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  1. Martyn

    Increase sailing speed

    I will admit that I can often be found "nodding off" during slow sailings.. but I still don't think that just increasing sailing speed is the answer. Nor do I want more mini games. And getting the bp +sailing velocity working should be high on the agenda. I don't even see why bp's even have an rng number on them. Bps should be straight up +10% velocity on Fine, +20% on Jm, +30% on Mw, +40% on Leg and +50% on Mythical. Simple, straight forward. And you can then rng wether a bp is + velocity or + durability or turning speed or weight reduction bonus as well. Also remove the rng number of items from loot, make getting the bp's fairly rare, maybe 1-2 bps every 5-6 kills. Instead of 50 bps every 3-4 kills. 95% of which I usually throw away.
  2. I have to repeatedly raise/lower anchor to fall through onto the main ship deck below. Occurs usually when coming to a stop after sailing ship. Doesn't auto repeat once I get unstick.
  3. I have 30 fort usually with hide armour on. If anything I should be cooking on the island, not instantly freezing to death. I think it's probably a bug with having rain storms and cold fronts combining, I am positive I saw 2 cold front warnings, then after i died the second time, the cold fronts vanished and it was just raining again. Maybe the 2 cold fronts glitched and caused themselves to be cancelled out. This could be a future issue with having different weather systems occurring together, for example, Heat and Cold fronts occurring at the same time, at night during a rain storm.. makes absolutely no sense at all and it's something I've seen alot in desert regions and on temperate islands. I was also "inside" my house, which is supposed to protect us from changing weather conditions.
  4. Martyn

    Increase sailing speed

    Actually, if there is no wind, I take my boat out more often.. but then, I use an outboard.. and I do it, specifically because there is no wind. As a general rule, if we're to have high wind situations, ie storms, then we should also get no wind situations as well.
  5. Martyn

    Increase sailing speed

    No wind/slack wind is part of life irl.. the game is supposed to be a survival sandbox.. surely slack wind is expected ingame as often as fog, rain, high wind etc.. the wind conditions are simply an alternative timesink to being eaten on land or killed in the case of pvp by other players. They add more environmental issues to change up the way the game works. Slack wind is both a problem and a solution for all players in the region. It's easier to go fishing/diving/swimming/dingying etc in slack wind etc. If there was a way for say ships to increase speed naturally, regardless of wind conditions, then it should be bypassing the wind changes and directions, which would be a contradiction to the gameplay. If there was a way to rebuild ships however, to maybe make them ride the water better, thus increasing individually constructed ships to sail faster.. that imo would be excellent. Perhaps a speed configuration for ships might limit the number of cargo racks for example on a galleon from 6 to 4. With a speed increase of say 20-30% over normal sailing speeds. Then in pvp, people could rebuild their attacking ships with the same technology to increase their own speeds as well. Or perhaps add a crossbreed ship config, for example the Frigate Config which in it's base design includes a hull speed increase, but comes somewhere between the Brig and Galleon in weight carried. Maybe later on they could add Ships of the Line, with the ability to further increase ship speed and maybe carry more cannons, but only medium cannons for example, allowing large cannons only for brigs and galleons.
  6. Martyn

    Under Water Rocks

    We have the central island on I8 Na Pve, on the south side, about 200m out from shore is a massive string of underwater rocks. Outside my base alone I've placed nearly 20 buoys to warn of their locations. Getting into and out of my base is extremely difficult. I'm actually considering changing the layout because of all the rocks, with an intention to build a seabase directly over the rocks to stop other players accidentally hitting them. Every day I see 2-3 ships smashing into them and they can easily rip the planks out from a brig or galleon, esp if you hit them in rain storms.
  7. Martyn

    Increase sailing speed

    No - Sailing speed is perfectly fine the way it is, if anything it is too fast.. a schooner with a large speed sail can rocket along at such speed that it can be out turned by a galleon. There are also significant problems with 2 or more players all moving in different directions if speed was increased, collisions would occur more often. It's bad enough now with people around golden islands hitting each other and you want an increase? It sounds to me, like this is really just a post for pvp light ships to gain a massive advantage over heavily laden ships to enable easier pvp. In which case, it should be a massive no to increase speed.
  8. Martyn

    Animals turning their heads to follow you

    Didnt know we could do this either.
  9. Used fast travel to goto our main base. Stayed for about an hour, but can't use it to travel back. I have to kill myself to access my bed on my own island.
  10. Martyn

    griefed by other company on PVE

    Yeh Support/Ticket mate. Add screenshots or make a video as well. Get their company number in the screenshots. As well as the gps locations etc. Any voice recordings/conversations if you have them. Ticket# 14934
  11. Yeh I admit I like to have them as windows, to let natural light in (as far as natural goes in a virtual world) I don't like the change either, nor see the point in them. There's no reason why people couldn't use them to manually shoot from in pvp for example. It is a gun port afterall, should it really matter if a cannon is there or some guys using crossbows?
  12. Martyn

    Base is dissapearing before my eyes

    Just prior to the structure breaking, did you manually break something or maybe someone else did?
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1770907149 These walls, the doorway and door at all facing "in" to the foundation, they should face "out" from it. There is no way of flipping the doorway to get it or the door to face the correct way.
  14. 900+ hours into pve and still not bored. I find pvp boring.. run in circles all day dying or killing someone elses avatar.. has to be the most boring thing a player can do.
  15. If you're in 1st or 3rd person you have to angle the viewpoint down into the rock in order to receive the resources, if your camera is above, your stamina and pick/axe durability continues to reduce, but you get no resouces. Even though you're still hitting the rock and getting the rock being hit sounds. The weird part about this, is if you look down and start hitting the rock and then turn the camera up, you still get the resources but if you start with camera angled back too far, even though you can hit the rock.. you get nothing until you actually look down at the rock without changing position.