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  1. Hahahahahahaha Lol to tried em out before the servers crashed for Xbox players. Totally useless. Put a bola on it just as the tame is about to wake up then feed it. The only use is to move tames into traps. A totally unless idea.
  2. Devs can you tell us if there will be a role back for pvp servers. Any information would help. And most of all what the hell happened? And when will it be playable again. Next week tomorrow?
  3. When will it be back up for Xbox Devs? Will you do a role back because you let pc players run free for a day and a half? Good who friggen knows the damage this update has done to all of your Xbox players. How many npc just ran out of gold. How many Xbox players are getting raided. How many ships sunk in the Freeport because people couldn’t repair? ROLE BACK THE SERVERS!!!!!! I bought this game as a gift for two different people yesterday and they couldn’t even get on. I have bin trying to get people to try this game out for a long time. This game is in development. So I am fine loosing my tames and ships I have spent days on to glitches. but the type of game you are creating here really is dependent on your consistent involvement and attention. A survival game you need to play to survive. buy allowing pc players to play wile Xbox can not is sorta the last straw for me. At first I thought people in these forums were hard on you. But now I see that the attention to detail is horrific. it is almost like you don’t even play. What was in the update yesterday night that was even worth this. You like ark taming go play ark!! The idea of these type of survivor empire games is great. I love this game. The players are loyal and all they do is play atlas. When you have such a great player base who love the game so much you have a responsibility to them. You do not deserve the players you have and you will not get new players after the ones that loved your game so much have bin pushed away because of just laziness on your part. I’m not going on vacation I’m playing atlas?! So why are you going on vacation? It’s a survival game you have to play it to survive. so there’s a huge community that signs on every day and plays this game all day. I would sincerely hope that you understand how much all these player rely on you. one thing I am not doing again is spending 40 bucks to buy two of my friends the game In Hopes that they would try it out. To not even be able to sign in. And you have given us one post were working on it?!? you do not deserve the people who play this game!!!!!
  4. I play on Xbox having the same issue. But pc players are ok.
  5. What in the pirates gravy are you guys thinking! What is the point of the narc arrow!! What do you have to force the tame to wake up? I don’t want to wait 15 friggen minutes to feed it.
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