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  1. BARRELS ARE GARBAGE. There is no other way to put it. Fucking take them out of the game. Whatever dev has this "grande vision" for this game is fucking blind.
  2. Exactly. People really dont give that much of a shit about the lag.
  3. The devs said they are dialing back fantasy stuff.
  4. Hey dudes and dudettes and those of previously unspecified genders; I need your ears for a moment. I've noticed a pretty sad trend among some of the player base, especially those who play PvE. I'm putting this thread out there, because some of you don't actually seem to be playing the game for the sake of well, playing. Since the addition of farmhouses I have heard a clatter of "this is the end of PvE, oh woe is me" and "breeding is dead how will I make money!" I just gotta know... where does that all come from? What stops you from breeding with farm/ware houses? On that note, aren't bears, tigers, and lions still needed for maps/powerstones? What is stopping you from manually farming? (which is faster than farmhouses!) I feel like playing a game should be it's own reward; so if you don't enjoy Atlas activities for the sake of them; why do you do it? Reward seeking from a videogame like Atlas misses the point. You should be playing for the sake of playing.
  5. I really hate to be the one to tell you this. But, if you don't want a pirate simulator you don't want Atlas. With the exception of the living dead, immortality, and instant domestication; Atlas is a fairly realistic game regarding the age of sail. Everything a player does is to support their colony/empire or to support a personal plantation. If your goal as a singular pirate is to own a farm and livestock; that's as realistic as it can get. Tames and riding are not going to be removed entirely. They just wont be the sole focus of the game or reason to complete content as they have been in previous seasons. While this does cause some disruptions economy side on PvE; it doesn't stop you from doing things just do to them..... simply because they are fun.
  6. WHO COULD HAVE FORESEEN THIS COMING!? If only the devs said ahead of time that they are taking focus off grinding and tames a little over a year ago!
  7. Three to six weeks is a normal amount of time for a wipe to die down. Its got little to do with servers or lag. People get bored, they move on to other games for three to six weeks, they come back. Not a new concept.
  8. New players need a place to go. Stop being so selfish. If you want it all to yourself... on PvE: go play single player. I don't want any lame excuses. Let people play the damn game.
  9. I told you it was going to happen.
  10. Bumping this thread because of the new update announcement.
  11. Are you shooting them with arrows or something? Bring buckets of water and carbine/grenade them. Bring an Olfend if you have to .
  12. Not even the lowest it has been historically. New World is maybe going to take fifty or so people from Atlas. It's a completely different game with a completely different feel, its full of BORING WoW esk "go collect fifty bear asses" quests. New World aint shit. Last Oasis ain't shit.
  13. Torps arent used that much. Good for sinking a fleet at harbor, but really expensive to miss someone during a fight, and heavy too.... and a lot of work to unlock. As for arrows? This is a good change. Makes lawless life and early game raiding more viable.
  14. You bought it, you can play it. Game works. Its early access. Don't play early access if you don't know what that entails.
  15. I do play though, run my own grid, make mods, make video content, stream... Are you sure you have the right fella?
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