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  1. Luck0r

    Can't build in water

    Same Problem. Had To build our First Mythical Shipyard in Lawless to avoid that.
  2. We bought 2 Giraffes, 1 Ele, a Rhino and a breeded Bear so far over the last few weeks. We are very happy with the purchases. I can only recommend to buy at Taming & Trading . Very good Prices, always friendly. My Bear allmost reached Lvl 100 by now and can solo most High Quality Solo-Treasuremaps, best Purchase ever ^^
  3. Looking for Large Sails/Gunport/Planks Masterwork or better. Contact me with Offer. Regards, Luck0r
  4. Luck0r

    Elephant taming

    You can do it naked with a Bear to get bis Health down. Just Feed and Go back, you have about a second before he hits you. Super easy.
  5. 180.000 Gold per Shipyard ?
  6. Luck0r

    pvp WTB - journeyman or higher speedsails, EUPVP.

    What do you mean by Not working?
  7. PM me with Offer. Regards, Luck0r
  8. Luck0r

    Test Server at the 20th?!

    "Soon" it will be called the Christmas-Update
  9. Luck0r

    You cant wipe characters

    So no Source at all, just your personal Opinion.
  10. Luck0r

    You cant wipe characters

    You have a Source for that? Probably Not.
  11. Luck0r

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    Sometimes. The Amount of DLCs for Ark show either they have a Lot of Visions or its indeed all about the money.
  12. Still. There is a difference between pre-Alpha state which is Atlas right now and EA. And No, i am not complaining about the Wipe.
  13. Luck0r

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    No Developer is making Games to make their Vision come to life. It's all about the money.
  14. Luck0r

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    Reading your Last Posts clearly Shows you never Accept other Opinions, only yours. Other then me. And yes, there are more People Like you in the Forums, you are Not alone.
  15. Luck0r

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    I am tired of Trolls