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  1. Luck0r

    Test Server at the 20th?!

    "Soon" it will be called the Christmas-Update
  2. Luck0r

    You cant wipe characters

    So no Source at all, just your personal Opinion.
  3. Luck0r

    You cant wipe characters

    You have a Source for that? Probably Not.
  4. Luck0r

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    Sometimes. The Amount of DLCs for Ark show either they have a Lot of Visions or its indeed all about the money.
  5. Still. There is a difference between pre-Alpha state which is Atlas right now and EA. And No, i am not complaining about the Wipe.
  6. Luck0r

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    No Developer is making Games to make their Vision come to life. It's all about the money.
  7. Luck0r

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    Reading your Last Posts clearly Shows you never Accept other Opinions, only yours. Other then me. And yes, there are more People Like you in the Forums, you are Not alone.
  8. Luck0r

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    I am tired of Trolls
  9. Luck0r

    DEV's threw PVE under the bus

    EA is not an excuse for everything. Its EA, not an Alpha. Ark has not had so much Problems during first Year of EA (I had 1000 Hours during this Time) and Developers should learn from their mistakes, not produce even more in the next Game. And by telling everyone its EA, its supposed to be total chaos, you are not helping anyone. Not the Game, not the Developers, not yourself.
  10. Luck0r

    When Is The Wipe

    When the new Patch releases.
  11. Luck0r

    PVE protecting resources

    There was a lot of Toxic People on PVE-Servers allready. (Pulling Ghostships, sinking ships, using flag overlap bug to conquer bases) I see no reason why they shouldn't just go on every island and ruin Players Fun by blocking the Respawn of Ressources by building Foundations on Top of them. How expensive can it be to repair 4-5 Foundations that are blocking the biggest Metal-Spawn on your island?
  12. Luck0r

    DEV's threw PVE under the bus

    The Start itself might be interresting, i agree on that. But if it ends in the same Bugfest like before, with gamebraking glitches, duping, hacking and bad Gamedesign with no Content then there isn't much fun left after 3-4 Weeks. Lets see how the Puplic Test Realm will be, if they fuck up allready and delay the Patch another 3 Weeks there won't be much People left playing this Game (PVE at least). Solo-Players Heaven... a whole Island for everyone. I get it that PVP is totally different and might still be fun.
  13. Luck0r

    Game's dead, nice try Grapeshot, gg wp

    This topic is about critism, everyone who can not deal with that is wrong here. Period. His Post was clearly sarcastic, no need to make fun of other Peoples opinions. Thats what People do who do not accept other opinions.
  14. Luck0r

    @devs PLEASE REMOVE 6X!!!

    A War, really? So all People not sharing your opinion are on a war? How old are you?
  15. Luck0r

    Game's dead, nice try Grapeshot, gg wp

    People Like you are the worst. Unable to Accept other people Opinions and wondering why nobody ist taking you serious. If you dont Like Threads Like this one ignore it. You are helping nobody, Just trolling.