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  1. PeglegTheAngry

    underhanded breach of contract imho

    Your last two user pages have been you bagging on other players lmao.
  2. PeglegTheAngry

    Bankrupt game

    Here I thought Last Oasis was gonna be an Atlas killer.
  3. PeglegTheAngry

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    Pirates! and EvE have a nearly identical system. Security Levels if implemented like EvE would mean assholes have no safe place because their sec status would be too low for noob friendly areas. Security status only benefits lawful players. Players who chose to play unlawfully (like in EvE) tend to wear a bad sec status like a badge of honor. It would work for everyone.
  4. PeglegTheAngry

    Game Crashe and....

    It sounds like your save is broken. You may wish to delete the world and try again. Always keep a periodic back up. Also, turn up your rates. You are playing Single Player. There is no economy for you to break.
  5. PeglegTheAngry

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    The flipside to that is; look at season 2. That was a disaster, because Atlas players really don't know what they want/need either. The devs need to pick systems that work. EG; Literally just rip off EvE. Security levels, sovereignty, factions, missions, everything. It wouldnt be that much work on top of the system that already is in place.
  6. PeglegTheAngry

    Bankrupt game

    Early Access AND Crowdfunded!
  7. PeglegTheAngry

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    I imagine things will change in the near future. The devs cant build this game on trying to appease large companies. All it takes is one outgoing or influential person in that group to incite anger/complaints/mass quits. It works for games like Ark that can "churn and burn" indefinitely, but Atlas can't do that. Atlas is a persistent MMO. It needs offline storage, it needs factions, it needs summon-able tames (instead of barn yards,) more changes like the loot changes from January, etc.
  8. PeglegTheAngry

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    The devs dont want big groups if it scares new players away. As for whats actually ruining the game, the three player types you mentioned are... all the same group.
  9. PeglegTheAngry

    Freeport needs reworked

    Freeports and offline storage will be reworked sometime during phase 3/4 of the roadmap. The devs allow people to store tames and boats there now as there are no other offline storage solutions.
  10. PeglegTheAngry

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    Report them. It might take a few days, but the enforcement team is still around. Also, big groups are moving on; thats really good. Big groups have ruined this game since Day 1.
  11. PeglegTheAngry

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    Umm..... theve been fixed for a very long time. Pork pies and Fish & Chips is how I keep my vites and food always in the green
  12. PeglegTheAngry

    Breeding and Baby Raising

  13. PeglegTheAngry

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Trash takes itself out. Same groups are also the ones that bitch endlessly about the devs, exploit, make intentionally laggy islands, etc.
  14. PeglegTheAngry

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    Not all of them buff; by design.