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  1. Sorry been playing some of the games that made billions taking a break because i was so pissed off that tons gameplay got wiped... Soooo.... Is it better? Anything significant changed that an experienced player would notice besides the things listed in the notes? Any reason to sink 100s of hours into this product and would i have fun doing so? Is it still claiming its a pre release product? Maybe ill build a brig an take a cruise.... dunno if i can tho... I literally had an entire island built up for tons of people to use as a launching pad showcasing some amazing, beautiful and fun things to do. I put ALOT of thought into it on the prospect of new dlc and popularity rebounding and they flushed it all.... Correct? Let me put it another way.... 80% of jobs are filled via referral. Period. Prior to the wipe i was referring customers here.. Now im obviously not... Should i?
  2. Love George Carlin btw Following your flawed logic we wouldnt have computers (bill gates never built an empire...till he did) We wouldnt have planes, cars or video games. Just because someone HASN'T done it doesnt mean they can't Care to acknowledge your logical fallacy Oh and sidenote i think VERY highly of myself and rightfully so
  3. Could you be more specific?... Are you skeptical of my ability to turn this product into a billion dollar franchise? Or is it the subject matter and coarse language your referring to? Respectfully asking, do tell..
  4. Somebody decided to use thier grubby little paws to edit the post. Thats it. Enough is enough. Everyone knows where i stand and i WILL NOT support a company that engages in blatant censorship. Sidenote they left Zetas post up nearly 24 hours calling US Soldiers "Imperial Stormtrooper Murderers" Grapeshot if you want this shitshow fixed bring me a 7digit check and a pile of pink slips. Period. Otherwise kick rocks motherfuckers
  5. Whitehawk i respect your opinion I mde a simple point. Atlas should endure a temporary boycot to motivate them to take responsibility for thier product. Thats it. Sound reasonable?
  6. My stance has been consistent throughout the entire thread. Ive advocated a short boycott to get the attention of the company. I DID NOT INSULT the devs I DID NOT ADVOCATE RUNNING THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. I ADVOCATED A METHOD TO GET THE COMPANYS ATTENTION. IF EVERY PLAYER REFUSED TO LOG IN FOR A FEW WEEKS THIS MAY ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION. Refer to the rest of my statement for specifics. Ty for you time. Support would be appreciated Regarding
  7. As long as they fly a "Pre Release" banner ....its a lawyer written get out of jail free card 1.they have just cause to mangle the product. 2.thet have just cause to wipe, nerf and abdicate ALL responsibility for thier product 3. They have provided zero information regarding a time line for removal 4.They have not stuck to ANY roadmap that Im aware of I STRONGLY URGE ANY PLAYER WHO SEES THE POTENTIAL IN THIS GAME TO FIRMLY BOYCOTT THIS PRODUCT UNTIL THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET. A. REMOVAL OF THE DOUBLE TALK FLAG B CONCRETE DEADLINES INTRODUCED REGARDING THE FOLLOWING.; New clothin, ship and building skins A functional alliance system allowing spawn sharing Both PvE and PvP sections on ONE MAP. IF CO A WANTS TO HAVE A WEEKLY Dingy fight w CO B it shouldnt be rocket science. Create a zone, issue the warnings and when the spawn bubble wears off then Viola 8 people beat eachother to death w oars. Easy Peezy. Until these VERY, VERY, simple demands are met i strongly urge EVERY AYER TO TEMPORARILY BOYCOT Thank you for reading the rant and dont panzy out...give ita positive rating Pffffffft......long over due
  8. Why won't you tell me where you play Zeta. Your "nice" remember?....therefore i should have NO reason to obliterate you...right?
  9. *Takes a deep, relaxing breath *Mentally backhands a troll into a dumpster *Opens his eyes..clear, bright and focused on the future Though I love this game the work is incomplete. Things need to be done still...for example 1 The Pre Release disclaimer needs to be removed or at a minimum reworded. The...game...is...already.... released.... 2 I have atleast 10 QoL changes that will streamline user experience and rebuild enthusiasm. Purchase them from me. 3 Overhaul the game mechanics. So much more fun is possible. Hire me and success is guaranteed. If the conditions arent met i advocate a temporary boycot. In a business negotion sometimes the ONLY way to communicate the willingness to walk away is ...to...physically walk away. I repeat. I LOVE THIS GAME. However i refuse to watch a franchise with multi billion dollar potential flounder any longer. Thank you for reading this and any support is sincerely appreciated
  10. *Deep breath *Mentally shoving the troll into a dumpster *A composed smile crosses my face signalling a proper mindset to begin... For the record i love this game. However the work is unfinished. 1. The disclaimer needs to be removed 2. I have 10+ QoL features that would restore enthusiasm in the product. I'll be happy to present them to the Devs for a fee. 3. Gamplay mechanics need reworking. Once again id be honored to fix them but payment is a requirement. Until these issues and the general bugs are addressed i recommend a TEMPORARY BOYCOTT. Sometimes in a negotion the ONLY way to prove you mean business is to walk away. Those times are upon us. Thank you for reading Goodbye
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