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  1. Decay timers have always confused me. Pre last wipe we had a galleon outside our base for months.. easily over 40 days. I read somewhere that by boarding the ship it resets its timer? Is that true? So by anyone coming along and boarding a ship it resets the timer and could be there indefinitely if enough people were being nosy.
  2. I havent found that. If there is a node of that type within the circle they will harvest it. So if you have a rock that gives you stone flint and metal then it will harvest all 3, same with trees farming wood, thatch and if its the right tree sap too.. only takes 1 node to be inside the boundary and it will farm it. Haven't come across it farming things that aren't there.
  3. Yeah i've found that too. Looking at the map and the player location isnt always spot on. My map shows me pretty much on the edge of the beach when actually i'm a little further in land etc.
  4. I use the Antihax map but its not entirely accurate. Just checked where my base is and compared to the map and according to Antihax there is no spawn exactly where I am, its marked a bit further north but obviously there is as they were inside.
  5. Imagine two massive continents, such as Europe and North America. Now put those two continents together... now half their living space. Voila. It doesn't happen on PvP because they still have dedicated EU and NA servers. PvE is crammed in together. It's that guy walking around in trousers two sizes too small...
  6. I usually leave something on neutral inside the barn for such occasions. Usually its a horse wandering about or a seagull flying around the room but never know. Always headcount. And while your points are valid ones there's bigger problems with this game lol.
  7. Treasure isn't hard to find with the map, you have a massive beam of light marking it. It's not helpful making them invisible to people. I have been in my spot since the last wipe but today i've logged in to find tames dead because someone spawned a treasure map inside my base which I didn't even know was there... and as I was offline I still don't know where exactly the spawn is so what can I do about it.. Mark them or something. Like a scattered pirate corpses or a pile of skeleton bones on the floor. That way we know there is a spawn and we wont build on it. Or even better put a no build radius around them so you physically cant... There's no reason not to... You may get idiots building around them and holding them to ransom but that's easily dealt with by admin via griefing etc. Its frustrating.
  8. You will still need a tame to transport it back to base.. Windmill gathers resources and automatically stores it in the warehouse in whatever stacks they allow. You cant build structures close to the windmill or you affect gathering efficiency which is why they are all scattered in the woods etc. You also cant place them near each other which is another reason they are scattered. So you still need to transport your stuff from the warehouse to your base to use it in crafting or do whatever. Sounds like a nonsense. Could have just increased the storage limit on the windmill and achieved the exact same thing. What if you placed your windmill in an uneven area, will the warehouse attach or will it not allow it due to being obstructed? So you have to tear down the windmill to make both fit or both may not... will it then clip into the next persons windmill area and then be too close and again not allow it to link? Something I think they need to address before they implement. @Gomez Addams come on dude you cant seriously call this added content lol. Add windmill leave it to harvest job done.. If anything its removed it, the need for tames, going out with the right equipment to catch and tame them, growing the best food for them, breeding them for stats etc. Going out and farming the resources yourself. Now just plant windmill and walk away. I get they want to move away from the time chore on land but its not adding content. Unless they are setting it up for something further down the line?
  9. I had this recently where I couldn't build, the culprit was another ship yard which was actually quite far away but the no build zone around it was huge! The guys stopped playing and their stuff timed out and de-spawned and the second it went I could build again.
  10. Gonna be honest, I've played every phase of this game and suffered every wipe. I'm at the point where i'm not doing it again. I may have a look once it reaches actual release, which I cant see happening soon, they seem happy to milk the "Early Access" cash cow. There's no point in playing if this is just going to happen over and over. All your progress, tames, breeding etc wiped. Whats the point? It gets old after a while.
  11. Over weighting wouldn't remove planks plus you would get the weight warning in the top right corner and see your health go down.. Unless you unknowingly hit a low island? I know i've come across a few while grabbing DP even in quite deep waters. Were you in Tundra and hit a whale perhaps? I've had a brig clip in low water do a ballet dance twirl, flip upside down and get spat out to sea minus 4 planks. Lived and learnt from that one.
  12. There is a company limit yeah but there is also a server cap. I am a single company player. I have around 12 tames in C7 but I cant tame or breed my bears any more because the server is capped. Two different things i'm afraid.
  13. Server tame limits have always been a thing, even in Ark. The problem is that you cant see what it is and the only way to know if it has been reached is to either try and breed and they wont or to look at a wild animal and see if says its tamable. An added issue is that even though the tame limit is reached meaning you cant tame or breed you can still bring additional tames into the server which forces you even further over cap. In Ark it was fixed by people mass transporting tames to another server or if someone left the game we would just mass murder their tames with dragons to bring the cap back down. In Atlas there is no easy way to murder tames like you can in Ark so tames people don't want or need anymore either get stuck on wander and let go or parked in the corner. Only really effective way is to walk them onto campfires and leave them to die. But yeah, server cap is a thing and C7 has reached it. What the limit is or how far over it is is anyone's guess but it will either need people to kill tames they don't use or move tames out the zone for it to be fixed. I don't see either happening. And if they did it wouldn't take long to be back to cap as people use temperate to breed bears as its the easiest zone. Pretty screwed tbh....
  14. So with the merger of NA and EU, the zones over crowed and full to capacity, the lag and ping spikes in most lawless areas, we now have zone tame limits being reached (C7). Joy
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