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  1. zottel

    BRIGATINE build for SOTD ?

    Vurmis explained it Pretty good but if you go into Detail might add that you Want rally the Troops And reload Overdrive in the captaineering tree to get faster reload. Place your Steering Wheel on deck And Not on ceilings. Dont overdo repairing the Same plank as it Takes resources every Time. With all that said Expierience in Combat will make you the pirate you Want to be^^
  2. zottel

    BRIGATINE build for SOTD ?

    As you wont have any good blueprints yet you can put Medium Cannons on the back of your ship And just kite them to kill them. Second Option would be a armored Brig Which will cover gunports with roofs for some extra Protection. I still Prefer normal broadside ships as its just more fun,but the Most risky way tho.
  3. When can i pick Mine up? Would Sail a ship over later if possible^^
  4. Welcome back sterk ^^ looking forward to trade again with you guys. Greetings from fairytail
  5. zottel

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    That bug should have the highest priority atm. People Are Losing structures And also bookshelf etc. On them
  6. zottel

    So we actually found an island on H9

    We Used to own the North west Island in H9 before the wipe. Had player shops there Selling everything Needed for the Kraken. Fight
  7. zottel

    Refund if possible

    I like the Basic idea behind EA. It offers Smaller companys to earn Money for further Development And Needed Feedback from the playerbase, while on the Other Hand let Players buy it for less Money And also be Part of the development.
  8. zottel

    Refund if possible

    I miss the good old Times where you saw a small Trailer or Clip And just bought it because it Looks cool. Nowadays it seems like People study the Game 6 month before the Release And watch streams to know everything about a Game before buying.
  9. zottel

    Refund if possible

    Sounds like i. Bought a swimming suit and want a refund because im still Not able to swim.not liking a Game is a different Story. Maybe you just gave a Bad example.
  10. zottel


    If i could Decide between attacking a Raft where someone might throw with Spears After me or a galleon with 52 Cannons i would definitly take on the Raft
  11. zottel

    Taming a joke?

    If you Dont get the Option at all on the Same Bull someone Else might Tried to tame him. If a player from another Company Fed him once you are not able to tame it anymore
  12. zottel


    I saw the Model of the Babys And glad its not there yet XD those Things looked like Mutante from the Forest
  13. zottel

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

    B7 the Big Island northeast has Mineral Oil right And left from the cove on the Beach
  14. Upload in discord And copy Paste the Link in here works usually. Not Saying that game isnt buggy but i havn't Seen predators going through Walls in ages. Maybe the angle sucks at some Point? Are your tames neutral or passive? Because we always keep them on passive as they tend to run out of the Save areas otherwise.
  15. You Need to Change swivel Cannons to Target all or only wild creatures. Also be sure that the ammo box is in range of the Cannons. And Place the swivels so they also guard another swivel to keep them alive.