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  1. Captain Kuro

    Sea forts

    We had the same Issue, it never seemed to generate any gold
  2. I think maybe Roblox might be more your speed
  3. Yeah, its almost like its a survival game and you have to work to accomplish things
  4. I found a fix for it on the steam pages. If you opt out of the Steam Betas, it seems to resolve the issue
  5. Yeah I am still getting the same thing today too. Mine has around -200 players per server! I havent tried ark because I dont have it installed. Its really frustrating though! Literally the only thing that has changed for me is I had new broadband put in yesterday
  6. I am having the exact same issue. When I click re-join Atlas, I get as far as the PrimalData loading bar, then nothing happens. Really frustrating as I was really in the mood to play today!
  7. Now loads of them are coming up as "aborted". Any idea why that is or how to resolve it?
  8. An appreciation post on the forum, those are rare! Idk if its because im use to playing Ark and this and im just used to all the bugs and the engine quirks, but I honestly dont have too many complaints about this game
  9. How do they work? We have taken over one, but the taxation bank keeps getting destroyed. It doesnt say who by. The defences are all still there. It also never seemed to get any gold. How do they work? How do we defend them? And how do they get gold?
  10. Currently all our trades say "no route". Any idea what that means?
  11. Did you ever find out on this? We recently took one over but the same thing is happening. Also doesnt seem to get getting any tax? Its currently in Combat phase, so maybe after that it starts?
  12. I thought this myself, but getting gold is super easy. 3 of us have earnt around 40k in just 1 week using the markets etc.
  13. How did you manage to get so many trade btw? Has it been nerf'd a bit with the update? I think the most we have had so far is 4 lol
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