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  1. alessandro

    Can't control crew on company ships ( no member can )

  2. alessandro

    Can't Whistle NPC Crew or Unseat Crew

  3. alessandro

    sunken ships no longer give resources

    sunken ships no longer give resources @Jatheish
  4. alessandro

    resources bugs

    it does not work again, please fix it @Jatheish
  5. alessandro

    weights wrong objects

    when will you decide to work on the weights of the objects? they are all wrong @Jatheish
  6. alessandro

    Eggs Weight 1 Pound

    the weights are all wrong @Jatheish
  7. alessandro

    game unplayable

    the game has worsened, unplayable freeze continuous and ovwrspawn ship damn
  8. alessandro

    Water Weight

    the weights are all wrong
  9. alessandro

    Cargo and war ships

    the weights are all wrong
  10. alessandro

    Weight on persons and ships

    the weights are all wrong
  11. alessandro

    Edit Ship carry weight?

    the weights are all wrong
  12. alessandro

    Which of you agree about the weights?

    which of you agree that the game has incorrect weight values? there are objects that weigh too much compared to reality, barrel water, berries, doubloons, cabinets, kitchen, etc., that do not cost to carry almost anything in the boats because the objects weigh too much! in reality the boats do not have this reduced weight, we find ourselves having to throw everything always for weight problems. the developers should see the real weight of the objects, these current ones are completely wrong.
  13. alessandro

    BUG? Opening Gun Ports Increase Weight

    weights should be reviewed
  14. alessandro

    Remove structure limit build on ships

    game based on ships and you can not customize the boat, incredible