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  1. Ladies and Gents of the 7 Seas -Soon Atlas Season 4 is opening it's water for us, ones more. In that case, let us and our crew; Be the first to welcome, both old and new players to the new PVE-Server -Our goal has not changed from the previous season. -We wish once again, to become a household name across the map, with our great tames and trade, fun and events, cooking ands shipping! Your friendly Norsemen-ZFG, will not change much for the next season! Norsemen-ZFG had some remarkable track records in Season 3, our company hosted multiple successful events and giveaways We farmed the poor yeti, and brought many people their yeti achievement and farming buff Kraken had to go back under water, multiple times, and like at the yeti, visiotors were welcome when Norsemen-ZFG took Kraken on! Latest we had Luck0r taking down Kraken V2 solo, with his floating fortress "Teddy's Revenge" Gratz on that! Till this day today, NM-ZFG Still has the highest clean melee bear on record, a proud joint effort project, created the legendary Z-Line Black Bear_ 194% Our party-dude Belz created some really magnificent Razors, and his finishing project, was breed clean lvl 78 Razors. We had the great market at both B11 and C9, those were a sight for sore eyes We also had the notorious "Party-boats" and party resort, by Belzedar, both a brig and a galleon with pumping music going, while the waves made the motions! Atlas greatest kitchen and prolly largest, by our designer Angus McBacon, also created a buzz, further more, our base design were copied completely or partly a whooping 6 times! -It is great to have been a part of a community, and to have contributed to this game for Season 3! A lot of time and effort were put into Season 3, and the spirit is still going strong with this company and the amount of support and attention we have gotten from many, is absolutely wonderful. Thank you all for that! We still running our highly active discord with over 300 people on and we can't wait for it to blow up again with this next chapter of Atlas! Click **HERE** to join ZFG-NORSEMEN Market Sadly we need to say goodbye to some great people, we wish them the best in life and thank you for the time we had! Bon Voyage! To the rest of the players, both NA/EU pve'ers Welcome to Atlas Season 4! We can't wait to meet n greet you all, on the water or at the tavern Kindly and on the behalf of, Scar Filsket, Capt. Anno & The fine Crew of the Norsemen-ZFG
  2. LADIES AND GENT'S OF THE 7 SEAS! Welcome to [Norsemen-ZFG] new Market! All welcome we got everything from maps to unicorns Come and enjoy the lovely market, and what we have to offer! -Visit the fantastic Tavern , maybe you find some "under the table deals" there! Check out our breedable crows, or our strong and pretty bears! or maybe you are more into our killer razors RAWR Looking for good deals ? Want that great handling sail ? -This market got you covered! What we do not have, we craft! Welcome one and all! To our new market @ the flag The Market is open! Looking for a breedable crow ? Clean or Mutated, we gotcha! Visit our [Z-Line]Bears strongest non-mutated black bears on the server Want a strong mapbear to clear them 31,5Q maps ? Our [Teddy]-Bears are boss Need a drink? -Our Tavern proudly serve the thirsty pirates, with dragons tongue and rum! Hungry ? -Throw in an order at the oldest, busiest and largest kitchen around the 7 seas! We got it all, from unicorns to heavy lifting gear, from cannons to shipyards! Maps Maps Maps, time to go get that booty!! Welcome to our market in B11 ! -Stay awhile, need a raft ? We got you to! See you all at the market! -Remember to keep an eye out for our popular giveaways! Click **HERE** to join ZFG-NORSEMEN Market
  3. LADIES AND GENT'S OF THE 7 SEAS! Welcome to [Norsemen-ZFG]'s Weekend giveaway! -You almost didn't think we were going to again... -it is time for yet another GIVEAWAY hosted by yours truly [ZFG-NORSEMEN] Why ? -Cuz Weekend-Giveaways are fun! What can i win THIS time you ask..... -Well let's have a look at the booty shall we ? First Prize -An amazing LARGE mythical shipyard, to help you pop out those ships, that can turn 52 levels old! Second Prize A fabulous level 41 breedable female razor with a ton of point to spend! Still showing her original stats from Tame, she could be a nice momma for your razor breeding line, or simply an awesome tame to have around! Third Prize This fabulous level 34 pink and purple crab with a load of points to spend to meet your needs, whether that is jumping you up to stupidly high maps or simply throwing your crewmates off your dock, this is your animal! Even tho we are still super busy, we still find time to share some fun with everyone, so here is another giveaway -Good luck all ! Don't forget to check out new bears from our breeder @Luck0r -The Teddy 306 % melee Bear 6 k -MAX Shipyards can be ordered, ,many in stock! A High-End shop is here at our markets with sails, cannons, mythical shipyards, armor-sets etc. enjoy! Tavern is open ! and our Discoboat is soon going ON TOUR!!! -In here you can get your Grog on ! or enjoy the Spicy Rum, or if you are a daredevil, you could always hit the infamous DRAGON Delight ! ! Meet ya at the Tavern! All available 24/7 at @B11 **Norsemen-ZFG** Tavern Keeping the community alive and active see you soon and have a great weekend all!! https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/114186-eu-pve-the-norsemen-b11-market/ Click **HERE** to join ZFG-NORSEMEN GIVEAWAY! Kindly and good luck yall! [Norsemen-ZFG]
  4. Welcome to [Norsemen-ZFG]'s Weekend giveaway! We are at it again ladies and gents ! -After a succesful run of beating Kraken and the frosty monster "Yeti" -We are now running a giveaway to celebrate and enjoy a chillaxing weekend! A great many thanks to the friends and Allies of [Norsemen-ZFG] ! It has been super fun ladies and gents !! Now time to reveal the prizes ! 1st prize ; A mythical small shipyard, time for you, to be guaranteed a level 52 boat 2nd prize Another lovely set of Bear-Brothers -Ready to go do some mapping with you! This tag-team of beast, will serve you very well! Their breeder, is @Luck0r's who are known to raise his bears with a bit of though love. 3rd Prize -This will be another haulers dream ! -A lvl 42 clean and efficient build Galleon, with a ton of weight to spare! So if you are doing transportation, then this Galleon max lvl, is something for you, to get your hands on! It even comes with a sub, for some deep dive exploration Click **HERE** to join ZFG-NORSEMEN GIVEAWAY! Kindly and good luck yall! [Norsemen-ZFG]
  5. NEW MAPS IN SHOP @B11 at the flag ! Only higher Fine maps!Good luck pirates ! Yaarrrrr NEW MAPS TODAY 220 + ,MAPS SHOP 1 : GREEN MAPS ONLY HIGH QUALITY! SHOP 2: PURPLE MAPS AND A FEW MASTERCRAFT MAPS SHOP 3: MIXTURE OF GREENS Enjoy and get them while they are hot !
  6. Welcome to [Norsemen-ZFG]'s latest bear news ! and giveaway! We are proudly presenting Teddy, a 306 % Melee Bear. Rumors are he is a fallen Angel. Once he was fully White, but the World changed him, darkness took over, the only thing thats left of that are the Stripes on his Back. Teddy is pure brutality, pure Strength and pure Efficiency. From the Top of the Tower of his Famous "Fort Teddy" he guards the ones he loves, day in, day out. A Bear with a castle you ask? Are you shitting me? Yes, it's a Bear with a Castle! Manned with over 70 Large Cannons. Teddy loves his Cannons as much as he loves Treasuremaps. Thats why Teddy also loves to go on a Ride with "Teddy's Revenge", a Mythical Kraken-Gally capable of ripping apart a LVL 60 Galleon with a Single Broadside, pure Destruction, just like Teddy himself who ripps apart Warriors of the Damned from Mapquality up to 30.5 (tested and confirmed) like there was no tomorrow. Teddy is a Legend and so is his Owner, get yourself a Teddy and get a Legend yourself! END. FOR SALE SOON, CONTACT @Luck0r on our Discord for more info or Reservation! WAIT THERE IS MORE !!! We are hosting a give away !! This is your chance to actually WIN one of these Majestic bears !!! Click here to join ZFG-NORSEMEN TEDDY-GIVEAWAY! Kindly and good luck! [Norsemen-ZFG]
  7. GIVEAWAY ! - COME JOIN THE FUN LADIES AND GENTS ! Click here to join ZFG-NORSEMEN GIVEAWAY! Kindly and good luck! [Norsemen-ZFG]
  8. THE WINNER OF THIS CONTEST WAS XV HATCHET VX From the group "RAMROD WorldWide" A great congratulations to him and his crew on these fantastic winnnings ! -We hope you all enjoy it and can have some fun with it all! Kind regards, [NORSEMEN-ZFG]
  9. Welcome to [Norsemen-ZFG]'s SPECIAL giveaway! This is your chance to get an entire island with everything you need! To commemorate our two long lasting companies and alliance, [Zero Fucks Given] and [The Norsemen], become one [Norsemen-ZFG] -We would like to share this happy celebration with you all, here in Atlas! So we are making a BIG give away! maybe the biggest giveaway seen for a long time! 1 Winner takes it ALL! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 15p for this island! Here is what you can win!! -An animal farm-park that counts; 1 Elephant , 2 Bears + 1 Cargobear 4.4 ton , 2 sheep, 1 horse, 8 pigs, 4 Chickens, 1 Crow lvl 75, 1 Cow and last but not least 1 Seagull with a huge belly! A 200 % Whale hunter lvl 41 "Mulchay" -With a sweet mix of masterwork / journeyman setup! -A Galleon, with the unique "Randy Savage Machoman" theme The Galleon is 200% lvl 27 sat up as a factory boat, but can be retrofitted, into a dps gally! -A 200 % Brigantine lvl 28 "Nefertiti" with 4 cannons on the back, diving platform, and fully rigged for exploration. The lovely winter-wonder Island of C3, (Gartry Peninsula) -This island offers a low maintenance 76 g/12 h, so even a single player company can run it effortless. The resources on this island is bountiful enough, for an well established base to live there. + an AMAZING flighttower for your leisure! We got a Bank and a Silo ready for the new owner !! This island has a perfect ramp-system all over, both for maps and exploration! -We furthermore offer a lot of basic mats: +50.000 mixed metal +50.000 Wood +Thatch and Fibers galore +Ice +Tools of various quality -Many already crafted, ready for use +Armors, both blueprints and crafted, ready for the new owner +Blueprints over 500 different kind! Some are really nice! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL ! -Come help us celebrate and share this union between our companies and participate in this giveaway! Click here to join ZFG-NORSEMEN GIVEAWAY! Kindly and good luck! [Norsemen-ZFG]
  10. NEW MAPS IN SHOP @B11 at the flag ! Only higher Fine maps!Good luck pirates ! Yaarrrrr See you at the ZFG-Norsemen Market!
  11. NEW MAPS IN SHOP @B11 at the flag ! Only higher Fine maps between 400g - 3000 g Good luck pirates ! Yaarrrrr See you at the ZFG-Norsemen Market!
  12. Yo-ho-ho! In the Letters of Marquee -It states; we got to remember the "Crew-Appreciation day!" -In these times, when things intensify in the vast world of Atlas, and us as company-leaders can see absent, due to the sheer volume of DM / Trades / Questions / Preparations etc. -We can't loose track of what makes our company so amazingly great !! -Our Crew and Allies we are hanging with on an everyday basis, sharing and carering with. Credit to : @Angus McBacon Our Architect and our go to guy, for boatbuilding and when shit hits the fan, and we need a quick responder. Lately a very fierce SoTd-hunter. @Angela Our South African tech wiz and helpful soul, in all matters! -Angela also has the job as the bar-lady and greeter at our Tavern, this gentle soul really makes everyone feel warm and welcome. @Gracie Our tiger loving breeder, who also are the anchor and chain to keep our good Jim, down to the ground -Always helpful and an amazing builder and grinder. @Razor Our diamond in the rough, a guy who has shown us, we can't judge a book by its cover. An amazing chef of our busy kitchen, a A+ Galleon driver and always willing to help out in a pinch. @Viator Our relentless whalehunter, dedicated to the nightsky of the frozen bodies of waters. Viator is really your go to guy for the odds and ends, he is an inventor of crazy things, and not afraid to try out things, no one and i mean no one else would think off ! @Luck0r Our whip and not so much carrot, this guy is the backbone of efficiency in our company and we are very happy to have him here, This guy is a generous soul, and a truthteller, so careful what you ask for! @Major_Sweet Our bilingual guru and party animal, always there to kick up the party a notch! -While the attention is divided in many places, we can always count on Sweet for a good laugh and a #CockInSock momment for everyone to enjoy. Sweet is a great elephant humper and his grinding skills, knows no equal. @Wanda Alpin This young man got a heck of a lot going for him, he is with no doubt our greatest DJ, and always cheerful and helpful when not ignorring you on discord. This guy is the BEST salt-farmer in Atlas, some would even call him the "Salt-Guru!" #SaltIsLife! He is also the guy who taught us "you gotta risk it for the biscuit!" A lesson we all need to learn from! @Scar Our Blessing and constant reason to fear stuff - I mean we did see a sign, saying "Touch this and i'll cut you!" So with no doubt, when Scar talks, we do tend to listen. Scar is an amazing organizer and great at holding the reins in any given situation. @Sandy Beaver Beside have an amazing name, we do enjoy Sandy's Eclectic musical taste and her enlightening us to different funny animation bits. Sandy's visits are always memorable and lighthearted. @our other allies and friends we speak to occasionally, a great thanks to you guys to, for making this server a great place to be, and keeping an welcoming atmosphere and always up for a smile! Ladies and Gentlemen, i salute you all and it is a blessing and an honor to be in this company and alliance with you lot! -Thank you for everything you do, i would not be enjoying the game or have any reason to put effort into this, if it weren't for the great build we have made together! Thank you all!! I call out all leaders to make sure, you have given your crew, the appreciation they need and deserve, for having to put up with us, at times headless leaders hehe. Take care out there people of the 7 seas and Weigh anchor! Cpt. Anno "Siren's Curse"
  13. Tavern is open ! -In here you can get your Grog on ! or enjoy the Spicy Rum, or if you are a daredevil, you could always hit the infamous DRAGON Tongue Delight ! ! Meet ya at the Tavern! All available 24/7 at @B11 Norsemen Tavern.
  15. NEW MAPS IN SHOP! Get em while they are hot !
  16. Hello ladies and gents of the 7 Seas ! -It's about time [The Norsemen]Came around here! Yarr! We are a highly active community with a great deal of work orders! We also finally have perfected our clean exclusive lvl. 98 Z-Line Black Bears max Melee % on the server -Truly one of a kind bear! -A joint venture with [ZFG] that we are darn proud off! -so check them bears out !We also have a kitchen, known to a ton of people already, for the quick cooking and completion of huge orders! -We even provide a tour if you stop by, of Atlas largest kitchen setup! A spectacle none the less! We also have some of the most capable skippers for freighting goods , and the option to protect your precious cargo -So any transportation needs ? -Swing by! Check out our reviews and contracts, both active and completed, for any questions. -We are an old school company with % respect and positive reviews and been around for a long time! Please allow me to put up an advertisement for our active market, player shops, maps and crafts and drop by for a cup of rum! Settlers are ofc welcome on B11 - Tho please respect the few rules we have.Any questions, please feel free to join our discord and ask Join Norsemen B11 Market Discord! #Keeping the community alive and active Atlas Safe winds out there! and see you soon!!
  17. Server "Whales Solitude EUPVE Grid B11 + B10 Homeisland : The Dreary Skerry B11 Question..... So after the latest "patch" i have noticed some severe issues that is literally paralyzing our companys bread and butter here... Issues : 1). Sitting on a tiger, whistling follow, and "attack my target" - The rest in the group of 4 tigers, were harvesting the corpses of the elephants I'm currently hunting, now they don't I've tried to whistle the animals from the back of a tiger and on ground, i tried to have the tigers on attack my target or neutral -Nothing happens... 2). Having a bunch of grills going, they keep shutting off, like really random, started up 16 grills, 7 shut off, then 3, restarted them and off some went again. -So cooking now become a liability for wasting resources, and spoiling. I don't get this, everything was fine pre-patch, this is really an issue. -The ovens are fed water manually, hence connecting them to water, burned off a ton of fuel (wood) due to a known bug, so we use jars of water. -Replace the grill, and still it did the same So I'm really at my wits end right here, i have no idea what the heck is wrong this time, but this is not working out for us currently sadly. Anyone else experience these issues ? or someone maybe have a clue or fix to what to do ? Thank you y'all and happy winds! UPDATED ISSUE: Just found out, i can't change the stance on my tigers...... It keeps being locked on Neutral, so that's not so great. Capt. Anno Siren's Curse
  18. So this is actually the 3rd company, who wish to merge with us, and as you can see on the picture between the two leaders, there is no options for that. So either im doing something wrong or there is really something wrong. This really sucks, when people come to us, we do not wish for them to abandon all their buildings / ships etc. to join us, the merge has to be possible, but the longer we can't merge, the further away get's the idea of getting our own place and that just can't be right. @devs We posted a ticket WEEKS ago, and no respond what so ever yet.....
  19. The leaders has no option to "Merge" and take in a compagny to become 1 like we did, before the wipe, if i just invite to compagny, that wouldn't work, as Arcoiris has written.
  20. Yo ho and a bottle of rum! So two weeks ago, ive wrote a ticket, we got this compagny who wish to merge with us, and that would be great, hence the bloody island point system, the sad part is just..... None of the leaders have the merge compagny option so we are stuck now, this really sucks, and no help from support, even tho it says they deal specific with that kind of issue, so any ideas here ? Thx, Cpt. Anno Siren's Curse E8
  21. Just gotta keep bumping this issue, even after the "major-update" we are STILL a ton of people, who have this issue and it is making the game highly unplayable when you can't connect again. +1
  22. This is really sad to see, the only way to gain some momentum and attention to this issue, is to keep filing the issue, sooner or later, i hope some devs, will come with a reply. 7 Pages and still going...... -This is in no way ok, even for a beta-game, im sry for all the good people who's affected by this crazy nonsensens, it's really not ok, no matter what excuse they can come up with, So many people throwing 50-500 hours away in a game, invested in it, to support it's future, and not even a single dev respons, neither here or by ticket. These people are your "fan-base" "players" -I believe this should be handled with some more respect, for the supporters of a broken game.
  23. Aery, it's a big issue for all now, many games on steam is down to, incl. Atlas. So we will have to wait, and see what fix they can come up with.
  24. Thanks for all the respons guys, im sorry lads n ladies, but now it seems like the issues is much bigger and effect more games than Atlas -We will have to wait n see i guess.
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