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  1. We have some high level (40+) imprinted bears for sale in D10. below are the bears currently for sale. To see updated bears and pricing please check our spreadsheet at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RNrNOmc35r9-9VtoXEpnnSN8Iww2rXHRbjRgfXWgyOo/edit#gid=0 we can do delivery and it is included in the price. For details and location for pickup please poke @ostjaevel or @Mushu or on discord mushu#4260 or ostjaevel#6947
  2. Bear - In a good place ATM Chicken - In a good place ATM Cow - The only complaint is that I can't ride them to move them around. make it so that you need the sheltered buff to ride them. just to make my OCD happy Bull - Needs to gather thatch from trees the way a pickaxe does. an elephant mimics the hatchet, you need an animal that mimics the pickaxe in terms of gathering. Crow - Let the crow have a small chance to pick locks of boxes without the shelter buff. Would love to see what's inside those lonely large boxes all over lawless islands. Razortooth - Can't comment Shieldhorn - Can't comment Elephant - The only complaint is that its stamina regen is a little too low. it needs to regen like the bear or rhino. Giant Pig - Truffle hunt while on wander. make any recipe with truffles and have the buff be 2x longer. Giraffe - Can't comment Horse - Slow it down just a little. make a horse a passive tame. shouldn't have to get a horse stuck somewhere to tame it. Lion - buff damage a little to bring it in line with the predator type tames. Monkey - make the monkey do secure trades for traders. not make him carry a ton but some mechanic to help traders feel a little bit safer. Ostrich - Can't comment Parrot - give a gold buff when digging in open ground. not for treasure maps but make digging with the shovel a little more interesting. Penguin - insulate better. there needs to be an animal that works like a temperature regulator as the AC did in ark. I think the penguin would fit that perfectly. Rabbit - give it a run speed increase. to make the rabbit like the jerboa from SE was a good idea but it needs to be worth taming. Rhino - make it reduce stone/flint/metal weight a little. right now the rhino is decent but it needs a little help. Seagull - remove fog of war or reduce fog Sheep - works fine IMO Tiger - needs to be almost as fast as a horse but faster than a wolf. should have a stealth buff against wild animals Vulture - should gather meat for you within a reasonable radius Wolf - give the wolves a pack buff. make it worth it to travel with 2 or 3. Across the board, tames need to be breedable. I know it has been stated that this will be looked at but I really feel like this should be a little easier. sitting in a house and turning on/off fires and grills for 48 hours to breed a bear is not worth it right now. I would rather suck it up and go hunt for a 29 or 30 wild bear and tame on a 2x weekend. Give the AI crew the ability to automate some of the base daily tasks, milk cows, shear sheep, collect eggs and/or poop. this QOL change would help a ton of companies make the game feel less like farmville and more like an MMO. The tames should something that players want to use and not curse every day they log in to feed them. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the players. we definitely appreciate that!
  3. found it. no idea how or why but she was anchored at the edge of the i9 server boundary. north edge connected with i8. only could die and respawn there, couldn't fast travel.
  4. boat was anchored with a full crew at cheat TP I8 216292 409419 -151. no company log notice of crew or boat being destroyed. galleon and other brig from same company fine and in the same port. boat name was anima mundi owned by the Raven company. chamto island, grid i8 eu pve. there was about 3-4k gold and many materials on the boat that we would love to have back as we arte a small company of 4 players and need what we can get to stay ahead of the game. any help would be super appreciated.
  5. Companies SHOULD be able to see their own upkeep timers without having someone else coming in and trying to drop a flag and having to tell them........ Please add this in!!!!!
  6. - Fixed ability of players to feed through walls of taming pens and not get attacked. This was the wording used in the patch notes and I am assuming was never fully tested as now you cannot feed the animal UNLESS you get attacked. I have wasted 3 hours trying to tame an elephant using a taming pen and I could not feed it no matter what I did. The ONLY way it would eat is if it hit me and I hit E before it launched me halfway across the base. You can no longer tame UNLESS you are attacked when using a taming pen. Taming pens are a staple in this type of game for smaller groups and especially solo players. Tames shouldn't be this hard. Between the gun reload time, the MASSIVE amount of arrows consumed while taming(not to mention the bolas) we now need to tame without a pen, deal with OP alpha animals eating our tame at any moment, running for our lives to avoid being attacked while trying to bola, then make sure you have enough health when you do FINALLY bola it to feed it........ Please allow doorways to be fed through again. I don't mind taking damage through them, in fact when I tamed pre changes I never had an animal throw a fit. they were always docile with the occasional love tap when I came into their view. I was aways at the right angle which was slightly out of view of the animal. For the elephant, it happened to be right behind the ear. I tamed and traded a dozen elephants now and this patch made me give up the venture. it is not worth my time anymore. I'll go hit rocks for 30 minutes to farm metal and pay for the things I need. Congratulations, you just turned your decent game into a job.... Taming is not supposed to be this complicated.
  7. we are located in i8. we have a large port where you can hang out or resupply from the island. all our elephants come fed and saddled so you don't have to worry about that. all our elephants get tamed with wheat so you get the most out of the tame. pm me on discord to work out details(mushu#4260)
  8. The raven company has got you covered! elephants for trade and we are very flexible. add me or pm me on discord to arrange pickup! mushu#4260
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