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  1. And it’s broke again in G4. I have decided that this makes me frustrated. The only way I can get it to work when it gets clogged up is to demolish it and start it up again. This is supposed to be the culmination of all the work the Devs have added to the game in the last 6 months. The Q & A has all the promises of an improved game and think that will happen because the only place to go is up. Our other company members have a Market set up in G3 @PiszkosFred and @DarkwaveI’ll try to get it working.
  2. Lightning Sharknado here we come!!! 1.21 Jigawatts?!?! When this schooner hits 88 knots per hour, your gonna see some serious ship.
  3. A polite suggestion. Please explain how and what you add so we can utilize it. I feel that I’m playing a game where there are no instructions or even tutorials. (Your current in-game tutorial is now wrong btw) For example, you wanted us trading to make gold but your market interface is half baked. I don’t mind figuring things out but seriously, you need to explain how things are used if you truly are interested in the player experience.
  4. I have set up my trade preferences to reflect what is available in my grid because it is only one grid trading currently. For example, 1:1 strong wood for iridium, fronds for strong wood, iridium for fronds, iridium for strong wood. I didn’t really care about what I was getting I just wanted it to work. I also talked to the other folks to make sure they wanted what I had. I hope this helps. lol what Fred said Hey Fred, is it possible that your trading partner ran out of whatever materials you asked for? I noticed last night that I was completely out of wood but had 120000 metal.
  5. @PiszkosFred I said 8 because when I look at the other company trade routes it says 7/8, 3/8, 16/8, etc., so I figured 8 was the limit. I may be incorrect, Glad to hear about the income, I suppose if we had 8 routes all shipping and receiving, it would make plenty of gold to build ships.
  6. Here’s an update for lawless PVE. The warehouses and markets are working fine. I am making lots of gold and exotic resources without doing anything. Every few minutes a shipment leaves or arrives. I can now just sit on the beach and enjoy the sun. Someday I might go fight something but in the meantime I will just grow some food and bake a pie.The key was destroying the market and rebuilding it. Make sure you limit your trade routes to 8.
  7. Thank you @PiszkosFredfor the update! I will check the trade routes I have and demolish then remake the market if I have to. I really do want it to work. The devs just have to figure out how to make sure every company can have one on PVE.
  8. I totally agree with OP but you should know that I have 4 farms in G4 lawless connected to a warehouse connected to a market with 8 active trade routes within my grid with custom preferences set one to one to match what they have set up in their markets and so far it has amounted to JACK SQUAT. It’s broken and sad so don’t feel bad. They will wipe again soon then you can try again.
  9. It’s all broken and worse than ever but I can’t stop playing. Nice to see you @boomervoncannon!
  10. @Muller map gold is the way I prefer. We do maps with ship wrecks along the way. The better bears you have the better maps you can collect and as @eeeceee said you can pick up blue prints and some decent items too. I think whales are a decent pay out also.
  11. Totally agree with @Kummba. What is up with map bottles? Maps are a primary way to get gold and getting 4 out of 5 empty bottles makes me feel like a geriatric beach comber looking at every piece of trash floating in the ocean for something good. Please please fix this. Thank you!
  12. I believe that you should expect to be attacked by other players in PVP in any manner possible and it’s not really a grief to be buried in spam, just a tactic. Big companies have been encouraged by the devs since the beginning for better or worse on all servers. When I’m “attacked“ in PVE by other players I’m always surprised because I try to help everyone and be a good neighbor. The game in PVE Is sort of winnerless and more of a past time or hobby. There is no score other than I made it to level x or look at my cool house. Like playing putt-putt by yourself or painting toy soldiers. I really don’t know why anyone would take the time to spam someone with wipes coming all the time but they exist and they are enjoying themselves apparently. I was just making a comment to OP about the state of the game, not trying to say one style was better than the other.
  13. All I was saying is that if you act like a jerk in PVP there is a course for quick retribution and in PVE you have to live with it. I enjoy both but currently play PVE.
  14. PVE is a big adult cafeteria with lots of tables and sometimes a real slob will sit down next to you and they will smell terrible and spill their food all over the place your already at. Complaining to the management won’t help (usually) because they aren’t interested in reforming a disagreeable customer. Move to another table until their are done. PVP Is a high school lunchroom where if your a slob they will punch you in the face and steal your lunch money so you won’t eat there anymore. That’s why all the slobs end up at PVE.
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