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  1. Is this only EU PVP? Or let me ask again; ENTIRE EU PVP DOWN?
  2. What an amusing post. Hilarious shit. I thought we were actually discussing something here. Go spew your idiocy somewhere else pls.
  3. I'm glad you guys discussed the PVE aspect and consequently the Devs reverted the change for PVE. But we all kind of skipped over the PVP part. Which is more important. Razing an island on paper sounds like something you would want or even need in some cases; but what about the consequences for people that are already there and don't want to leave? So obvious they never thought about this question. Devs really need to think these things through. EVEN the recent change about fast decay was a better direction. That venue would be better development time spent instead of a NUKE. Don't get me wrong, all that fast decay change means is the pillar spam needs to be made a little more carefully, snapping the pieces to each other to make a bigger structure. You might need to spend some more resources. Effectively increasing the spam on islands. Let's face it, a mega company never had issues with farming more mats for more spam. This hits the small company once more, the guy that is trying to secure his base location against griefers trying to foundation wipe him.
  4. After 10 pages of off topic discussion someone agreed with the OP (me) and you agreed with him. I'll take it. ^
  5. I understand how this change effects PvE, but you guys really hijacked my thread LOL. I created this thread to discuss how this change, yet again, benefits the larger companies over smaller ones in PvP. There is already a huge power gap and it is not linear. Due to everything related to farming and how BPs work there is an exponential power gap. The current situation is this. There are mega alliances on PvP servers; consisting of the biggest companies on the entire Atlas. If you are a team of 1-3-5 people, they will not invite you to their alliance not just because you are not of use to them but because they are limited on how many allies they can have. So they stick with the biggest boys. There are a handful of elite clubs out there who get to experience the end game and the mythical naval warfare, and the rest of the player base are just insects to them. Being the small guy, If you live on lawless you have no raid timer, you can get offline raided. You WILL get offline raided. If you are a settler on someone's island, all of what you guys discussed for PvE applies and even more scenarios apply due to PvP. If you own a small island, someone who has the numbers, without any fear of repercussions because of the mentioned exponential power gap and sheer numbers thanks to alliance meta, can raid you at will. A bigger company raids a smaller company that's just life in PvP but this whole mega alliance meta is making it so much easier. The fast decay change earlier made it very difficult for the small guy to keep control of his island. Anyone can now come and build on my island without permission and use it as a base of operation to grief me. That 24 hour timer to demo works outside raid time and there could be a lot of places to hide a small shack for a smart PvP player on a bigger island especially. And now the ability to raze an island... Before these two changes I had the chance to persevere on my island even if i was raided. I could simply come back and make sure they can never fully wipe my foundations. Which is something that happened to me. A company who was in a mega alliance wanted to settle on my island, they came and raided everything, but eventually gave up trying to get the island because i had ways to deny them. Raze an island in this current state of the game is ONLY useful to the mega griefer. And 12k gold is a pathetic number that doesn't mean anything at all. Especially when you are just done raiding someone who, if worth his salt, already had a decent amount.
  6. Imma hazzard a guess. Because people we call devs are just bunch of under paid, under qualified dudes who couldn't be bothered to think or care about the product they work on beyond what's demanded of them. Their only concern are their families' well being and securing the job they cling to by doing exactly what their employers tell them. Those employers are currently celebrating how many copies of Atlas they sold and are investigating how to produce DLCs for us to buy or yet another Ark rip off. Atlas happened to have a great concept that was utterly wasted by this mentality. The amount of actual shits given here are near nought.
  7. Dear developers, Do you really not understand how the social dynamics in this game work? Or do you really don't care at all? Why do you keep rolling over the small guy? Just why? CURRENT: V210.13 - Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates - Settlement Owners can now raze a settlement after first claiming it. This will destroy all structures on the island. The cost to raze will be 12k gold on PvP servers and 25k gold on PvE servers. Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. The raze option will then be available for a 24-hour window only. This option is only functional during peacetime on PvP networks. Who asked for this? Who needs this? Now not only a company of teenage bullies can raid me into oblivion in a game that revolves around farming, but now they can also foundation wipe me for a measly amount of 12k gold? You already made the situation really bad when you enabled fast decay for settlement owners. 12k gold... They stole that much from me already. You are basically rewarding them for steamrolling me. The amount of (non) thinking you give to these changes are just appalling.
  8. Not sure where crystal is on D8
  9. I love it (not) when people whine about their personal shit when devs are working hard to keep everything fair for everybody. Newsflash everyone; the things you gain in game are not your actual property. Enjoy your time playing the game and quit bitching at people who are doing their job.
  10. It was the steam account's password dumbass
  11. It doesn't mean the account was logged in at that time. You don't take backups to roll back to every second...
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