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  1. This is not a new game, this has been out for a few years now. They also have Ark which a lot of this game was copied and pasted from. Argument kind of dies a little there. I dont mind fog, I dont need it every 5 minutes though. And if I cant see them, they shouldnt be able to see me. I've played since first release and its only got worse. Probably wont be back next wipe.
  2. I was in thick fog the other day and could barely see the figurehead on my galleon. That didnt stop the SOTD from seeing me apparently as the only thing that alerted me to their presence was when my screen filled up glowing red as a hail of cannonballs hit me from a high lvl galleon lol.
  3. Yeah I remember. Just did another run, on a island that usually nets me around 20 maps I came back with 3 lool. Pretty much all but a handful today were 0.5 quality, but still empty.
  4. Cant be. I did a loop of the island and picked up all the bottles waited about 30m and did again as they should have all respawned. On both circuits must be 60-70% of the bottles were empty. Never had that. Went to a different island, same thing.
  5. Since patch it seems 50/50 if they even contain a map. After doing 2 map runs round the island it isn't even uncommon for a bottle to be empty. It used to be a rare occurrence but now its a coin flip. Is this planned? Since you've taken away methods of farming gold is this a further nerf or a bug?
  6. On PvE cant place fort towers. Says cant build outside fort zone but i'm in it. Is this because its PvE and cant use towers? Also says upkeep in 11h but doesnt say what upkeep cost is?
  7. In PVE can you build defence towers. Claimed a fort and when I go to place the towers it says I can not build outside of the fort building zone even though i'm on the structure? Is this because its PvE? Also does it cost gold to upkeep them and if so how much per upkeep?
  8. I think the Devs need to understand their player base IS PVE. I know they want to be a PvP game but thats not where their players are.
  9. Sorry but this is just dumb. 1. Whoever created that trade fort needs to be sacked. In fact punched in the face then sacked. What are you doing here? You put a lighthouse on top of some gates, gratz. Appreciate its not finished but it better be a HELL of a lot better than that. 0 effort. 2. Why are you making people pay to build their own ships? I get paying for the pre-made at freeports which is fine but paying for a ship in your own shipyard with mats you have farmed makes no sense. Who are you paying and for what? The ship has been hand built with materials you've done yourself? It will hurt single players and smaller companies and make it harder for them to get going.. Unless the new trade routes are going to flood the market with gold. Which if this is the case will have an impact on trading and the economy, prices will get stupid for things if Gold is so easy to find. And then what would be the point in shipwrecks or doing Maps (other than BPs) which in PVE have limited use i.e buildings? 3. Removed XP for bosses? why? So how will players earn XP at higher levels. Past 80 the XP grind is slow AF! The only way to level is end game bosses. It also removes any reason to do them more than once. Once you get the Feat literally no reason to go back. 4. What the hell is the Ramming Ship? Who asked for that? Who even designed that, sorry, think I know ^^... People asked for a ship between Galleon and Brig aka Frigate. No one has a use for this Ramming ship. Please for the love of god just make a Frigate instead.... actually listen to the players! I think you guys need to release a road map to put these changes into context because without seeing the end game these changes make no sense and actually harm the game. People are lining up to leave and everyone I speak to is quitting because the game has no direction with stupid changes and updates. All you need to do is listen to the players...
  10. Everyone suggested a Frigate.. Everyone wants a Frigate... Devs - Behold!! Whatever this is...
  11. Doesnt really matter does it. Once they announce wipe anything you do there on is pointless.
  12. So no then? It sounds like you exchange Gold for Units and that's the currency you then work with and transfer? Players cant deposit gold then retrieve the same gold again? What Cryptograph do you use? and who determines the worth of the economy if you start inflating gold and unit worth? From what i've seen 1k = 1 Unit. You can buy a tame for X amount of units which translated into gold is way overpriced. I'm not convinced tbh. Sounds like a lot of 1 way gain. But if people go for it and they're happy then...
  13. Sounds like a crypto currency to me. EU regulated lol. I have a question though, how do you give players gold back after a world reset? Would you not be relying on other players to replenish your gold reserves to give other players their gold back? I'd expect after a world reset the demand for people to retrieve gold will be pretty high, how could you meet demand? And what if people don't come back to store their gold with you? The bank would crash.
  14. Highly likely. The new maps will need to have the shipping lanes and trade markets installed etc. So they will need to be clean wiped for that. Cant overlay it.
  15. The Community - We want a ship between Brig and Galleon, you know like a Frigate... Atlas Devs - Hold my Beer and behold the "Ramming Ship" /palmface
  16. All the Dev team need to do to restore at least a inch of trust in this game is provide the community with regular weekly updates. Silence just shows their lack of action. Just a little transparency. Like we know X is broke, we are doing X to try and resolve it. We heard you with regard to how X works, we are looking at doing something else... Its been in early access for nearly 2 years and is worse now than when it was back then. And considering all the new players that turned up at launch of this "season", the lag fest in servers, no where to build due to overcrowding etc. Now there is hardly anyone around. Wonder why..
  17. Is that from game crashes or just disconnects?
  18. We have the same thing in our company. We have a ship on the outside of Centre Maw. Its not there though, the only thing that remains is the ship icon on the map, lost to Davy Jones Locker.
  19. Its a bug, A shipyard which is no where near you will likely be the culprit. They sometimes seem to have some ridiculous no build zones.
  20. Would have waited. State of the game at the moment its not worth 30 cents
  21. Crossed server today, Game Crash, took me 10 minutes to get back in... Load in, Damage numbers all over my screen, Ship Sinking, Galleon behind me raping me hard... no lube. Had to haul ass and repair everything. Luckily didn't loose a plank.
  22. So i've had a rebuild and need to move my resource box a bit of a distance across the island. I know about overloading your inventory for carry weight etc but how can I empty my resources box quickly. At the moment i'm just pressing T to pick up the resources out the box till I cant hold any more, then hovering over it all pressing O to drop it, then grabbing more out the resource box pressing T then kicking it out with O then when I have enough on the floor before the trimer runs out I press F to pick it all up overloading myself. Is this the only fast way of moving resources out the box as if I have a huge resource box this is going to take a long time.. Then is the task of walking it half way across the island lol.. Wish I could just use O on the resource box and grab it all..
  23. A4 South Island. We have plenty of space on the South of our island. Welcome to build.
  24. Always spawn in front. If they spawned behind I wouldnt care.
  25. Why? They are dumb. They are not realistic at all. I don't mind the wind changes making it a bit more difficult in a storm that's fine but the cyclones just annoy everyone. They spawn in front of you everywhere you turn and act like homing missiles. Avoid one another will spawn in front of you, avoid that, rinse and repeat. I was anchored at port and raised anchor, instantly cyclones spawned all around me. Dropped anchor again they went away. Sea looked rough but no cyclones, raised anchor. Instantly surrounded by spawning cyclones. If they HAVE TO BE in the game make them behave like real cyclones.
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