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  1. BigBombz

    Are you old?

    Yes I'm old too, 52. But most of all I've been managing my own business for over 24 years now and I'm flabbergasted that this kind of thread needs to exist. Why the hell we - as your customers need to teach and explain to you how to do your job and how not to piss off your customers? We need to tell you that we like to know that you read our posts on your official forums and hear out our problems? Really? We need to tell you that you should react somehow - even only by emoticon or post that says "I've noted this"? Really? We need to tell you that when your March update turns into May update or beyond that you need to inform your customers about that swiftly and not just hide and be silent and hope that no one notices? Really? You've done piss poor job communicating with your customers, in fact if I would have as incompetent personnel as you appear to be I would fire their ass so hard and fast that they would not find it even with a telescope.
  2. BigBombz

    A wild seagull sinking a galleon!

    Well, it must be broken again then, because another seagull landed on my ship just yesterday and I my galleon begun to loose health and sink despite it being anchored. That's actually what prompted me post this topic.
  3. I have a fully crewed galleon and every time a wild seagull or a parrot decides to land on her deck I get a notification that my ship is sinking because there is too many crew onboard. Granted, any of the offending birds have ever sat on my ship long enough to actually sink it, but you never know when one of them get stuck just the right way... Please make it so that wild creatures don't count as crew on ships because that's just stupid. On top of that it's another pve griefing mechanic to sink someone elses ships now that we can board other companies ships again.
  4. BigBombz

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    And that's exactly what most people are. When I was playing on pvp-server I was in three different companies until they quit because they (we) got raided. In a grindy game like this getting wiped is too disheartening for most people, they want to keep their pve-progress and stuff but have some pvp-exitement on top of that.
  5. BigBombz

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    How about three factions? North (PVP), South (PVP) and Merchants (PVE) on a single map, so no separate PVP and PVE servers just faction you are in defines what you can do. If you belong to the North faction you can only attack members of the South faction and vice versa. Norths could build bases only on the north side of the map and Souths on the South side, that way PVP players could build and gear up deep in their factions area in a relative safety and we could see massive attacks on the border of those factions and dearing infiltrations deep into hostile area in hope foor great loot. Merchant faction could build in peace in their own faction area and trade exotic materials for both pvp sides. Maybe there could be a lawless zone in between two pvp factions that has really rare resources and where even pve players would be voulnerable to attacks from other players - so true piracy could be practiced there.
  6. BigBombz

    Horizon Fireworks?

    I've alwayst thought they're just some rendering/lighting artefacts nothing more.
  7. BigBombz

    Please let animals turn in place

    Turn around without moving, turn right and left while backing, turn around while swimming, make bigger animals push smaller animals away (elephant getting stuck in a sheep is beyond stupid) and for love of everything unholy MAKE BEARS ABLE TO CLIMB AT LEAST SOME DEGREE OF INCLINATION!! Haven't you ever seen a bear at least in a zoo IRL? Those suckers can even climb to trees.
  8. BigBombz


    Yes, megalodons with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.
  9. If I ever -for what ever reasons- decide to leave my ship and take a swim in the ocean, it's very rare that more than five or six sharks instantly spawn around me. They are ridiculously underpowered too - they need two or even three bites at my ass before I'm dead!! And after I'm dead I sometimes- even when the sharks camp my lootbag, as they should - manage to get my loot with less than ten tries! How's that a challenging and fun gameplay? Another problem is after killing a SoD ship when I (covardly suited in diving suit) jump into the ocean to recruit new crew members I sometimes manage to move them on to my ship before they get eaten by a shark. Luckily most of the times when I kill a whale that gets eaten by sharks with any possible gold before I get change to overload my ship with gold coins. So clearly there are not enough sharks in the sea and they are not OP enough! Can we have more, bigger ones, possibly with lasers?
  10. I don't know about pygmy goats, but there is already rabbits in the game that at least were (in my understanding) supposed to work as a warning system when you pick them up on your shoulders. I don't know whether they work or not - never tamed one, but they could at least be made like that without the need to add new animal to the game.
  11. Please give us a command to unseat all the crew with one whistle and then seat them back to same seat as they were. It's really cumbersome and boring to run from each crewmember to another to unseat them from cannons and back, especially on galleon with 58 or more crew on board.
  12. Why is it that all the characters are hunched/leaning forward when they are supposed to stand idle. Our characters are supposed to be sailors and pirates that are fit and used to hard work not some nerdy coders that are melting over keyboards. Please fix their posture so that they have they stand upright with their back straight shoulders back and chest pushed forward. I don't want any anime/superhero stance just a normal relaxed good stance. While this is a minor issue in the game it would be something worth correcting in a game that allow us to see our characters considering how easy this should be to fix.
  13. BigBombz

    Blue whale carcasses dissappear

    Well that's just stupid thing to add to the list of stupid things in this game then. I mean that shark eats a whale in couple of seconds, how's that going to make any sense.
  14. Yes, animals do fall trough the ceilings, and they just go spooof and dissappear to the thin air too. But this time my bear was on the ceiling and inside the closed pen. I found his saddle on the floor of the pen and my company log said that he was killed by alpha lion. And no matter how or why those wild animals get their aggro, it's just stupid that they can bite you or your animals through solid wood ceilings and walls. This needs to be fixed.
  15. After unseating my crew from ballistas and cannons on top deck they often (at least one of the 14 crewmembers each time) start bouncing up and down and bounce off the ship. If I don't run after them to whistle them to follow they will get lost. Hitting them with a spyglass usually stops their bouncing if I'm quick enough to smack them before they bounce over board.