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  1. Gomez Addams

    Player shops

    Now that’s a good idea! We should be able to sell titles to ships. Excellent idea. It would be a shipyard with all kinds of boats ready to go.
  2. Gomez Addams

    All Lawless PVE needs is...

    How about the decorative flags? Call it the lawless claim flag and make its radius the highest. Easy to spot, make and decorate. Spam of the future. Pillar with a hanky. Dancerless poles. Vertical clothes dryer. Stick in a stone...
  3. Gomez Addams

    90Mb update v10.55

    Um, I think that this is an old post referring to v10.42 not our current version of V100.6. It nice to have people active in the forums anyway
  4. Gomez Addams


    I saw in the notes about the ‘build over foundation’ fix. I have a ramp that goes over 30 units into the air without support. I thought it was my great Frank Lloyd Wright counter weight balancing skills, now I learn that it was just some glitch. Why do the glitches that actually help us get addressed first? Oh well, time to make some pillars.
  5. Gomez Addams

    Player shops

    When my kids set up a lemonade stand in the front yard, l like to charge them $250 a day. I don’t see the problem.
  6. Gomez Addams

    So, why should I move off of a lawless island?

    I want you folks for neighbors
  7. Gomez Addams

    Submarine no longer in game ?

    Maybe they could include it as a sandwich so we can all make one.
  8. Gomez Addams

    So, why should I move off of a lawless island?

    Before the wipe, I had to log in every 4 days in lawless and now it’s 10. I know some places are getting spammed but I have not seen the abuse yet. Lawless is way better than before for us and it’s the only place we have ever lived. I never have even tried to get a claim and we have 450+ hours since December. The extra islands I’m sure are helping cut down spam a little.
  9. Gomez Addams

    Player shops

    Come to Alice L9 and I’ll give you more than your ship can hold.
  10. Gomez Addams


    This has happened before to us in January. There were zero trees and resources left and the island looked like a clear cut waste land. They fixed it and everything grew back the way it was.
  11. Gomez Addams

    Population base moving to lawless already happening

    I’ve got great neighbors in L9 lawless so far, I just hope the good community continues. People are using the trading system and selling animals already. Alliances are forming and I have run into friends from the first time around.
  12. Gomez Addams

    Whole base destroyed when offline

    I’m actually very sorry that happened. You have my sympathies and the devs should too. I’m in L9 Lawless just waiting for the spam/grief storm to begin. It won’t be any better for us when jerks wall us in or cover the land in pillars.
  13. Gomez Addams

    The Newest Changes

    But being a land owner has to have some benefits because it requires some time put into management. I personally have no desire to be a landlord or a tenant so I live lawless. But it is very nice to see this change directly addressing PVE concerns because it shows me that the devs are listening to this community a little. That’s the best news about this adjustment.
  14. Gomez Addams

    I was told there would be a hat?

    The “art guys” are the best part of Atlas.
  15. Gomez Addams

    Another new take on the missing NA pve

    I have already committed to EU PVE. So they are stuck with me regardless of when or whatever the devs decide. I’ll switch back to NA after Wipe #2.