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  1. Weylin

    Unable to merge compagny

    So this is actually the 3rd company, who wish to merge with us, and as you can see on the picture between the two leaders, there is no options for that. So either im doing something wrong or there is really something wrong. This really sucks, when people come to us, we do not wish for them to abandon all their buildings / ships etc. to join us, the merge has to be possible, but the longer we can't merge, the further away get's the idea of getting our own place and that just can't be right. @devs We posted a ticket WEEKS ago, and no respond what so ever yet.....
  2. Weylin

    Unable to merge compagny

    The leaders has no option to "Merge" and take in a compagny to become 1 like we did, before the wipe, if i just invite to compagny, that wouldn't work, as Arcoiris has written.
  3. Weylin

    Unable to merge compagny

    Yo ho and a bottle of rum! So two weeks ago, ive wrote a ticket, we got this compagny who wish to merge with us, and that would be great, hence the bloody island point system, the sad part is just..... None of the leaders have the merge compagny option so we are stuck now, this really sucks, and no help from support, even tho it says they deal specific with that kind of issue, so any ideas here ? Thx, Cpt. Anno Siren's Curse E8
  4. Weylin

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Just gotta keep bumping this issue, even after the "major-update" we are STILL a ton of people, who have this issue and it is making the game highly unplayable when you can't connect again. +1
  5. Weylin

    Unable to query server info for invite

    This is really sad to see, the only way to gain some momentum and attention to this issue, is to keep filing the issue, sooner or later, i hope some devs, will come with a reply. 7 Pages and still going...... -This is in no way ok, even for a beta-game, im sry for all the good people who's affected by this crazy nonsensens, it's really not ok, no matter what excuse they can come up with, So many people throwing 50-500 hours away in a game, invested in it, to support it's future, and not even a single dev respons, neither here or by ticket. These people are your "fan-base" "players" -I believe this should be handled with some more respect, for the supporters of a broken game.
  6. Weylin

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Aery, it's a big issue for all now, many games on steam is down to, incl. Atlas. So we will have to wait, and see what fix they can come up with.
  7. Weylin

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Thanks for all the respons guys, im sorry lads n ladies, but now it seems like the issues is much bigger and effect more games than Atlas -We will have to wait n see i guess.
  8. So everything went fine, for a long time, after a patch some time ago, i keep getting this error.... Im now totally unable to join the game for this 2x weekend. I've spend nearly 300 hours in this game, the past 50 hours has been freaking hell with things like my body flying (my crewmembers could see that) i got kicked out and upon log in, i was in the water in the middle of Zone L14 and lost all my gear. I was standing on Brosfile Island, this does not make any sense at all. On top of that, i've been running between 20-40 ping and the spikes im getting after some hours gaming, hits like 240+ ping untill i finally getting kicked. I rejoin and can play for a bit again. This is getting to the point of quitting. Its a shame, a lot of good people and we have some good things going, but this is really idiotic and the error is NOT in my end! Everything else run flawless, and my rig can handle what ever you can throw at it, this is my account or the game itself and it's really annoying and im at my wits ends here and no idea what to do. /Cap'n Anno
  9. Im getting so sick of this, some days i get a fatal error everytime i cross a zone, other days i can run thru zones, without any issues. I´ve verified files, i´ve reinstalled the game, at this present state, this game is unplayable for me, and im so close to give up on Atlas. Somehow i hope this can be solved, hence i would hate to leave my mateys behind, but getting kicked every zonechange sucks so bad, and when im alone on a ship, im greeted by 3 SOTD upon relogging back into the game, and i can spend my mats fixing my ship cuz i chrashed. I´ve seen ALOT of reports on this issue, but now im at the brink of just quit the game, and ask for a refund. This is for me atleast a broken game. Im playing on the Sirens call EU-PVE This is a copy of the chrash msg. im getting. Playing on a 8 core amd bucket with 16 gb ram / 1070 Founders Edt. 8 GB gpu. Any assistance, would be greatly appreciated /Weylin
  10. You are sadly right sir, while i do think i have more years "on the internet" than many, i believe being inactive is doing jack-Shiz, won´t help anyone. So by bringing this issue to people's and devs attention, may actually help out. I know a lot of mmorpg, with active chat surveillance, and this kind of chat does not occur!, So thx for your slightly sarcastic input, but it´s action i seek. Atlas is new, and with some admins, it would be a problem solved easily. Once people figure out you can loose your account, things come to a stop, simple.
  11. Racism and hatred has no place in this world, more so should it have no place in a game where a lot of young minds, who clearly can't think for themself and adding to the idiocy of what other people are writing in the chat. Furthermore, terrorism was a part of the agenda in the chat yesterday to, is this really ok ? I mean people are reading this, some could stream while general chat is going off the rails. (We already had several incidents with racism with this game, so i think it's time to take a stand and get some reporting and ban going) Personally i won't stand for this, and i want some action from the team behind this game, check the chat logs and ban those idiots, performing such bad behavior. Occurrence around +1GMT 01.00 and forward. Zone N8 The pic. of the chatbox is only a fraction of what was going on. Im sure the team can find the chatlog, and be appalled. The night between 19th and 20th of January. PVE-EU Kindly, Weylin aka cpt. Anno