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  1. @leluxo On a positive note you'll become more familiar w exactly what each variable affects. Techninically you could do it in 3 to 5 variable sections to narrow in faster maybe... I remember setting a server for some game (can't remember exactly which game) , i set some values on it to 2, instead of 1, thinking it would make the activity go twice as fast but instead it made it take twice as long. Realized the value needed to be .5 to do it in half the time (twice as fast) lol. You could start with default, vanilla settings, then tweak the associated settings as you encouter the things you'd like to adjust, while you play through the game... That's more or less the jist of my advice and probably the "best" way to do it imo. That's why I laughed when @Pant pointed out "playerdamagemultiplier=100". Made me giggle thinking of getting one-shot by a rock . Thought for sure he found your problem... Good luck
  2. @leluxo Maybe try the resistance multiplier? Another way to troubleshoot it is to set everything to default values and only adjust one thing at a time. Are these the defaults?
  3. Ranger1k


    @George Catcher Apparently there were some "issues" with that last patch maybe they're triple checking? lol
  4. Shoot on PvP it was absolutely terrible. On top of people building palaces they then had to try to protect it by spamming triple thick walls, cannons, puckles, fence posts, walled harbors etc.. One island I was on literally almost zero animals spawned because it was so overbuilt. Constant rubberbanding
  5. @Mr.Binks Lions are easy to deal with when you use the right weapon, a mace. Also as you level up put your points into health. **Pro tip, you can even ride your tame with the mace out and ready for when they tackle you off Good luck
  6. @Teron Gray Hopefully they come up with a large library of modules/ components that can be swapped around to make ships much MORE customizable. It also opens up the possibility of giving the ships more authentic regional and historical design styles.. I hope thats where they're headed with this atleast, lord knows when I was anticipating the launch of markets i never foresaw the convoluted mess they actually implemented. So who knows, maybe it'll be a logical step in the right direction or maybe it'll be a ridiculous mess.
  7. @Nacona I really enjoyed your post and you do bring up some great points. Very few people i knew could go whaling on PvP and consistently make it back on my level. I took pride in my ability to do so. Also yes building a turtled ship for a 5 person harbor run was fun. Regarding repairs I disagree though. You ARE correct when you state that some people enjoy being a repair person. However I think most people would prefer to operate a ship and participate in large fleet battles. So I think less sections to repair would mean that more people could be a "pirate" and fewer would be stuck as a "repair person".
  8. Some feedback 1 This ship potentially fills the gap between a Brig and a Galleon, so good job devs. However, theres a few issues.. a. Get rid of the squid tentacles as a purchasing mat. Probably lower the gold cost also. If you want players to embrace the ships your proposing in EA lower the entry barriers so more people can test them. If somebody goes through tons of effort and isn't happy with your new design they'll just be twice as grumpy... b. Get rid of the gaudy flair (the tentacles) on the front. I love the ship concept but the front end is ugly as hell and totally unnecessary. I apologize if the designer is insulted but I'm just trying to be candid. Sometimes less is more and I feel a simple Bowsprit on the front would be more appealing to most players. 2. In the future roll out more ships something like this and save ships like the Ramming Galley for inclusion with some related content. For example the Ramming Galley belongs with some type of Ancient Greek or Egyptian travel-back-to-ancient-history DLC. Good luck
  9. @Pant Repair is not the sole argument, but IS a major pain the ass in my opinion. When I used to dock my galley checking the deck, cannons, steering wheel, podium, sails plus every ceiling and wall felt like a chore. I'd rather repair 5 things than 25... You disagree, that's fine. Also I clearly stated that there's multiple reasons to transition but somehow you missed that statement also. Sure, ok bud. I apologize, I thought you read other peoples posts also and the patch notes and understood that theres MANY reasons to rework the current build system. Apparently this isn't the case. "Tantrum" , lol, yea ok. If I'm throwing a tantrum your engaging in pidgeonholing and offering disingenuous "input".
  10. @Pant Aaaand you've yet to state you're position... Aaaaand more questions... Still sticking you're fingers in your ears and sitting on the fence I see?... Did YOU state YOUR opinion or suggestions anywhere in your drivel? If you did I missed it. Theres no clear answer though.. Simple question, should the ship building system be reworked or added to in any way? Yes or no? Sure I'm the only person who thinks the current ship building system needs work. Oh and the devs. Oh and @Whitehawk. Oh and @Chucksteak. Oh and @George Catcher... Shall I go on? Discussing things w you is a waste of time Buh bye
  11. Actually there's multiple reasons to transition to a different system, furthermore you HAVE heard MULTIPLE people complain about the repairs.. 1. I'm complaining about it 2. 40k+ players quit this game, i have zero doubt many found ship maintenance a chore. 3. Other people in recent threads The devs want a different building system and THEY have listed multiple logical reasons. Furthermore I've elaborated plenty, you choose to put your fingers in your ears and ignore it.. So of course you've "never heard any complaints" Goodbye
  12. 1. A skirmish is often a PART of a battle, or, some ships performing hit and runs. A battle is a substantial and prolonged fight to secure a strategic goal. So yes the damage profiles would be different. 2. I have zero clue what your stance is, because you dont take one, you almost always answer w a question. Also the current system is already modular, they're 90% square blocks. Look up the definition.. Pick a development direction.. Simplify and rework the legacy system or leave it as is? Make a choice already instead of sitting on the fence and babbling.. 3. Anyone can go read the Majestic Kraken Thread, you spammed it w pointless rhetorical questions, then stated that crafting items for the company was "sitting on the bench"... if your logical fallacies were planks we'd have a galley... **sidenote, even in a skirmish you've never had an SotD hit the other side? Never had a 3rd party swoop in and hope to kill 2 birds w 1 stone?...Clipped a whale, iceberg or hit a cyclone mid fight?... Naw your right @Pant your not oversimplifying things... the problem is me
  13. Its absolutely possible to make a great pirate game thats PvE. For example I love Red Dead 2 single player but find the online version a terrible, blatant money grab.
  14. You mean performing flanking maneuvers and bold distractions in a multiship battle?.. Yes, yes I would. They're called tactics.. My point was that you vastly oversimply the current modular system to undermine the one in development. Anymore rhetorical questions..?
  15. Everything you've described in this scenario is a 1v1 skirmish, not a battle. Also yes you DID bury the patch kit repair suggestions under Announcements in a losing game of "Gotchya"
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