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  1. Too many maps I have quested only to find player built structures preventing access to all the SOD's to complete the map. Not a fault of the players. the games treasure spawning mechanism does not interact with player actions move/restrict/relocate the spawn so that it is not "blocked".
  2. Placed one this am. Takes wood/thatch to power it. Does NOT pull thatch/wood from the farmhouse. Does not pull fast enough to keep the farmhouses going. You still need to visit them to clean them out. Says it is connected to 9 farmhouses, however, I only own 3. With its large placement range very few players will actually be able to place one. For most players, you will never get to use one. Not really "automated" since it does not pull "fuel" and must be manually fed. If your farmhouses are close enough to your base, stick with that, a resource box and a smithy and forget about the warehouse. Waste of time and materials.
  3. To clarify my complaint, I have no problem with the 9-10 day timer. It is the 30 day timer for the stuff that is found in EVERY base. That is the problem. Everything should be on the same schedule. If your base decays in 9-10 days but the stuff in it doesn't decay for 30 days, it would seem to defeat the purpose of having a shorter time decay period. I don't really see the point of having two different times. You are still forced to wait the 30 days for the space to become usable.
  4. Found the answer finally. In settings, uncheck the box that says "show tutorial hint text."
  5. When standing at the wheel of the ship, the top left of the screen is packed with lines of information describing how to use different features. This also happens to overlap the mini map making it hard to read. I have looked through the settings and have only found how to make the UI interface larger or smaller. How do I get rid of that useless text altogether?
  6. A player put down a foundation and a smithy within 50 feet of my base. Now I am unable to make any modifications to my own base on that side due to "too close to enemy foundation". Why am I being restricted from making changes within my own walls? The person putting down the foundation should have gotten this message and moved further away. Now they have rage quit and the smithy will be there for 30 days and I cannot make any changes to my own base that was there long before the other player arrived. This mechanic is just too stupid for words to describe.
  7. Had a neighbor on the island decide to "rage quit" and left all his stuff behind. It seems that all the walls, foundations, etc are on a 9 day decay timer but things like storage boxes, smithy's, etc are on something much longer, like 30 days. So the building will decay but all this other stuff hangs around for 30 days? This makes any island space that is abandoned effectively unusable for 30 days. The 9 day timer is pretty useless. On what planet does this make sense? Everything should have a 9 day timer. Who thought this would be a good idea?
  8. I changed the name of my company but not liking what I picked. Would like to change it to something else but the button is "greyed out". Is there a "cooldown" period for this type of change or am I stuck with it? If there is a cooldown period, does anyone know what it is. thx.
  9. Trader in freeport sells all the wood types however, it takes 50 gold and 50 of any type of wood to transform it into another type. For example 20k darkwood costs 20k gold and 20k of another type of wood. If this also applies to Ironwood, as a solo player, that eliminates any desire on my part to build anything mythical or legendary. Masterwork Bp's are now the ceiling. This idea is probably one of the worst I have seen. Not sure what they are trying to accomplish except for vastly reducing the number of mythical/legendary ships in the game.
  10. I have level 50+ wild level horses for sale in B7. Superior to bears for pulling a cart over rough terrain and carries more weight than the average bear. Contact me in discord https://discord.gg/PJ4GUXf
  11. "We're spending too much time on land." "We're not doing enough exploring. " Starts to leave port...gets hit by cyclones. Drop sails, sit and wait for the nonsense to stop. Storm over....but wait. Fog so thick no point in leaving yet. Ok fog lifts. Another player enters the region and guess what....another cyclone attack followed by more fog. I am overwhelmed by the encouragement to leave port and go anywhere. This is not an isolated sequence and happens quite frequently. So I guess I am encouraged to keep on base building and taming.
  12. I have several crows available. NA PVE. N8. Hit me up on discord if interested. https://discord.gg/ksjb69p
  13. There are only 3 stations NPC's can man on a ship. Sails, weapons, and the steering wheel. The current system requires you either to "whistle" the NPC to a station or use the "wheel" to assign. The first method (whistle) often ends with unintended consequences and tames running everywhere. The second, (wheel) requires you to stand close to the item to assign the NPC. When cannons and sails are in close proximity this can be a real PIA. Here is a QOL suggestion. When moving NPC's onto ships, they should automatically be programmed to be assigned to 1. Sails first. 2. Weapons and the steering wheel should be the last option. Spend too much time having to choose "steering wheel" just to get the NPC closer to the weapon I want them to man. The current system is rather tedious and unnecessarily time consuming.
  14. Just took ownership of a large island in N8 NA PVE with only 3 settlers. The previous owner's company had built structures all over the island making very little room for settlers. All of that has now been demolished. I take pride in the ownership of the island and work hard to keep out the spam. There is lots of room for new settlers that are kind and considerate to others. Look for Gilligan's Isle if interested in having a place to build.
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