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  1. Can somebody help me with this please? I have been trying to place a farmhouse on my home island for over a week. Just can't do it. Three things happen when I try to place either wood or stone doesn't matter which. 1) Cannot place too close to building of same type 2) Cannot place because building is obstructed. 3) Needs floor to place. I have walked all over my island with my orange colored unplacable farmhouse and it's always the same, I can't place it. I've placed floors, I''ve cleared areas of everything so that there are no obstructions and obviously I make sure there are no other farmhouses nearby. Again, same deal, won't place. Whats really infuriating is that when I walkabout trying to place my farmhouse I see newly built farmhouses where there was nothing the day before. Sometimes its even a spot I tried myself!! Any insight into this problem will be tremendously appreciated. A very dejected player.
  2. As soon as I rejoin Atlas I have the intro animation of my Great-great Grandfather Edwin. Soon as he's done talking I get a fatal error crash. Tried it over and over again its always the same thing. I can't seem to resolve this issue. It did not do this during my first try but all my key bindings were changed and I was unable to interact with my tame's behaviour or my NPC's for that matter. I changed my key bindings back to my personal preferences and since then crash, crash, crash. Any help or suggestions appreciated. Did this from my phone so sorry if I made mistakes
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