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  1. Hi guys. I know you pc users have a bit of an easier time with this one so can someone please advise me how to transfer a picture taken with the compass camera to a wooden canvas on the xbox version of the game. I really cannot figure out how to get into the pnt file at all. Cheers
  2. Ahh OK. Thank you. Something to maybe be added at a later date hopefully? Admittedly the connotations of 'baby crabs' leave a lot to be desired!
  3. Hi guys, am having a play around on solo until the new map comes about and I'm curious if anyone knows the spawn commands to spawn in a diveable shipwreck. There must be one somewhere due to testing requirements. Cheers people. Peace
  4. Heres one for you all, are crabs breedable? We are having a mess about on a private hosted game and are seeing what is possible with all the spawn commands etc and was just curious if I spawn two crabs in will I be able to breed them for a bit of a laugh? Cheers guys
  5. Hi guys. Not sure if this has been mentioned cos I'm lazy and really cant be bothered to read through the entire forum but can we please have snap points added to the large gateways and walls please to make building easier. Will possibly also stop some lag issues when loading in players pens etc due to not as much code needing to be loaded! Hopefully the devs will read this. Not holding my breath though! Peace
  6. We only run a small company so we do struggle a little at times but that's half the fun I suppose. I think we might struggle a little more after wipe seeing as our amourer has defected to a modded pvp server so no cannon for us for a while! Will be nice to run into a friendly face
  7. Nice. I'm glad I asked this question cos I have run into so many trolls whilst playing this (crews building large walls under our brig on their islands cos they want our bears and gold) and you guys have shown me that there really is a very friendly and helpful community out there. Bring on the wipe I really cannot wait to try out some of this advice. Again thank you all so much. If you play on pve look out for ardentis shadow. That would be me.
  8. Ok folks I have one teensy little issue with a smaller map. Dont get me wrong I like the idea of not having to sail for hour after hour to get anywhere, however, the na pve server has been taken offline giving the eu pve a massive influx of players already. Unfortunately and I know this is not going to be a popular opinion but the map needs to be made larger with more islands available to be claimed by smaller companies whilst somehow implementing a system that's stops the megas buying up all the smaller islands and instead making it more worthwhile for them to set up bases on the bigger islands. Also giving us the option of a cross platform server and dedicated console servers would be nice
  9. Jesus christ dude, that is immensely helpful. I think I will have to wait until the server wipe now though!
  10. Ok that's cool. Colour mutations do interest me slightly seeing as I have managed to tame me a nice purple bear. Unfortunately she was only a level 2 but I really wanted her for the colour. Nice to know I can breed offspring and parents as well.
  11. Thank you so much. Thats the most in depth information I have been able to get from anywhere so that should help a lot indeed. I'm assuming to avoid mutations in the breed line I either need fresh breeding stock to keep the gene pool stable or, as in real animal breeding I can mate the grandparents and grand children together. How much of a negative impact do the mutations have on the animals out of curiosity?
  12. Ahh thank you. Did not know that's where the bred levels came from. Glad the times have been adjusted so those of us who have to adult occasionally aren't penalized.
  13. Thank you. Most helpful. All I have to do now is prepare for the long haul over weekend to try the breeding out, I believe it will take about 30 hours of game play till I can leave the little critters alone, is this still true or has breeding been patched? Most of the info I have found is over a year old. Not overly concerned about the stats just yet, I just need to replace my first wild tames that have maxed out at 31, 32 and 34. I plan on breeding a 63 male with a 68 and 69 female to hopefully get some good results. Fingers crossed!
  14. Hi guys and girls. Have been playing since the back end of last year now and am a fairly competent tamer. However I would like to breed some of our bears and tigers so would like some pointers, I plan on setting up in a temperate zone for the bears and am unsure with the tigers as of yet. I have the willingness to learn I would just like not to kill off my first litter of bears. Also, what is the average number of Cubs I can expect from each pairing? If anyone is willing to provide me with some expert guidance I thank you in advance. Cheers
  15. Errm just picked up a journeyman quality boosted map for the golden age ruins in c6. Just how crazy do you have to be to do these maps? There are only 3 players in our company with a max level of 58 and 3 attack bears with a max level of 68. I'm guessing going for this map would be a bad idea!?
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