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  1. Gomez Addams

    Autodestruct of Structures is sad.

    @Martyn I agree that things should be cleaned up for game performance and to make space. I was just asking if we could have more time to explore/loot before autowash. As far as PVP goes, I love the pace of PVE. It’s like dinking around in the backyard.
  2. Gomez Addams

    Autodestruct of Structures is sad.

    Thank you, @GrongashDo you happen to know the time frame?
  3. @Dollie, @Jatheish Waiting out players to collect their goods, exploring abandoned ruins, using the structures built by players that no longer play and sometimes finding loot that had been hidden in walls that were destructible is what has kept us playing Atlas over 1000 hours since December. I know this is to keep the servers clean but it is the feature that we as a company enjoyed the most. I beg, yes beg, the devs to revert back the auto destroy on structures. Please, could we instead every 4 months destroy all demolishables? The uniqueness of what is left behind by former players is worth keeping at least for awhile as an enhancement to the world. Thank you, Gomez, Mortica, Maxim, Uncle Fester, and Lurch Addams
  4. Gomez Addams

    New to the Game

    Oh but you can be a PvE pirate...at least a Time Pirate. Because animals are claimable now 2 days before structures are. We claim and transfer animals right off of people’s boats and out of houses. Mind you, they have to have not logged in for 7 days and they have probably quit but it still feels like booty. Like when you find an old dresser on the tree lawn on garbage day.
  5. Gomez Addams

    Status Symbol Pants

    I think a better question is, why are pants the icon of being old? A beard maybe or a cane. Who says, “Put on your pants dad, it’s time to go look at coffins”?
  6. Gomez Addams

    Hunting the Fountain of Youth again

    Last night we spawned in at L12, bought a ramshackle sloop and buzzed over to M12. It was way better parking this time around and a lot less baddies. Made it the first time with no issues. Look for the zip lines inside the cave to make it even easier.
  7. Gomez Addams

    So now what?

    Wow. I have almost finished my house. I’m thinking after that I might sail to another square.
  8. Is that rhetorical or are you actually asking? The short answer for me is that a claimed island has “management” or might have it. I have way too much of that already. It’s the same reason I won’t live in a housing development.
  9. I know I have stated this before but: Our company has spent all our time since December on Lawless islands. We have had zero bad experiences with being blocked by spam or jerk players. I ally with anybody that lives near us and we all have a great time. Having our own entire island or living on someone’s claim has never appealed to us. I try to build stuff like bridges, ramps, zip lines, etc to help people and we give stuff away all the time. The fun of this game (to me) is the randomness of people’s actions and that’s why I play it. My only regret is that I haven’t learned enough languages to communicate better. See you on L9 EU PVE, friends!
  10. Gomez Addams

    Developer Live Stream Q&A - Deadline: 1st of May

    I would like to add my voice to the player shop concerns. A shop that could be built and operated for free would encourage dialogue and trade between players. Gold should not be even necessary when things can be traded for resources. In a PVE lawless setting for example, someone could ‘sell’ constructed gliders at the top of cliffs. You could provide treasure hunting supplies to explorers. Ship parts for those who have been damaged. If you want the game to act like your trailers, shops should be easy and fun. Then players will have more reasons to explore for bargains and items. A market place setting would provide another level of competition without adding anything to the game except free shops.
  11. Gomez Addams

    Population base moving to lawless already happening

    So far so good on lawless in EU L9. There are a couple of pillars here and there and a few ‘Kong Walls’ but mostly it’s people acting very reasonable and kind. It’s a far cry from the 1st go round. There were thatch foundations everywhere and I haven’t seen any except where people plan on building. I also think the extra land has helped out a lot. If we had free player shops, lawless would have city’s like in the trailer.
  12. Gomez Addams

    Honey giving Sap

    L9 Chaunsea Island is one of the places
  13. Gomez Addams

    Bunny ears? Cmon.....

    How about huge (like elephant) sized rabbits with the lion AI? Now we are talking. Tame and ride your very own limited edition Dynamite Rabbit with large sharp pointy teeth. It’s Jack Sparrow in Night of the Lepus!
  14. Gomez Addams

    NA PVE drops Friday night / Saturday morning

    Our company is having such a great experience on EU PVE that we are going to stay. I’m torn a bit but I have met so many friendly people that it would be a shame to start over again. Hopefully the other players who enjoy an empty PVE lawless or wanted their own island will fill up the new server. In any case, it’s good news.
  15. Gomez Addams

    Player shops

    Now that’s a good idea! We should be able to sell titles to ships. Excellent idea. It would be a shipyard with all kinds of boats ready to go.