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  1. Freaking laser beams attached to their heads! Excellent! @Gindorf
  2. Why stop with lasers?!? We have cyclones! We have sharks! I’m not a programmer but I bet it’s super easy to have some shark spawn in and fly out of a good old fashion Sharknado!
  3. For the first time since first launch I have run into real jerks. The ones that I’ve have read about here over and over again. Endless thatch barriers across the entire island in less than a week. They blocked all the resources, they blocked all the land bridges, they blocked in people’s boats. It’s only them mind you. Every other person I’ve met has been great. Over a year ago I said here that I treat this game like a rpg with real people. I guess I’ll deal with the bad hombres and keep playing because I know in just a little bit they will be wiped again. Lol.
  4. Yes it has no sense. This is the third time we have lost everything and have had to start over. On the bright side think of all the memories you can make.
  5. Video Games for $300, Alex. Define Irony in Atlas. What is A Wargoddess breeding cows on PVE? Correct! (I love this game)
  6. I agree with @DannyUK, I’m seeing some real nice walls being built to close off areas on PVE. This of course is ridiculous because it causes problems that can’t be corrected and then people complain and file tickets and it’s why PVE under the current system is broken. The red headed step child of Atlas that’s an afterthought by the devs. The absolute best method that works for people who build like morons is wait them out. They will disappear from not logging on or wipe number 4.
  7. Have your wife get kilt over and over whilst you shoot it and throw bolas. This is my preferred method.
  8. I have played now today for 8hrs or so on PVE and the crowds remind me of being at a campground on the 4th of July. I have been stuck in a hole twice. It seems like the map has been changed exclusively to make PVP better which is what they said they were doing. Right now there is 70 to 80 people in every almost lawless server. Player interaction indeed! FYI, Alice island that was in L9 is now in G3, happy to see that it made the cut. I was also impressed that they kept the time table that they said they would for the update. Hats off for that.
  9. I just got some from C7 northwest island behind huge statue of dude with a lantern. Emeralds.
  10. Because everyone is in different time zones let’s do a plus method time pool. Right now, the official time is 8pm PST plus 45 minutes. This is the actual stated time when we can connect. My guess is plus 3hrs or 11pm PST.
  11. This should be a surprise to no one. One day we had NA-PVE, then we didn’t. Zero warning. They hate us. I will be restarting for the 4th time tonight at midnight on official (maybe) Why? Because I love abuse. I asked yesterday if this was going to happen to private servers and I got a shoulder shrug. I’m sorry that I like this game more than the people that made it.
  12. @Bluestone “ Everything and everyone” So private servers also if they update?
  13. I knew this would be fun. This post was made the week I started playing and as @DannyUK says, 2 years later and we don’t know the answer. Good times.
  14. I just thought it would be fun to resurrect this. Looking forward to Season 4 with you nice folk. It’s nice to know some of our questions never get answers isn’t it?
  15. I’m more than happy to profit off a pirate war and avoid the dangers of being attacked. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Make us PVE’rs earn the right to not be attacked with gold, letters of mark, traders guild or whatever. A diverse economy and player base is the key that many game devs never find. If someone wants a sterile and safe PVE pirate environment you might be asking too much. Besides there are private servers everywhere for that. I will always be PVE but it would be fun to be part of a more dynamic Atlas world.
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