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  1. zottel

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    I can spit from our island to the next One And have to Sail Slalom to go through a Grid. If they add More Islands And/ or shrinking the Map we Dont Need ships anymore. I mean my crab can jump almost to the next Island. The Main Problem is that if u Look Into the Forum You can see like 30 threads tellin you that sotds are too Strong or People cant Build anywhere,BUT out of the 30 People writing in the Forums what is Bad atm,you have 2970 People Who Play the Game And enjoy it,while the 30 People Who Dont like it make a Thread.
  2. Yeah picking up loot Takes longer than killing stuff. Can understand the Frustration if u run a Cargo Gall tho. I helped myself with just using 10 Cannons on Cargo galls for those situations. And i rather have 1k less weight but a way safer travell, than loose everything because i took that 2 extra stacks Metall with me
  3. I like the Fleet mechanic, the seas Dont Seem Dangerous at all. Tho i Must say that After the 75% spawntime reduction i See way more sotds in Other grids too. But with over 6 knots u can outrun them easlily enough
  4. For a temporary fix its okay, but i like to have a few gunports on my Cargo galls for unloading stuff.
  5. zottel

    Cannon Crew

    Press "C" while on the Steering Wheel.
  6. zottel

    structure decay...

    As Long as i Dont Need to run around with a repair Hammer im fine with it. Otherwise that will be a full Time Job on our island
  7. Heard about a simliar Story. 2 bears with cart in the ocean. They got picked up And were returned to their owner. They had 90k Gold on them And the Person Who found it received 45k for returning it. As he was a beginner he is now kinda Stuck whilst having 45k Gold on a schooner XD so might just find the owner And get Rich ^^
  8. zottel

    Time to die Fire Elementals!

    I tried already waterbuckets, And monkey, had the Hope the Gas emitted from poop lets it explode. Trying olfend next week^^
  9. zottel

    2x weekend Friday!

    They already doubled the Rates since release. If they Double it again it would be way to easy to get stuff. A galleon is done in an Hour now. I'd rather have less Harvest otherwise the game would get Boring Pretty fast.
  10. zottel

    Ally friendlY Fire

    Since the last Patch ally ships can damage each Other. Saw red numbers And planks were leaking. As its not Bad enough Company ships can damage each Other. Makes Fights like Kraken annoying And less Fun if u take allys or multiple ships with you
  11. zottel

    Structure Limit Hit

    Yeah we had to move all ships to be able to finish the Building. And as soon as we move them back we cant build anymore in that area. But if i build a ship in the Shipyard which is located in that area i can still Place stuff.but seems like there are going to be changes soon,atleast the Devs Checked onto that area for a few Tests. Sadly evza forgot to take some cool Screens of it from above XD
  12. zottel

    Claiming ships

    I know that it was possible to claim a ship with Placing a claimflag whilst standing on it. That was before the wipe so no idea if it works now
  13. Less than 3 Hours Ladys And gentlegirls
  14. 17 Hours left!!!! All stats are in our Discord. Also wild Level 81+ Crows available ^^
  15. Yeah it depends on how many Ressources u Need. If u only Need 10 Metal a week the flag is awesome, but if u go through 200k a week like we do the flag wont help much.