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  1. zottel

    Ship max. Level 50

    Yeah was just wondering if u use better gunports if u get even More Level ups
  2. zottel


    Breeding since Day One And works Fine for us
  3. zottel

    Ship max. Level 50

    So every ship i build in a myth. shipyard comes out at 128% Quality with using a myth shipyard which got 135% durability. So i was wondering if u replace some stuff on the ship with higher Quality like gunports etc. If the Quality improves more And u get even More Level ups
  4. zottel

    Galleon stats?

    Sounds like u guys still had alot of Fun
  5. zottel

    Galleon stats?

    Its Mainly for SOTDs. But how do i get Decent Speed And Turning capabikitys on a galleon? I Used 2 Handlings And 4 Speed before And Turning was still awful And adding More Handlings result in less SpeedSpeed
  6. zottel

    Galleon stats?

    So im going to Release my galleon today, but im Not sure how to Level it properly. Its a normal broadside galleon. Is it worth leveling into sinking rate at all? And how good is the new Résistance And dmg Stat? Also should i Level a but into wheight?
  7. zottel

    rhino taming troubles

    Thats odd. Can Tell for sure it works for us with the current Patch. Tamed like 5 today. Guess u Tried killing Yourself too? Other than that it can be someone Attempted to tame it before u,then u cant tame it anymore. Besides of that im Running out of ideas
  8. zottel

    rhino taming troubles

    Dumb question, u did bola hin before did u? Cause it works Fine for me
  9. They Need to atleast have a but of danger to them. Other than beeing faster with almost no wind, its easy to Sail away or avoid them. Thats the reason to only Sail with Decent wind or have Cannons to defend
  10. zottel

    Claim vs Lawless

    I Dont get why so many People have Problems with landlords. We got Plenty tennants which are happy to live on our island. We keep the areas clear of blocking And Spamming stuff And Allow everyone to have enough Space to Build. They also benefit from our trading Partners,as they can sell And trade stuff too as Most People come to us. Just Need to find good landlords
  11. zottel

    Eastern Event

    Cooking or pockig up eggs will now result in spawning 100 killerrabbits at your Location
  12. zottel

    Ships of the damned and wreck diving

    Sell tames or use the player Shops to earn Gold. Or kill whales.
  13. zottel

    pve The Eis-Piraten opend there Shop at M15

    Grüße von fairytail aus G10^^ kommen bestimmt mal rum. Wir verkaufen zur zeit nur tames
  14. zottel

    Ship max. Level 50

    Yeah im a bit disappointed. Thought each Quality Tier would add like 10 Level so we end up Getting Level 100 in the end. Sounds much but with the Sotd changes And the galleon class And 2 additional stats it would still be Fine. Just add that the dmg Stat only Applies to Cannons on gunports, And you would have proper Naval Battels again And no front or backloader anymore
  15. zottel

    Ship max. Level 50

    Tried that on a private Server with offi settings. Max Level was 52 before the wipe for sure,got 3 galleons maxed at that Point. Also shipyard Quality only Effekts ship Levels now.before the wipe they would all get the Same Level ups,no matter which shipyard