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  1. Luxfere

    Looking To Charter a Ship To Go Whale Hunting

    Eh build a ship do it yourself brigantine works well hell schooner does to, I know im a solo player and i hunt whales and sotd ship fleets
  2. Luxfere

    Seaweed on N8

    Looks like this was removed from the island can anyone else confirm? This is the thundering key Was a pond with seaweed in it now the pond is full of nothing.
  3. Luxfere

    how is no one talking about this?

    Its artwork....
  4. Luxfere

    WTF guys......

    Guess you gave up to quickly was a hidden surprise....
  5. Luxfere

    harvest is impossible

    You open a bug report and state the obvious under the bug forum then it will be fixed reporting it here doesnt do any good
  6. Eating drinking if your not wearing any clothing you will havce to eat and drink more often based off of weather and all mmos made you drink and eat over the years they laxed it but this is a survival game
  7. Luxfere

    Huge amount of animals/creatures

    spiders = exp
  8. Luxfere

    harvest is impossible

    Then open a bug report on the locations so they will be fixed,.
  9. L 11 L12 L13 L14 have gems and silver on them to name a few gotta look harder, K14 as well does
  10. PC sailing when cyclones occur ship goes underwater, this used to happen all the time back in the day when Atlas first launched yes way back when. Was fixed now its happening again.
  11. Luxfere

    Who will be the first Xbox atlas player?

    Whats a console oh those things that we hated in the 80s....
  12. I guess we know who wears the pants then.... lol
  13. Go on holiday take a laptop log n 3 days feed refresh log out
  14. Luxfere

    ATLAS Roadmap

    No it should be both ways land and sea Its a Beta this is what goes on
  15. Luxfere

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    Things will be changing its beta and the new road map will iron out the details.