Ships of the damned?

    I'm not thor, but my galleon just has broadsides with 6 rear facing cannons. Yes, you can just put all cannons behind and take a lot less damage, but I find broadsides work well and you take very little damage. Even against a 30 I only took 3 real volleys. And maneuvering them behind you isnt foolproof either I sometimes fight 2 or 3 in rapid succession when In the middle of a pack of them since i can engage in both sides at once
  13. Archsenex

    Too many Ships of the damned?

    A few patches ago, it seemed like they started to hesitate a few seconds before firing after aggro. Even before the last patch I'd sometime be going fast enough that the ship didnt get to firing before I was out of range
  14. Archsenex

    Discovery Zone not working

    I know some shipwrecks you have to stand on the wreck itself, not just in the dome, and theres some where it is really on a nearby anchor.
  15. Archsenex

    Respec Soup?

    How much is it?