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  1. Luxfere

    foundation blocked by water

    Yes this bug started some time ago is a bug report on it here search for it
  2. Luxfere

    Still can't login to the game

    Also load the game up on low memory and see if that works after that can log out and back in maybe it will correct
  3. Luxfere


    Uh animal on aggressive can pull cart and kill anything it sees normal functionality rofl Yea thats not cheating it fell off of a boat..or boat was destroyed and bear was now stuck there
  4. If you dont anchor your ship will blow up its stated in some earlier patch notes, PVE server doesnt mean your safe specially in a lawless region.
  5. Nope that isnt it either i posted this bug a month ago its still not fixed. I destroyed my shipyard to build a bigger one well cant do that even though I have a foundation building next to it. There is no other base nearby or foundation i cannot build in water. I have my base in the water as it is If i wanted to add a pillar under to reinforce it , it shows as foundation to close but if i build the same pillar above it on a ceiling i can build.
  6. Beta test game but i havent seen anything just poof unless you didnt anchor or keep crew fed. And they aggroed on a pirates of the damned and they nuked your ship you were in lawless area you can be attacked and destroyed
  7. Luxfere

    Cargo attachment on Schooners - EU PVE, M8

    No isuess with the item sounds like you have a bad network connection
  8. You start to build on an island that run by a user or company. Well now i can no longer build on that island is this a known bug as I have a base there but i cannot start any sort of building anymore. And now im stuck,
  9. Passive you can lose your tames always keep them on neutral
  10. Luxfere

    Bug building base in water

    After last patch, if you try and add stairs or a foundation near your base you get the error that another enemy foundation is to close and you cannot build. These even happens when placing stairs and they touch the water. I have tried this on multiple occasions it happens every time. Even if your snapping stairs on existing foundations next to your own foundations. Annoying bug started after a few patches ago. Also happens if you place a pillar say on a roof or pier your building when you get to the bottom it will throw that error that a player base is to close even if you have pillars already in the water near it. With no player base in sight
  11. Is why i have had to keep all my bears on Attack target and they handle the alphas.
  12. Luxfere

    BUG - Masterwork Pirate Map

    Masterwork pirate maps gives no exp to the group that is there after digging it up. I was with a few others when we finished this as a company. And none of us received exp and only 1 person received the reward and the skill Treasure Master only the person digging up the treasure got the quest completion. Map stated 2500 gold only received 2001 gold...
  13. Luxfere

    Im out

    Its a beta test aka early access or did you not read the faq? Some of you guys crack me up gotta post bug reports and exactually how they are doing the exploits
  14. Luxfere

    Bug building onto empty ground

    If say another company has built nearby and I am talking about quite a ways away any structure you put on the ground will give you an error that a structure is to close. But if i place a foundation attached to another foundation that was already there it works and no error is given. Something changed as of last patch
  15. Luxfere


    That site is useless cant even update it even if you sign up...oh donate more money.,..