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  1. First if your a practicing legal professional then you intentionally swerved from the "free fruit" scenario to a "island BP discussion so you wouldn't have to admit your wrong lol. Boo Epipilepsy, graphic and obscene warnings probably evolved from a series both civil and criminal complaints..... correct? Your defense regarding this games issues is a warning "sticker" & disclaimer Lets extrapolate this into a real wold scenario.. Lets have a buddy of yours write me up a sticker and disclaimer stating "i will take a shit on the desk of any double talking industry insider that doesnt appropriately address my concerns".. Or are those disclaimers only for companies?... My point being,.. That every law, warning and etc needs scrutiny from time to time to ensure its still reasonable and not being abused. During your self promotional rant you missed my point entirely. PRIORITIZE FIXING THIS PROBLEM. Just because your peers scoff at it doesnt render it invalid. FURTHERMORE THE DEVs actively encourage feedback. Read thier posts... Expressing my frustration and concern wasnt a threat, it was friendly advice that theyre getting into a grey area. Like warning a drunk friend not to drive... You embarass yourself with youyr inconsistencies. Go write a 200 page contradiction filled human resources memo plz Regarding your obssessive request fot "civil tort"... For years in our it county it was perfectly legal to burn a woman at the stake based on testimony from just 3 witnesses... Tort or the lack of provides zero proof of wrong doing Now...... my threads have been both altered and completely deleted to such a degree that they misrepresent my original point, COMPLETELY UNDERMINING MY FAITH THAT THIS FORUM ACCURATELY REPRESENTS THE PLAYERS CONCERNS, therefore i rescind my previous offers to assist this company and will not be participating any further on this forum. One of you computer whizs look it up... This entire thread has been altered.
  2. A Advertising a service/ product free or not and intentionally misrepresenting it qualies for both criminal and civil penalties. Fact B Is a civil law complaint..heres one... Eppileptic attacks and siezures, ...another one graphic content or nudity...heres a 3rd one general billing disputes... 3 minutes and your evaporated buh bye @themadratter go play w doc hes more your level
  3. As soon as Doc cant think of an original name holliday stops pokin. Im simply pointing out a simple reality (society is litigous) while venting my frustraion. Doc wont shut up. Needs to change his name to 2cents the trolling lil toad
  4. Wow 22 cosecutive deaths since you all blew a gripe out of proportion. In 30 minutes
  5. They sold me an INTERACTIVE PRODUCT. Statement is valid. If you went to the store because they were "giving away fruit" and opened it at home and it contained lettuce DAILY for a month after REPEATLY ASKING FOR THE FRUIT how would you characterize it Billy bob? Goobye i will NOT be responding
  6. Its been a month.. When does an accident become negligence? I just wasted many hours interacting w this product being told i would receive 1 thing and instead received something different. "Check tree, says its strongwood, an ingredient i need. Chop tree its softwood" Not isolated incidents. Significant time wasted. FIX the product. Period Lawsuits HAVE been lost over this type of behaviour from a company I have nothing further to say
  7. Fix your resource labels. You ARE engaging in illegal activity Period
  8. I sail across 6 grids Thatch changes Fibers change Metals change Rocks change Flint changes Wildlife changes YET THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME 2 DAMN SPECIES OF TREE WITH 9 DIFFERENT APPEARANCES??????? COMON soooo LAME boo
  9. I thought i was the only ex Shadowbane player... Now THAT was a beautiful game that went sideways..
  10. Forgot to mention i was aware of that but thank you. FP still caps at 8?
  11. Nobody found the invisible monster narrative funny
  12. I ill say it again i agree w SUBSTANTIAL portions of your proposal. Scroll up. Im just addressing some specific-nuanced points. Also 11x11 equals 121. 121 grids w an average of 5 islands per yeids an individual landowning base between 0 and 6050 if we assume 10 slots per an island average.. But... It gets more complicated. Can each "grid" house a company? If so the numbers spike exponentially... Cap at 1 per grid? 5, 10...100?... On the back end its not processable without adding grid rules is my point. sorry Your close, this idea has merit but its not the revolutionary, industry changing lucrative idea I'm proposing GL
  13. It would need to be implemented and sized island by island. I agree with 90% of your proposal.
  14. The NPC side of things, including Freeports, is ridiculously under leveraged.
  15. Interesting.. Hexes would have to follow the shoreline... Interior island zero hexes due to them being landlocked.. Solution is 8-24 hour decay timer to allow map building and quick trapping... Inland routes provided in all 4 Cardinal directions Also, depending on the builds along shoreline interior routes may be further available... This would be a VERY nice solution... I have a better one im keeping to myself.. But this is a perfect example of an elegant yet simple solution to problem occurring for 1+ years now... Good work
  16. If i turn off pirate encampments does the Single Player Map match the Official Maps in biomes, spawns, islands, resoures etc? If not, whats different besides the player affected thiings? It's the exact same thing minus other players correct? Official response would be appreciated, ty
  17. I used to double-box (run 2 accounts simultaneously) my observations were this.. Character in crows nest sees tall things first, such as SotD. He was in front crows nest so he actually crossed grids first also by ~1 full second. Character at wheel actually spotted low stuff first such as flotsams, sunken treasures and whales. Doesn't make sense but that was confirmed consistently for months. When it was supper foggy i lowered sails, watched the crows nest view primarily, and if an attack came i quickly raised my sails (all handling sails) adjusted to get a tailwind no matter where fire was coming from, accelerated away & then verified i wasnt going to hit land. As PP stated knowing border location can help cheese it also, i did plenty of times
  18. Yea i meant a front and rear lock via broadside using 2 harpoons.. Probably sounds better in theory than reality. (Gally vs whatever) However this would, theoretically be a POSSIBLE part of boarding methodology so my head isn't completely in the clouds lol Of course SotD cant be defeated via boarding im pretty sure... So oh well. Maye possible uses later
  19. Is there a way to disable this that I'm overlooking?
  20. @George Catcher (or anyone else) ever try using the harpoons to lock the ships together broadside? Does it work in PvE? Details on the mechanics would be appreciated
  21. End of 3rd season June Large cannons ONLY worked in gunports, zero placement options anywhere else on ship. This why i ran about 4 per side on the bottom deck placed in the middle of my gally. Did 2 big battles annihilating 6+ SotD formations via raw firepower & slow manuevers. Never tried harpoons but considered it. Ship was specced 160def/ 160 offense the rest split between beds and sturdiness. The Captains feats help a TON Became annoyed at the inability to manuever and only recovering like 20% of the flotsams. Considered getting a teammate runng a brig to tail me, covering my backside and to pick up loot. Docked it and set it aside as a possible Kraken ship but then wipe occurred
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