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  1. The Falcon

    assigning NPC's to ship cannons

    finally got one to seat but had to fill up all the other cannons first. Valid point with the space behind the cannon. Will check that.
  2. Built a brig. put 6 regular cannons on the deck with the gun ports. Put two large cannons on the main deck on elevated platforms. No issues assigning the NPC's to the large cannons. Found a "fine large cannon" blueprint. Replaced the two large cannons on the main deck. No matter what I do, I cannot get the NPC's to man these cannons. They go to other cannons on the opposite side of the ship and below deck. Tried half a dozen times with them standing right next to the fine large cannons but they will not man them. This has to be a bug.
  3. Who cares about claims when there are NPC's in Freeport that will change your tattoo for a fee! Come on folks. Get your priorities straight. /s
  4. The Falcon

    worst map in the history of maps

    At least there will be NPC's in the Freeport that can change your tattoo for a small fee! Not to mention all the other cosmetics so I can look good while getting screwed by the game.
  5. Got off my brig riding a bear. When I jumped into the water, the bear and I glitched over onto a nearby sloop. There the story ends. Bear does not move. My character hovers above the boat deck and I cannot move. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129132554/screenshot/968742056070196600 Looks like me and my bear are screwed. Update: I was able to "get off" the sloop by killing myself. spawned on my boat. Can't get any of my stuff. Bear still stuck on boat. Looks like I may have to abandon my LEVEL 73 bear. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129132554/screenshot/968742056070196600 This kind of stuff is a game killer for me. Better things to do with my time. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129132554/screenshot/968742056070315236 another screenshot of bear glitched into boat. Apparently tames and boats have a track record of glitching. Thank god though that we have NPC's in the Freeport that can change my tattoo for a small fee and other cosmetics so I can look good when I quit playing.
  6. Who's idea was it to put red circles on the islands to show claims and then thought it would be a good idea to have your own location marker also in RED. Not a lot of thought went into that. How about the ability to turn off the "red circles" so you can actually see the terrain and shape of the island? Of all the games I have played, this has to be the worst map ever.
  7. I have a brigatine. all cannons on the right side of the ship. 5 below deck using gunports. 6 cannons on the top deck. When engaging the ghost ship after the first volley 3 of the top deck NPC's get kicked off their cannon. Why is this happening??? Was told that cannons may be too close to other objects. Really ???? It shows blue and allows me to place. Why then does it kick the NPC? This gets expensive to keep destroying cannons just to keep trying different placements to get them to work properly. How about you try to fix the game so when the cannon shows "blue" and placeable, that the damn thing works like it is supposed to.....Is that too much to ask???
  8. The Falcon

    NPC's firing cannons uncontrolled

    The last patch fixed the NPC's so you can now give them commands. However, I have had to take their cannon balls away until they learn to play nice. Issue: when the cannons are manned and cannon balls in the box, as soon as the ship "drops anchor" the cannons on the main deck start firing at the water. The doors are closed for the lower cannons so they don't participate in this frivolity. Has happened multiple times in a row. That is how I learned to take away their balls when we arrive at any port to anchor.
  9. The Falcon

    PvPers wont let new players on current Isands

    Out of the blue my friend and I were recruited to join a company and the game is much more fun. Actually get to learn more about the game but get to sail on bigger ships and enjoy some ship to ship combat....win or lose it is cool. The game has come a long way and hope they keep improving it. I agree that the mega tribes will rule the day when all said and done. Even the small companies like ours will eventually crumble beneath the withering attack a mega tribe can produce. Until then the battle rages on.
  10. flag claim decay was "supposed" to fix the issue of too many claims. Give it 3 days they said. 5 days later and there still are no islands that are not covered in red. Spent 8 hours IRL going from island to island looking for one tiny spot I could put down a base and start playing the game. No luck. I have no intention of sailing to all 700 islands just to try and squeeze in somewhere. Stopped my raft in the middle of the sea, unlocked all my storage boxes for anyone who finds the raft they can take what I have. I have had enough.
  11. The Falcon

    Pirate game???

    Chillax dude. Was just brainstorming ideas as to what would make a more fun pirate game. The details are not relevant. Just tossing out concepts for discussion. Civilization builder like you mention is what I envision. I just didn't put it into those exact words. I never said the developers should make the story but different companies need to have some starter "flair" that will attract people to choose the one they want. Otherwise they are all vanilla. The story can come naturally with player population.
  12. The Falcon

    Pirate game???

    Ahoy Mateys! I have watched steam and other gaming sources a long time for a really good pirate game. Sea of thieves came out. It looked good in the trailer but did not live up to the hype. The other drawback was that is required spyware infested windows 10 to play. I passed. Other pirate games are old with outdated graphics. I heard of Atlas and got excited. But after 40 hours in this game, I think it misses the mark in truly being a pirate game for all play styles. What we got was a helluva mess that over time (no matter how many times you wipe the servers) devolves into a few large "power" groups that will compete against each other for islands?? This freezes out a great number of players. These large groups are under no obligation to let outsiders in. There are no real options for these players since reaching the fun part of the game play (ship to ship combat) and other such pirate activities are well beyond their reach. Despite the fact it has a "pirate" theme, it really plays just like ARK. If I wanted to play ARK, I would play that and not this. While it is easy to complain and not offer suggestions, I would like to take a stab at some ways this game could change to become EPIC. 1) Create a number of "zones" around the map. Each "zone" would be owned by a "pre-made" company with their own "flair" and backstory. As a player you could choose which of the companies you wanted to join. 2) Once in the "company" you could choose to be a "farmer" to produce goods and sell to the town "market". You could sign up in the "crew" shop to join a vessel going to sea. Could be a fighting ship or a trading ship. 3) Or you could level your character in some fashion to build and "captain" your own ship. (either fighting or trading). The goods sold by the farmers could be "put aboard" trading ships that must sail to "freeports" (no PVP zones) for sale or trade. 4)Each company Zone could be setup to be deficient in certain materials so trading would be a must. You could trade goods for gold or for other goods. They could be handled with pricing that depended on the quantity available. If folks traded common items they would not be as valuable as other items....such as "gunpowder" or things like that needing to be crafted instead of "farming" 5) Once out on the high seas.....let the pirating begin! As the owner of a trader, I could recruit other ships to provide escort to make sure the trading ship makes it to the "trading zone" You could even have NPC trading ships to find and "pirate". 6)All the islands not in your "companies" starter zone would be ripe for "claiming" The claim would get you a higher amount of resources then if not claimed. The claims could be challenged by other "companies" 7) Ditch the ARK taming system. Except for parrots/monkeys, I don't see a point to this in a pirate game. You could raise horses, sheep, cows, pigs in your "companies" zone to put on the market. The acquisition of "gold" and other resources is what allows your "company" and it's territory to expand it's influence. But at the end of the day, your primary company zone cannot be taken down. All of your other "claims" may be taken but you still have a fighting chance to build a new fleet and expand again. Summary: The current system will end up being for the hardcore large groups and at the end of the day the number of players actively playing the game will not be the type of numbers they boast they can support. For a great many folks, the futility of the current exercise will cause them to move on from the game. A game is supposed to be something that draws players in, not drive them away. There needs to be rewards, challenges but overall, a sense by the player that there is a place they can fit into the game and their efforts are not futile. I don't expect this game to become that but one can dream of a good pirate game I could sink my teeth into. That is all.
  13. The Falcon


    I have an idea! Someone could name themselves "Noah", build an ARK, and take 2 of each kind of creature out to sea for a joy ride. (Pun intended)
  14. The Falcon

    bug Ok Im super pissed!!

    I think instead of sitting in their offices and testing the game locally they might want to consider actually joining into the servers we play on as a new character and experience all the pain we go through. That would give them a better perspective on what is working and what is not. Testing in house and waiting for players to complain and report seems to be a long term way to fix the game. They need to get their hands dirty.
  15. The Falcon

    Dupe bug / Cheater

    I believe you but you posted clips to show cheating but they don't is all I am saying.