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  1. That could be a plan, however do you know any game programmers that would be willing to work on this? I do know one but he's a little busy working for codemasters! Thats why I'm suggesting trying to pitch it to another studio. The fan base is there, the main structure of the game is there, its just really the bugs that need ironing out and the communities views taking seriously then it really is a winning game
  2. Damn straight. The captain of the ship dont give too hoots about us so let's do something about it!
  3. Hi guys, I have seen a few posts on here about a community buy out for the game we love. Here's another suggestion, why don't we start bombarding another developer with experience of open world rpgs, say blizzard, to see if we can get them to buy the rights. Cos let's face it, how awesome would this game be with a properly motivated and enthusiastic development team? Granted no doubt we would see lots of real currency add ons brought in so they could make their money back but I would be willing to pay for certain skins etc. What do you guys all think? Peace ✌
  4. Errm by this point the only atlas you will find will be a big book with a map of the world in it, not a game! Someone please hang the devs
  5. Would love to be a fly on the wall in one of their development meetings. Lead dev 'right how can we screw new players and alienate small companies' Team 'we could always screw servers up, charge extortionate amounts for ships, ignore the community. Ohh and let's bring barrel bombs back Lead dev 'I like it, let's do it' I messaged nami and chismebeard in oh June or July saying that if they don't fix the existing issues then I reckon at most this game has maybe 12 months left in in. I would like to revise that to 6. Well done team, well done.
  6. While that really would be nice, I have the horrible feeling that they will be working with the motto, let's fix it worse than it was before! I do enjoy this game and was so hopeful that the new devs would make it and not breake it but it looks like my hopes are misguided. Such a shame
  7. Complete silence from the devs, still major lag everywhere and no minor bug fixes in nearly a month. Have grapeshot given up completely on this game now or are they working on something behind the scenes? I'm hoping the latter.
  8. I think they have given up on us. Shame really I do enjoy this game. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted
  9. You know, im an avid supporter of this game and the current devs. However, im starting to lose faith. Over a week has gone by since they dropped a major bollock and not once have they apologised or offered an explanation. Come on guys, pull your finger out.
  10. Are we sure its just maintenance and not them sticking two fingers up to pve players?
  11. As the title says, where the hell has the pve server gone? Just about to log on to start some breeding so the timers are at a reasonable interval and there is no server at all!
  12. Current version is 410.4 rev 120306
  13. Errm will have to check when I get to my console for the version. 100% the xbox got the update. Do you play online or Purley solo?
  14. OK, not the world's greatest breeder but I'm the only breeder in our company. I have never lost any bears due to temps. Yes its a pain in the a**e for the first 4.5 hours to get them to 10% but once you're there the temps do not make the slightest bit of difference. For the first 10% though you just need a well set up breeding pen with plenty of heat/cooling depending upon which biome you're in. The food on the other hand is a nightmare, I normally go through about 2000 chili's for the first 10% (I breed my bears in 3 pairs so 3 cubs as standard 4 if I get twins). After that I have four troughs i fill with chili's that will last the entire imprinting process. The hardest part i find is timing the initial breed so that you're not having to get up at silly o'clock for an imprint. So yeah, its doable solo but difficult. Is also much easier if the natural temps are too cold cos its much easier to warm a room up than cool it down. Peace guys and gals
  15. Yeah, xbox got it dude. Its the standard map now. Fellow xbox player here
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