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  1. Ahahaha . Ok I'll give ya credit on that one. That was actually quite witty.... I think your balls have finally dropped young man.. PS yes i did say bye to you, yet you still wouldn't stop, so i felt it appropriate to present simple documentation. Now go see if a pubic hair popped out also... Off, fly off my little pidgeon, away, away, far from the checkerboard..
  2. Thread provided as an example... @eeeceee Some responses to your trolling and blatant lies... 1. You ask, quite absurdly, "Did you pay to play an EA game? Why would you pay to help a game...." Let me correct your pigeon-logic RIGHT there.... I paid to play a game that looked fun. Period. The EA side only became a significant issue to me after the abrupt NA-PvP wipe. 2 Continuing on you blatantly lie stating "and repeatedly state you don't want to help unless you get paid?" Ask @Ali_knight, @Darkwave, @jmurph, @Gomez Addams, @Whitehawk, @Xantria , @Chucksteak, @Nacona... Theres more i just listed some of the few easy to recall. Ive either helped some of these fellow forum members directly or engaged in topical discussions about solutions to problems. I've been both supportive AND devils advocate. You know why, (get your dictionary out) because theyve be helpful also and some even RECIPROCATE. Also because they're HONEST about their opinions.. I HAVE stated I'd like to be a part of this development team. So what? I like games, i like brainstorming and Im confident in my ability to be useful. I give ZERO fucks about your opinion or dimwitted, circular thoughts regarding this. I HAVE stated that i have a novel approach for improvng this games features and that I have been cautioned to remain silent regarding it since it could produce an enormous windfall AND is applicable to ANY MMO. If your unsure of how i feel regarding your thoughts on this please reread the previous paragraph. I'm sure you will feel the need to respond to this thread. Don't. It's not a discussion w you, its an explanation and a defense to your blatant trolling and lying. I have to go now, ..to play Atlas,... The game you stated several months that you unintalled. Bye
  3. @eeeceee I've told you once, I'll tell you a second time, I'm not going to play checkers w a pidgeon eeeeceee. Buh bye
  4. ...? I'm not playing checkers w ya anymore E Bye
  5. I agree 100% its a problem. If making activities correlate to a charcters physical characteristics can't be achieved due to it being too code intensive then the characters physical size should be kept within tighter ranges. Examples If a player wants to create a character 3ft tall (to reduce the hit box) then the character shouldn't be able to reach the top shelf without a stepping stool or ladder, etc. When they carry a 5 foot long carbine on their back it should take damage from It scraping along the ground, furthermore when walking backwards, over lumpy terrain, w it on their back they should frequently trip over it.. They either shouldn't be able to climb on an animal without a stepping aid OR it should take more time since they'll need to scurry up somehow. Another possibilty is that they need to use a specialized harness or even their grappling hook. I've had NPCs that couldn't reach the swivel gun but somehow they managed to use it. These are just a few examples.. I'll give one more, ever try pvping against a player wielding a shield bigger than his entire body? I tried, missed him and accidentally shot my own horse, killing it instantly If it isn't or can't be addressed this forces any competitive player to adopt the Meta mentioned by @Sliver Shroud to play on equal terms. Tighten the size range by atleast 50% if not just flat out standardizing it. Its a valid point in PvP.
  6. @Darkwave Glad to know i could help. Now show me some love and hit that like button fugger.
  7. I took your advice and reread the Q & A/ Informational post a second time. I completely disagree w your assessment of it. Although I have concerns w the reworking of the claim system, I think overall this was a top notch presentation. Not perfect, but damn good and respectfully candid.
  8. Just running through a broad checklist, so please don't get offended... Ive had ships sunk before but i had damage floaters come up. Invisible rock bug. Long time ago. Also I sometimes play with 2 accounts, on side by side TVs, ...ONE time one screen showed leaks everywhere and had me freaking out panicking... However my 2nd screen showed all recent damage repaired. Long story short the 2nd screen was correct, i just had to reboot the first account and it began displaying accurately. So no damage floaters came up? Your sure it wasn't over the crew capacity or over the weight limit? If a ship sails long enough simple wear and tear will gradually damage the planks, if they go unrepaired eventually your boat will leak and sink.. Do you put a crew member on repair when you anchor? Plenty of repair supplies in resource chest? Any other factors, for example, had you just crossed grids, were you in shallow water, whale territory, been through a cyclone recently, near an iceberg, near a control point etc? Any chance a company member accidentally (or purposefully) deleted a plank? Also check your crew logs, they may have info. Perhaps your view of the damaged plank was obscured by furniture or walls? You can take a second boat w a diving platform out to the wreck and potentially inspect it from the outside. PvP server or PvE? If your POSITIVE it was a bug, report it. They will not replace the ship but perhaps they can fix whatever caused it for the future. Provide as much relevent info as possible. Good luck, sorry for the loss
  9. @Chucksteak Like @Xantria said, i like your idea in general. Perhaps the gold cost aspect COULD help but then we get a grind vs reward dilemma also. Her and @eeeceee are also correct in stating that players would use them as a FOBs to launch endless waves of landbased attacks (unless a mechanism was introduced to prevent this) Theoretically a Mega could park half a dozen of these FOBs around tons of islands (alt account dilemma) and pillage endlessly simply using a 2nd ship to resupply and fast travel to zip around. If simply implemented EXACTLY as you've stated it WOULD lead to island wastelands, unless its "reworked" some more as i stated. I think the idea being proposed by the devs of some type of armored shipyard w an upkeep cost MAY be the best solution (aside from the one I'm keeping to myself for now). Even that needs some tweaking i think based on some other posts I've read. Also, they may create a similar FOB problem, unless theres some rules regarding them I'm unaware of (doing PvE this season to learn the trade system and adjust to the sticker shock of ship prices). Someone stated the current ones take ~850 cannonballs EACH to destroy. Then youve got the ship to sink also, unless its destroyed when the dock goes down, i dunno, does it? Can they be placed anywhere or does it have a requirement to be near the flag?... Also, anyone know the preplaced weight? Can multiple ones be carried around and placed wherever the defences are lacking? Also some people have proposed allowing 1 vessel to be uploaded into the "cloud". This is also a possible solution but needs to be implemented correctly or some poor raiders will find Gallys unexpectedly raining down on them . Also it presents a possible intelligence gathering dilemma for raiders, specifically, how do they choose a target if they don't know the approximate strength of their adversary? Sidenote @Chucksteak dunno if you noticed but i cited your general ideas regarding the upcoming claim system. Have a good turkey day
  10. Let me get this straight, you say that I DON'T have a clue yet you then go on to describe PvP as lacking PvE? Of course PvP still has Players verus Environment. Lions, tigers, bears, snakes etc all the fauna still exists theres just different rules regarding player engagement. This is possibly the dumbest thing said on this forum. Like ever. Like EVER, ever..ever Actually i suggested he consider joining an existing company. I would take it a step further and say that you intentionally reworded the statement in a futile attempt to "win" an argument. Furthermore anyone whos familiar with my posts knows i have knowledge regarding the game on both PvP AND PvE. Anybody whos familiar with your posts knows that A. Your a troll B. You claim to have uninstalled this game long ago THAT was my response when I realized OP was definitely referring to PvP. I even put a *disclaimer* in the first post that my "tips" may not work or require adjusting for PvP. I played PvP for about 90% of the 4th season half the time in a company and half solo. I didn't enjoy playing as a solo-pvp-settler because of all the additional defensive structures I'd have to build and maintain to have a CHANCE of defending against being offline raided. Also this was BEFORE the schooner cost 5k. Therefore i took a break the last few weeks, played something else, and came back this season on PvE to check out the new mechanics. Regarding the rest of your nonsensical, blathering drivel and intentionally twisted qoutes I'll just do what i normally do w your nonsense, ill ignore it. Eeeceee you ARE the reason for the advice not to play checkers w a pigeon... It goes like this... Person 1 "Ya know why you should NEVER play checkers w a pigeon?" Person 2 "Why?" Person 1 "Because no matter what move you make, the pigeon will just step on the board, shit all over it and then strut around like it won" Buh bye E To OP, @Ali_knight, i tried messaging a friend who owns a PvP island to see if he would accept a random solo settler or a recruit that I've never played with and he never got back to me. He asked me to join his company on PvP, i declined, so i dunno if he's grumpy w me, adverse to accepting randoms or just missed my message. Many companies (not all though) in PvP don't accept randoms, only recruits that a member is clearly willing to vouche for. I've never played w ya so i can't vouche for ya, sorry. I DO appreciate your thanks and i SYMPATHIZE with your complaints regarding startup costs. I have some posts in Announcements that states every player should begin the game w a free schooner, then possibly pay 5k if it needs to be replaced. If you agree w the idea or have something to add then bumping it, liking it and/ or quoting it may get the devs attention. If you don't like the idea thats ok also. Also one of the Devs most recent Q & A posts (in Announcements also) states that they relize the games current mechanics are driving away solos, small companies and casual players and that they're looking into solutions. Time will tell. Have a nice day everyone. Time for some turkey and playin Atlas now that I'm done playing checkers w EEECEEE.
  11. Nah I'm firmly rooted in reality. Although i must compliment ya on bustin my balls VERY politely, lol The devs clearly state that, in its current form Atlas is a mishmash of ideas and needs a stronger theme. I agree 100%. I think you do too hence the "headless chicken" reference. I didn't start until season 3, although I've watched some videos of previous seasons gameplay. Perhaps theres a nostalgic time prior to my arrival that your fond of? If your statement about 2 steps back refers to the variation of the old claim system that it sounds like they're going to potentially revert to, then, on that particular mechanic I think we agree its likely a bad idea, correct? I'd lean more towards a mostly lawless system similar to @Chucksteaks vision. I actually have THE solution but as i mentioned in a previous post, i believe it's a completely novel approach, applicable to nearly any mmo, and I've been cautioned to refrain from discussing it at this time. Side question do you agree that at level 1 each player should begin w the schooner i recommended?
  12. I have some advice under @UnderTaker905 's warehouse thread. Sorry don't feel like cutting/ pasting/ retyping it. GL
  13. The Market is 11meters from the WH and definitely less than 30 meters from the water. This final rebuild i moved it from the side of my warehouse to in front of it to make it even closer to the water AND prevent a section of base expansion from possibly obstructing the view. Also after i posted i logged back in, i realized that actually i have 2 trade partners, all of my trade is being conducted w 1 partner though. To be completely honest were just sending cotton back and forth. Someone else advised us to BOTH trade wetwood and softwood, stating that 2 equivalent commodities will be rejected by the system. Third person chimed in and said no it won't. Dunno, kinda lame but we're sending cotton back and forth but its working great. Also i think now I've received 250 of every wood type as a reward. I'm assuming after they expand trading borders they'll nerf trading in the exact same commodities. Our first trade, wetwood for softwood was successful also, but equally as pointless since we both have them in abundance. (other than for testing the trade system and generting revenue) I figure its slow rolling out, the UI and coding still needs work and were producing interactions for load testing so thats what Im doing. Once again hope my ramblings help. Now if only i hadnt forgot Lion juveniles need tons of meat. 4 of 6 died,.... gaaaah
  14. Mine finally just started working tonight. Rebuilt it for a 3rd time to clear all the info. Asked in grid chat for a trading partner, 3 times, no response. 4th Time got a response but he was maxed out, he said at 6, mine said he was at 7/8. Either way we couldn't get a trade approved for 2 reasons.. 1 He stated he got amessage saying his routes were maxed. 2 He didn't want to touch a thing anyway because his market was working perfectly and according to him yielding 5k a day. A while later someone else shouted out for trade partners. I responded and we connected up. Trades are currently successfully completing yielding around 75 gold an hour plus random stuff (parrot egg, gunpowder, cannonballs, coal, etc). I made 6 trade requests but then deleted them all when connecting to him. Since its working successfully i plan to wait and see how things go before adjusting anything. Random guesses... Maybe your the odd man out and need a trade slot to open in your grid? Maybe its a crossplay issue? Maybe something with the control points or a line of sight issue? Mybe the devs are tweakiing something grid by grid or server by server?... Your on PvE right?... Also last thing, he sent the quest and i accepted. Dunno, hopefully my rambling helped in some way. Sorry didn't click link Good luck dood
  15. Actually going down the rabbit hole further, if we give ea player a schooner to start, and the bug fixes, new content, optimization etc proceed as planned, I'd even advocate for INCREASING the cost of top tier ships even further.. I know a VERY, VERY popular opinion...
  16. Its NOT lasers, its the lightening bolts from Big Trouble in Little China Hehehe, YAARRRRR
  17. i did miss an issue. IF the schooner gets sunk before ya stockpile 5k gold something would still need to be available to grind it. Suggested solution, STANDARD sloop purchasable w mats at Freeport. Other option that some people would choose i guess is to just restart at LvL 1.
  18. @eeeceee Are you telling me to try PvP? Or OP? Sidenote i have played PvP in this game for a substantial period of time... Are you actually making a significant point or just a snide remark? Can you actually formulate a coherent topic of discussion when you choose to address me or quote me, instead of spamming 5 word antagonistic questions? Please? Thanks Goodbye
  19. Actually i would prefer it if the schooner was the lowest tier ship. May have to buff the other ships if this was implemented. Get rid of rafts, ramshackles and sloops. Maybe keep the dinghy around as a galleon accessory only. They were kept on the larger vessels, historically i believe, for making approaches along shallow coastlines and for emergencies. Also i see no reason why a player shouldn't be issued a single schooner upon beginning the game at level 1. Bare bones, no cannons or ballista, just a larder, resource chest, bookcase, storage cabinet, 1 bed and gunports. If this was standard procedure i believe there would be A TON less fuss about 25k brigs and 50k galleons. If the schooner ya started with gets sunk, THEN, 5k to replace it. I know this is a "survival game" but it doesn't mean everyone should start with nothin but yer skivvies.. Begin w a simple backstory, Mammy or Pappy are gone for some reason (disease, killed in battle etc) but luckily youve got the family boat and your 2 faithful friends who don't even consider mutiney for the first week (actual week, not game week). Bam!! Stock up some food and repair mats and get sailing.
  20. Enjoyed the update, thanks. Also I've noticed improvements specifically during treasure dives, only 1 so far i couldn't get into (or I'm just having really good luck ) 1 thing though... No fog of war please. or If it is implemented please provide a LARGE viewing radius as we move into unexplored territories. Third possibility, have a vendor sell a "map" that, when purchased, lifts the fog. Fourth possibility, make it removable via a skill Woops, 1 more, also please consider returning the map to a cold North/South pole and incremental warming towards the equator. I enjoyed this post a great deal. Thanks again.
  21. Try and find a company maybe?... Solo in PvP is a rough gig.
  22. @Chucksteak unfortunately @Xantria is pointing out a valid flaw. If anchoring then sleeping on a ship renders it unable to be damaged or stolen then we arrive at the alternate account problem. I'll elaborate. I have 2 xboxes and 2 computers in my household. Many households have this many Atlas compatible devices or more. If I were part of a group of nefarious griefers we could use our main accounts per usual, then purchase alternate accounts and park our invulnerable boats (w alts) in various locations to form grief blockades or act as FOBs. From my house alone I could surround your boat w 3 alt-account boats and play on my main, theoretically. Needs reworking, unless I'm missing something. Also, in anticipation of a possible retort, YES people will waste that much money, time and effort to troll someone. Sorry dood
  23. Well stated. I have another method, but, when i spoke to a trusted University Professor (teaching in related subject matter), he advised me to speak w a copyright lawyer before I say anything. Still deciding. Kinda a big deal, pretty sure it's a novel approach in the gaming industry. Solid point, IF the devs don't intervene they'll have to perform runs from their farmhouse, unless that gets walled off also. Another thread indicated devs are intervening in clear cases of PvE griefing though.
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