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  1. 403 % Melee Bears and 45.000 Gold in our Weekly Giveaway (Discord -> Event Channel). While other Breeders Advertise their Pre-Alpha Bears ours are in Open Beta allready
  2. 400 % Melee Bears (spayed/neutered) available within Next Week. Release of our new Top-Bears will be announced in our Discord and New Awesome Giveaways will be started at the same Time.
  3. Buoys closeby can block Sailplacement too, sounds stupid but its Atlas...
  4. Oh. You must be the New Guy. Welcome. Every time we Had lag-free Servers they reduced the Server-capacity Further down so it was laggy again. What makes you think, that they would Stop doing that before everyone has a shitty 4x4 with a bed and ressbox inside and it's still lagging? Yeah, you are definitely New to this Game.
  5. Don't Take Ghost's ships away lol
  6. Remove ships would Further reduce lag. Same with Ressources, 1 Tree per Island should be enough.
  7. Actually thats exactly how sotd-brigs are built. But Most of us use even less weight, but Most PVErs are Not recording their gameplay to Show how amazing we are. But it's allways fun watching Maxlvl 120 PVPers kill naked Lvl 30s and Posting Videos of it to Show the world how amazing they are.
  8. Besides his Mistakes he did, his critics are valid. With the Last Wipe Atlas Made 2 Steps Back in Developement. Bugs that have been fixed Long Time ago have been brought Back, but Hey we got a farmhouse...
  9. With only 1 PVE Server, with half the Grids and probably 1/3 of the Islands. Who would have thought that May cause any problems.
  10. Max. Crafting Bonus for Atlas Season 3 is 17,4 % and yes, it is RNG. You can get Dolphinbuff + Crow + 119 Lvls in Int and still craft with 0,0 %.
  11. Not Sure if you recently tried V2 or If they Changed something since your Brig-Run Last season, but even a Brig with 12 Cannons on one side AVG of 280 % + 150 % Shipdamage doesn't do much to Krakens head in V2, i tried it Last week. I didn't shoot any gallys at all, but Ran Out of ammo before i got the head half down and i was running with very Low Repair-Material, extra weight and Tons of ammo allready. So schooners for V2 isn't really an Option i think, V1 probably yes, but Not V2. But If you're looking for some Kraken-Fun besides huge Public Events, i'm allways Up for it.
  12. Oh... Wait you are talking about previous seasons with insane crafting Bonus? OK, then IT's probably true, but you do realize we have crafting-bonus capped at 17,4 % now, do you? So comparing this Season with previous seasons is kinda pointless, don't you think?
  13. You really should then. Because you can't tell me that i get hammered like there is no tomorrow, have all gunports/planks down to max 3k Hitpoints after fight (usually losing 1-2 Gunports), have my 6 23k HP Dinghys destroyed or down to 2-3 k Hitpoints and you're not taking much damage at all with even 50 % less ressistance. You probably did V1, but definitly never V2 solo. Proof or didn't happen. Thats perfectly fine for me. I'll do it again next season.
  14. Sorry, but V2 Solo with 180 % ressistance and 2 Speedsails on Top of that is just not realistic at all. If you don't kill any Gallys you will have 30+ in the Circle at some point chasing you all the time. Even with Full Handling Sails there is no way to avoid the Gallys while going for tentacles, not even talking about the Damage you will receive. I guess you don't have any proof doing it?
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