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  1. hello everyone I noticed that the paintings are no longer visible in the game, the icons are black.
  2. modifications are also necessary for the construction of rooms without lateral spaces due to the curvature of the ship
  3. hello everyone, we noticed that ships lack an important element: the windows. if we analyze the real boats we notice that there are no windows in which there was the captain's room. Two types of scoreboards are needed, one with Windows adds one without daring players to choose. the rudder of the ship should also be changed, see photo
  4. I arrived in an island in m11 and shortly after the server crashed, I connected but a red mark appears as if I had lost my boat and my bed, please check
  5. sunken ships no longer give resources @Jatheish
  6. it does not work again, please fix it @Jatheish
  7. when will you decide to work on the weights of the objects? they are all wrong @Jatheish
  8. the weights are all wrong @Jatheish
  9. the game has worsened, unplayable freeze continuous and ovwrspawn ship damn
  10. the weights are all wrong
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