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  1. Yeah, am on xbox too. If I'm lucky it sometimes jumps to 15mbps but a constant 5 is standard. One my mrs xbox however she only gets 2mbps as standard. Its a bit strange seeing as she's plugged directly into the router and I use a powerline adapter. I think its the host servers that may have the major issues though
  2. Hi guys and gals. Anyone have any ideas why the updates for this wont download at anything over 5mbps? I wouldn't mind but I have 250mbps connection for a reason!
  3. Question for the devs (not that I expect it to get answered!) You have started re-developing the game, all well and good cos hell it needs it, it has the potential to be a truly great game that could very well be played and developed for years should you get it right. However you are not addressing the concerns of the community e.g. lag, ping, and general toxicity of players/companies, yet you continue to develop new content and share ideas on what you want to do with the game such as adding even more new content. Now for the question Are you doing it this way so that once you have the content to where you want it to be you can then go on to sort out the issues so you only have to do the work once, or are you slowly working on fixes behind the scenes to release alongside the updates and keeping quiet about it so the community is pleasantly surprised when some of it issues ate magically fixed?
  4. Well I did say I could be wrong. My bad. I also did say dont quote me! However it would appear most people are forgetting one important factor, its a game! The devs are just trying to give the game a unique mechanic that makes you pay attention to your character and to give the game a little more depth. And, it really isn't a major drag to deal with anyway.
  5. You could just do what we do, overeat to boost your vit bars, then stam out once or twice to get rid of the overeating de-buff. The vitamin system really isn't that much of an issue, plus if you do keep them balanced you double your fortification. Effort/reward. Oh and ps. You have heard of dysentery haven't you? That's basically supercharged vitamin c poisoning I believe! (I could be wrong though so don't quote me)
  6. Hi guys, just curious. Does anyone know a way to connect a new set of pipes, ours decayed through lack of use some how, even though they are connected to an irrigation system for our farm! (We do a LOT of farming). I have replaced the pipes from the water source and would now like to like them up to our existing irrigation set up but the connections are just showing up red. Any ideas people, or is this just another slightly unfinished piece of the game? I really do not want to have to try and rebuild our irrigation set up from scratch seeing as it took about 6 hours last time! Cheers guys and gals. Peace
  7. Hi guys, can anyone help. Have started a solo game just for a laugh (and to escape lag, ping rate and griefers) and was wondering if anyone can provide an up to date spawn command list seeing as there is no actuall command anywhere to spawn in the small stone gateways and gates, the current command just spawns in mediums. Cheers people. Peace
  8. Fix the servers guys. I think rather than by cutting costs and spreading the pve servers between the eu and the USA (that's the reason between the massive differences in ping rate. I have this on good authority from a network techie) they really need to re-open the na pve server. Also can we have the support section of the website fixed. Trying to put a ticket in and cannot. Cheers
  9. Yep and they won't deal with trolling and griefing issues on that support section unfortunately. The main bay on moonlit haven on pve is appalling, there's foundation spam in the water and shipyards basically built on top of other companies shipyards, someone has managed to place theirs so it actually intersects ours some how. And to top it all off tonight someone has decided to build a shipyard right across the mouth of the bay so no ships can get in or out. Oh yey.
  10. I have signed in again whilst trying to submit. So if someone else is having the same issue i am I think they broke the website when they updated it. Trouble is how do you report an issue when the section of the website for reporting issues is the broken bit! I'll bet the devs are thinking its a little quiet!
  11. Nope, still the same im afraid. Could it be because I'm trying to do this from my phone instead of pc I wonder
  12. I am not getting the option to submit a ticket. Once I click on submit ticket all I can then do is look at the code of conduct
  13. Some one has some how managed to place a shipyard so that it fully intersects wit one of our companies, I can also see one of our bouys sticking through the top as well. I think something needs doing about this. I'd post a picture if I could get the image into a smaller file size. Whilst we are on the subject, does anyone know why I can't submit a ticket?
  14. I do like the farmhouses, given we are a company of 2 this has made our lives so much easier and the game a lot more playable given we now don't have to farm resources for hours to build boats, pens etc. However to reiterate an earlier point can we please have some way of choosing whether the farmhouse collects either food or resources seeing as ours are permanently full of berries or herbs and contain very little of the resources we actually placed them down to collect. My better half would also like to be able to paint them!
  15. Hello. How do you all put roofs on your tame pens? Ours are large enough to hold a giraffe, elephant, rhino and a few bears on a second level so ther are fairly large. Now I really dont like having to place pillars down from the roof to support so I have been wondering if the game mechanics will allow me to use triangular wall pieces to create a buttressed ceiling. It would be nice if this would work as it would help make buildings look much more authentic rather than having ugly pillars every 6th panel for support. I have to read a lot of architectural drawings due to work so this is something that just seems like it should work to me. Cheers guys and girls. Peace
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