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  1. The Falcon

    recent patch notes---

    - Extra damage dealt by AoD treasure guardians reverted (but they kept some of the resistance that was added in the last patch) This is code for "we are treating AoD guardians as if they alpha creatures". Which translates into cutting the damage you do to them in half. Just did a level 9 map. (green) On normal creatures my bear hits for 60 hp. On the AoD that has been nerfed down to about 25. Which top tier "nature's cry" the bear can do 56 hp. The AoD were doing around 40 hp to my bear. Not much of a big deal on low level maps but this discrepancy gets worse the higher the level map. It is too bad the communication skills of this dev team are sorely lacking and they can't be honest and upfront about some of the changes they make. I will adapt and overcome but from a business point of view, treating your customers like shit and keeping them in the dark is a really pathetic way to conduct business.
  2. The Falcon

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    Here is a perfect example of some of the useless maps in this game. Far too many of these. level 4.3 map. only worth 243 gold. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129132554/screenshots/ On top of a ledge you would have to build a very tall ramp to reach or fly there. Either way it is not worth anyone's time. Throw on the ground. Move on. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129132554/screenshots/
  3. Why is there a resource silo that is supposed to feed and pay NPC's but you can only put berries in it? NPC's eat more than berries. I live on a island with very few berries. This was not well thought out. Why is the NPC assignment feature on ships look like it was designed by a first grader? To assign an NPC to any item you must be standing close to that item. God forbid you put a cannon near a ballista or a sail. It is a fricken nightmare to move them from one to the other. I spent 10 minutes trying to get NPC to man the bow sail. I also have two cannons at the bow, left and right. I could not get the NPC to use the sail. The only option I was given (no matter where I stood) was for it to man a cannon. I deleted the cannon to solve that problem but the bigger question is why is NPC assignments so retarded?
  4. The Falcon

    question about bears

    I purchased a "treasure bear" from a player, bred at lvl 62. I have spent a lot of time leveling the bear so it is now level 92 doing 221 melee. Before this last patch I was clearing level 19 blue maps solo (level 70 AOD). Bear was hitting for 56 pts. Of course they screwed up the game with the patch that extremely buffed the AOD. I waited to do any maps until the "fix" patch came out. Taking advantage of the 3x gold weekend I set out to do all my blue maps. I had a level 22 map and suspected I would have trouble so I put it out to the sector for help. Two guys with bears came and helped me defeat the level 90 AOD's. Of course I shared half of the gold with them. Anyway, they asked me if I needed a new bear because I didn't seem to be hitting with much damage. Only about 25 or 26 hp, about 1/2 of what it was before the first patch. I asked them what melee their bears were and they replied 185. They were hitting for twice the damage I was. How is this possible? Is there something about breeding and levels I am not aware of that affect the end damage dealt? How does a bear with 185 melee do more damage than a bear with 221 melee? Why is my bear doing half the damage it was before all the latest patching frenzy? After this level 22 map, I moved to another sector and did a level 14 map. Almost killed my bear. Whatever they have done in the patching, it is not like it was before and they provide no detail on the changes. Can anyone who breeds bears shed any light on the correlation between the levels and damage done? Thanks.
  5. The Falcon

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    update dropped that supposedly fixes the AOTD damage. See the patch notes. Only two items on the list.
  6. The Falcon

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    As a solo player, while I like the changes to the loot tables, the changes to player level, the aotd damage increase and hit to character level has taken the wind from my sails. Now I have to find so many more discoveries jut to get back to the level I was and treasure hunting has been pretty much nuked for single player. There really is no more reason to play. Base already built, have 2 of every type of ship. Without a reason to leave my base, the game is pretty much worthless.
  7. The Falcon

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I thought this was only to affect characters at 120 or higher. My char is 65 and had the max level reduced from 67 to 62. Why?
  8. The Falcon

    player shop is broken

    If that is true then why are you given the option to set a single item price within that stack? I don't believe that is true. The evening before, someone successfully purchased single items from "stacks" the night before.
  9. The Falcon

    player shop is broken

    I finally got to the point where I could build a player shop. I built one last night and placed it on my dock. Since I travel the map and gather materials, I placed 1 stack of 6 different fibers, oil, thatch, wood and a bunch of blueprints into the shop. Had a visitor last night. Spent 175 gold. Shop worked as advertised. I removed the gold and worked on shop content earlier today. Came back later in the day to find all resources gone from the shop , 39 gold and all the blueprints. The sale price of all the contents was well in the thousands. The blueprints were untouched. There is a bug or exploit that allows someone to steal your things. It appears the exploit allowed the player to purchase a whole stack of items for the price of the single item. That is how I ended up with 39 gold. I am closing down my player shop. Waste of time. Another great idea down the black hole since I doubt this will ever get fixed.
  10. The Falcon

    Invisible bear

    l loaded my bear onto my ship yesterday using the "move to" function. Bear disappeared. Could not find on boat or anywhere else. Returned the ship back to base. Today I log in and I can hear the bear on the deck of the ship but cannot see him. Ship shows 28 of 63 onboard. with 26 crew and 1 officer. That only makes 27. The invisible bear is #28. Now I have an invisible bear taking up space on my ship and I don't know how to fix this.
  11. The Falcon

    animals disappearing on transport

    animal update. After losing my bear using the "move to" command I returned to my base since I was without my primary bear. Logged into game this afternoon. Standing on my ship, I can hear the "bear" but cannot see him. He is on the ship but invisible. Not sure how to fix this. I know for a fact the bear is on the ship. Says there are 28 of 63 onboard. 26 crew and 1 officer. That only makes 27. The 28th is the invisible bear.
  12. Anchored off an island in N5. Took my top level treasure bear ashore to do some maps. Upon return, rode bear out close to ship, jumped off and used the "e" select to move the bear to the ship. The problem is the bear never arrived on the ship. It disappeared. It does not exist. Logging, and re logging has not changed the outcome. I spent good $ for this bear and am not happy with the game just taking it away like that. Wow.
  13. The Falcon

    Where to breed penguins????

    thanks for that tip. I will have to check different parts of the island as you suggest. Doesn't make sense one would have to do this. The polar region is the polar region but with this game, one never knows.
  14. The Falcon

    Can not agro or kill Whales

    I too have had no luck agroing a whale with balista bolts. However, a well placed carbine round works consistently for me.
  15. The Falcon

    Where to breed penguins????

    Visited N1 and found my first penguins. After watching some Utube videos I set out and tamed 4 of them. 1 male and 3 females. Took them home to N8. Tossed them into a small room and put them on "wander". Got the message that said "wrong biome". So back to the internet. Wiki says breeding can only be done in polar regions. Back to N1 with my penguins. I build a little outpost in N1. Put in the penguins and set them to wander. Once again I get the message "Wrong biome". I give up. Is this just broken or something else I should be doing...