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  1. pygmy

    PVE EU what happend?

    I recently thought about this game and what have happend since january, i spawn on PVE eu server, everything is built up on start island and no where to find base and buy raft anymore? i stuck on island. Jump on ship and i kinda float around and stuck? Im so confused 5 months and its like wtf worse then january?
  2. pygmy

    Something has happened at Grapeshot

    They will have criticism becuase they choose the path of early access. some games do not even walk this path. There are pros and cons of every method you choose but with early access one of the biggest cons is that people have the chance to play a game which is not yet finish and throw thier judgement hammer, in this case they can lose a huge portion of thier playerbase by doing this wrong. That´s what they bet when choosing this path however if they need financial support and doing the EA access its one of the pro´s. So they have alot at stake by doing EA, and this is the product of it. So you can´t say that people who lay off this game that they are wrong. It´s all grapeshots mistake of choosing this method to try out thier game.
  3. pygmy

    Something has happened at Grapeshot

    They should not hide behind the Early access excuse anymore since the audience and playerbase are starting to call the bluffs. Honestly and this is only my opinion but i do bet it is shared by many others. They need a new system for Early access to hide behind it and make every fault an EArly Access fault. My solution to this is either you charge nothing during the Early access period or a rather small amount for people to test it, and if you have an early access game maybe you should listen more to your audience since we are all in this case test-animals in a factory. by observing our attitude towards many flaws and fix them would be of much higher priority in this stage of a game, and when full release you can tell audience to fuck off with thier construtive criticism. But for now they are failing, like early access as a method.
  4. pygmy

    Whole Company Banned

    Not sure if troll post or just have an extreme point of view.
  5. pygmy

    Whole Company Banned

    How can this be justified by "guilty by association" Where I´m from and how our parents raise us and soceity by all means, there is no justification for group punishments. Now i do not know where you are from but to me its straight fucked up.
  6. pygmy

    Being forcefed in a gibbet

    ahahahah sounds like a load of fun, gonna do that on my PVP/PVE server until the admin bans me.
  7. Lol 3 hours? we were 50 took almost 90 minutes and we slacked.
  8. pygmy

    Suggestion: gifting ships

    I hope trading becomes a huge part in this game so you can actually be rich by farming and building things for people who do not like the farm and could in e.g get gold from raiding or killing sotd etc. Definatly adding more depth to the game
  9. pygmy

    Taming on Atlas is animal cruelty !!!

    No its becuase people now a days think that others are knfluenced by video games have been debunked by many psyhcological proffesors in nuemreous studies which suggest its a myth, yet you sit here and say its diffrent. Are you fact-introlerant? If it is a morality issue, then dont play. End.
  10. pygmy

    Taming on Atlas is animal cruelty !!!

    I think it is wierd where you draw the line for what is good and what is not? either i feel both option goes since it´s a game or none do. Drugging aginast your consent can´t be fine when attacking is. Both is either horrendeus or not.
  11. pygmy

    Taming on Atlas is animal cruelty !!!

    If you ask PETA, they only care about furries. If they see a spider, you know its gone, another rainy day who cares
  12. pygmy

    Taming on Atlas is animal cruelty !!!

    So your solution to this problem is roofies? Like that would teach them otherwise, i picture myself this. A guy walk into a bar, the girl doesn´t like him. But hey yeah i remember playing atlas as a kid and i know for sure that pig liked my roofies...
  13. Doesn't matter becuase when you see one, they think they are more important then talking to anyone so it doesn't but if you want you can always graplle hook to the ship. But getting back will atleast you need someone to go after you kn your ship Tldr; the ship does not stop
  14. pygmy

    Sinking ship exploit fixed?

    Works without crew? And i dont grt it can you use someone elses emergancy ladder?
  15. they should measure the area of the sail and by that set the standards for the speed depending on how much wind the sail could catch. There are alot of flaws and i thank you for the information. Need this for my own brigathine then haha