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  1. PeglegTheAngry

    Pre-Megapatch QOL thread.

    Simpler format than my usual threads. Just QOL issues and fixes that I think would be best. PvP: PvP in general, sucks right now. Massive powerblocs prevent newer and lower level players from progressing. The need to be part of a group should be diminished in some way. Making war declarations against a company, not an island would fix this issue. This should also coincide with reducing war window timers to 4-6 hours instead of 9. This will allow small groups to plan around a more easily managed war window, and allow warring groups too attack anywhere they need. Likewise, Lawless should behave like owned land and have a 1-2 hour raid window every 3-4 hours. This allows casual players and solo players a realistic chance at piracy activities. This could be a stepping stone to.... faaaactioooons ((pls pls)) Secondly, current harbor building techniques are thermonuclear UNFUN. Locked channels that take hours to get in and out of? Might as well not sail, just gonna play Ark at that rate. Encourage raids that target loot, not full destruction. Nerf stone structures placed under water. PvE: PvE is in a pretty decent spot; but has the draw back of over population. Adding more islands would be swell! In addition more perks for island owners. Perhaps allowing territory claims on top of island claims to extend a players timer and give a controlled building area; preventing griefing in all forms. Treasure Maps: So many treasure map sites are broken. Suggestion: Manually delete all map spawns that do not occur on flat land or beaches. Almost all sites on top of rocks are incompletable: Remove them? Sunken Treasure: Too numerous and often not worth the effort. Reduce overall spawn-rate and increase quality. Ships of the Dammed: Rarely ever worth the effort. Especially for PvE players. Increase drop quality. Tames: Tames could be made less of a focus by buffing them instead of nerfing them. Using the same method used for cryopods in Ark; players could "Familiarize" a number of tames of each species. (Eg: 2 Female Bears, 2 Male Bears) as a summon spell. This can (And should) be coupled with the ability to resurrect familiarized tames. By allowing players to summon/dismiss animals and preserve favorites breeding and taming will not be a critical focus on many companies. This will also open the window to to allowing tames to be sold from a vendor. Tames should function more like MMO battle pets and not like farm equipment. While, yes you could ride, farm, and swipe to kill with your bear: sending him in to taunt while you shoot the badies with your carbine should be better. Battle tame of choice should complement the playstyle of the player both with buffs and mechanics. As an example, snipers would want a lion or bear. Swordsmen would want a parrot or vulture. Sea-Witches would benefit from a cat. Remove many of the dinosaur like features from Razortooths and Shieldhorns. For Razortooths, using a more Spino-like stance to resemble a Protodragon, give a right click breath attack. For shield-horns, make their skin leathery instead of scaled. Change leatherwing model to that of a bat, bird, or winged crocodile. Add a "Meat Chow" and "Veggie Slop" recipe to the cooking table that has a long shelf life and high nutrient density for feeding tames; similar to kibble but only for feeding. Baby Animals should not need hand fed. Instead, they should be required to stick near the mother who will eat the extra food in place of the baby. As a counter to the now AFK mechanic, the amount of food consumed should be vastly increased. This will significantly reduce the focus on the tames them selves and allow breeders do other things in game. Powerstones: Too many earth golems, make caves slightly less populated. Get rid of the meatballs of baddies in buildings that jump out all at once. Increase gold payout from AoD. Get rid of using ships too kill bosses. Keys should not be dropped on death, should instead go on your "keyring" or you receive a buff that persists through death to open the case. Around the home: Allow Ice-chests to act as preserving cabinets vastly increasing spoil times even when not filled. Allow ice chests to be irrigated thereby producing ice at night in the desert and temperate biomes. Allow Irrigation to grills, etc to be radiant, instead of requiring a direct connection. This is by far the easiest solution to placement problems. Implement a compost bin and allow a crewmember to be assigned to it, automatically picking up poop in an area similar to a trough. Crew: Crew should be much more dynamic, such as was demonstrated in the trailer. Adding piratey deployables like taverns and bars is a great first step Crew should be allowed far more jobs and function on land to allow players to focus on sailing and exploring. Ships: Sails: FIX SAILS lol. Weight sails: Make weight sails reduce the effect that cargo containers have on a ship's speed. Cargo Containers: Increase capacity beyond 16 units. Handling Sails: Change name to correctly display their function: Acceleration Sails. Speed Sails: Make them work by raising the top speed cap of a ship, so that they can be combined with acceleration sails.
  2. PeglegTheAngry

    Taming a joke?

    Red just means you lost some progress. You never want to see red, it means you are losing bonus levels... which means less levels to breed from.
  3. PeglegTheAngry

    Taming a joke?

    Elephants are a bit bugged on Xbox right now. Come to M4, big island, south bay. Ill give you my shitty one lol.
  4. PeglegTheAngry

    Juv Bears starved next to trough?!?

    This is a glitch. Fill their inventory with food next time if you intend to log off. Also, it's not just taters that you can use for feed. Any of your grown crops will work with the exception of onions! Olives also work as a potato/wheat substitute. I fill about five troughs per baby with crops in addition to filling their inventory.
  5. PeglegTheAngry


    Were you touching them? lol.
  6. PeglegTheAngry

    Taming a joke?

    Taming can be tricky the first few times, and bulls are really finicky. Try switching between first and third person next time this happens.
  7. PeglegTheAngry

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    Imgur Link to my set up. Just come in half a wall high, and just enough that the bulb on the pipe shows. Place some pipes horizontally for each grill you want. https://imgur.com/a/lNRbktx
  8. PeglegTheAngry

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

  9. PeglegTheAngry

    PvP MMO?

  10. PeglegTheAngry

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Thats a funny way to spell Yuengling
  11. PeglegTheAngry

    So how does it make sense to launch the servers

    I know this might blow you away, but it's not a challenge for me to use my noodle.
  12. PeglegTheAngry

    Rhino problem

    Did you accidentally turn off resource harvesting?
  13. PeglegTheAngry

    So just to make it 100% clear

    OnLy PeOplE fRoM NA pLaY oN NA
  14. PeglegTheAngry

    So just to make it 100% clear

    12 hours ago*