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  1. zottel

    Buyable Events

    It may Sound stuipid to set your own base under attack,but i just came to the stuipid idea that beside what is going to be added for singleplayer with the Encampments could also be buyable. Like you build your base And got some ally Friends Who would like some Action you could buy a Dragon attacking your island or Pirates etc. Just for the Fun or with rewards if you are able to kill it
  2. zottel

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Thought math stuff had the boomer garantue
  3. zottel

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Are you sure about that? For me it Feels like every bit of weight slows you down
  4. zottel

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Besides that free Ports Need a bit love, i agree that fast travell is Not really helping to make sailing less dull. The 2 Main reasons why sailing is annoying atm is Either Bad wind or just the fact that weight slows you down as hell. Also there Need to be a good reason which is worth sailing for And also its just Moving from A to B Without any Risk.
  5. zottel

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Make weight Not Slow You down that much would already help alot tbh. But what iam really looking forward to would be (like the whales ) Special Sea Monsters Which can be found in a certain biom. Have a kraken who grabs your ship And You Need to damage his tentacles to flee or pick up a right which gives a reward or so. A leviathan which Needs to be harpooned to fight him. A Giant turtle which has a Route it follows And if you find it there are aods on the back And traps but also a hidden treasure.
  6. zottel

    Are Ships Actually Faster?

    As far as i know both are 40% Slower than Speeds with good wind,but Handlings with 130% acceleration are as fast as Speeds. But on singleplayer the velocity works on Speeds so in the end they will be faster.
  7. zottel

    Are Ships Actually Faster?

    Also the stats on player made sails are Important. You have 40% less Speed with a Handlung Compared to speedsails.
  8. zottel

    Livestream Q&A

    Will we be able to Duell each Other? Like both Players Need to accept a Duell And then a Timer Starts ticking down And then we can. Do fist fight or sword Duells etc.
  9. zottel

    wipe when?

    Have you ever heard how a moose Sounds when ready to make love? Then imagine that sound pitched deeper And the Moose has smoked for 60 years. That Kind of annoying Sound they make
  10. zottel

    wipe when?

    Thats were the difference in our knowledge is XD the sound they make is so annoying
  11. zottel

    Griefing went too far

    Everyone Knows griefing but this guy went too far. After the First shock Moment i went And had a Cigarette,went back to Play atlas again After i calmed down a bit. Too Late,it went too far this time. I had to call my psychologist in the middle of the night,so he came to me at 3 in the Morning And gave me some pills so i can get some Rest. The next Day i pulled myself together And started atlas And i still could Not believe how cruel Monsters Human can be. Someone placed 50 penguins under my Palace And whoever Heard- the Sound of those Things know what im Talking about. I can never visit a zoo in my live anymore
  12. zottel

    wipe when?

    By the love of god if crossplay Happens i Fill your base with penguins
  13. zottel

    Message in a bottle

    Would be cool And those could have small buffs like 1% less repaircost or so for anchored ships
  14. zottel

    Magic Mythos

    What the hell???? Where do you get those numbers from? I mean upgrading a good piece of int gear is like 300k Gold for all Upgrades
  15. zottel

    Magic Mythos

    Wait Till You Start upgrading int gear