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  1. Gomez Addams

    wipe when?

    If you do wipe, can you please announce it a few months in advance?
  2. Gomez Addams

    Atlas and steam charts

    Oh I promise you we are having fun. Since 12/28/18 we have been established in L9 PVE NA and since wipe EU. We play about a hour or 2 per day with some extra time when the weather is bad. The kids play with us sometimes and we have made some nice friends. Who really cares if it’s a bad game if you enjoy playing it? Why would anybody be posting here if they didn’t like it? I suppose a rival game developer might pay people to stir up some hate. Is that what’s happening here? It’s like foundation spam with unkind words.
  3. Gomez Addams

    Atlas and steam charts

    Yay Atlas! Super fun for couples married over 25 years. Congratulations to myself and the Mrs for 1000 hours of being casual pirates and lovers on the high seas. Cheapest date night ever.
  4. Gomez Addams

    Livestream Q&A

    Could you tweak Autodestruct to give us a little more time to loot structures and explore ruins? For example, 7 days before everything goes poof.
  5. Gomez Addams

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    I really like where this is going! So suppose every island has these people on them, let’s just call them “survivors”. And every week this group can choose to vote some company off the island that is not helping the greater good. We could do this during a “tribunal”. The company that’s left becomes the representative to that grid and then all the grids vote for a King. Oh wait...you don’t vote for Kings Never mind.
  6. Gomez Addams

    What makes you feel like no longer playing atlas.

    Auto destruct. We hate it.
  7. Gomez Addams

    When should we just pull the plug

    Oddly enough, I always thought is was a fun “quest” to find loot demolishing stuff in PVE. When they took that away I lost one of the reasons to play. And it is certainly not the same waiting out a timer. Abandoned structures gave the game a unique feel that you could explore ruins that were actually real ruins. If I had one wish, I would like auto destruct turned off. *please
  8. Gomez Addams

    where`s the hat?

    My wife just yesterday said, “Where’s my hat?” I said that a team of people are working very hard to make sure that the promise of a legacy hat is kept. Then she said, “Will we ever get our top hats back?” “Of course we will”, I replied. A dev team this devoted to it’s core players would never abandon its little things that make it fun. (When she stops playing so do I so ya’ll devs better hurry it up)
  9. Gomez Addams

    When should we just pull the plug

    We should build a city somewhere to concentrate everyone left. Everybody could have a small base or shop. If anybody has the ambition to make the most populated city on atlas, I would come.
  10. Gomez Addams

    The powers that be at GrapeCard need to play Atlas more

    I will third this because I see a lot of erosion of the player base on EU PVE. People that have played a lot are walking away from the game. I have played for the last 2 days at my normal time and been the only one in my grid at L9. Normally there would be about 7 or 8. What really made me scratch my head concerning management though is when Dollie said this in our “Don’t Raze Us” thread: Im a little confused on one specific aspect in relation to PvE brought up by a couple of posters though. I've seen examples of an island owner leaving or going awol and thus leaving settlers open to being wiped. Wouldn't those settlers just continue to pay the upkeep on the claim to keep it secure in that case? (aside from waiting to jump and claim it themselves of course). I'm not quite understanding how people can just "lose" a claim.  With all due respect to those running the show, why do players need to explain this? Are there so many moving parts in a game like this that it is difficult to grasp them all or do they just need to play more as Boomer said? Usually the architect of a game understands the implications of rule changes or at least what game mechanics are working. Oh well, it is what it is. None of the answers really matter anyway because 1) early access and 2) I definitely got my monies worth out of Atlas. But I so hate lost potential of something that could be great.
  11. Gomez Addams

    What would you like developers to add in the game?

    We want auto decay turned off because We like ruins, We use other people’s ramps and bridges after they have left, we enjoy demolishing and finding goodies, all our structures won’t instantly disappear if we miss the window and it makes the islands look more crowded than they are. EU PVE - 700+hrs 5 members. Please. Please. Please.
  12. Gomez Addams

    Been chasing waterfalls, please help

    We live on one of them, Alice Island in L9, it’s the top right island in the grid. Plenty of space to build if you don’t mind lawless. I always wanted a base here but couldn’t build one before the wipe due to spam. One of the discovery points here is called “The Fishery”
  13. The system was advertised as lords and tenants. A tenant should be able to exist through many different lords because in the real world, lords need them working the land. In Atlas, tenants are not needed so the option to erase them is given. The problem with this in PVE is that it becomes a player vs player to see who can grab and hold an island. I predict there are going to be a lot of one owner empty islands and a population (what’s left of it) shift to lawless. Disappointing direction.
  14. PVE Lawless for the win! How can this razing be a good idea? It makes the old claim flag system look great.
  15. Gomez Addams

    What is/should Atlas hang it's hat on?

    MMORPG - Career Chosen: Ship Insurance Salesperson “Plunderwide is on your side” love it! @Sulfurblade