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  1. Luck0r

    Juv Bears starved next to trough?!?

    Not true anymore.
  2. Luck0r

    Can't progress at all. Stuck at lvl 6.

    The Day after the Game started i Had the Same Problem while on Lawless, whole day No XP gain on lvl 30, fixed itself the next day luckily.
  3. Luck0r

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    What killed the Population was that the wipe was announced weeks before and it made No Sense to Play Till wipe. We had Lots of People who wanted to start again at First, but they allmost all found other Games to Play during the waiting time.
  4. Have Not played for over 10 Days now, If a wipe will come sometime soon i might start again with some Friends. Otherwise we will find a another Game. PVE makes no sense without a Wipe.
  5. Luck0r

    wipe when?

    I'm in for a wipe ASAP
  6. Luck0r

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    You really need to fix this. Building i so important, but right now you cant without risking to lose half your Base!
  7. Nice Copy & Paste of my Thread. But you should probably replace Health as well when you are looking for Weight
  8. Luck0r

    pve EU PVE WTB Shipyard or Shipyard bp

    Told him that allready. He just got Gold from me for a Trade and is probably on his way allready
  9. Luck0r

    Hunting the Fountain of Youth again

    I agree. M12 is super easy. Made IT in first Run too. No zip lines needed.
  10. Luck0r

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Building is one of the biggest Parts of the Game. You are ruining this Game for lots of Players by not fixing this.
  11. Farmed 110 k Gold on x3 Weekend within 2 Days. 2 Months of saving for 50k Gold?
  12. Luck0r

    foundation blocked by water

    Same here. eu pve
  13. Also trading 180,7 Basedamage Bear (Before Imprint, No Mutations) against 1250 Stamina Bear (Again, No Mutations, Before Imprint, not Neutered ofc).
  14. 931 Basehealth before Imprint as best offer confirmed so far. Thank you.
  15. Honestly Just because i dont want to use to much of other Peoples work. Thats why i would preffer a wild one too. But if there is a Higher Offer than 931 Health then i might accept 1-2 Mutations too. Gold should not be the Problem, not sure what to do with it anyway. Ooops, edit gone Wrong. Should not post before drinking coffee, sorry 4 Doublepost