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  1. a lifetime Ya they actually fixed that bug today
  2. It doesnt work i tried to submit one today it kept taking me somewhere else and no i dont have any malware or hooks
  3. yea lawless areas are the worst compared to the owned island areas the lag if over 10 people the pings skyrocket
  4. and they fixed it to bad they dont fix the server lag
  5. Fun bug build a stone farm and pick it up place it again now its a wood one
  6. yea welcome to beta 101
  7. Devs question why not wipe the forums? And start over or just archive them.?
  8. I did 5 on 1 map 1 was accessible the rest not at all then of course a sperm whale comes to eat you when the buggy diving suit seems to just disapear. Ive also been around since the beginning and been through the countless changes if a map is not doable for someone and you throw it away after the time it takes for it to rot so should the undead in the location. Otherwise you get the army of the damned I have seen over 30 of them and at a sick high level lol level 94-98
  9. I still love pvp but not in this game there is no point to it. And i dont think they even read the fking forums anymore, posting bugs getting crickets which will take me to saying fk this game once and for all.
  10. Whats going on with treasure maps now? I went to a fine one with 6 quality 700 gold and got raped by level 98 Undead....are you kidding me or what? Yet i did another map 16 quality and attacked by level 25 undead which was more doable. Also shipwrecks 50/50 are un completeable. The ship is locked off from the chest or the tiny arsed hole you made for us to go through doesnt work and or the suit decides to just poof out of existance
  11. They wont take animals out of the game its a part of it now.
  12. Still happens with maps on top of a pillar or mountain that you cant even get to without spending hours doing so. I dump the map as soon as I see its going to be a long day to make a few 100 gold. And the thatch walls of blocking wtf is that about? This isnt ark no giga will be coming for you
  13. Correct old bug if you ask me has been around since last wipe, It should be allowed to be demolished wish they would fix it and clean up islands.
  14. Shipyards can also be goofy like this to
  15. They still need to have a better build system in open world to stop the constant spread of pillaring as we used to call it. Make it so you have to build something more than 4 squares in size./
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