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  1. Luck0r

    B1 is Bugged

    We have 3 ppl in the grid for over 13 Hours as well, according to discord every user has to do a bug-report here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  2. Luck0r

    Server down B1 - crew held hostage

    Joined with my alt and got it disconnected within less then a Minute. We have 3 People Stuck in this grid, No way to come out.
  3. Luck0r

    recent patch notes---

    Havnt tried, but should not 350 % Melee Bears be enough for a high-lvl map?
  4. Last round someone told me a golden Rule: Pillar, 2 ceilings, Next pillar. This Round i've built 6 Huge Breeding-Bases for ~600 Bears and have not lost a single structure following this Rule. But If you forget one pillar, everything thats connected to that can Crash, No matter how far away it is. So better tripple-check your Foundations/Pillars.
  5. Luck0r

    question about bears

    When those Guys were breeders they have Most likely been talking about Damage before Imprint. 185 with 100 % Imprint is ~222% with 0 Levels spent into Damage. Add Personal Imprint-Bonus + 30-40 Lvls into Melee and you have a much stronger Bear then your 225%.
  6. Luck0r

    pve War Bear!

    Sorry Egon, your Bears are great, but not a World Record anymore. H-N sells those Bears:
  7. Luck0r

    large handling sail

    Has nothing to do with the patch, had the same happen before patch.
  8. Luck0r

    pve PVE EU Bears lvl 127 and much more

    nice bears, but whats that high food and oxy for? diving for shipwrecks with bear?
  9. Since no one else did so far, i'm telling you: 185 % BP even with High-Int is far away from reaching max-lvl Shipyard. And 10k + Ressources is not a good Deal either.
  10. Luck0r

    Ship max. Level 50

    My Farming-Brig is at Lvl 52 since the x3 Event, definitly worth the Extra Levels
  11. Luck0r

    Tips for polar region??

    Bring Fiber With you, you can't Farm IT there. Also good bears and a rhino would be good. Have fun
  12. Luck0r

    Juv Bears starved next to trough?!?

    Not true anymore.
  13. Luck0r

    Can't progress at all. Stuck at lvl 6.

    The Day after the Game started i Had the Same Problem while on Lawless, whole day No XP gain on lvl 30, fixed itself the next day luckily.
  14. Luck0r

    Wild Pirate Encampments

    What killed the Population was that the wipe was announced weeks before and it made No Sense to Play Till wipe. We had Lots of People who wanted to start again at First, but they allmost all found other Games to Play during the waiting time.
  15. Have Not played for over 10 Days now, If a wipe will come sometime soon i might start again with some Friends. Otherwise we will find a another Game. PVE makes no sense without a Wipe.