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  1. An appreciation post on the forum, those are rare! Idk if its because im use to playing Ark and this and im just used to all the bugs and the engine quirks, but I honestly dont have too many complaints about this game
  2. How do they work? We have taken over one, but the taxation bank keeps getting destroyed. It doesnt say who by. The defences are all still there. It also never seemed to get any gold. How do they work? How do we defend them? And how do they get gold?
  3. Currently all our trades say "no route". Any idea what that means?
  4. Did you ever find out on this? We recently took one over but the same thing is happening. Also doesnt seem to get getting any tax? Its currently in Combat phase, so maybe after that it starts?
  5. I thought this myself, but getting gold is super easy. 3 of us have earnt around 40k in just 1 week using the markets etc.
  6. How did you manage to get so many trade btw? Has it been nerf'd a bit with the update? I think the most we have had so far is 4 lol
  7. Is it still possible to put diving attachments on Sloops? I just saw someone sail past with one, but I tried to put it on my ship but I cant seem to place it? My ship is still in the shipyard right now
  8. Yeah I have seen how it works now! Kinda like the trade system on AoE II. Thanks
  9. So, where does the gold actually come from? Thats the only bit that is confusing me!
  10. How do you connect up the Market to a Warehouse? We have both of them nearby and working/collecting, but the market says the warehouse is not connected. How do we connect it up?
  11. Ok the gold thing doesnt sounds too bad then. The lack of customisation on ships sounds awful though. That was one of my favourite parts of the game designing ships and getting good layouts of maximum potential. Lets hope they get rid of that base stealing, because that genuinely sounds awful. My mates and I quite Ark today after being raided for the 9th time in 2 weeks, but at least there we could fight back and people had to put some effort into raiding! This new system just sounds perfect for trolls
  12. I played this game from day 1, and had some real fun times playing on PvP with my friends. Sadly work and real life came along and I wasnt able to play. Today, one of my friends who hasnt played got it in a sale recently, and was hyped about wanted to play it. While downloading it I decided to check the patch notes, and what the fuck has actually happened?! Paying gold to build ships in your own shipyard? Modular ships so no ship design?? The ability to claim claim other people bases AND ships, just like that??? Jeez I was actually excited to come back and play, but just reading that I am just going to uninstall again. I dont even want to be involved in that cancer. Who thought this was a good idea? Thats not to mention the likely countless other awful changes which I havent yet read about!
  13. The nerfs were needed. Killing through Alphas with fire arrows solo was just too easy. The whole point in an alpha is to get a group of you to get together to kill it.
  14. Exactly this. It is a pirate game, you build pirate ships and go and shoot, loot and plunder. No where does it say this game is historically accurate, or even that it is following history. The game is what the developers want it to be.
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