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  1. Has much changed? I wouldn't know, haven't played for months, just watched the numbers decline. There's currently around 800 players on all 4 clusters combined. That's all the players.. avg 200 per cluster. Games made 20+ years ago have higher pops than that. I'll check back in another 6 months. You hope..
  2. Yeh, I got to feel the same way, I've never played on pvt servers because everytime I found one with decent ping etc it was always 5x etc.. The weekends were ok if you'd lost a ship or wanted to build up a new base.. probably great in pvp etc. But when mon/tues came, you reverted back to "normal" rates, but were then getting less than 1x rate. Taking harvest skill bonus into consideration, I usually have it at 2nd harvest bonus, it's pretty grindy like that.. Now I have all legendary tools etc I pop trees and rocks like confetti I feel like I don't get much for my buck at all. I've now tested this using stone picks etc.. I get alot more thatch using a stone pick than I get with metal pick. Metal and indeed higher grade is supposed to harvest the item faster.. so a tree might spawn with 210 wood another 320 and so on, you chop chop and get the wood/thatch etc. But you seem to get more using stone tools.. could be my imagination could be random change I dunno, certainly takes longer.. But it does feel like you're grinding for 4-5 days, then rocketing along for 2-3 days at weekends, then grinding the following week. Wears you down. I just bought a new game tho.. so maybe I won't be around much longer anyway. Haven't played for 3 days. Just think.. no me.. awesome eh. The other problem with using high grade tools is you use less energy, thus food drops slower and vits drop faster.. ultimately you get fat.. and no energy and it's always eat poop and die. You have no choice.. then you use tames and it's worse. Anyhow, we'll see how it progresses etc.
  3. Killed a bear few weeks back, found 14k in the cargo saddle bag.
  4. Yep. You can only kill tame to claim the contents of the cargo saddle sadly. The tame is completely useless to you.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807007894 There is NO point having a map.. if it is misrepresented. There is no indication on this island that there are shallows where my ship is. This is happening with all the tundra islands and all the new islands added. Get it sorted out.
  6. For a noob gally with common planks. It could be dangerous. A company fella almost lost his gally to a smaller fleet.. although truth be told, he almost lost it really, due to overconfidence.. and a lack of repair materials. But the point I think I'm trying to make is.. instead of 10 ships.. give me 5 that persue me and actually try to kill me. This give up thing they do after a minute.. is really annoying. And yes I know the 2 fleet spawn is probably a bug.. or maybe grapecard hates me personally.. since I seem to see this alot.. maybe there's a bounty on me head. For $1..
  7. It does kinda work with elephants.. you can use the left/right direction keys to turn a tight circle, instead of walking (forwards + left/right) around in a circle.. kinda also works with rhinos and even giraffes if you move 1-2 steps at a time. But everything else does a 39 pt turn. It's probably a bug that you can do this tho.
  8. Nah.. people would just eat poo.. radioactive poisoning would just be treated as another vitamin def. (yes I can't spell deficiency.. maybe)[yes i see the funny side of the post to]
  9. It kinda does.. your planks wear out over time and continually need to be repaired. Since our ships don't float in the air yet.. i guess there's no way of guessing if the water does the damage or if planks just wear out over time. This is true.. infact if you kill a crewman in the lower decks of your ship.. sharks will try to eat their corpse.. I can hear them outside.. swimming around. (Even when I'm in my hut, on top of my mountain in middle of my island)
  10. No - They are an exploit of the badly designed system. Thanks for the admission of guilt for exploiting the game btw. Don't worry.. devs won't do anything about it.
  11. On lawless foundations get 10 days. containers get 40 days.. ship container gets 50 or 60 or something.. Fix is easy. Make everything 10 days. So long as auto demo works, problem fixes itself. Stuff like piller spam which is more annoying than an issue.. goes in 12 hours. If you live in the area, logging in continually refreshes it. If you are jumping beds everyday to refresh.. well, you're kind using them & the island really. And wasting your own time alot, which people are free to do. The real issue here isn't so much the cosmetic side of how it looks.. it's the problems it causes for lag and server stability. Every chest with 50 items is 51 items that need to be tracked it's kinda like having 51 pillers.. only we can't see the items in the chest, they're still there, still recorded etc.. if someones house falls down after 10 days and their bed as well.. why are chests allowed 40 days... (more typos than words today) Similarly with your large island/large company issue. Mega's need to continually refresh their islands, esp farming hubs/outposts. That in time, is cost enough.
  12. Dp bed doesn't work.. well not exactly. You need to kill yourself to get the dp. So they disable that.. make it a requisite for you to sail into region within say last 2 hours or so.. fixed. Like the freeports atm. You can only get those, by sailing into region. Most of them.. there's a few you can actually tp/die and get.
  13. White list would fix that. You goto region, ask who has space for you to make a base etc.. they add your steamname or company id to list.. you can build. Noone else can build. Or maybe people could buy their way onto islands.. deposit x amount of gold to rent the right to build/stay, could be a % of island rent or number of settlers etc. something like that. I like the idea of multiple flags per island, with multiple settlements, if the island is big enough to allow. As for tax.. I wish it would extend to berries.. I'm sick of gathering berries to put in silo.. wish we could put veg in there or cooked meat etc.. I got larders full of that stuff now. Maybe even cooked meals.. make em last longer for crew etc.. a burger lasts a crewman a week or something. ### Ok it seems everything is now being removed after 10 days, at least on my island, I just spent over an hour walking around it. Every piller, foundation, sign etc.. is gone. Finally.. However.. the chests are not. And if you think foundation spam is bad.. wait until you get chest spam.. or food trough spam.. Try walking through a pass over those things. I had to build a bridge over a guys old base, just to get to other side of it.
  14. Damn.. I hate it when I'm wrong. Seems all the stuff we couldn't remove.. is now gone. Even the old traps. Maybe it is working afterall.
  15. So basically you want to drive large groups of players away from the game.. ok. Well just say that.. you want a 150 region map all to yourself. Noone else can play there, just you. A sort of SP massive map. Mega companies can only live where you want.. but you, can live anywhere.. And threepwood, I'm researching stuff.. aff kinda.
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