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  1. Is atlas going to be released or just vaporware?
  2. I submitted a bug report on it today put my eventvwr log in it as well.
  3. nah delete all the items that dont matter anymore.
  4. Why do you bother to have the forums when your dev team doesnt seem to respond to anything? 3 years of useless data wipe it and start fresh. This time respond to bugs etc In the time i have played the game you just recreate the wheel over and over again go with something and stick to it and build off of it.
  5. Its in Alpha ++ lol They announced it on steam and the website.
  6. This isnt early access its an Alpha test platform.
  7. Keep the animals in your hull and cross server lines slowly best advice on the subject
  8. Ok guys i havent not played in awhile I stopped after a few wipes ago due to being frustrated with all the crazy changes. Why did you attach such a large amount of gold to build a ship?? What is the gold used for since I am doing all the work? Drastic changes do not make a game they make it a mess, small changes guys your original concept was a great idea discovering locations and where resources are etc. Player driven economy is how you can make gold not by being a pirate? Who what developer came up with this sh!t
  9. 14 players in a zone 150 ping times.. whatever last patch that went in has killed the game no one is around during the holidays
  10. a lifetime Ya they actually fixed that bug today
  11. It doesnt work i tried to submit one today it kept taking me somewhere else and no i dont have any malware or hooks
  12. yea lawless areas are the worst compared to the owned island areas the lag if over 10 people the pings skyrocket
  13. and they fixed it to bad they dont fix the server lag
  14. Fun bug build a stone farm and pick it up place it again now its a wood one
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