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  1. Yes there has been many crashes changing zones since the last few patches. I'd say you 1 in 3 seems about the same ratio I get along with others in my company. Helps to have multiple people on a boat so whoever doesn't crash takes over the wheel. When I'm on my own I just hope nothing bad happens.
  2. Yes you assumed correctly. I and a few I play with are from Toronto.
  3. Good luck. It's like finding a reasonably priced condo in Toronto. Honestly though, I found a spot and literally had to go a mile high on a rocky island to find a non laggy spot with space to build. Then had to build ramps down to the water which was an engineering feat in itself. Since then 2 weeks ago many others have done the same on other pillars. All islands are either packed or owned by people who won't let you build. Not to mention all the massive builds on islands that cause constant crashes for console players.
  4. Yes agreed there would be no game without people, you got me there.. But some people are acting like they poured their life savings into this game. Talking about refunds and lawsuits for an early access game. Just stop playing it if you hate it. I agree the lag is ridiculous on Xbox PVE server. But i'll stick it out because I'm a masochist I guess. Additionally PVP is just utter garbage in my opinion. Make it all one server with PVP elements or zones. Then make 4 of those servers for different regions of the world.
  5. Why are you guys whining about 40 bucks? Get jobs man. Don't play the game if you don't like it. The lag is brutal on XBOX right now but I still like to play. The lag will get better once all the butt hurt people leave the game.
  6. So true. Feels like online gaming in the mid 1990's right now. Terrible lag everywhere. I'm consistently at a ping of around 160 - 180 the past week. Almost unplayable.
  7. Can anyone answer as to a date when the new map will go online? Like I went from playing 20 hours a week to it being pointless now. Tell me what date in July this update is happening please? Dates are kind of important to losers like myself who plan their lives and/or vacations around this stuff. I was stuck spending time with my wife all weekend because of this downtime. Gross.
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