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  1. If its in a hole in the ground or completely sorrounded by terrain then whacking the bear w a spyglass wont work. From what i can see it appears its head/ shoulders are glitched into the terrain. If so try to ride, dismount between the bear and the terrain, go to first person, equip a spyglass into your hand and whack the Bear a bunch w the spyglass. Hopefully this will dislodge it. GL
  2. Did you try, or have a team member try, whacking it w a spyglass?
  3. Hmm where to begin... When season 3 was wiped i had just built up a beautiful PvE island of my own, grinded out 100 days worth of upkeep, had a growing circle of friends and settlers that was expanding, was prepping to start boss fighting and lag was only an occasional problem in absurdly overbuilt areas.. I figured id be set when new content was introduced, mechanics were optimized, game officially launched and dlcs brought back the DROVES of disgruntled former players... Now... we have this... after raging a few weeks i figured id try pvp since its seasonal now.. Still no clue how long a season is Too many bugs to list Farmhouses full of stone and metal, unless you obssessively dump it to get the wood and thatch for a ship. That is their primary ingredient correct? Terrible NPC pathing and performance. I literally played games 15 years ago w more intuitive interactions. Theres 15 other problems that are dissolving your playerbase. I could EASILY FIX THEM. Ive offered atleast 3 times. Guess what tho, i got kids to feed, not working for free. Also your company would make a boatload of cash. Final thoughts regarding your PvP model, its garbage, even if it wasn't buggy. 90% of players have 1 of 2 negative experiences.. 1 Join a group and deal with little Hitlers and high school maturity politics or 2 Run solo or very small and get periodically gang raped No more free opinions. Goodbye
  4. Hmm, didn't know about that option. Just fiddled around on my other boat, even though respond to group whistles is off, the crew did indeed raise the sail.. Perhaps that would have gotten me unstuck. Still a contorted quagmire but thx for the pro tip
  5. Xbox. I couldnt physically access the steering wheel or sail
  6. Had to fast travel back to base for 5 minutes. Stored my gear. Came back within 10 minutes tops... Fur armors gone. Looked above boat under boat etc. Whatever devs suck etc... Spend my gaming time taming 3 cats for supplemental keratanoid. ~2 hours.. Start sailing home. Freeze to death and when i respawn my ship is gliched into a bugged SotD. Cant grab my steering wheel.. Ship keeps cockblocking access.. Waste 20 mins trying to work around the issue. Nothing works, cannot access the steering wheel or raise my sail... Fast travel to my other boat to ram it apart from the glitched SotD. Get there and what do ya know a fully functional Gally, Brig and Schooner arrive at the same time... Sink the sloop and feed the cats to the sharks and lay 5 volleys into my rescue vessel...~another hour or so wasted plus i need to craft some more fur and i still have a keratanoid shortage... Eat a steaming pile of donkey shit please. Buh bye
  7. Freeport house boat. Repaired dally. Was just on it 4 hours prior. Do i have to raise the anchor and move it periodically or something? Jesus Christ how much ridiculous busy work do you developers think constitutes "gaming"?
  8. First if your a practicing legal professional then you intentionally swerved from the "free fruit" scenario to a "island BP discussion so you wouldn't have to admit your wrong lol. Boo Epipilepsy, graphic and obscene warnings probably evolved from a series both civil and criminal complaints..... correct? Your defense regarding this games issues is a warning "sticker" & disclaimer Lets extrapolate this into a real wold scenario.. Lets have a buddy of yours write me up a sticker and disclaimer stating "i will take a shit on the desk of any double talking industry insider that doesnt appropriately address my concerns".. Or are those disclaimers only for companies?... My point being,.. That every law, warning and etc needs scrutiny from time to time to ensure its still reasonable and not being abused. During your self promotional rant you missed my point entirely. PRIORITIZE FIXING THIS PROBLEM. Just because your peers scoff at it doesnt render it invalid. FURTHERMORE THE DEVs actively encourage feedback. Read thier posts... Expressing my frustration and concern wasnt a threat, it was friendly advice that theyre getting into a grey area. Like warning a drunk friend not to drive... You embarass yourself with youyr inconsistencies. Go write a 200 page contradiction filled human resources memo plz Regarding your obssessive request fot "civil tort"... For years in our it county it was perfectly legal to burn a woman at the stake based on testimony from just 3 witnesses... Tort or the lack of provides zero proof of wrong doing Now...... my threads have been both altered and completely deleted to such a degree that they misrepresent my original point, COMPLETELY UNDERMINING MY FAITH THAT THIS FORUM ACCURATELY REPRESENTS THE PLAYERS CONCERNS, therefore i rescind my previous offers to assist this company and will not be participating any further on this forum. One of you computer whizs look it up... This entire thread has been altered.
  9. A Advertising a service/ product free or not and intentionally misrepresenting it qualies for both criminal and civil penalties. Fact B Is a civil law complaint..heres one... Eppileptic attacks and siezures, ...another one graphic content or nudity...heres a 3rd one general billing disputes... 3 minutes and your evaporated buh bye @themadratter go play w doc hes more your level
  10. As soon as Doc cant think of an original name holliday stops pokin. Im simply pointing out a simple reality (society is litigous) while venting my frustraion. Doc wont shut up. Needs to change his name to 2cents the trolling lil toad
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